Monday, April 13, 2020

4-13-2020 Monday-11am

Good Morning!
Was a very busy week.  I cleaned the two tabletop humidifiers over a couple of days and let them dry in the pantry by the stack of quarantined packages from Amazon.
Funny--I thought I ordered 2 lbs of starting soil and it was .2 lbs!  Tiny package!  My fault for not reading closely enough.  No wonder it was such a deal--LOL! 
I finished the humidifier parts and left them to dry. 
Got mail from Ian!!  When I pulled out the card all these individually colored and cut out red hearts fell everywhere!  Which was just what he wanted.  :) 
First he had dictated a letter to Mama that she hand printed out for him and then he sat and copied the entire letter.  He told me it took him two days!  Inside... 
...and more on the backside. 
My very first all handwritten letter from Ian!  Told me all about this Slime Rancher video game he and Daddy play at night before bed if he's been good all day.  :)
We had a video chat after I got his letter.  I told him I will keep it forever!!  Right now it is on the top of the frig stuff with all the pics, birthday and Easter cards.
On Tuesday Leah and I had our evening video chat/craft nite call.  Turns out Leah forgot she had some masks she had gotten for various things: when the kids had influenza a few years ago and for woodworking.  So she didn't think I needed to make any masks since she also bought a few black ones when the whole thing began in the US and she mailed me some.  
So, for now--we do have masks.  But I might still make some just to have around since this whole thing might come back in waves before we have a vaccine...and just to have for the next pandemic, you know?  That feeling that if you are prepared it won't happen.  Kind of like Murphy's Law in reverse.  ;)  But for now I am still making calligraphy class and Friday blog posts optional.  In the mood to do other projects like I did this last week.  :) 
 Anyways, I got this far in the pantry on Wednesday.  Finally got everything out of the quarantine boxes put away and the boxes broken down.  All the seed potting supplies had arrived!
We had snow again during the night...I think this was Thursday morning. 
I forgot to get a picture in the morning when everything was layered white again. 
By the afternoon, as you can see, a lot of it was melted away already.
Somebody in the building put up this curved trail of hearts down our front door! 
I just love seeing it.  Always makes me smile.
I made Annie some raw chicken liver cat soup and some fish cat soup this week and she liked them both.  
Thursday night Leah and I had another video craft night.  We mostly discussed groceries (pretty soon Leah will be venturing out after 5-6 weeks) and being more stressed than we think we are.  I worry about them and they worry about me...and we all have other people we worry about getting it.  We've been watching less news and that helps.  :)
On Friday, a warmer day of 48 degrees, I made trips with my little collapsible cart.  Brought out the trash and boxes to the dumpster.  When I got back I added the collapsible blue and black box that I velcro to the handle and loaded up the cart for a trip to the garage...
...with the humidifiers, little brown table one of them sits on all winter, the heavy half circle rug I keep under the snow shovel, the snow shovel, and a bag of donation clothes. 
Once it got to the garage and unloaded that lot...then I loaded the cart up again for a precarious trip back to the apartment. I managed to get the last 40# bag of bird seed on to the bottom (no easy feat--LOL!).  Then I collapsed the black and blue box to set on top of the bird seed, put the two small tables upside down on top of that, figured out how to lay the high back chair across the stack so it didn't fall off, and put the old kitty litter plastic container filled with potting soil on there, too.
I had to push and hang on to the chair--LOL!  Was a slow process, but where there's a will there's a way, right?  I even stopped and picked up mail on the way back inside.   
Maneuvering the doorways was the hardest part, but it felt wonderful once I was inside and got the door closed behind me!  I got the chair and tables this far...and just collapsed in my chair for a good long break.  :)
I did move them out on to the patio later on. 
Really will be nice to sit outside and read this year. 
Because of my bum arm with the muscle damage I can't grip (hold, push, pull, or press) for very long to hold a book I ordered this reading pillow.
 I can't remember now for sure what it was called...pillow pal?  Got it on Amazon.  Came squished down in a smaller box and slowly went back into its shape over 20-30 minutes (which confused Annie a bit). 
Every time you flip it your tablet, phone, or kindle will be at a different angle.  I haven't even tried it out yet, but it looks pretty inviting.
I don't know about you but my alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls have become a permanent fixture somewhere in my kitchen for this past 33 days of isolation.
Since I live in a senior building I regularly wipe down the things I touch before I can wash my hands after I have been out of the apartment--door handles, light switches, etc. 
Called my mom on Friday.  The staff brought her a glass of wine with her afternoon snack for Good Friday!  She got a kick out of that.  She's doing okay.  They still will not allow anyone in the building but Mom gets quite a few phone calls.
On Saturday I had a video Gramma Day with Ian in the afternoon.  Read some more of the Moomin comet book.  :)
Saturday night I read a bedtime story to the boys in their bedroom--from Frog and Toad.
Then on Easter Sunday I had a video chat with Ian and Liam while they ate lunch so they could tell me about their in-house Easter egg hunt they had in the morning.
Then, in the afternoon, I rather pushed myself to get my seeds potted.  
Marigold and Coleus variety packs.
All are settled into my little nursery under my bedroom window.
So far, Annie has left them alone.  I hope she continues to ignore them because she will be quite miffed if she gets shut out of the bedroom--LOL!
Then Sunday night we had another story time with a couple of Frog and Toad stories.  Had a lot of Gramma time this Easter weekend.  This new technology is such a blessing!!  :)
Well, finally have the pantry floor more organized.  I even opened the 40# bag of bird seed this weekend and scooped and scooped it into the bin until I could lift to dump the rest.
I buy a variety of dry cat foods that I give to Annie occasionally with her regular dry food.  Just add a tablespoon or so here and there for a treat.  Those are all the bags clipped shut on top of the two boxes of kitty litter.  Her extra canned food is on top there, too...kind of a big Annie pile--LOL!  I'm glad to be stocked up because there seemed to be a run on pet supplies on Amazon...along with so many other items.
Speaking of--I caught a few minutes of Annie dreaming.  Had to be silent so as to not wake her.

Then, as I have been writing this, we got a sudden flurry of snow!  You'll hear me automatically apologize to the grackles for scaring them away.  Dagan and Leah think it is amusing when I do things like that.  I've been known to apologize to inanimate objects, for goodness sakes--LOL!
Anyways, there you go!  You were right here in the action--LOL!  It's 25 degrees so not a surprise to have a little snow mid-April.  Never fear--as soon as I walked away from the patio door there were grackles, sparrows, and juncos all over that seed...and I'm sure the partridges will be here shortly--LOL!  
Well, I think that was about it for this last week.  Stay safe everyone!  Virtual hugs!!  :) :)
"We feel like separate water droplets but we are also ocean."
Jane Hirshfield


  1. Greetings from solitary confinement! My comment to get all your wonderful comments. Stay safe and well. :):)

  2. That Ian would do that! What a gift!

    Right now, it is the warmest that it has been so far this year @ 15C/59F. The trouble is tat it's pouring and also very windy.

  3. I love your letter from Ian! I would save that too. How neat that you opened it and all the hearts fell out. He did a great job of sending Gramma love!

    You've been busy and did good getting your winter and summer items switched out from the garage. It always feels good to change out for a new season.

    It's wonderful that you are able to have more video chats with the family. That is good for all of you. I had a long video chat with my 24 year old granddaughter yesterday and it sure meant a lot to me.

    Take good care and be safe!

    1. I forgot to add, let me know how you like the tablet/book rest. I've seen that advertised on TV and have wondered if it would hold up very well.

  4. The letter from Ian is a real treasure!

    I wonder what you can grow with .2 pounds of soil. :)

  5. I was initially surprised that you're getting snow flurries, but - believe it or not - I just heard that we might get flurries here in TN tomorrow night!
    Much like you, I've been using hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and cotton balls lately.

    I like the reading pillow you got from Amazon.

  6. I saw you got snow. It's supposed to hit us here today. I'm glad because with all the rain we've had in the past two weeks, I swear I saw a mosquito on Saturday.

    Ian's letter is wonderful. I can see why you will keep it forever.

    I forgot I had hydrogen peroxide. I have two bottles of it. I'm going through tons of Dawn when I wash my hands. I use it instead of hand soap. I figure if it gets rid of oil on ducks, it will get rid of the virus, too.

    Take care and stay safe. Take it easy and don't overdo, either.

  7. Your Easter sounded similar to our own (and others), Rita, with calls and video chats to family and friends. Yes, technology is wonderful to keep everyone connected now when human contact has become limited. The card full of hearts was wonderful to see and sure Ian had much fun creating it to send Gramma. Those started pots should bring you a variety of blooms once the weather improves and that snow is all gone. We've had lots of rain and wind and chilly temps here. We have a supply of disinfectant wipes here too.

  8. I also have to congratulate Ian on such a wonderful card he made for you. I would keep it forever, too. And you have certainly been busy and getting a lot done during your lockdown period, Rita. You are sure lucky to have McFamily so close by! :-)

  9. Yes, a busy week. You are lucky to have your family closely on tap with all this lockdown. I am sure it gives you much pleasure. And lugging all that stuff on your trolley, I know just how you feel when you’ve done that.

  10. Love the story of Ian's letter. I really need to check out Amazon for that reading pillow. My hands don't allow me to hold things for long periods of time so I've switched to a Kindle too. Propping it up with a small neck pillow so far but that doesn't always work well.
    We have been keeping ourselves busy with yard work so far but we are starting to get a bit stir crazy!

  11. My daughter Jess sent me a letter that made me cry happy tears
    Like you have am lucky to have family close by

  12. That letter is delightful! He's a sweetie :) I ordered bird seed like your dirt once -a much smaller package than I realized so not nearly the deal I'd thought lol We live and learn lol Those black masks look great. Just the thing. I'm jerry-rigging a bandana for my next grocery trip. I haven't been out in 2 weeks, but I imagine I'll eventually have to venture forth. It's so nice to have patio seating, and that table is the perfect size. I know how much you'll enjoy it out there :) The ability to have video calls is making all the difference, isn't it! Moomintrolls and Frog and Toad are wonderful. We always loved those :) There are videos, and we especially loved the Frog and Toad videos :) Your snow is amazing! I always apologize for startling the birds :) I hope your weather warms up enough for patio sitting soon.

  13. I missed visiting your blog. It was fun to read about everything you've been doing while in self quarantine. I'm interested to know what you think of that tablet pillow. I have looked at that myself.

  14. That letter is a keeper for sure! You are staying busy! Good to make progress! Yes sun then graupel and repeat throughout the day. Winter does not want to give up! Stay safe!

  15. Finally getting a chance to visit some of my friends' blogs.

    Oh my, you must have been shocked to see such a tiny package of starting soil. lol I hope Annie has been behaving and staying away from the seed pots. I wonder what she was dreaming about. When Jack dreamed, all four of his legs would be moving like he was running. It was so cute.

    How lovely that Ian sent you mail full of hearts. He put such a lot of effort into it too.

    That curved trail of hearts on the building door makes me think of a kite with a tail.

    How are you liking the pillow pal? Is it as useful as they claim it to be?

    Glad to hear your Mum is doing okay. I feel like it's been ages since we've seen my Mum. We have done a couple of FaceTime calls though which she loved. We do message back and forth every day also.

    I always talk to or apologise to animals. Don't think I've done it to an inanimate object although I may have spoken to my computer/laptop as if it were a person. lol

    Our weather is starting to get colder now...loving it!

    Take care and stay safe. xo

  16. Well done for doing all that carting around! No wonder you needed a rest! Loved the video of Annie dreaming ! Hugs, Chrisx


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