Monday, June 10, 2019

6-10-2019 Monday-9:30am

Good morning.  This will be very brief.  I came down with a 101 degree temperature Wednesday through Friday.  Finally felt more human by Sunday...BUT.  Why is there always a but lately?  I can't remember if I had mentioned it in the last couple of weeks but I have had swelling and pain in my left foot.  I know I had hit the toes really hard on something--bed frame?  Anyways, I figured either I had maybe broken a toe or it set off arthritis or something.  Been bothering me for weeks.
And meanwhile...I also smacked the back of my hand near a knuckle quite a while back, too.  Had a small scab that dropped off, but I noticed some soreness around that knuckle, too.  Nothing much.
Well, since I got sick they have both gotten much worse.  Especially my foot.  More swollen and painful...hurts to step on it.  Being sick must have set off the inflammation.  Odds are it is arthritis, but I could have fractured my foot or broken a toe--who knows?  I'll find out this afternoon.  Leah is going to bring me to the walk-in clinic.  (That feels like a bad pun at the moment--LOL!)
Being sick I had to cancel my re-certification appointment down at the office on Thursday, buying flowers, planting flowers, and Gramma Day.  So I have a rescheduled appointment in the office for all the paperwork at 11am this morning.  Leah will let me know when they are done with lunch over there and can come and pick me up.  So that is how things are going this past week--LOL!
It was crazy hot in the 90s.  I saw 97 on Friday--while I was inside with the AC on, alternately roasting and freezing--LOL!  
We had rain a couple of times.
By Sunday it cooled down and was a beautiful day where I could open the place up again. 
Annie was thrilled! 
She's still been on vole patrol. 

Was 13 years ago today that I started blogging.  I began blogging because, as you know, I am a letter writer but my health had been so bad for such a long stretch that I hadn't even been able to write letters very often.  And I had moved away up here to Fargo-Moorhead from Minneapolis with Dagan (only person I knew up here) and this was back when it cost a fortune for long distance calls.  I knew just a few people (family and friends) who had computers.  By blogging I could write one letter to all of them at the same time.  (Why I have always labeled my blogs like I start all my letters--date, day and time.)  Then I'd only have to hand write to the people who didn't own computers.  That is why I started blogging.  Lack of spoons for letter writing--LOL!
Of course, later on I could write letters again but I kept on blogging.  Thirteen years have flown by in a way.  You may have noticed that I have never updated the look of my blog.  It's the same as it has been from when I started.  Just a place for me to write my letter--with pictures.  Who knew it would become a more public letter--that I would meet friends from around the world--and that some of us exchange private handwritten letters--for years!!  You all have become my blogger-family!  What a world we live in.  :)
Well, I have to leave pretty soon for the re-certification appointment...and then go find out about my foot.  Always something, eh?  ;)  Till the next weekly letter...
"Don't be concerned about being disloyal to your pain by being joyous."
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

First, congratulations on 13 years. Quite an accomplishment. More soon, because someone's at my door.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Rita! This sounds awful! I hope you get to find out how to get yourself better quickly! Missing Gramma day is not good! I don't envy you the heat, although some sun would be nice - we seem to have grey day after grey day at the moment - although when I got up at around 5.30 this morning the sun was shining and the sky was blue - it all changed at around 8.30! Lovely to see Annie laying in her spot by the door! Thirteen years blogging is quite an achievement! Do take care! Hugs, Chrisx

Divers and Sundry said...

Oh! I'm so sorry you've been sick and am glad to hear the fever is better. I hope they can find out what's causing your pain and help with that :( It's disappointing to have to postpone things.

It's been hotter there than here!

I'm grateful I found you :) I enjoy reading your blog and interacting with you. The internet and blogging have broadened my horizons :) Thank you :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

As promised, I am back. My neighbor asked me to help move a table. It wasn't heavy, just incredibly bulky and we had to fiddle with it to get it through an opening. I can see why she couldn't do it alone.

By now, you are in the re-certification office and I hope all goes well. I was quite concerned that you were ill. Those conditions need to be taken care of, dear Rita. They are nothing to self diagnose.

Hot here, too. Then there is rain and muggy humidity. I don't think either of us had a spring. We went straight into summer.

Again, congrats on 13 years. I'm so happy to have met you on this big old super highway, too.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you just had a virus or something and that your foot is okay! Yeah for many years blogging!! :)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Sending positive thoughts your way Rita that you recover from your various pain areas especially your foot, that your re-certification appointment goes well, that you have such a wonderful McFamily to love. 13 years of blogging!

DJan said...

Wow, Rita, I'm so sorry to hear how sick you've been. Being part of your blogging family, I feel guilty that I didn't know, although how would I? I do hope they can figure out what's causing that swelling. Fingers crossed they will. And I am just so grateful that you have Leah to help you. :-)

Janie Junebug said...

I wonder if you have an infection. I guess you'll know pretty soon, if you don't already. Congratulations on your blogoversary. Thirteen years is quite a stretch. Without blogging, I wouldn't have met you and would be the poorer for it. It's finally raining here--really raining, not just a few drops like we've been getting every now and then. We need the rain. Letter on the way.


Bonnie said...

Congratulations on your 13 year blogging anniversary! That is a long time!

I hope both of your appointments today turn out good, especially the medical appointment. Hopefully nothing is broken but I know that once inflammation takes over we can have all sorts of pain and trouble especially with your health problems. I have noticed too that since I have gotten older anytime I have that kind of pain in a joint or muscle it seems to take forever to heal up and stop hurting. I am so glad you are getting it checked out though because if something was broken or fractured it needs to be treated.

You are really having some hot weather if you've already hit 97! We have been in the 90s but not quite that hot - yet. I'm glad it has cooled down for you and Annie.

Please take care and let us know about your foot!

Terra said...

I hope the doctor figures out what is causing your health problems and injuries. Congrats on your 13 years of blogging, I have been blogging about that long too. Your place looks very inviting when you can open it up like your photo shows.

Serena Lewis said...

So glad to hear that the fever broke but I do hope they get to the bottom of this pain and/or swelling in your foot and knuckle. It definitely is worth checking out.

Good luck with your re-certification.

Goodness, crazy temps for this time of year?

Congratulations on your 13th Blogiversary! My 13 year Blogiversary will be this December. I love reading older posts on my blog...makes me smile. I love blogging!

Will be thinking of you with all you have going on.

Rest and up and take care.

Love and hugs,

GrandmaG said...

Praying it's nothing serious. Take care. --Your Missouri online friend :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

13yrs is awesome, time flies doesn't it, I am a letter writer and have many pen pals. Blog friends are like pen pals in my opinion

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I hope you are feeling better. That's a high fever...and then the pain in your foot. That certainly impacts how comfortably and easily you can move around. :(

13 years is a long time to be blogging! That's great!! What a wonderful history of your life as well as your son and his family. It will be a treasure for them to look back on so many photos and memories.

I'm putting together a couple books for Sophia (who graduated in May) from things we did together - like nature studies, art studies, poetry; and then a compilation book of the A to Z of Homeschooling which I did one April for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I'm so grateful for blogging and taking the time to document life. Perhaps you feel the same way too. :)

Lady Fi said...

Congrats on your 13 years of blogging! Hope all is well with your foot and hand!