Monday, July 13, 2020

7-13-2020 Monday-11:45am

Still morning--LOL!  
This is going to be really short.
Very, very low key week.
I made it over to McFamily's on Wednesday from about 3:30-8:30pm.  Got a racing down the hallway "Gramma!" hug from Ian.  Great time.   Had both the boys in my lap for bedtime stories again.  I sure hope we can keep up our bubble for a long time.
Was a lazy week, otherwise.  Just doing what you have to do (laundry and such) and watching a lot of TV and YT--LOL!  I'm slowly re-watching Monk and enjoying it a lot.  Plus a lot of BritBox and Acorn...a few Netflix DVDs as they come in the mail...playing with Annie...quiet week.
Oh, Thursday morning there was a ruckus going on outside.  Kids.  Annie ran for the hills.
 I took some pictures kind of through the blinds.  (I often keep them shut to the sun in the mornings so I don't have to run the AC.)  Must have been some kind of Day Care facility.
 But if this is what schools are going to be like come fall... masks, no distancing--just acting like nothing is happening...
...Ian just can't go to kindergarten this fall.  Dagan and Leah are both vulnerable adults.  Haven't heard anything yet about the school's plans, though.  Hoping they have an online option.  I'm sure they'll hear by August.  What a challenge for the schools all over the world!
For about a month my "smart" TV has kept disconnecting itself from the internet.  So far I have been able to monkey around until I get it back, but it definitely seems to be losing its "smarts".  My internet is on and the laptop works just fine.  Duh.  So how smart is that?  LOL!
Woke up yesterday to being forced on to a new version of Microsoft-10.  I don't notice much difference so far.  I only do limited things online, but I take that as a good sign.   
Speaking of forced changes...I haven't noticed anything so far on Blogger today.  I'm sure they'll push the new version on me eventually.  Or I am using it and haven't noticed?  Now THAT would be wonderful!  ;)
I love this picture from Leah from this weekend.  You will probably have to click to enlarge it--but the boys are helping Daddy mow the lawn.  They each have a lawnmower.  
Well, I said this was going to be short.  Tomorrow Leah is going grocery shopping at Cashwise (dropping mine off here) and Caroline is coming to clean!  On Wednesday Dagan has to be at work during the day for the first of their four-part re-opening of the offices.  After that he can work from home and go in after hours like he has been, but he'll be needed during the day mid-month for the re-openings for the following three months, too.  He has to make sure all the computers are up and running and able to compute and converse--LOL!  ;)
So, since we have to quarantine after exposures--we might as well do all the exposures at once.  Leah will grocery shop--Cashwise one month and Costco the next month.  Caroline is going to come to clean for me once a month.  Afterwards McFamily and I won't be able to see each other for at least a week or make sure we're all still well before we "bubble" again.  They say that most people get symptoms in 5-6 days--but some as early as 3 and as late as 13 days.  So, about a week we hope will be good.  That's the plan, anyways.
This afternoon I am going over to McFamily's.  After the boys go to bed Leah and I will go over my Cashwise grocery list and we will have some chat time.  So, I'll be a little later getting home tonight.  That's it for this week.  Shock!  Really short for me--LOL!  Till next week...may it be an absolutely delightful week for us all!
"Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.  The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you."
L.R. Knost


Rita said...

My comment to get your comments. :)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Your McFamily and Caroline are the best - and you all have planning how to keep safe and keep your bubble when each isolation is over. Love reading your posts Rita. Hugs and Love.

DJan said...

I sure hope that school will be opening safely around you, Rita. I am still amazed at how quickly those boys have grown. I love the lawn mower picture! :-)

Anvilcloud said...

I don’t know what was going on with that Day Care outing. I just don’t get it. There is no daycare here except for frontline workers if I understand correctly.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Schools in some areas are going back to remote learning aka homeschooling, or why mum & dad are going mad as in nuts, bonkes.You are part of a great family.

Bonnie said...

I love the picture of the boys mowing the lawn with their dad!

If you want to try out the new blogger now you have to choose to do so. There is a place on the lower left of the blogger screen to click to try it out. You are able to revert back to the original version (Legacy) now but my understanding is that after the end of this month you have to use the new one. I've done okay with the new one other than the "redirect notice" that I mentioned on my blog. Even that was not a big deal, just a nuisance.

I guess you'll be busy dealing with groceries tomorrow. It sure is nice that Leah can shop for you. I never did like grocery shopping and now I like it even less! Don't overdo things with the groceries and give sweet Annie some love from me! I hope those kids don't scare her anymore!

Diana said...

Daycares here aren't required to social distance as there is no way children that young can do so and understand what's going on. The way they keep safe is not to take on any new kids or go out anywhere except into their own fenced-in play area. The few families that use the daycare where my son and daughter-in-law take their two kids only has four families total, and there are only 7 kids total. The state has deemed them safe since no one goes anywhere else. I'm soooo thankful my kids have this daycare because so many other families are just plain out of luck. Glad to know you are still doing so well and healthy and safe! Blessings to you, my friend!

Deb said...

Dagan and Leah are so smart to keep Ian home for school to keep him and your family safe. Sounds like you have a nice week planned. Hope all goes well. Stay well. See you again soon.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I shudder to think of all the kids that will be exposed at school and the busses...oh my. The boys are learning life skills mowing! Hope you have a good visit and I am sure you will enjoy having a clean apt again! :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lucky you to have a McFamily and Caroline to help. You are truly blessed, Rita. I'm just glad my friend Scott calls me when he goes grocery shopping and asks if I need anything. I'm blessed in that respect, too.

If I had a child, I would NOT send him or her to school this year until we have a vaccine for that virus. I hope Leah can do the right thing for her sons, too.

Lady Fi said...

Oh - what a sweet sweet picture of the boys helping out their daddy!

Divers and Sundry said...

Such a sweet image of your being enthusiastically greeted and these cozy times together :) I hope they can continue :) That photo of the kids is shocking! I think the blogger changes will be the default for new users. They're saying we'll be able to keep old blogger if we like, so that's what I'm doing. I tried new blogger and found it unusable for the way I write posts. Your lawnmower photo reminds me of my own childhood. I had a little metal lawnmower I got out every time Daddy mowed :)

Serena Lewis said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely time at McFamily's! What a sweet pic of the boys helping their Dad mow the lawn.

Check in the Smart TV settings and make sure it is set to 'Automatically connect'. That way, if it disconnects, it should automatically re-establish a connection. It seems to be a common issue. Most solutions say to have the internet router close to the TV but I don't think that always fixes an issue like that. We don't have issues with our TV connecting to Wi-Fi but it's not a Smart one. hehe My sister has the occasional issue of their Smart TV disconnecting but not enough to be a nuisance for them.

I'm concerned that kids are in Day-care and many will be back to school soon with the virus crisis still in full swing over there. Kids may seem to show more of a resilience but what's to stop them being carriers? Personally, I think it's a big risk. Stay safe, my friend.

Big hugs,
Serena xo

Serena Lewis said...

I meant to add that they had me using the new Blogger Interface nearly 2 months ago. I didn't like it so reverted back. You WILL notice the difference as it's lots of icons rather than words. I think holding a mouse over the icon shows what it does if I remember correctly. I found it very buggy and slow. Mind you, I may have been in the initial trial and those bugs may have been sorted by now.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The boys and Dagan were doing a good job on that lawn cutting, Rita. It's nice that you can see the family, even if at limited intervals, as we are not seeing any of our family members in various states. Also nice that you and Leah are able to get together and shat and plan the grocery shopping. We continue to do out own grocery trips and also shop at the local farmers' market here in the city on Sundays for locally grown veggies, zucchini is a big favorite now. Since I don't have any school-age children it's difficult to comment on how others are handling the stay home or return-to-school crisis, which is definitely will be this fall. Understandably many families have 2 working parents and it would be difficult for them to remain home to home school and also some parents may be incapable of providing good learning instruction because of the subject matter. It's a difficult situation all around.
Glad to read that Caroline will be able to come and help with the cleaning chores and hope everyone continues to be safe and well.

Tom said...

...I don't know about you Rita, but I think that it's shame the God wasted all of that energy on kids! This blogger change coming down the pike doesn't thrill me. Our kids do a lot of the grocery shopping for us too, but we have started to venture into Costco at 9AM for their senior's shopping hour. EVERYONE wears a mask and we feel that they do a good job and we are safe. Thanks for stopping by.