Tuesday, January 09, 2018


We had our Christmas on Friday the 6th of January.
Leah and the boys came first while Dagan stopped off at Fleet Farm on the way over to pick up more wild bird seed for me.  :)
First we just hung out.  Ian ran right over to get those toys--what do you call them?
 Flip and drain?  LOL!
Liam watched Gramma... 
 ...and Ian. 
Liam pays a lot of attention to what is going on.
 Just had a no fuss dinner--salad, pizza, and frozen yogurt.  But before dinner we opened presents.  The Bristle blocks were the biggest hit.

Ian got to help Liam open his presents.  (I noticed he even picked a present for Liam first.)  Ian wanted to help me open mine, too, and Gramma agreed.  
(I get awfully excited, too--LOL!)  

Just a wonderful day!  Even though poor Leah was getting over a cough/cold that Ian had already had.  Was such a nice time.  :)
Otherwise--been pretty quiet around here.  Had been terrifically cold for so long that when it suddenly got to 30-some degrees yesterday it felt like spring!  Leah dropped some stuff off for me yesterday and I only needed a sweater to run out to her car.  It's 37 degrees right now today--whoohoo!  Snow is melting and it does feel like a change in the seasons.  Of course we have a snowstorm coming through tomorrow and we're supposed to be back in the deep freeze again by Thursday.  It's just a little Mother Nature tease.  ;)
A couple times I have seen a regular cottontail rabbit here late in the evening when it is almost dark, but almost every afternoon/early evening the jackrabbits dominate.
 They do not seem bothered by Annie...
 She can be inches away on the other side of the glass and they could care less and just chew away.
I actually suddenly shifted over to very early hours for several days.  We're talking waking up before dawn.  Crazy ridiculous for me.
 I often see the five girls parked someplace nearby in the mornings.
 One freezing morning after a fresh snow the seven girls were all tucked into nice warm holes across the way...
 ...waiting for the five to eat their fill and get out of Dodge.  See them in the background?
 The seven have flown or run in by accident when they haven't seen the five already tucked into the patio...and they must be feeling quite feisty in the springlike weather because in the past two days they've boldly tried to usurp the territory.  This has created grouse chases all over the lawn out there.  There is a lot of flapping of wings, bodies popping into the air, squawking, and brief general mayhem 2 or 3 times a day.  More like what I see in the actual spring--so maybe they have spring fever, too?
I tried to catch it yesterday, but by the time I get the camera ready to go most of it was over with.  Figures!  Oh well--I tried.
Anyways, that is what's been happening up here.  Since we're supposed to get a snowstorm tomorrow I switched my eye doctor checkup to next week.  So now I have both the dentist and eye doctor checkups next week.  If the weather is okay Dagan and Ian plan to come over Friday for Gramma Day.  You know it will be all about the Bristle Blocks.  ;)
While I was typing there was another grouse covey flapping-chasing event that lasted a couple minutes.  The five are chowing down--alongside a ton of small birds.  It's almost time for the jackrabbits to show up, too.  Have a beautiful day!!  :)
"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."


  1. Today it is 8 d. celcius which is warm enough to go outside for a bit in short sleeves, and longer in a hoodie. Welcome 2018 Rita. I just finished Sept 20, 2008 in my reading your blog series. Sweet little boys, thanks for writing today.

  2. Little Annie is obviously not able to get those rabbits. Besides, what would she do if she actually could catch one? So glad you have finally had your Christmas with the boys. Love your pictures and videos, Rita. Your happiness shines through it all. :-)

  3. You consider 30 degrees a heat wave coming through?

  4. Yes I enjoyed the heat wave too...29 here!! That is 60 degrees warmer than last week:) Bristle Blocks are the best, The girls had them and had hours of fun! Fun that Annie is entertained:)

  5. I think celebrating Christmas like you did is perfect. People get so hung up on celebrating on the 25th, and it gets too crazy. This is a smart way to celebrate especially with those cutie little boys. I love seeing the photos of them. And I still can't get over how you get rabbits right up to you door, with Miss Annie right on the other side too. I haven't seen a wild rabbit in years where I live. Too many coyotes and other animals I think. Happy mid-week. Hugs-Erika

  6. Your family is so nice and all your animals in and out are just cheerful! ♥♥♥

  7. I love that photo of Annie staring down the Jack Rabbit!!

    So flocks of Grice (plural grouse) have pecking orders too? Who'd of thunk it?

    Leah's two little ones demonstrate some really good manners!! (and are so cute too!)

    Isn't an extended Christmas nice? Smiles.

  8. Celebrating Christmas in January is a good idea - - and salad, pizza, and frozen yogurt sound fantastic to me!
    I really love those photos of Annie with the rabbit. You'll have to open the door and invite the bunny in...(*smile*).
    The grouse are interesting to watch.

    The weather has been crazy cold everywhere. Anything over 32 degrees seems like spring. It has warmed up slightly here, but snow is predicted by Friday.

  9. Looks like you all had a peaceful quiet celebration and that is nice. We still haven't had Christmas with my son's family yet. We can't seem to get everyone well at the same time.

  10. I enjoyed warm weather for a couple of days. However, tonight it has turned quite cold again, and the wind chills are dangerously high.

    I really enjoyed your Christmas with the boys. So great to see how happy you were.

    Fun to see the wildlife outside your doorstep. I bet you are happy you now live on a ground floor. This is entertainment you can't buy!

    Stay warm and safe, dear Rita. Sorry I'm late visiting. It's been a real day here.

  11. Awww - how adorable!

  12. Dear Rita, thank you for sharing, via the videos, Ian's opening of his Christmas gift from you and your opening of our gifts. For me, the Feast of the Epiphany is a special time. Have you ever read the poem by T. S. Eliot, "The Gifts of the Magi"? It's a thought-provoking poem. The 12th day of Christmas surely was a joyous time for you and your family. Peace.

  13. Bristle blocks! I remember when my kids played with those. I'm glad they're still around. Looks like the kids had fun and that the adults had fun watching the kids having fun. Sweet! Your birds look happy to have the food :)

    We got snow here! Photo/video on Facebook. So exciting!

  14. Ohhhhhhh, the bunnies!!! I would have such a great life living where you do. (where IS that?) For I would be outside making a most divine salad for those rabbits.

  15. I love extended holiday celebrations. I think I just love being around family. I think we are also having an unseasonably warm winter (this is only my 3rd winter here). Yesterday it was about 45 and it felt so warm I left my patio door open for a bit LOL

  16. Lovely to spread Christmas out a bit! I hope your warm weather continues. Or should I say "warm" weather? !

  17. I had just headed to your blog when I saw the post that says you are now sick! I saw most of the videos but lost connection before I could comment last time! I loved seeing the wildlife tussles but best of all is Ian opening his Bristle blocks and Tegan watching! It won't be long before they are playing together! I remember my boys having something similar called stickle bricks! Loved seeing the jack rabbit - it seems quite big - at least bigger than our wild rabbits, although hares are bigger of course! Take Care, Hugs, Chrisx

  18. So they are a bit like egg timers but with a fluid/gel inside? My kids liked to watch egg timers when they were little. :)

    I enjoyed the gift opening videos...what fun!

    Thank goodness for screen doors...how clever that the jack-rabbits know they are safe from Annie.

    I wake up about an hour before dawn. Must feel strange for you.

    I hope those five greedy grouse leave some food for the seven ones. haha

    Nice quote.

  19. Sounds like quite the show those grouse are putting on for you and Annie. She must be fascinated watching all the commotion outside. The increase in temperatures during this frigidly-cold winter have been such a mood-lifter, haven't they? Looking forward to warmer weather and Spring. It can't come soon enough!


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