Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Good afternoon!
Was a nice Halloween!
Not too cold, but so windy McFamily couldn't put up all their decorations this year...and there may still be some bats flying around in West Fargo--LOL!
I am so glad Ian still fit into his dragon costume...
...wings and tail and all! 
I handed out candy so that Mom and Dad could both go with Ian this year around the neighborhood.
The kids had a choice of candy or glow sticks and almost half of them picked a glow stick.
Ian got both, of course.
He knows how to say "cheese" now.
I thought I was taking a video but got exactly one second.  Obviously I accidentally tapped something, as I am known to do.  :(  But luckily Leah was also taking a video of the Dragon returning to his lair.  Ian knew more what was going on this year and lasted a lot longer.
I love the wild lights Leah found this year for inside the pumpkins! Awesome carving on this one in particular.
Was just tickled to feel well enough to be able to hand out candy this year--tada!  I think they had close to 60 kids.  Considering the wild wind and that the Vikings were playing--that wasn't a bad turnout.
Since then--McFamily has come down with colds, headaches, and body unison.  So Leah and I will probably get together for crafts next week.  They all need to rest up because they are heading to Dagan's dad's this weekend for his stepmother's father's funeral.  (You may recall they all got together for a last visit a couple weeks ago.)
But on a happier note...
Today--it is Dagan's birthday!!!  I can hardly believe he is 42 years old!!  Seems like he was just as small as Ian just a little while ago.  Happy birthday, favorite son!!  ;)
"Today you are you! 
That is truer than true! 
There is no one alive who is you-er than you! "
Dr. Seuss


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dagan! They grow up so fast! That pumpkin is awesome with those lights! I am glad you felt good enough to spend the evening out! :)

  2. cute little dragon. :) a good turn-out of kids! happy birthday to dagan. hope they don't stay too sick for too long.

  3. Oh Ian is so cute, hope Dagan had a bloody great birthday, birthdays are good well I think they are. I love my birthday

  4. My daughter offered the boys $2/pound of their candy. The oldest made $4 which he put toward his savings for a computer game he wants. Love that kids choose other options over candy!

  5. Happy birthday Dagan and Ian is so cute in his dragon costume :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Dagan. And what a fabulous pumpkin carving.

    Two years ago I started handing out glow sticks to kids, and now it seems everyone is doing it.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  7. Anonymous3:21 AM

    It is nice to see the pumpkin light! Cute little dragon!

  8. Ian is just adorable! And happy birthday to Dagan. Yes, it all happens so fast, doesn't it? Love the videos. :-)

  9. Amazing pumpkins! And isn't Ian just too cute for words?

  10. Ian looked so cute in his costume! Love the jack-o-lantern! Great job carving it!

  11. OH! What a fantastic little dragon he is !!!!!Happy Birthday Dagan!!! SO happy you were feeling well enough to participate in the holiday fun. :)

  12. The dragon costume is cute...and I really LOVE that jack-o-lantern with the multi-colored lights!! I'm glad you had a pleasant Halloween.

  13. I loved Ian's "scary" costume. Happy birthday to Dagan!!

  14. What a great costume! Good choice :) Our Halloween was hot, with a high in the upper 80s! Such strange weather....

  15. Ian looks so cute in that dragon costume. It won't fit him next year though.
    He is really enjoying Halloween, he will just love Christmas this year.
    Sue x

  16. I like the way Dragon Ian goes up the steps. Can he breathe fire?


  17. Anonymous3:35 PM

    What a great Halloween! Loved the pumpkins and Ian the Dragon!
    from your last post, I hope you can get the bird feeder stable.
    oh and glad you felt well enough to hand out candy.
    I hope you don't catch the cold the family is coming has, :(

  18. Now this post really put a big smile on my face. What an adorable dragon Ian was! I bet he had fun trick or treating. And the pumpkins were just perfect for Halloween. Hope all has been well, and thanks for stopping by with some words of support. Hugs-Erika

  19. Oh how adorable Rita... I've never seen such a cute dragon.
    The pumpkins look brilliant and I like the idea of glow sticks for those who don't want candy.
    We live in the country so we had no visitors. It's not so big over here, but it is growing with each year.

  20. Such a cool pumpkin!! And of course, Ian is an excellent dragon!!!

  21. Ian makes one cute dragon! :)

    Great work on the pumpkins!

    Loved the videos...Ian is so cute! We had around 20 Trick-or-Treaters this year.

    Sorry to hear McFamily got sick with flu after Halloween. Hope they are well on their way to recovery.

    Belated Birthday Wishes to Dagan! Time sure goes by fast these days.

    Love and hugs xo


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