Wednesday, October 25, 2017


I never noticed this before!
Across the way at the other apartment building there were briefly three different colored trees--green, yellow, and red.  Pretty cool! 
Today is definitely picture day!!  Busy Mama sent Gramma a whole bunch of pictures so I picked out a few to share.  ;)  
Looks like Ian thought Liam's hands were in the way of his face for the picture--LOL!
 I love this--Mama, Ian, and Liam on Ian's lap.
Liam spends a lot of time sleeping, of course. 
Look at all that dark hair! 
I wonder if he will keep it. 
Sleeping in Mama's arms. 
Now this little guy surprised me the very first time I visited him after he came home from the hospital with how he could lift his head up off your chest and even push up his chest a little, too.  And he was like a week old!  Strong little guy! 
We all know how hard it is... get a picture of... 
...a wiggly baby--LOL! 
Mr. Ian does absolutely love to eat with his hands. 
I don't know what this is covering his hands and face, but he LOVES any kind of sauces or gravies and will scoop them right up with his fingers. 
He knows to be careful not to touch the table or the chair while he is eating--LOL!
Looks like Ian made a scarf from a long shopping receipt. 
I love this one!  Daddy sleeping on the couch with Liam sleeping on his chest! 
Oh--Gramma forgot what this funny chair is called. 
Liam is only 6 weeks old right now... I'd say he is doing really well.. 
...with the funny chair---LOL!
Sitting up quite nicely!
Lots of family pictures today!!  :)
Sunday Leah stopped for a little bit by after they got all the ValleyCon stuff back in my garage.  Leah and Dagan didn't work the suite this year.  Leah, being the one who knows how it is all set up and put together, just helped with the setting up on Friday and tearing down on Sunday.  But the guest this year was Christopher Judge who played Teal'c on Stargate SG-1 (my favorite character), so McFamily made a trip over on Saturday.  If I can get a copy of the picture of them I will post it.
Monday Leah and Ian popped in with a bag of cat food.  Annie's is from the natural pet store and it is what she's been used to eating for years so they picked up a big bag for me.
And Ian had a toy for Annie--who loves anything with feathers!! 
Its eyes light up blue and flash!  I couldn't catch that in the picture.
Annie wondered what I was doing with her toy and I snuck a picture of her when she didn't think I was paying attention to her--LOL! 
She has been letting me get closer to her before she runs away, though.  ;)  
Okay--what else?  
Supplements.  Well, the turmeric is doing a little something--running to the bathroom more often and my knees are a bit less swollen--LOL!  I will continue to take the turmeric and probably add some Cayenne for inflammation, too, in November to see if that is any additional help or does nothing.  The White Willow Bark doesn't seem to be doing anything for pain that I can tell so next month I am going to try Meadowsweet and see if that does anything.  I'll let you know.  :)
That's about it from here for now.  
I know--for me this is a quick post--mostly pictures--ROFL!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!!  :) :)
"Laughter is carbonated holiness."
Anne Lamott


  1. Those three trees are amazing because they all look exactly alike but are different colors. I love this time of year but it's passing by too quickly.

    Liam is such a sweet baby, especially with all that dark hair. I hate to admit that I often look like Ian after I eat (*smile*). The baby and daddy photo is adorable.

    Annie and my Bosco almost look like twins. They must be related somewhere down the line. It's nearly impossible for me to ever take good photos of my cats. They never stay still long enough. I usually wind up getting pictures of their butts...or else a blur as they run away...

  2. I love your quote--& your grandbabies!!

  3. What a great photo perfect picture day. Both Ian and Liam are going to grow up with cameras in their faces, I suspect. They are both so adorable.

    Hope the turmeric works. I could use something for inflation.

    And of course, I think Annie is adorable. Neither of mine hang around when they see my camera. You are doing great to get photos of her at all!

  4. I love your pictures. McFamily sure does look happy and content. And I love that picture of Annie. Anne Lamott is my latest favorite. She has some great quotes, and that one is especially wonderful. Have a great week, Rita! :-)

  5. Ian's covered in chocolate, every time he eats chocolate he looks pretty much like that, so I had to take and share a picture.

  6. What great pictures Rita! Look at you catching Annie unawares! lol Love the quote too.. The trees around here are a bit hit and miss.. not much of a Fall.. seemed to go from Summer straight to winter.. A freeze expected Saturday and Sunday night so most of the leaves will just fall i guess without turning.. I've been snapping pictures today too.. doing a bit of spray painting on projects on this nice warm day... no doubt our last... catch ya later! Hugs! deb

    PS.. love that show and character too.. :)

  7. I love Liam's hair! My Bubba had hair like that when he was a baby. Those are pretty cool trees, too!

  8. Love the three different colored trees - that's really cool and this baby boy is sooo sweet and Ian is a super big brother! What a lovely family Rita!
    Wish you that the tumeric works! ♥♥♥
    Annie is a BEAUTY!
    Happy weekend !
    oxo Susi

  9. I love all the photos, but the one that really touches my heart is Liam asleep on Dagan's chest. Your apartment complex looks so nice. I'm still grateful that you got to move. Watched the pilot of This Is Us and loved it. Two letters on the way.


  10. Liam sure has a handsome head of hair! Is that one of those bopper chairs or some such thing. What fun to see the photos! Those are some interesting trees:)

  11. I like the different colored trees. I wonder if they planned it that way. What wonderful family photos!

  12. Such wonderful pics, so beautiful! Such a sweet soul. Love your black cat, what a gorgeous little thing. Wishing you a beautiful wkd...and end to October. Hope the turmeric works!

  13. Wow the different colour trees are awesome, the photos of Ian eating with his hands made me think of daughter No 3 who liked to eat with her hands when she was a toddler, daughter No 1 didn't like food to touch her hand or chin she would carry on if it did.

  14. Liam is adorable! And he looks a lot like Ian. No question they're related. Not like our grandsons. Elliott and Jonah are just now starting to look like they could be brothers and they're 7 and 11! Hope the supplements work. I take several and the only one I know works for sure is the glucosamine with chondroitin. I ran out once and after several weeks all my joints ached. At this point, I'm just assuming without the others I'd be worse off without them - LOL! Have a good weekend!

  15. Wow- I can't believe little baby is already 6 weeks old. Where did time go? And Liam is super cute in that messy face hands out photo. He's like a little Halloween monster. :) Glad you shared this photos Rita. Hugs-Erika

  16. Lovely LIam and gorgeous trees!

  17. Those babies are so lovely. Well of course Ian would not like to be considered as a baby LOL! Such a cute playful age. I think Liam is advanced, maybe he will be an athlete when he's older and you will be cheering him on from the sidelines!
    I guess you only noticed the trees when they turned different colours. Thanks is a nice surprise!

  18. We don't get the autumn changes of colour here...well, we might come across the occasional tree changing colours but it's few and far between. While the sub-tropical climate might play a role, I think people tend to go more for evergreens over deciduous trees.

    OH my...look at Liam's dark hair and he has heaps too! Very handsome as is his big brother.

    Aaron loved to eat with his hands too right up to a good age also...he did not like using utensils at all. haha

    Lovely pics, Rita...thanks for sharing them.

    Annie is keeping a look out over her toy. hehe

    Apparently pepper helps enhance the properties of the turmeric. When I make my turmeric lattes with soy milk, I always add some black pepper.

    Love and hugs xo

  19. those trees are amazing - how fun they each have their own color. And of course baby pictures - he really IS doing well for 6 months and what a beautiful baby! Cheeks - gerber baby!

    I'm looking forward to hearing how your supplements are working. I take tumeric and we mix it in our smoothies. I haven't really noticed one way or the other but now that I think of it I haven't been regularly on smoothies since the accident and move and my hips and knees talk to me all the time. So thanks for the reminder!

  20. Dear Rita, I've been away for a while and so missed Liam's birth announcement, via our blog. He seems so strong to be sitting up like that. And I bet that Ian is a wonderful big brother. It will be good to see that relationship grow in the years ahead. I hope your writing about the numeric, etc., doesn't mean that the fibromyalgia is worse. I'm sending you healing white light. Peace.

  21. Hi again, visiting your lovely world and looking forward to your next post! have a magical wkd!

  22. Such an awesome photo of Dad sleeping with the baby!

    Someday you will be able to sleep like that with Annie? :)

  23. The colors of the trees - and the variety of them - are beautiful. What a nice view of changing leaves.


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