Thursday, March 29, 2018


Okay--I'm alive and doing okay.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday.  Sixty-Seven years have flown by.  Life is definitely too short to bemoan the fact that I was sick for two months and then slid right into a bad fibro/CFS flare.  You know things aren't right when I had only blogged three times this whole year and been away the longest in the over 11 years I've been blogging.  But I am okay--just extra tired and sore.  Waiting out the flare.  Able to function enough to get done what I have to most days and that's fine and good.  Annie and I have watched a lot of really good shows.  She seems to like me being laid up and basically still as much as Karma did--LOL!  Means a lot of chair time...and Annie has gotten cuddlier.  :)
Lots of photos for you--but the following are just a smattering I assure you.  :)  First I have some of Leah's and then I have some of mine.  (Too tired to do any real sorting.)  Leah's go all the way back to December.  Mine go back to February 9th--the last time I posted.
We'll start with Leah's.  :) :)
This was around Christmas outside the front of their house.  Leah and the boys.  You can see the Christmas lights on the house behind them.
The boys playing together. 
Tired Liam.
 Tired Ian (who doesn't think he needs naps anymore--but it occasionally catches up with him).  :)
Liam learning to sit up by himself.
Liam and Blink just hanging out. 
We've had yo-yo weather.  Snow, rain, melting till little snow left at all, snow, rain, melting, snow, rain...and mother nature even threw in some hail!
Not too often we get hail in the winter.  Kinda cool!
Liam has wanted to stand before he was even crawling.  Now he can stand alone for some time and wants to pull himself up on everything. 
I love this shot of the boys...and Blink is on the couch, too, behind Ian.  :) 
Leah's also sent me some short videos, but I have not gotten anything ready so that I could post them.  Maybe next time.
Then we have my pictures.
Of course I had a lot of the visiting critters at the seed banquets.  Relax--not going so show them all to you--LOL!
We've had some snowstorms--as you can see by the snowbanks from the plowed driveways. 
The grouse dig into the snow and huddle together during a storm. 
My patio is popular.  This was one day after one snowstorm. 
The smooth white blanket... 
...becomes a trampled, textured terrain--lol!
The girls love having some snow to dig into to help block the wind and stay warm. 
In the almost seven weeks since we last spoke: Dagan has popped in several times to do a dumpster and bird seed run for me; I've been over to visit McFamily twice; Leah and I had one craft night (then she got sick again--but is better now so we might be able to do one next week); Caroline's been here a couple times to clean and once for  groceries; I've had three Gramma Days with Ian and Dagan (one I went over to visit afterwards to their house).  Having a visitor is physically easier than being a visitor--but each and every visit is soooo worth it!  Food for the soul!!  :) 
On one of my visits over to McFamily's I did remember to take pictures.  I know--shock!  I've become so bad at remembering to get the camera out.
Daddy and Liam. 
Liam checking out Daddy's zipper on his shirt. 
Ian playing with magnetic squares. 
Daddy holding Blink for her close-up. 
Liam climbing up to stand by me. 
Mama and Ian figuring something out (can't remember now). 
Liam chewing on one of his baby books.  (He has gotten some teeth, but I forgot to ask how many.) 
My hail photo. 
Can't forget Annie. 
That is her favorite way to relax--pushing her feet against something.  When she sleeps with me nine times out of ten she doesn't curl up with her back next to you--she pushes her feet against you instead--LOL! 
For about a week we were on the edge of freezing temps and had snow, rain, snow, rain... 
...and then finally a good snowstorm.  So funny--I heard there were at least three snowmen built here.  I saw one near the front door when I went to get mail--so  cute!  It even had a Fargo-hat and plaid scarf on.  The seniors know when there is good, heavy, wet, snowman-building snow on the ground...and I guess they couldn't resist--LOL! 
There was a lot of ice under that snow, though.  
Can you see it on the bird feeder? 
When the weather is bad the critters seem to get along better as far as all eating together. 
But it was a shock to see a  pair of geese in very early March walking down the plowed sidewalk. 
Honestly--I stood aggressively in the doorway and told them to buzz off. 
I did not want any of those poop-machines to know there was food over here.  They're not actually crazy about seed but they will eat it if there's nothing else...and with all the snow there wasn't a lot else.  Luckily I haven't seen any others.  Well, only honking and flying past overhead.  ;)
 Most of that snow has melted again--but we're due for another snowstorm tomorrow through Saturday, they say.
A few days ago I noticed there were no birds here all afternoon??  Look who I found parked under my bedroom window watching my patio! 
I couldn't get a good shot through the screen but it's some kind of small sparrow-type hawk.  There are so few trees here that he doesn't have a good place to perch nearby.  Smart, though.  He was very still.  But the sparrows must be smarter because they all stayed away until he got bored and left--LOL!
 Yesterday McFamily actually came over with dinner from Ruby Tuesdays and a homemade birthday cake!!  (Ian was demonstrating how a washing machine works for some reason when I took the picture and I don't think Dagan realized I was taking one--but I did remember to take one--LOL!) 
This morning--Annie will soak up the sun for as long as she can.  
I barely slept (just the usual after-loving-up-grandsons aches and pains) but don't mind a bit.  :)  And since I've been up since 3am and am already hurtin' anyways--I thought what the heck, why not start a way overdue blog.  ;)  You just might finish it.  And I believe I will.
It is hard to explain the chronic fatigue.  I don't always suffer as badly from that as the pain--and, honestly, the pain is a little easier to deal with than a flare of the CFS side of the fibro.  If you're interested or maybe know anyone else with fibro/M.E./CFS here's a TEDtalk:

If you want to know what it is like to lose your former life, to be so tired and weak you can't get dressed or take a shower, and to know there are people who have it much worse than I do--this lady now has a documentary streaming on Netflix called Unrest.  (Thanks for letting me know, Serena.)  
Anyways, due to being sick so long and then this bad flare I have not yet been able to reschedule my dentist or eye doctor checkups, haven't been writing letters or been online like I usually am able to, and have been saving my very few spoons every day for showers, dressing, laundry, cooking--and visits with McFamily!!  I'll be back when I can.  Thanks to everyone who emailed or wrote to ask how I was doing and to those of you who even remembered this absentee's birthday--LOL!  You're all such a blessing in my life.  Even those of you who just visit and never chat.  Thank you!!  :) :)
When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.
Helen Keller


Carol said...

It seems to have been a bad winter for a lot of folks this year!I've gone from one illness to the next too and it's worn me to a frazzle. I've napped more this winter than the rest of my entire life. :(
Happy Belated Birthday my Friend.
Loved seeing all of your pictures.

GrandmaG said...

So good to hear from you! Well, so far, 2018 isn't treating you very well. Hopefully the next three seasons will be much better. Happy Easter, dear friend!

Diane F. said...

Hi. Continue to improve Rita! I think of you so often! Thank you for sharing pictures of your life. Happy Easter! Hang in there! Diane

jinxxxygirl said...

Rita! Thoroughly enjoyed this catch up!! I'm so glad you had enough 'spoons' to finish it. Your birthday!!! I didn't even know.. Well Happy Belated Birthday my friend... Be looking for a belated card!! And i now have it written down.. not to be missed again.. :)My goodness Liam is getting so big!!! What a cutie pie and Ian too!! I know you haven't been feeling well... My last two snail mail letters from you were too I won't write much here and i will write you a snail mail soon!! Hugs! deb

Jon said...

What's this about a birthday??? I must have missed something (I've been missing numerous blog posts lately). Anyway, I'm wishing you a joyous belated happy birthday!!!
Growing older isn't for sissies (I can attest to that), but I'm glad that you're feeling well enough to blog again. I always enjoy the photos.

Lately, I think I need more nap time than the children do. The photo of Ian sleeping at the table looks just about like I feel.
I've never seen a photo of geese in the snow before - - that's really cute!

I hope you and Annie (and your family) have a great Easter!

My name is Erika. said...

happy happy belated birthday. :) Life does goby way too fast for sure. Glad to hear you and ANnie have been bonding and enjoying some good tv/video. I am going to watch that Ted Talk once i finish this as I am in a chronic hives phase-every day for 6+ months now, and not for food, and no one can help to control or get rid of them. Loving your photos of the little ones and I am always impressed with the birds right outside your window. happy weekend. Hugs-erika

DJan said...

Oh, I love this post! It is just wonderful to see those pictures, all of the love that surrounds you. So sorry to hear how under the weather you've been, though. I also hope you will have a lovely Easter Sunday and that you will continue to improve. Welcome back and happy belated birthday!! :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like you had a good birthday. I figured you were not feeling at all well, hopefully you will pop out of the flare soon. Snowstorms don't help. Stay warm...I am thrilled for you that Annie is such a good companion! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your grandboys...they are growing! :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

My keyboard isn't working properly. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Happy Easter, and happy belated birthday too.

Lady Fi said...

I must have missed your birthday! Hope it was a good one. My - so much snow! Mind you - we have had a lot too. And the photos of the kids - so adorable.

Hope you are feeling much much better! <3

Dee said...

Dear Rita, so wonderful--like a true Easter gift--to learn that you are feeling somewhat better, despite the aftermath of the flare-up. I hope each day you have more energy and less pain. blog when you can but you know now that everyone who reads your blog just wants you to be well. Peace.

Anonymous said...

What a great catch up! thank you. Happy Belated Birthday!!
I feel so honored that you come by my blog so often, even though you haven't felt well. I'd really miss you if you weren't around. for your quote, we should all do our best...or try our best. cheers love, wendy

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

So much to catch up on! Happy to hear that you are doing better and that you were able to do a wonderful post with so many photos. Your grandsons are getting so big! Time goes by way too quickly.

You've had quite the snowfall there. Those snowbanks are really tall!

Love to see all the activity at your feeder and on your patio. Such a diversity of wildlife comes so close to you. The rabbit is HUGE! I can see why the birds stayed away with the sparrow hawk nearby.

My parents disliked geese too - for the same reason you do. They would come up from the lake and poop on the lawn. My dad and mom would shoo them away the minute they set their little flipper-feet on land.

Hope you continue to get well and feel stronger and have more energy each day. Will look forward to seeing more photos from your neck of the woods when you have the energy.

Hope you have a nice day, Rita!

Serena Lewis said...

Glad you are posting again, Rita. I hope to post later today after being absent for over a month. I hope you get your strength back sooner than later. Nice that Annie has become cuddlier while you've been recovering.

I loved all the pics! Liam is already growing up fast. Sweet photo of both boys on the couch with Blink.

It's hard to imagine you standing aggressively anywhere as you're so gentle-natured. haha But yes, you certainly don't want to encourage those geese.

It looks like you had a nice birthday with the fam. :)

I mailed off a letter to you yesterday.

Rest up and don't overdo things,
Love and hugs,
Serena xo

A Joyful Chaos said...

Your life sounds filled with many blessings. Sorry you've been dealing with being sick.

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I hope your body is recuperating from the flare-up and that you will soon feel equal once again to the day! Peace.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I kept looking out for a post from you then when I did see it I had no connection as we were at our caravan! Planned to read it when we got back but, as ever, we end up rushing around to appointments and being out! So, a birthday? Belated Birthday Wishes dear! So sorry to hear that you are going through it again! Hopefully some nicer weather to look out at will cheer you on! Good to see that the visitors , both human and wildlife keep coming and that you have had some outings too! You do seem to have had a lot of snow and fancy that hawk turing up and being sneaky! I laughed at the thought of seeing snowmen - wish we had had snowmen here - we did get some real snow this year!!
Those boys sure are growing and love that Blink has settled so well! I hope you get to manage a craft evening soon! Hoping Annie gives you lots of healing cuddles! Hugs, Chrisx

Jenny Woolf said...

So good to see you back, Rita! I was concerned about you, and I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so sick. It was good to see all your photos, those kids are so lovely, and seems as if they get on well too. Liam might turn into something of an athlete, or so it seems. He looks to be "into everything". I get the impression he and Ian get on fine. I can see why you love the visits despite the pain.

I had to laugh at the picture of Annie sleeping. It reminds me that some people love to sleep at night tucked in so tightly they can hardly move, while others don't like to feel bedclothes on them at all and need a duvet that is untucked and can be thrown off. Must give her a sense of security to feel "grounded" like that! LOL
Looks as if the weather has been unfriendly, I wonder if that makes your fibro worse? I don't know much about the illness although I think I saw that Ted talk a while back. I'll look at it again in case not.

I never remember birthdays, even close family sometimes, so there was no hope of me being one of the folks who had remembered, but happy belated birthday anyhow! :)

Intense Guy said...

Such precious little boys (and their cat!)

Just realized I looked at the photos a week or so ago and didn't leave a comment. Frowns.

You got a ton of snow!!! and the wildlife thanks you to no end for the daily "bread" you give them!

Terra said...

It is good to meet you here, I saw your nice comment on Friko's blog and came over to say hi. I see you are back to blogging and enjoying those grandkids, etc. after being away and having strength return.

Victoria said...

Yay, glad to see you back..wishing you lots of tlc and hugs, hope you feel better soon! Thanks for always sharing your journey!and great vid, not enough people understand.
And wow..Happy Birthday..may this year be filled with massive sparkles and joy! Beautiful pictures, they are so sweet!
HUgs and happy wkd!