Monday, September 16, 2019

9-16-2019 Monday-11am

Good morning!
Why Annie has so many toys.  
This was 4 or 5 days ago.
This is today.
I forgot to have Ian search under the furniture yesterday.  The toys quickly disappear under the chairs, end tables, and TV cabinet.  I can't crawl on the floor to search them out--LOL!  Time to toss out a few more from her toy box.  :)
I tried to do a hand comparison.  Good hand--kind of a side view.  (Not easy to do with one hand--either hand.)
Bad hand--side view.
Good hand--knuckle overview.
Bad hand--knuckle overview.
I know it looks bad, but with everything I've been doing and adjusting to...well, it's staying about the same and I have been able to do more.  Learning to work around it.  Able to get things done little by little.  :)  
Messy table.  I even did a lot of prep work for the birthday cards before Leah came over last Thursday for Craft Nite. TaDa!!
Meanwhile...I have been seeing a vole again.  Found evidence of the Annie torture--LOL!  It sits behind the hose planter which is only inches away from the patio door.  No wonder Annie parks herself in that corner of the patio door with her nose to the screen--LOL!  Isn't that the way cats tease dogs sometimes--sitting just out of reach?  ROFL!  This is one clever vole.  ;)
Anyways, Leah came over on Thursday to work on birthday cards.  
This shows what the finished fronts look like with a ribbon strung through the happy birthday tag.   
Leah cut over half of the orange tags.  Then she took a break from that tedious job to stamp the blue balloon over the corner of the scrap paper I had been taping to the insides while she was using the die cut machine.  
She got all the blue balloons stamped.  Now I need to draw the trailing down string on each balloon.
I have been having pretty good hand days so I have been puttering along since Craft Nite.  I finished putting all the ribbon tags on and the fronts on what was cut and ready.  Green ribbons and fronts on the tray are all we have left to do when the orange tag cutting is done.  
A surprise.  I discovered I accidentally had cut out over a hundred of the papers for the birthday card fronts.  (That is our Christmas card number and not my birthday card number--LOL!)  
So, I am making a different version of a birthday card with the same paper.  Obviously will send those a few years later--LOL!  The nice thing is I had already put the double-sided tape on all the fronts and inside scrap pieces long ago so it was easy to attach them onto a card base, too.  Now all I need to do is stamp a sentiment on the inside and the second set will be done--whoohoo!!  So we might even finish both sets this week!!  :)
You know what that means?  Next we can start fiddling with figuring out how to print me off bullet journal pages!  Well, Leah will be doing the figuring.  ;)  I can hardly wait!
Ian had another birthday party to go to on Saturday so we had Gramma Day yesterday on Sunday.  Leah brought Ian over and stuck around to set me up on YouTube TV.  It took longer than planned, as these things do, so I started reading Ian about the Moomins and the Great Flood.  Was a long book for him but we made it through to the happy ending.  Leah hung around to listen to the whole story.  Then she showed me how to work YouTube TV and left for home.
Ian and I watched some new episodes of PJMasks.  Cuddle time is the best!  Won't be long and he'll think he's too old for cuddling so I really, really appreciate it while it lasts.  :)
When Liam woke up from his nap the rest of McFamily came over so Liam could open his birthday presents.
I ordered them from Liam's Amazon list.  Two wooden boxes of 4 puzzles each and this "remote control" game toy.  Obviously I was confused by Leah calling it a remote control--LOL!  I just remembered reading that it was a game that taught numbers, shapes, and colors.  It just LOOKS like a remote control shape--duh!  
Anyways, here's our drooly Liam opening presents.
What a fun day!  I am soooo glad Liam is acting himself around me all of a sudden.  When he comes over he knows exactly where the big case of bristle blocks is and carries it into the living room right off the bat--LOL!  I even got a hug goodbye!!  Nice getting to know him now, too.  Makes for a happy Gramma!  ;)
Was cool, rainy, and cloudy most of the week until yesterday.  I loved it!  Suddenly we have had sun and hot days...back to shut up with the AC on.  I think it was 86 (30 C) yesterday and today it says we could hit 90 (32 C).  Still mid 80s tomorrow but then it will drop the rest of the week back into the 70s to the 60s (21 to 15 C...if these are wrong you can blame it on Alexa--LOL!). 
Today...a load of clothes is spinning in the dryer.  I think I will get back to working on some letters, for sure.  I'm always working on letters.  One of those perpetual joys in life.  So glad there are others who still enjoy writing and/or receiving real hand-written letters.  Don't want it to end up a lost art.  :)
Oh, I ran across a YT website Reel Truth History Documentaries and am loving their series called Restoration Home.  In the UK there are these old buildings (which are sometimes hundreds of years old) that people are wanting to save and turn into family homes.  I am fascinated by shows like these.  Talk about transformations!  Buildings I would be scared to walk inside of (spiders or falling through floors or stones/bricks/beams falling on your head) turned into such amazing homes.  Reel Truth also has some great British history programs, of course.  Anyways, that's my latest online obsession.
And now--the dryer is buzzing.  Annie knows I'll be getting up to deal with it so she just left her chair next to me at the table  to go lie in the sun.  Time to say goodbye until next week's newsletter--LOL!  Have a soothing week.  A nice, soul-soothing week sounds marvelous to me.  :) :)
"Fulfilled life is possible in spite of unfulfilled wishes."
Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :)

DJan said...

I enjoyed watching that Liam video. He is growing up so fast! And I'm glad you are becoming familiar with how to get around with that swollen knuckle. You are really one lucky Gramma if you ask me. :-)

Janie Junebug said...

That bad hand is bad. Does it still cause you a lot of pain? I love the video. So cute. I love old houses/buildings.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Even though your hand doesn't look all that good, you certainly got a LOT and I mean a LOT done this week. Most impressive.

Liam is turning into a little doll, too.

Serena Lewis said...

How cute that Annie likes to hide or maybe knock her toys under furniture while playing with them. I will need to make up some feather toys for Kya. She likes toys but only has one — rod style — type at the moment plus a couple of plastic jingle balls.

That is quite a bump on your bad hand. I'll be glad when you see the Rheumatologist.

I think that little vole must have a death wish teasing Annie like that. lol

The birthday cards are so cute!

I'm so glad that Liam is finally communicating with you. Happy Birthday, Liam! He seemed to like his birthday presents.

Winter is on the way out here and things are warming up....we are officially in Spring.

I will definitely check out Reel Truth History Documentaries. You know I love stuff like that too.

I hope you have a soul-soothing week too. I will be mailing off a letter today.

Love and hugs xo

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Sucks to have hands that are sore swollen making doing things harder then they should be. It feels good when we build a relationship with a grandchild

Bonnie said...

I love the video and I am so happy that Liam is opening up to you now! He sure is growing up fast! I had to laugh at Annie's disappearing toys as we have the same thing here. Our two cats lose most of their toys under the couch or the stove. Sometimes I will try using a yardstick to get toys out but it doesn't always work. You are sure making great progress on the cards. It is so nice that Leah can come over for craft night. Take care Rita!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Lovely visit for Liam's Birthday Present Opening. You had a good week Rita. Love hearing Ian talking on the video.

Divers and Sundry said...

I do hope your hand gets better with time and treatment. Is that what you call "messy"? lol The Moomintroll books are great favorites here. Those characters and their adventures are engaging and re-readable :) Our highs are still in the upper 90s, and as much as I like summertime I like changing seasons and am ready for sweater weather. I'm wondering if we'll get Autumn at all :( I love your Bonhoeffer quote.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday to your Liam! He is growing up so fast! Sure hope that Arthritis Doc can figure it all out! I am so glad you can still do some things:)

Dee said...

Dear Rita, thanks so much for sharing that delightful video of Liam and the puzzles. He was totally enthralled! And the Bonhoeffer quotation is exactly what I need to muse on and accept right now. So glad the you have Annie as your daily/nightly/always companion. Peace.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Oh my gosh...your knuckle look so painful. I hope you are getting some relief from it. Like you, I was enjoying the cool weather as well. Today it was 85 degrees with high humidity. Uncomfortable! Spent most time inside.

Annie sure does have quite a few toys. It's funny how many toys pets can have and they can find their favorite one out of all of them.

Lady Fi said...

Glad you are getting things done despite the hand!