Friday, March 17, 2017


Good afternoon.
This was an unusual sight!  Three of the jackrabbits sharing seed so close together!  
They are not usually good at sharing.  First time I have ever seen this generosity of spirit...and haven't seen it since--LOL! 
Caught a shot of a jackrabbit, the two grouse, and some sparrows all visiting at the same time.  Note--no snow. 
Now snow again. 
Lots of paw prints the next morning.   
 It all melted again.  We then had below zero weather for fun and supposed to pop up close to 60 on Sunday before it gets cold again.  Sounds like there's been see-saw weather all over the place--and blizzards out east with tons of snow.  Just nutty!
Well, I want to apologize and explain why I still have blog comments and emails I haven't responded to for over a month.  It is because I still can't see very well close up even with the reading glasses.  The few comments or responses I have made are done when the eye strain isn't as bad and are usually brief.  I am not online much.  When I am--I mostly skim blogs or watch youtube videos.  Watching videos is easier, so you know what I've been doing more of--LOL!  Sorry.  
It's hard to explain but trying to read on paper or on a screen...well, the words dance, jerk and kind of crisscross each other.  It is hard to focus for any length of time and that gets harder as the day goes on with tired eyes and the perpetual headache.  I tried to draw a kind of example.  If I close one eye and try to read the lines have waves in them.  But the wavy lines don't match up from eye to eye--so they are constantly fighting each other.  
I have a set of three Costco 2.5 reading glasses and the pair of 1.5 pink ones borrowed from Dr. Dye.  Trying all four pairs--none of the waves are exactly the same from one pair to the next or from one eye to the other--LOL!  This is good news, I think, because he did say there were special lenses to correct double vision, right?  And with some of these various lenses I can almost see a straight line of print in one eye...and with one pair the usually worse (right) eye even went to the other (left) eye and the right eye could almost see a straight line of print.  So I think it is hopefully just that I need prescription lenses.  Which I won't have till probably in April.
But not being able to read or see close up has put a definite crimp in my days, I can tell you.
Leah and Ian were sick.  Ian had/has an ear infection.  I was feeling sick with a cold for a week, too, but nothing as bad as they had.  So Leah and I didn't have a craft night this last week.  I did make an extensive "baby steps" list for clearing off and organizing in the studio...which extended into the hallway and my bedroom, too--LOL!  You know how that goes.  Took a couple of days working 10-15 minutes at a time (hence the baby steps list), but I got things shuffled about and the tables cleared off in the studio so we are ready to set up the sewing machine for the next project.  
Nothing left but the Christmas cards which are almost done (and a dust cloth) on the black table.  I suppose I should call it the red table since that huge red cutting mat is always on top--LOL! 
I got the little art table cleared off, too. 
Removed the lazy susan from the taboret, filled the new handled plastic tote, and found spots for the rest of the stuff we had on the lazy susan all these years. 
Moved some things around up on top of these two bookcases... I could clear off the top of the tall skinny cherrywood drawers.  I want to buy another handled plastic tote for on top here. 
These satchels were on top of the one bookcase in the moved out onto the top of a hallway bookcase.  (And that stuff was moved into the top of my bedroom closet...the domino theory of cleaning, eh?  LOL!)   
I even cleaned out and rearranged the two Ikea carts.  Notice one empty shelf!  Whoohoo! 
Easier for me to do bigger things like this than to work on cards or type or read or write...
  I have been managing to write letters a little here and there.  Mainly because, even though it is still quite blurry, my hand can write automatically by memory.  ;)   Plus I am bored and restless...anxious to be able to do all the things I am so used to doing.  As I said before, just sitting and watching TV gets sooooo boring to me.  *sigh*  I am trying to be patient.  Sorry to the people I have managed to write to because I was probably cranky and whining to them, too--LOL!
But this is why you haven't heard much from me.  Which is probably a good thing, you know.  Between not feeling great at all, not being able to see that well within a foot of my eyeballs so unable to do hardly any of the things I love to be busy with, the constant headaches, internet issues I haven't felt well enough to call about, getting forms in the mail telling me I might be charged co-pays of over $700 for the eye stuff (more coming), the eight girls (grouse) have never returned since the first faux-spring, haven't seen Chester for a couple months, and I do miss my Karma...well, I am not very good company, anyways.
 But I will end with some pictures Leah's sister, Ariel, took of McFamily at the big aquarium at the Mega Mall when they went down for Dagan's heart checkup.  
(Ian loves Finding Nemo.) 

Looks like Ian had a fun time!  
So--for now--don't be surprised if you still don't hear from me for a few more weeks.  But I am loving each and every comment and email...even if I haven't answered all of them yet.  Well, most of them.  I can enlarge the print on the screen to read them cause Leah showed me how on Mr. Rusty.  ;)  And every letter and card are treasured (and more likely to get a response these blurry-eye-days).  Bye for now from this cranky old lady in Fargo--LOL!  I'll be better when I can freely be online and work on crafts and see to hook my bra--ROFL!!  ;)
"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau


  1. Hi Rita - it is good to hear from you. I know you have some challenges going on and you will be in my prayers. Take it easy and get better. Love from AZ.

  2. Since my bad shoulder days I hook my bra and then put it over my head and shimmy it on! Most of my bras are front closures too! In a few more weeks you will get your prescription glasses and things should be looking up! Can you switch he lenses around in those readers? Then you could try for a magic mix yourself.
    I think you are doing pretty good to get all that organizing done! Hang in there, boy those Jack Rabbits are big honkers! Cold and Windy here tonight :(

  3. How perfect is that red mat for your craft table? Nearly covers the entire surface. Fantastic! I still can't read well with my progressive lenses. Since it's been nearly two months, I don't think I ever will. But lucky for me, I can always use my old bifocals if I want to read a book. My dear friend is seeing a retina specialist this Friday. A spot appeared in her left eye. I'm so afraid it might be macular degeneration. It seems our aging friends are facing all sorts of age-related problems now. Scary and sad. Take care friend. For you, I'm betting prescription lenses will solve your problem. Fingers crossed!

  4. I've done some cleaning in my happy place too. You made far better progress than me. I do a little bit after work each day, and now most of it is all over the floor as I rearrange and purge. One day I will finish. Your space is looking REALLY good. Congrats on the accomplishment. Have a great weekend. Hugs-Erika

  5. So glad to read you are feeling marginally better, but your eyes still need strengthening, it seems. You have done a remarkable job of cleaning and clearing.

    I can understand feeling cranky, but I call mine spring fever when I can't get out and go like I choose to. I don't think anyone is complaining, though.

    LOVED the photos of Ian and McFamily. Seems they had a fun time, despite the heart check-up, which I am sure was stressful, probably more for Leah than Dagan, even.

    Have a great weekend and new week.

  6. LOVE the photos of the wildlife you have outside your window! Those jack rabbits are HUGE! They are like small dogs. :)

    Sorry to hear about the continued challenges your eyes are giving you. Hopefully the waves that you are seeing will subside soon. That must be SO frustrating. Hang in'll be able to do crafting again and with even better vision that you had before!

    Your art supplies are so well-organized. It would be nice to be able to access everything so easily.

    Sea Life is such an interesting place to visit. Happy that Ian was able to see the fish with Dagan and Leah.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  7. I tried to leave you a comment on my iPhone but it didn't work. So here goes once again. I am glad that you are making progress with your eyes, but I do hope that you get a prescription soon so you can get rid of those headaches. And that is a HUGE co-pay, Rita. I hope it doesn't happen. Sending you lots of love. :-)

  8. It's amazing to see so many jackrabbits that close to your abode. They certainly must appreciate the food in such cold weather!

    I'm so sorry that you're having such trouble with your eyes - it must be extremely frustrating. Hopefully things will improve with time.

    By the way - your studio looks so neat and organized!

  9. Even though your eyes are not yet healed, you got an AMAZING amount of work done!!

  10. Rest your eyes! Even when all is not well with you, you accomplish more than most people. I mailed a birthday card to you today (Saturday). If you can't read the note with it, it can wait.


  11. I hope your eyesight improves soon as I think it must be so frustrating

  12. I love the pic of the jackrabbits!

    I feel for you going through the vision issues while your eyes/brain adapts to the changes. I had vision issues once before and I remember how frustrating and difficult it was to cope with. Constant headaches too.

    You've done well with all the organising. Cool red cutting mat! What size is it exactly? I have smaller black cutting mats - 17"x12" each - which are always on my art table. I rarely cut on them but they protect the white table top.

    Sweet photos of Ian!

    Take all the time you need, Rita. I imagine life just isn't the same without Karma...I know I would take a long time to get over the loss of my beloved fur-kid. I don't think we ever do get over the loss as I still think of previous fur-kids who have passed. Sending lots of healing vibes your way. (((Big Hugs)))

    By the way, a letter is on the way to you. I don't expect you to read it with you eyes the way they are so take all the time you need with that too.

    Love and hugs, dear friend xo


  13. I know how enjoyable it is to have the nature display out your window, though we don't get rabbits. Not being able to read, though, that'd make me cranky, too. Take your time recovering.

    Your craft/art space is wonderful. It looks like you have good light there, which is always a priority for me :)

  14. So good to see you post again, I was surprised when you left me a comment the other day. You have really been in my thoughts and prayers.
    Boy you have been busy cleaning and should come help would be a great challenge...LOL!
    I can't believe how big Ian is.......wasn't he just born last week???? *grin*
    It takes time to heal inside and take your time. We are all still here.
    LOVE that big red mat!! Yes, constant TV is so boring.....been there...done that!

  15. I do hope this annoying time is soon behind you, Rita, and you are able to get back to the crafts and blogging full steam ahead. Don't worry about not writing, we will not be going anywhere and can wait till you feel better. It is not surprising it takes your eyes a while to settle down after what they have been subjected to. The money demand is a stinker! So glad you have little Ian and your lovely family to console you. Those are wonderful photos in the aquarium.

  16. I do hope you feel better and that your eyesight improves.

    I loved seeing all the critters just outside your window!

  17. Sorry about the trouble with your vision. I hope you find some way to correct it. Those jack rabbits are cute!

  18. Janie asked her readers to stop by and wish you a happy birthday, so Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about your cat.

  19. Janie Junebug sent me. :) I dropped by to send you good wishes. So sorry about your vision problems. I hope I never have trouble reading! That would be awful. Hope your eyesight improves!

  20. Almost forgot: Happy Birthday!

  21. Sorry for the hard times. I'm here and a new follower thanks to Janie Junebug.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Better, healthier, happier and more clear sighted days to you.


  22. Happy Birthday! I know today is your special day and your card is still here on my desk! I will mail it tomorrow, better late than never! I hope you had a nice day!!

  23. Happy belated Birthday. I heard about your pussy cat and your eye surgery. It sounds like you have macular degeneration?? It sounds like what my mom experienced. Take care and all the best!

  24. Hugs!

    Happy belated birthday - I hope you are well on the mend now and able to run after those jackrabbits!

  25. I'm sorry you're having so much difficulty in seeing things the way you're used to (and should be). I'm not looking forward to when I'll need cataract surgery, but I know the time is fast approaching. I hope your sight gets better soon. (will find out if it has when I read your other posts)

    I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I've had a lot going on with me, and I don't go on the computer for any length of time anymore. Quick check of email and skim thru Facebook and that's about it.

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Dagan, Leah and Ian at the aquarium. I love aquariums. I love seeing the different species of fish in the ocean. My son just returned from a scuba diving trip to Bonaire, which I'm told is in the southern Caribbean. He's taken hundreds of photos of some very beautiful and amazing things. I'll try to email you a few pictures when I get some time. I hope you're eyesight will be much better by then. *hugs*


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