Monday, May 21, 2018


Been a long time.  
Just looked--been five weeks!  
When I felt decent I was busy...and then recovering from being busy--LOL!  The energy yo-yo.  Dagan was over on the 4th to help me take the snow shovel and broken chair out and bring in the fans.  We had already hit the 80s by the beginning of May.
I scrubbed down the fans, humidifiers, and the metal chair & table (you can see the metal glider chair on the left side of this photo) that have been out there since I moved in.       
I decided to move them to the garage for now.  Well, let's be honest--Dagan moved them for me--LOL!  Love them, but my patio is small and I wanted to try it with just the two brown lawn chairs this year.  
I had Ian on Saturday April 28th and Sunday May 6th while they went to look at the Parade of Homes both weekends.  Gramma Days!!  They brought dinner over afterwards both days--so nice!  On Sunday Ian even helped Dagan and I as we switched out the chairs and brought out the humidifiers.  Ian got to push the cart out and then get a ride on the way back.
As you can see from the first couple pictures, the grouse, grackles, sparrows, and mourning doves are around every day to entertain Annie and me. 
Leah came on the 1st and the 8th for crafts.  
She also cut my hair for me.   :)
I love our craft times!!
Leah picked up a small table for me on sale at Target that pretty much matches the one I already had for the brown chairs--tada!  And she also picked up some flowers from Costco for my planters.
Have had them next to my bedroom window. 
Coleus and some kind of daisies--red and yellow ones. 
We are going to try and make it to Baker Nursery and do the planting tomorrow!  (I'm the questionable part more so than the boys--LOL!)  I will show you the patio when it is all put together.  Maybe I should get a before and after! 
I ordered a Hippo journal in December.  Was a kickstarter project.  I was late into the final orders and they said it should be ready to ship in January.  Well, it finally arrived...May 16th...two days after it said it was "out for delivery".  Mangled much!  Maybe it was delivered by hippos--LOL!
But amazingly the journal was in perfect shape because it was packaged inside the thick white cardboard sleeve. 
Because it took so long they had sent out an email saying they were sending along various gift items to all the people who had been waiting for all these months--so that was nice.  There was a pen holder you could attach, but I think that comes with it.  I think my gift was the plastic page protector on the right. 
You slip it behind the page you are writing on to protect the one underneath.  Useful if you have thin pages like this Hippo has and a heavy hand--then it won't dent the next page.
My turquoise Hippo came with two bookmarks in blue and green. 
It's smaller than a Leuchtturm but fatter.  No index or numbered pages.  Has a pocket in the back--kind of thin paper so I don't know how well it would hold up.  Cover is floppy--not a hard cover.  500 pages of, I believe, Tomoe River paper--fountain pen friendly.  But now I wish I would have ordered a blank one and not a dot grid.  I can't write on dot grid that well with my wonky eye and I'm not sure I would use this after all for a bullet journal because I'd have so much less space on each page.
They are the same height.
But the Hippos are 3/4 inch shorter in the width of each page!
More pages, but you lose a lot of real estate.  ;)  It's a family company and I bought one for the $33.00 pre-order because the Leuchtturm runs around 250 pages for about $20.00.  But now they're going up to $40.00 and I wouldn't ever pay that much for one.  Sorry.  Not really a thumbs up from me--unless I change my mind in the actual use.
We have had some beautiful cooler days, too.  (My favorite, of course.)  Unlike this 80s day where I was closed up with the AC on trying to take pictures of the fluffy white clouds that almost looked fake--scattered loosely about.  Couldn't get one that didn't have the rings showing from the light hitting the screen.  Oh well, I tried.  I am easily impressed by small things.  ;)
I ordered a whole bunch of art supplies for Ian for his birthday next month...and a few things for Christmas...and some that might have to wait till his next birthday--LOL!  Can't tell Gramma is excited to be able to do crafty-arty things with Ian on Gramma Days, eh? 
I know he's old enough for some of them--like finger painting with a new smock.  ;)  Eventually little brother Liam will be using some of these, too.  
Took pictures of some of the new goodies Leah and I have purchased this year because I realized when we got a big order we went in on together that I haven't shared pictures for a long time of the new craft stuff.
These are stamp sets. 
Distress Resist Spray and some new adhesives. 
Leah has plans for these heart dies.  She used the one of the left for Mother's Day cards when she was here. 
Leah said this one is for gift card holders. 
We have some plans for these dies... 
...and here are Christmas dies. 
Yes, we are always on the lookout for Christmas card ideas.  ;) 
 I also packed up three big bins with winter clothes and hauled them to the garage for the summer.  Proof I truly believe summer is on the way.  Had an apartment inspection on the 8th so I had done an extra good dusting, cleaned up the place, and cleaned off the patio.  I was so glad to finally have some energy again!  Was really getting a lot done...maybe too much.  
Got sick again on the 9th.  Had to cancel Craft Nights and Gramma Days for a while.  Seemed like a relapse of what I had for two months--but, at least, this time I started to feel better after about a week instead of two months.  :) :)
Funny--I think Annie prefers me being sick.  She loves the peace and quiet here soooo much that she already doesn't like it when I am buzzing about--even if my buzz is not as fast moving as it used to be--LOL!
So that's why it has been so long since you've heard from me.  But Annie and I are doing fine.  I'm getting back into being functional again.  Had a wonderful afternoon with Ian on Gramma Day.  He is practicing with real brushes and a bowl of water in his Paint With Water books.  Gramma was playing with watercolors.  If he gets the hang of how to use and hold a paintbrush...Gramma has a kids paint palette he could get on his birthday next month.  If not--Christmas is coming--LOL!  Don't want to give him supplies he can't handle and end up not being able to use them, you know?  We have plenty of time and tons of things to learn and play with.  :):)
I have pictures and videos from Leah to go through and there will be more to show you.  Hopefully I will stay well AND not overdo it so much this time.  ;)  My tentative plan is to attempt to post once a week on Mondays.  No promises.  My whole life is tentative--LOL!  But maybe I will see you next Monday.  
I'll leave you with pictures of Annie who likes to watch for the jackrabbits toward dusk. 
We don't see them as often since it got warmer out.  
There are also only two pairs of grouse who come around since it got nice out.  The duos come separately and do not like each other...which means we get to watch some rapid-footwork-chasing back and forth on occasion.  They never hurt each other...just race about chasing each other.  Silly grouse.
That's it for now.  You're basically all caught up with the big stuff.  :)  I have been around to read blogs even if I haven't commented all the time.  I hope you are having as lovely an afternoon as we are here.  Till next time!  :) :)
"For happiness, how little suffices for happiness! ...the least little thing precisely, the gentlest thing, the lightest thing, a lizard's rustling, a breath, a whisper, an eye glance--little maketh up the best happiness.  Be still."
Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. SO glad to read you are feeling better. And to think, you got the inspection out of the way before you felt too bad to answer the door.

    Your flowers are beautiful and I look forward to seeing both before and after shots of the patio when it is finished.

    Ian is one lucky little guy. I know he will have fun making art with you in the future.

    You got some fabulous dies. They are SO expensive. I'm always amazed at the cost in addition to the cost of the machine.

    Take care and don't overdo yourself. Glad you are feeling better, dear Rita.

  2. I love seeing all those craft supplies. :) I think having fun is a good way to spend some time and be in good mental health. And I love the Costco flowers. They look good on your new table, and there is nothing better than some flowers. Maybe even better than art supplies...maybe. Glad to hear you are feeling good and I hope it stays this way for a good long time too. Hugs-Erika

  3. Good news Rita on having energy - and - Ian and Gramma time and crafting time with Leah - and Annie has her routines and seems very settled. Looking forward to see what you both make using your wonderful new supplies. Hope you keep feeling better. Hugs.

  4. Keep busy (because it's fun) but DON't overdo!!

  5. You have been busy - that's good! Love those flowers!

  6. Ian's going to find your place such a wonderland as he grows older and more able to do different types of crafts. How lovely that you're able to hang out with him for whole days now. It's fun seeing your mini garden and patio taking shape, to me this looks like a big bonus of this apartment compared with the last one. Annie seems so contented, this is clearly her dream life! So glad that you are posting again. Take care.

  7. Your flowers are so pretty! Seems like it is taking forever for mine to fill out.

  8. What a wonderful post, filled with your vibes and good energy! Glad to hear you are doing so well these days, even with the occasional setback. Thanks for sharing your good news with me; it's made my day. :-)

  9. I think the dogs like it when I'm extra tired and don't feel well. Penelope is very happy to stay in bed with me. Franklin hangs out nearby.


  10. Being busy and having to recover from being busy I can relate too, I wish I couldn't but I do. Good to hear you are starting to feel better hope you continue to feel good, life is a yo yo up and down all the bloody time

  11. Wow, spring seems to have finally arrived everywhere. This year I honestly didn't think it would ever show up. I really like the flowers in your planters. That's just what I'd like to get for my front and back porches.

    I haven't seen any grackles since I lived in Texas. They are annoying but immensely amusing. It's obvious that Annie is amused!

  12. I love all the crafty things. I'd like coming to your house too, to do some projects! (Love the flowers. They're so pretty!)

  13. I'm so glad you are having Gramma, craft, and son time!!

  14. Thanks for the update! I loved crafting with the boys. Seems so long ago now. Today was the last day of school, so now we have a seventh grader and third grader! Jonah would probably still do crafts if he had time. But both boys are so busy now with school, scouts, swimming and piano lessons, and other stuff. Plus, if Jonah has time, he now loves helping papa with yard work and house chores, which is so cute and actually very helpful. But it's all good, especially since I rarely craft anymore. Things change, people change. Enjoy the now!

  15. Hope you're feeling better now! Love the shots of Annie and your nice flowers.

  16. You have been soo busy Rita! Well done! I LOVE the flowers! Hugs, Susi

  17. Nice to see you are still getting visits from the wild critters.

    Great that you and Leah got to spend some craft time together and Gramma Days are always special.

    The Hippo looks good but being shorter in width would pose a problem real-estate wise.

    Leuchtturms are doubling in price? I wonder where the justification is for that large a price hike. Luckily, I bought a Leuchtturm recently which should do me for a year or so. If they go up in price here, I will probably just move to standard journals for my bullet. I keep them fairly simple anyways.

    I love big, fluffy white clouds!

    Ian will be excited to have more craft play with his birthday gifts. It looks like you and Leah have a lot of goodies to play with too.

    I'm glad you and Annie are doing fine and that you are getting back to functional mode. Stay well, my friend.

    Love the ending quote!

    Love and hugs xo

  18. Fabulous many goodies and artsy treasures, looks so fun to dig into and create! Love all of your gorgeous flowers, those yellow daisy stole my heart! Always love seeing the cat and birds and their wonderful adventures!Wonderful to see a post from you again! Have a magical wkd!

  19. You may be lacking strength but your mood, to judge by this post, is always positive. I am glad that your art and crafts, the grandchildren and your lovely family keep you happy and that they are always concerned for you.
    Enjoy what’s left of the spring and make the most of summer.

    Stay happy and only as busy as you can cope with.

  20. I love the close-up of your flowers. I have coleus, too, but it's a different kind. It re-seeds every year, which is nice.

    Art supplies make wonderful gifts, don't they!

    Inspection sounds stressful! Cleaning isn't my strong suit ;)

  21. The flowers are beautiful. Sounds like you have been very busy in May! You have so many fun art supplies there. Ian is a lucky boy to get to spend so much time crafting with you!


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