Monday, March 08, 2021

March 8, 2021 Monday--1:30pm

Good afternoon!
I think the vaccine triggered my fibro CF.  Been draggy and tired all week.  Not physically feeling any worse than usual, just feels like I am in one of the fibro noodle/no spoons flares.  I can manage to get some things done, though.  Cooked, baked, brought out trash, and swept the patio.  My packages came from Amazon for March so I did reorganize by the kitchen sink and finally dumped the 40# of seed and the new 40# of kitty litter into the bins in the pantry.  
I decided to reorganize around the sink since I will be cleaning up paint and various art messiness all year.  I've wanted to have something else besides a glass jar for my scrub brushes for a long time.  Always afraid I'd knock it into the sink and the glass would break.  I use my scotch brite pads all the time, but now had added the jar of brush cleaner and the green bar of soap made to clean paint off hands... soap and hand soap were always getting caught in the towel.

So--after loving the OXO spinning caddy for my paint brushes in the studio...I ordered a non-spinning OXO holder for all my scrub brushes and toothbrushes I use to clean stamps and such.  Moved the dish soap and hand soap so they won't be getting on my towel anymore...
...and bought a side-of-the-sink holder for my scrubbies.  My scotch brite pad has it's own spot now and all the art cleaning stuff is in the corner.  I bought a Tim Holtz light blue oval scrubber for your hands.  Always wanted to try it.
So, it is quite crowded, but organized.  When you live alone you can keep out stuff you use all the time and there's no one to complain about it--LOL!  Funny how when I get in the purging and reorganizing mood it kind of jumps all over the apartment.  This did nothing to help with purging, though--ROFL!  Just making my life easier.
Since I have been in very low gear since the shot I decided to postpone Dr. Kessler's appointment.  Part of self-care this year.  Take away unnecessary stress.  The earliest I could get in (because she only does the osteopath appointments on Fridays) was May 21st--Leah's birthday.  But Leah said it was okay.  So now if I am in jammies for a week or even two it won't matter at all.  Whoohoo!
The other project I worked my way through this last week was finally getting over to my desk to set up letters.  I apologize to my pen pal friends.  I have been piling letters over there...well...some since Mom died.  Then the shot set me back...good grief!  I had fifteen letters set up in the padfolios by the time I finished!  I only have 14 padfolios so one was stuck into a bulldog clip.
I address the envelopes and pick out paper, etc, for each one.  That's my system.
But this is how slow I am still moving...only got two letters finished all weekend.
Can't help it.  I take my time to give everyone attention due, you know?  Just extra slow responding recently--sorry.  Life goes that way sometimes.  I may be slow but I am a faithful paper chatter.  ;)
When I barely have enough spoons for regular stuff (haven't done laundry still)--I miss extra spoon time.  My spot in the studio waits patiently for my return.
It has been so warm that the snow is all gone!
Even the dirty snowbanks have disappeared.
It is 56 degrees right now!  The screen door is wide open.  Annie has joined me on her chair next to me at the table but she keeps sniffing the air coming in from the wilds of the outside world.
She'll probably settle down and nap...
...but spring is an exciting time.  :)
Today Leah is coming (soon) with a Cashwise grocery delivery.  I'll meet her in the parking lot after I make a trip to the dumpster.  By Thursday we will be out of quarantine again and Leah can come over that night.  Not sure we will get to any cards or anything because she has computer stuff to help me with, but we'll see.  Depends on how early she can get away.
On Sunday I plan to make a Grandma visit to their house for the day!  So I have a feeling this week will fly by, too.  Supposed to get up to 65 tomorrow and then chance of snow for a couple days after that.  Springtime in the north--LOL!
I finished Bordertown, Bridgerton, Shameless (season 10), and am on season 7 (out of 9) on Waking The Dead.  I plan to watch Coming To America again and the new Coming 2 America on Prime this week sometime.  So much to watch these days!  I could never watch everything I would like to.  But I love it when people say what they've been watching, regardless.  I keep adding to my watchlists--LOL!  When I have fibro/arthritis/chronic fatigue flares--then that's my opportunity to watch a bit more than usual.  And those happen fairly often so having fun/interesting things to watch is such a blessing.
Well, until next time...stay safe and well.  :) :)

"With gratitude, optimism becomes sustainable."

Michael J. Fox


DJan said...

I'm not surprised at your response to the shot. Many people feel the same, so I'm glad you are listening to yourself. And thanks for the Annie pictures. I always wonder how she's doing. :-)

Bonnie said...

I'm sorry the vaccine triggered your fibro. It is good that you have plenty to watch on TV right now and I bet Annie loves it when you stay put in your chair! It looks like you are all set up to clean your brushes and other craft supplies. It always helps to have everything handy. How wonderful that you will have a Grandma visit this Sunday! Those kind of days are always special.

Take care of yourself and give Annie some love from me!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you have a better week this week. I just try to work through the tiredness...I know the second shot will be worse that the first...the weather is awesome! I think I might have gotten sunburned today! WEdnesday night we will be back to winter:(

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Rita. Amazed how much you did in organizing your kitchen sink area this week. I worry about glass holders for brushes and things, so easy to bump into a brush sitting in the glass and ... so much work to safely clean up. Love what you ordered for your kitchen cleanup supply holders. Annie has more smells and things to check out. You got a lot done this week even though you were not feeling well, essentials were done and your kitchen sink area is very organized. I notice many bloggers have been writing about how they feel after their shots and how they feel for several days afterward. I am grateful that you shared too. Keep taking care, it will be so nice to have your McFamily time starting up again. You have all been so very careful.

Deb said...

Hi Rita. You sink looks really great! I may look into some organizers like that! You are such a neat and organized person. It is really warm and springlike here too. This afternoon when we walked, it was 70, but also cloudy and windy so maybe another storm is in the works. Hope you have a good week.

Janie Junebug said...

The way you organized the sink area is nice. Even when you don't feel your best, you still get a lot done. You'll enjoy a day with the boys. Thank you for the birthday card and letter.


Anvilcloud said...

I have been more lethargic than thou without a shot to blame. :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry to read about your reaction to the shot. I hope when it's my turn, I can get the J & J shot and be done with it. I hate needles, and have been known to faint when one is placed in my arm. I hope the second one is better.

You certainly organized your kitchen sink area nicely. I really like it. You did good, dear.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Not a good reaction but I am pleased you got the jab people need to
You still managed to do a lot of stuff

Jon said...

I always admire your ability to organize. Lately, my attempts at organization have been less than successful.

Is winter finally over?? The temperature here in TN is similar to yours. It was 63 degrees yesterday and I let the cats out on the front porch.
I'll bet all the visitors at your Critter Cafe are glad the snow has melted!

Jenny Woolf said...

I am sorry that you are still suffering from the shot, but pretty impressed at how organised your sink is (in fact, everything is). And I'm delighted your weather is warming up, the fifties and sixties can't be faulted for being too hot or too cold, can they!

Divers and Sundry said...

I got my first Covid-19 vaccine shot yesterday morning and -except for just a bit of arm soreness- all is going well. I'm sorry yours has triggered some problems and trust that won't last long. Your sink organization is brilliant. I like having things I use that frequently readily available, and you've found a way to make that happen. What a bright sunny day you can see out there! I haven't seen any of the shows you mention lol There's so much to choose from these days :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Of all the folk I know that have had their first vaccine most only suffered for one day but those that didn't have had varying degrees of effects. Sorry to hear that yours affected you so badly. Just take care of you - there will be plenty of time for everything else soon. I love how you organised your sink area! We have a rather crowded windowsill above ours. At least the weather is picking up - even if for just a short while - very grey here today but a promise of brighter weather next week. Hope you are enjoying your Grandma Day, Hugs, Chrisx

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

You really had a lot of side effects and impact from the vaccine. I hope that you feel better soon. Your sink looks so organized. You are so dedicated to your penpals! What a great system for keeping the letters, cards, etc. together for each one!