Monday, December 02, 2019

12-2-2019 Monday-noon

Good afternoon!
I spent the vast majority of this past week tucked away under a blanket in my big comfy chair with Annie Girl, meds, Puffs, and nasal spray--LOL!   (Yes--clinic Tuesday--raging sinus infection.)  But the big news this week was the snowstorm that lasted from Friday night through Sunday morning.  
I LOVE the snow!  I know...I know...I don't have to shovel it anymore...but I have always loved it.  Been playing Christmas music and got too lovey, cuddly with my autistic Annie Cat so that she went and slept under the bed all afternoon--LOL
Anyways, Leah and the boys came over with her brother, Aaron, on Tuesday after they picked up Ian from Preschool.  I stayed in the car with the boys while Leah and Aaron hauled in the IKEA furniture boxes--tada!  Stacked them inside the bedroom by the door there.  Leah brought those bathroom shelf organizers later that night, too, when she came over for craft nite.
Leah then dropped Aaron off at McFamily's to finish off the cleaning of his old room while she came back to pick me up and bring me to the walk-in clinic.  The nice lady doctor said I was totally inflamed and put me on antibiotics and Prednisone to try to "knock this back".  After that I am to continue with over-the-counter nasal spray and cold medications.  They don't like to give out antibiotics anymore.  
Leah is still suffering with her sinus infection plugged head and they said the same thing to her.  Basically, they tell you if you are still sick to just go to the drugstore--LOL!  Since they told me ahead of time before I even got any medication that sounded to me like they expect this to hang on and on, so it must be going around.  I googled it and a viral sinus infection is contagious but a bacterial one isn't.  Must be a viral one going around.  And aren't the viral ones resistant to antibiotics, anyways?  What do I know.
Regardless, Prednisone and I have spent a week of sleepless nights together.  I could never stay on Prednisone for any length of time--good grief!  I'm totally body tired and brain awake on this stuff.  This is a different steroid than I took for my leg and KT situation...and I thought that one kept me up quite a bit.  Ha!  Try being awake till 4-7am and dozing for 3-4 hours and unable to nap all day.  So glad I took the last of it yesterday morning.  Maybe can get back to sleeping soon.
  Leah got over here really late on Tuesday night (getting Aaron finally and completely moved out), so we didn't work on the bullet pages or anything.  Gabbed and discussed diet stuff and what the doctor said--health stuff.  And realized that Annie must be around 13 years old!  Leah is planning to try to make it over on Tuesday and Thursday nights for a while so we can get the bullet pages done.  :)  
  On Wednesday Dagan stopped by after work to fill my bird seed bin in the pantry.  Good thing he decided to do that before Thanksgiving because the critters could sense the storm coming and were chowing down like crazy!
During the storm even a jackrabbit showed up!!  Several times!
The Bird Cafe was very busy... 
...even if Annie and I weren't--LOL! 
Well, I did get some things done.  Spent a lot of time catching up on letters, watching videos about the new COPPA YouTube rules, learning about oxylates, did my banking/bills/budgeting, washed clothes, watched The Irishman on Netflix and some other shows...and used up a half a box of Puffs tissues.  Not because of the shows--LOL! 
I made a couple of short, silent videos but since I said my videos are for kids (because if I say they are for adults their bot can decide that kids might like cats or partridges or birthday parties and fine me over $42,500 per video) YT apparently won't let me embed the videos like I used to.  So we'll try a link and see if that works.  Let me know, okay?

 Was really windy--might have reached blizzard speeds. The usual whirlwind outside my patio made some deep 2-3 foot drifts...  
...yet left that big patch of grass tufts to be seen. 
That is another reason my patio area can be popular in the winter.  The rabbits and birds can still get to the grass...the ground.
Even when there are drifts several feet high they can eat a little brown grass. 
Of course, stopping by the Bird Cafe is a preferred option when it is below freezing.   
Jackrabbits are always welcome, too. 
When the wind got especially fierce on Saturday was the only time the cafe was empty.  They were all willing to dig through the snow for a meal during the storm until the wind threatened to blow them over. 
Sunday morning--ahh!  I love the evidence of the wind sculpted across the banks.
Everybody was starving! 
That round furry ball is our friend the lone jackrabbit. 
They were all so hungry that they paid no attention to Annie trying to scare them off the patio.  She raced about the apartment in frustration and then zeroed in on her spinner toy...beating it violently until... 
...she collapsed in exhaustion. 
We'll try another link to a short, quiet video.
Plows came through a second time on the parking lot across the way and the snow bank is already almost as high as the top of the garage doors. 
I had to leave the screen door cracked open because it almost froze shut. 
Hard enough time just getting the patio door open--LOL!
I have missed the jackrabbits.
Anyways, that's it from here.  Just planning on trying to get well, keep handing out bird seed, answering more letters, and working on the bullet pages with Leah.  I hope it is a fantastic week for everybody!  Till next time...
"We don't have to wait for some grand utopian future.  The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory."
Howard Zinn


Rita said...

Comment to get comments.
Please let me know if the links worked. :)

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm glad you got your health seen to and trust you'll be over this soon. It's going around down here, too. The Daughter has it. Her doc told her antibiotics don't work at all with viruses, and she got a Lidocaine throat gel to help with the sore throat :(

You really are a port in the storm for the wildlife :) Watching the birds is joy, and I imagine a jackrabbit would be truly delightful :)

DJan said...

I love my handmade birthday card from you, Rita. Thank you! And yes, your embedded video works, although it almost looked like it was going in fast forward, those birds were pecking away so fast! Get well soon and stay inside, okay? No long hikes for you (smiling). :-)

pearshapedcrafting said...

That's a lot of snow! I do love seeing the jackrabbit and if course the birds are a delight! I didn't understand the video stuff, but enjoyed watching! Anti- biotics are not given out much here either! I hope you feel well soon! Hugs, Chrisx ps had a great catch up!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

WOW, Rita. You are a godsend to the birds and the jackrabbit. How sweet of you to make sure they get food during this round of snow storms.

Sorry to read you are STILL sick. I hope it doesn't linger. I know how frustrating that can be. Stay warm and get well SOON, dear.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Both videos were great Rita - hungry birds and the jackrabbit plus Annie sure can play her game with a lot of strength. Good that Leah drove you to the walk-in clinic and that the Doctor did give you both an RX and Prednisone to the knock the worst of things and that you found out you have a viral sinus infection . Hope that sleep returns and you feel better each day. Nice to see your boxes from IKEA - something to look forward to as you get better. Your McFamily is wonderful too.

Deb J. in Utah said...

I love the pictures and videos of the critters in the snow. This is the "sick" time of the year. Glad you got meds and hope you are on the mend very soon. Will look forward to seeing your new IKEA stuff all assembled. We love IKEA. Fun store. Stay warm. See you again soon. :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

The Videos worked for me! Hope you feel better and better everyday.

Bonnie said...

I see Rita's Bird Cafe is busier than ever now! I love seeing the jack rabbit there too. I'm glad you got to see a doctor. Between the snowstorm and the sinus infection the best place to be is cuddled under a blanket and watching your own personal wildlife show! I enjoyed the video and loved watching Annie play. My cats have a toy similar to that and they love it. Stay warm and heal up from that sinus infection!

Joyce F said...

Hope you are feeling better every day! The snow is pretty but I'm glad it is north of us!

Jon said...

I can certainly identify (and sympathize) with your sinus infections, since I had them most of my life. Ironically, mine were the worst when I lived in Los Angeles - with the smog and pollution.

It's wonderful to snuggle up on a snowy day- with blankets, videos, music,....and cats). I love the jackrabbit and I'm glad the critters are getting food.
Snow was expected here a few days ago, but we only got light flurries.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Snow and jackrabbits a good mix all in all I enjoyed the post

jinxxxygirl said...

Aaawww feel better Rita! I remember when they would just give you another round of antibiotics! Hugs! deb

1artsychick said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you are sick. I hate being on steroids too, im glad you are through with them. I hope you get to feeling much better soon, Leah too.
Annie sue is cute. I love your menagerie out there. I'm glad you like snow! I hate it. Good think you live in Fargo and I live in the desert! lol. Hope you all have a joyous holiday season!! xo. Wendy from

Lady Fi said...

Hope you start feeling a lot better! Our snow has already melted away - unfortunately! Keep well.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Your jackrabbits are bold in that they come out during the day. Rarely do we see the rabbits here - just their tracks which are all over the place! You've had quite a bit of snow there. We're getting ready for another storm here - maybe you are going to get some of the snow and artic blast too. Stay warm!