Thursday, June 23, 2016


Today is International Typewriter Day!
Never knew there was a day for typewriters, did you?
I bought this old Underwood manual typewriter several years ago because it was very similar to the typewriter I learned to type on in the basement when I was a teenager.
Why did I buy it when it is so difficult to type on?  
(Especially with a bum arm-LOL!)  
Just nostalgia. 
Even though we were only allowed three errors (corrected with white out) on assignments before it would effect our grade so I was, therefore, often up late smacking away at those keys retyping almost complete pages because I didn't want my typing to be the cause for a lower grade and took my writing assignments very seriously--I still love an old Underwood.  
There's a clacking-dinging-sliding rhythm to the old typewriters.  I still love that sound.  I am glad I have my Underwood now so that Ian will know it one day, too.  So--Happy Typewriter Day!!
I made it out to the garage--LOL!
You can see all the furniture they use for ValleyCon--a bar, tables, benches... 
...and on top of my car is a StarGate that goes around the doorway to their suite entrance (really cool). 
The Paseo isn't gong anywhere at the moment, let alone traveling through a StarGate to another world...since it can't even be charged with a charger--ROFL!
I had this idea to try to put some water out for the birds and Little Buddy.  I took the old green kitty litter tray and filled it with an ice cream pail of water...but it scared them all to death, I guess. 
So, the next day I brought the tray back in and rinsed it out.  Karma jumped inside, of course. 
Don't worry.  It was only actually used for kitty litter briefly once when Karma was a kitten.  She was much too violent a digger for such a small litter pan.  But I kept it and have used it for various craft projects ever since.  Sadly, it did not work out for critter water, though.  Maybe it was the dark color or the size?
Anyways, Leah came over for crafts Monday night and we got a lot done!  We filled both the black table... 
...and the art table by the window... 
...with the Christmas ornament stamped fronts.   
See them shine like they are actual glass?  We put some old 3D Lacquer (used it up finally!) and some Glossy Accents on each of the ornament balls.  They take a long time to dry so they sat overnight...with the door shut to keep cat and cat hair away--LOL!
We also experimented and decided on how to embellish the other card fronts.  They were difficult to get in a photo--but the bigger birthday cake one will have some shimmer... 
...and the crazy cat one will have some puffy frosting on the top of the cake. 
These Japanese pens are fun to play with.  You draw on the color... 
...and then use a heat gun to puff it up. 
A bit tricky.  A lot depends on how much "ink" you put on the paper and then how long you heat it.  No two will look alike, that's for sure--LOL!  But it will be fun when we get to that part.
Was hot and sticky.
Karma remained at her critter post. 
[When I took the picture and talked nice to her she started "petting herself" on the rug.  She's a sucker for my sweet talk.] 
Finally yesterday it was only warm and I opened the place up. 
Karma was extra happy. 
She likes to be able to hear her CatTV full blast with smell-o-vision!
I did take a picture of another happy mail surprise gift and took videos of the critters on the patio this morning--but they haven't yet arrived into DropBox.  Could be my sketchy internet since that was hours ago.  If I ever can get a hold of them, you'll see them.
Oh, and I had hoped to catch both Little Buddies--yes, I saw one chase another one away this morning.  No such luck.  Only one at a time.  But now I might have to call our little ground squirrel friends something else, eh?
The Internet is better and worse and then better.  Frankly, I haven't felt up to dealing with it yet.  I'm far too cranky when it comes to techie stuff right now and I don't want to be an unnecessarily cranky customer.  It's not that bad...yet.  I have just had my fill of technical issues.
Because I've also been dealing with my touchy, lazy HP printer.  Just trying to print off my bank statement so I can balance my checkbook has become a complete ordeal--for months.  Both Dagan and Leah have tried to help me with it.  *sigh*  
I spent an hour yesterday struggling with McLap (who has to be plugged in directly or the HP printer will not acknowledge her existence).  Also trying with the HP laptop--which will occasionally work with the printer wirelessly like it is supposed to...but not yesterday.  The printer did tell me once that my yellow ink cartridge was past the expiration date.  But that's the new one I just put in a while ago that Leah got for me at Costco.  I got all the colors and two big blacks--and now they might all be out of date and my printer won't let me use them?!  AWK!!  I am not sure if that is the real issue or not because my printer has never, shall we say, liked working.  It is quite the slacker.
Oh, and to get a statement sent to you in the mail from my bank these days--they charge a fee!  *sigh*
Meanwhile, I am still trying to get used to this new system on McLap, the HP microsoft laptop, and now a new cell phone.  My foggy brain is on overload--ROFL! 
So, if they are all irritating me too much...I shall read and write letters and put some sparkle on card parts...and wait until my tech support arrives.  Leah might be here Monday for crafts again.  ;) ;)
I just make a copy of anything I dare try to post or send (like this blog post), click, and pray.  Have a super weekend, everybody!!  :) :)
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” 


  1. The Confucius quote sounds just right for you today!!

  2. awww. 2 little buddies...
    the pan might have been too big for comfort. maybe a smaller plastic lid or something just pushed up close to a corner or something less imposing?

  3. I think that old kitty litter tray/box was too deep. You need something only an inch or two deep. Color shouldn't matter, as long as there's water and the birds/animals can see there's water it will work.

  4. That is sad about your printer and your bank. My bank has always sent statements every month. I can't believe you have to print off your own statements. I guess that's one reason why I pay cash for most things, that way I don't have to worry about running a tab.

    I'd give anything to have an old typewriter. My friend Sally has THREE, but can't find any, even though I would give anything to use one in my art.

    I think we should set up that Star Gate and try to find a wormhole to another world. I miss that show!

  5. The Confucius quote is great for you today! I asked our provider if I had to pay for days when I couldn't get internet and since then it has been great!
    It takes too much energy to wait on the phone for practically forever to get a problem solved now a days...I hate it.
    Love your cards they look like Shiny Brite Ornaments...just perfect!! Your puffy paint is way cool:)
    Here the birds used the bird baths to drink and splash...and they like Chance's water dish which is a red coffee can filled with water. Maybe a soup bowl wouldn't scare them:(

  6. I never knew there was an International Typewriter Day. I love that old Underwood. I really miss the good ol' days of typewriters. I learned to type in 9th grade and I was the fastest typist in my class. Typing on a computer keyboard is tedious and annoying....

    The cat with the cake is adorable!

  7. It's frustrating to have internet issues, and intermittent is the worst! Hope it gets straightened out soon, though. Love the pictures of Karma watching her Cat TV. :-)

  8. My mother had an old typewriter, different from yours. I don't know what happened to it. It still worked, though. They made them to last back then!

  9. What a cool looking old typewriter, and no didn't know there was a typewriter day. I learnt to type on and old little blue typewriter.

  10. I did not know about this typewriter day thing! I'm so glad I hung onto Phil's dad's Royal. There was a time I wanted to be rid of it, but now it sits on my grandma's old sewing cabinet in my bedroom and I love it! No tape, but it sure looks cool and stately. =D


  11. I love the sound of a typewriter as of my favorite sounds :)

  12. That is one really neat typewriter!!

    I hope you are enjoying smellovision today!

    Happy Birthday Ian!!!

  13. Love the typewriter!!! I don't have the patience to deal with techie issues either. It's a good thing my husband is good at it. It's miserably hot and humid here so I'm staying mostly inside which is driving me nuttier. :) Have a great weekend.

  14. Well Happy Belated Typewriter Day... who knew? I seems that there's a day for everyone and thing now. It's a brilliant typewriter. I find myself wondering who it belonged to and what did it write... since it was made. Love the thought!
    Gorgeous cards and you both have been so prolific. Great work.
    The birds might not have liked the idea of it being deep and high sides. I have quite a shallow bath for my visitors and they love it. There's a rim around and it's is shallow working into a deeper middle. That way depending on the bird they can decide how deep they want to go. Even a large dinner plate would do.
    Karma will love to watch them drinking and bathing. Hours of fun ahead.
    Techie problems can drive you mad... well they do me!
    Have a great weekend and good luck with your bird bath.

  15. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Love the typewriter.

  16. Funny as it seems there is a day for just about everything ;-)
    That is a jewel of a typewriter Rita.
    I enjoy the fonts so much and have a small Royal Signet that I need to install a new ribbon in.
    Puffy paint frosting is a great touch on your cool cards.
    Happy almost end of June = can you believe it!

  17. Wonderful post as always and delightful cards that you have created and of course Karma is a love ~ ^_^

    Happy Day, Week and Happy 4th of July to the USA ~ ^_^

  18. I love typewriters, though I don't possess one. I had one once, but it was always going wrong.
    Thank you for your comment.
    Our weather is cold, wet and grey, hardly summer! You seem to be having much more summery weather.
    Sue xx

  19. We had a typewriter, but on our last move, my husband made me get rid of it. I was kind of sad about that.

  20. Oh my...when I worked as an office clerk many years ago, I used a manual typewriter just like that. We used Tippex Correction paper for mistakes. We were over the moon when electric typewriters came out with their correction ribbon, and now, it's computers. We have come a long way in forty years.

    Those pens sound very similar to how the Puff paint pens work. Cool!

    More than one ground squirrel? Awesome!

    Bummer about the internet and printer issues. My printer won't print if even one colour is out of ink and it doesn't matter if I'm just printing in straight black either.

    I wonder if our banks will start charging for paper bills. It won't effect me as I get all my bills from the various institutions sent by email notification...then I can either download or access my bill online. They are big into going paperless nowadays.

    Love and hugs xo


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