Monday, July 24, 2017


Quick hello!
I forgot to post my favorite photo of Ian when he was opening presents...contemplating the one duck going up and the other duck going down.  :)
I had to let you know the good news about the injured goose! 
Calls had been made to various places to no avail.  BUT--someone who lives here has relatives on a farm.  They came, captured the goose, brought him to the vet (who said the wing should slowly heal and he should probably be able to fly south for the winter), and they brought him to their farm.  He is loving it there and eating well.  :)  So he has a home if he never wants to leave, but should be able to later on if he wants to.  I was soooo happy to hear that.  He's safe!  Has a permanent home if he needs it.  Whoohoo!!
We have had some light rains and drizzles and even brief heavier rains occasionally. 
Yet the grass is turning brown.  Really need some soaking rain.  I water the flowers almost every day and they are still thriving.
Annie is so happy her spinner toy is here and plays with it at least a little while every day.   
 She is doing okay.  Some days she is out more.  Some days she sleeps more.  (True rest requires the safety of being under the bed.)  Since I picked her up and put her on the chair she trusts me less--LOL!  I think she just didn't know what I was up to and it was something new, you know.  She must not have liked it because since then I haven't been able to get close to being in a position to pick her up...or brush her, even.  
But she's out quite often and almost sleeps in her bed near me at night while I watch TV.  (She's caught on to the fact I can't get out of the chair quickly and the chair makes noise so she always has warning time to get away--ROFL!)  She does love to have me wear her out with string toys, though.  Annie seems much more comfortable after a few weeks.  She loves her CatTV.  We are getting along well.  :)
I have slowly been using the baby steps method to get some sewing done.  Took me all week to finish these first five liners for myself to try--various sizes, colors, and fabrics.  All set for Leah to add the snaps on Tuesday.  (She has stronger grip for the fastener than I do.)
Looking forward to a Craft Night as we haven't had one since June.  :)  I have missed them!  I have been spoiled seeing Leah once or twice a week there for a while.  That was going to change soon, regardless.  But it will be nice to see her another time or two before the approaching McBaby arrival will put an end to craft nights for a while.
Next on the assembly-line are eight purple liners for Leah.  (Those are the tops and bottoms lined up for the next step.)  
I am thrilled with having more space to move around in the studio now. 

Anyways, the guy is driving past on the rider mower.  80 degrees--sun filtered through thin clouds.  Annie's napping under the bed.  I am still on very low gear, but push myself past the daily tasks to take an extra baby step or two every day on the sewing project.  Those small steps do add up.  :)
Hope you are having a beautiful day.  
Life is good.  :) :)
"Today is only a small manageable segment of time in which our difficulties need not overwhelm us."


Anonymous said...

I forgot what those liners are for!!

pearshapedcrafting said...

I have just had a lovely catch up with all of your news! I loved seeing the videos - especially of little Ian opening his presents and seeing Annie play with her spinner toy! Your plants are looking fabulous! So pleased that the injured goose has a home now - I hope you will be told when it recovers! Loving all your planning - the faux-dories look great! I make lists for just about everything these days..then forget to look at them! Hugs, Chrisx

Vicky said...

So glad the goose found a home and Annie is settling in slowly but surely.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Ian looks like he is giving it some thought, good news about the goose and all in all this was a great post

My name is Erika. said...

I can't get over how much Ian has grown. In that photo he looks so much older than some of the photos you've shown us. And glad Annie has adjusted so well. She looks like she's an explorer. :) And yahoo the goose has been cared for and is doing well. :) It is a post full of good news. Hugs-Erika

Janie Junebug said...

Ian looks as if he's contemplating the mysteries of the world. Your liners are a brilliant idea. That's such good news about the goose.


DJan said...

That's wonderful news about the goose, Rita. And Annie will just take time and will never be another Karma. There will never be one of those, but Annie is safe and sound now. I love that Ian picture, too! :-)

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm happy the goose is getting professional attention and will heal. What are the odds he'll ever want to leave ;)

I'm enjoying your cat's acclimatizing process. Slow but sure :)

Dee said...

Dear Rita, your quotation reminds me of "living in the present," "living in the present moment," and "going with the flow." All of which I'm trying to do.

I'm glad to learn that you are feeling better and thus able to do more.

And I'm so glad to learn that all is well with the goose! Thank you. Peace.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yeah for Farmers! I am so glad the Goose has a safe place to live!! I might try some tuna in small amounts only to be licked from my fingers...Annie might like that! Too bad she is not more social! I hope you are feeling better, I have been suffering with the Lyme's fun:(

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What delightful news about the goose. You got the process started and you should feel proud that goose now has a good home, rather than being destroyed by the mean maintenance man (it's late at night and I can't think of his name).

Ian is looking good. I hope he's ready for a new baby sibling. Sometimes first borns don't think they need to share.

Baby steps DO add up. At least you are keeping the flowers happy, and Annie will come around one of these days, or at least, we can hope. My Squiggles hides as soon as someone else walks in the house. He is a one person cat, and I just happen to be that person. Maybe Annie will eventually bond with you, too.

Jon said...

I'm so relieved that the goose has been rescued and is now in good hands. Bless those people who took him. I hope they don't eat him.....just joking!

I'm also happy to know that Annie is settling into her new home and you are both getting along. Hopefully she will eventually feel completely comfortable around you. It takes time ( cats can be sorta weird at times...). I'm glad she loves her toys.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

So happy to hear about the goose! That's wonderful that they were able to capture it and bring it to the vet. Looks like you've been very busy sewing.

Lady Fi said...

Ooo - Annie looks like a sweetheart! So glad to hear she's settling in.

Serena Lewis said...

Ian did enjoy the ducky toy.

Great news about the injured goose...I love happy endings!

I'm sure Annie will come around eventually to be touched. It makes my heart happy to know you are both getting along as she settles in more.

Nice liner colours!

By the way, you should be getting a letter from me soon if you haven't already received it.

Love to you and Annie xo

froebelsternchen said...

Super to hear the good news about the goose and Ian is such a cutie!You have been so busy with sewing Rita! Great!
oxo Susi

InvisiblyMe said...

What a positive post! And yes, the little things, the small steps, definitely add up :)
Caz x

GrandmaG said...

All good news! Great to hear! Bet you all are getting super excited to meet baby. Can't wait to meet her or him!

Sherry Ellis said...

I love that photo of Ian. So cute!