Monday, January 11, 2021

January 11, 2021 Monday--2:45pm

Good afternoon! 

What a week!  Honestly, I fell down the news rabbit hole and was pretty much immobilized for several days.  I will be watching anxiously until the 20th, for sure.  I am still processing and upset--and we'll leave it at that.
The critters are happy to chow down and find shelter against the wind.
Leah brought a Costco order on Wednesday.  So, if all goes well with our quarantining, in two weeks we can have a Craft Night!  I'm looking forward to that so much.  And then I can go over for a visit at McFamily's that weekend!  Fingers crossed.  :)
My letter rack and hooks by the door was getting pretty crowded.
Leah said she had some hooks I could use on the wall.  The only thing that would fit on the tiniest hook is the mask holder she made for me.

Leah used some elastic and a couple of teeny sewing clips.  Works great for when I go to the garage and don't need the mask on when I am alone out there.  I can just take the mask off and it will hang in front of me--ready to be put back on when I head for the apartments.  They do sell various versions of these mask clips on Amazon.  I was telling Leah about them and she said--I can make you one.  She's the best!  :)
The other thing that happens to me is my glasses frost up.  They will sometimes do that with or without a mask when it's so cold outside...but wearing a mask makes it rather inevitable.  Since my cataract surgery I can see far away but I can't see close up to read (or see the computer--so I still need trifocals).  If I am getting items from the freezer out there I need to be able to read packages so I can't just leave my glasses at home...and can't see to read when they are frosted.  And when it is below freezing we are talking frosted and not fogged up.  Less likely to frost up without the mask on.
Many, many years ago when I used to wear contacts and really needed bifocals...I had reading glasses from the drug store that I wore around my neck.  We're talking maybe 25-30 years ago--but I found these the first place I looked.
Now, how can I lose something I was just using in the studio and yet walk straight to these glasses holders in the back of a drawer I haven't seen since I moved here 5 1/2 years ago and haven't used for almost 30 years?  ROFL!  Anyways, now--instead of carrying my frosty glasses around when I can't see through them anymore to find my way back to the apartment, they can just hang on my chest.  So what a sight I will be with double strings and things hanging around my neck most of the winter.  I don't care.  It's practical.
And those of you who have been around a while and know how I love color will not be surprised as to why I probably hung onto these glasses holders for all these years--LOL!  I always thought I might be able to use the thick bands for an art project one day, if nothing else.  Good thing I didn't.  ;)
Anyways, Leah also brought me a couple of types of masks.  I didn't like the smooth one because it sucked in and out when I breathed.  But the pleated one is perfect!
These have adjustable straps...

...and are made to hold a filter, too.  
We've been using paper masks.  I still have half a dozen of those left.  Leah has all the sewing supplies at her house and she decided to just order some--ROFL!  So, she's ordering me a couple extras, too.  I picked navy and carribean blue.  (They were out of red--lol!)  Washable ones!  Cloth.  Feels so nice and much warmer, as a matter of fact.  But they still fog up your glasses--lol!  I'll save the paper ones from this summer when it is hot and humid, I think.  ;)
Anyways, she sent over some hooks I can put on the empty little side wall to hold my growing paraphernalia for going outside the apartment.  
But--these looked bigger in the pictures she sent me--LOL!  
The larger size will work better and hold the string holders okay, but I am not sure about the masks.  Might get bumped off pretty easily.  We'll see.  We love the 3M hooks because you can remove them so easily.
Sadly, as preoccupied with the state of affairs in the country as I was, I didn't get in to play in the studio very much this week.  I haven't done either one of the first Wanderlust classes yet.  But I did get back to scribble what I could remember about the Dick and Jane book one day. 
Another day I smeared gesso all over it.  (This all feels so unnatural to me, folks.)  And another day I printed Dick and Jane on the page and edged it with a thin line of black marker around the edges.    
It needs something (like somebody who knows what they are doing) but I really don't care.  I need to move on and these are supposed to be pages to work fast and be unconcerned with what it looks, okay.  Done.
I did go back and use a graphite pencil around Self Care on the first page to make it pop out a little...and just because I have never done this before...scribbled and then used a small paintbrush to smear it.
Okay--yes, you heard that...I used a graphite pencil.  That means the Dick Blick order arrived!!  And an OXO rotating kitchen utensil holder from Amazon arrived, too.  I wanted something to keep the mixed media brushes and tools in on the table top...and I love it!  Some of the brushes in there I already had.  The mini catalyst tools are new and the cheap sets of brushes--which is most of them.  Now I can keep the mixed media brushes apart from my good watercolor brushes--tada!
On the spinning bamboo lazy susan (already had) inside plastic drawer storage containers (already had) are pens and graphite pencils & crayons and watercolor pencils & sticks.  The watercolor supplies and the pens I already had.  
Got all that organized, at least.  So I have been in there a little bit most days--just not long sessions.  Anything I do in there is good for my soul.
Speaking of good for my soul...I watched a beautiful movie called Gifted (DVD from Netflix) that brought a tear to my eye--heartwarming.  The young girl (missing her two front teeth young) was an amazing actress!  We will see more of this young lady in the future.  Has anyone else seen it?
I spent a good portion of my $600 stocking up on necessities again.  I am soooo thankful for that!!  Seems like prices have gone, too, of course.  I know it doesn't go far, but the check helps, absolutely.
I ordered a pedaler from Amazon.  Just got that out of the box this morning.  (Quarantine packages and mail.)  
So this is one of my gentle exercise ideas.  Can sit in a chair and pedal--tada!
I finally located my old resist bands!  Went to stretch one from under my foot and SNAP!!  Scared the bejeezus out of me!  So, guess I need new ones.  Aren't they supposed to hold up unused for more than a few years?  Good grief!
Another thing I this was a splurge item...not a necessity or something good for me like the pedaler.  I had gotten this pretty card from my friend John in Canada.  His expressive Chinese ink landscape painting is tucked inside of the card's frame on the front.  
Well, I have had a box of these Photo Frame cards and envelopes in my saved cart on Amazon for maybe a year.  I decided to go for it and ordered them.  They're made for photos but you can slip original artwork inside just as easily.  
And since I showed John's artwork...
This beautiful landscape watercolor painting was a surprise from another pen pal, Doug.  Isn't it beautiful!  I will get it framed one day.
But right now--these are both small--have them on my frig where I can see them every morning as I do my journaling.  I have such talented friends in cyberspace!  I really have to apologize.  I get little pieces of art or handmade cards quite a bit and forget to ever take pictures of anything.  They are so personal to me.  Little treasures, you know?
Speaking of forgetting to show you things...
I did get Christmas pictures from McFamily, too, that are on the frig to see every day, too.  
The whole family...
...and the boys.
Most of what I got were boring things you have to buy, you know.  But I did get an inexpensive little container of blunt embroidery needles to work on those Christmas cards where I will be sewing on paper.
Even if I wasn't doing anything creative I tried to spend some time almost every day in the studio.  It is so quiet and peaceful in there.  Sounds silly since it is just myself and Annie here and my place is so small...but there's a different atmosphere in that tiny room.  It just "feels" different in there.  Calming.
This is my view. 
I even spent time cutting up parchment paper into different sizes.  
You use them under the pages you're working on to protect the rest of the journal from paint, ink, or whatever you are slopping about--LOL!  Now I have three sizes precut.  
I just appreciated the time away from the laptop and the news.  Eventually I do plan to listen to books in there and I do usually bring the laptop in so I can watch the class videos...but this week I just wanted the silence.
Since I am showing other things I have forgotten to's Annie...
...who's been waiting patiently for over two and a half hours for me to get done at the kitchen table so she can come sit with me in my chair while I rest my back--LOL!  She also has to change her position often--and had to get up to pee--LOL!
So that's it from this week.  Seemed a lot longer than just a week to me.  Still trying to focus on self-care...and staying positive, despite all the things going on outside of my little corner of the world here.  Does it really matter?  YES.  
This newly restored night owl is still doing okay.  Wishing we all will have a boring, quiet week.  ;)  Love and hugs!  Till next time...stay safe and well.  :) :)
"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Far Side of Fifty said...

Stay calm and carry on! Concentrate on the things you can do something crafts! Annie looks pretty comfy. Someone mentioned that there is a solution you can put on your glasses and they won't fog up. It is simple enough to wash your glasses in soapy water they say that helps too:)

Lady Fi said...

Doug's water colour is lovely!

Anvilcloud said...

I use a glasses 'string' around my neck n summer with my sunglasses, mainly so I can remove them easily but still keep track of them when I am out with the camera. My eyes have improved enough in my old age that I don't normally wear glasses otherwise. I could and perhaps should but I don't for I can get by.

Divers and Sundry said...

I've found the state of our nation to be anxiety-producing, too. I hear there are calls for those same groups to go back to D.C. beginning the 16th, maybe, in an effort to do it again only "better". Scary.

I have some glasses holders I use for my reading glasses. I like your colorful choices :) I'm still using disposable masks, mainly because I'm too lazy to want to wash the cloth ones I think ;) The pedaler looks like a good option to encourage movement. I have a couple of bands but prefer weights, though I don't know why...

That watercolor landscape is gorgeous, definitely frame-worthy. You have a lovely view out that window, and sometimes just changing from one spot to another with a different view is enough :)

Bonnie said...

What a nice, newsy post! You mentioned your cloth masks. I much prefer the cloth ones that we can wash and reuse. To me they are more comfortable and they do wash well. I made us a few pleated masks and then our insurance company (Humana) mailed each of us two masks that I love because they are soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear. They also wash well. We have back up paper masks and keep a few in the car in case we ever forget our masks but I try to keep one in my purse all the time.

I love all the art work you have been gifted, how beautiful! Those are the best kind of gifts. The family pictures are wonderful too. I enjoy being able to see pictures of my loved ones around the house. Thanks for showing us pictures of Annie! I always love to see that sweet girl.

Take care Rita!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Speaking of mask lanyards, coincidentally I saw them for the first time this week at CVS and, of course, I had to check their origin, of course it was China, so no thanks for me to any of those. That said I have been wearing the white cotton over the ear masks that the United Way handed out in 5-packs here last well. Of course, they are not colorful but do the job and wearing ones that are seasonal themed or coordinated with clothing is just so not for me. We have a box of the paper masks but I have never worn them and sadly see so many discarded on sidewalks and in streets. The events of last week were so tragic is so many ways and so only reading the news online was enough for me and I sincerely hope the trespassers are punished. The hooks by the door are very handy and we have several of those as well to hold keys and even a mask or two.
The treats to yourself looked nice and well deserved. Nice to see the McFamily in their holiday photos and do hope you and Leah have your craft night and then a family visit. it would be a great way to start 2021.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

No real comment from me, I can't concentraite, I am all over the place try as I might I just can't focus. I was however here

DJan said...

I enjoyed hearing about your week and seeing the great pictures you posted. Life is pretty difficult for many of us these days, Rita. Thanks for the pictures of Annie. She does look content! :-)

Janie Junebug said...

I'm so afraid of what will happen all over the country on the 20th. Yes, the FBI knows about threats, but they also knew about the threats regarding the 6th and no one prepared. I'm afraid of everything these days and am glad to stay in my little house in my little chair with not-so-little Franklin and Penelope. Can you see the words in Shade? I was under the impression that it was all photos comparing trump (unfavorably) with President Obama. You said it didn't have photos of trump, which is positive because the sight of the man makes me feel sick, and probably makes you feel the same way. After a rough start, Annie has turned out to be a sweet girl who adores you.


Juli said...

We decided to take some of our stimulus check and donate food to the food pantry. It was the most fun I've ever had grocery shopping. :) I find that organizing and cleaning out calms me as well... it's a bit of a heck storm around here lately, and cleaning is at the top of my list soon.

I can not control what's going on with the country. I can only hope to keep myself and those I love safe until things calm down. Which may be a while.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm running SO far behind, Rita. I didn't get a stimulus check. Maybe I will, but I didn't even know they were out. Sounds like you got lots with yours.

The Christmas cards from McFamily are great. Leah is the best for getting you masks, too. Hope you are doing well and staying safe, dear.

pearshapedcrafting said...

The hooks by the door are a good idea! We have a little shelf - near enough to the door! I have worn my specs around my neck for years! I need them for reading (especially labels in shops) but if I try to walk in them I trip over!! Great you are using your craft space for some peaceful activities. Looks like a nice view too! Annie looks very relaxed too! Sorry to be so late...just not 'with it'! Hugs, Chrisx

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

We like the cloth masks here too. I'm finding that now that it is winter, I keep them on from the moment I leave the store and get to my car. Keeps my face warm. Who would have ever thought a year ago that I'd want to keep a mask on my face for an extended period of time.

We were rather disturbed by the national news here as well. It was unfathomable that it could happen in the U.S.