Monday, May 01, 2023

May 1, 2023 Monday--3:45am

 Good Morning!

Well, turned out McFamily all got covid.  The boys were sick first on Friday but Dagan and Leah thought it was just a cold/cough.  But then Leah got it and then Dagan got it, too.  Leah was running a high temp in the evenings and was the worst off of the four of them--but none of them were really bad sick because they've all been vaccinated.  They picked up tests at the Target drive up delivery and all had positive results.  

They were recovering last week but are all doing well now.  I had seen Leah and the boys on the Tuesday before that and Leah had been over that Monday while we worked on satchels...but I didn't get it.  So I still haven't been bitten by the covid bug yet.  They say sooner or later everybody will get it so I am sure my time will come eventually.  I'm hoping it will wait to get me until I am more recovered from the cancer treatments...but who knows?

BTW--I did google it and it can take 6 months to a year for people to feel like themselves again after cancer treatment.  It's only been a little over 5 months for me so far, so I've just got to be more patient, I guess.  :)

I spent the week slowly working on pen trays.  Finished Tray #2.

I set the pens tip down for a while to get the nibs primed with ink.

Allie gets bored with the pen stuff.  Here I surprised her sleeping in her favorite spot in the hallway.

Started on Tray #3

We had rain!  Been a long time since we've seen rain and not snow.
Finished with Tray #3.
Started on Tray#4.
Oh, above the pens the ink samples that are upright are the same that were in them before and are already written in the binder.  The ones that are tipped on their sides are new colors I need to enter.  Yup--I am a bit OCD about keeping track of my ink trays.  ;)
Finished #4 and currently started on Tray #5!
I know, most of you are as bored with a week of pen cleaning as Allie...
...but it is exciting to me.  (You can see the satchels haven't been touched yet--lol!)

BUT...not as exciting as these pictures from Leah late Saturday night!!!
I was so happy and excited I couldn't sleep half the night!
Yes!  That's their friend, Trent.
He and Leah mostly were working on the framing!
Dagan was upstairs with the boys and would come downstairs to help, too.  He was up and down...up and down.
Ian did come down to see what was going on.  Marching through the invisible door.
I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this picture!!!  It was the one she sent me on my cell phone.  I didn't even know Trent was there!
The pocket door frames came in and they picked those up, too.  
The holes for the doors look so big because pocket doors are two doors wide really.  I don't understand about how they are installed and all of that--but I will sure love having them.

Leah said Trent is already excited to work on the electrical wiring.  He looks like he may be contemplating just that standing in my soon-to-be studio.
He said he was okay with being in pictures on my blog so Leah took several, as you can see.

Another really exciting thing for me is that Dagan and Leah decided that they don't need to have a closet in the studio (or would-be bedroom for anyone else).  I am thrilled!!  That gives me a whole lot more wall space!!  Left is what wall space I was going to have (red lines) and on the right is what I will now have!
You know how much I have utilized all my cheap bookcases for so very many years.  I had 10 of them in here.  So far only two have been ordered for my future living room.  We hadn't ordered any for the studio because I wanted exact measurements to see how many Ikea Billy bookcases we could possibly fit in that one corner I had.  Now I have three corners I could use--lol!  

Anyways, Leah and I will have to put our heads together and figure out how to work the floor plan in there.  The only things I know where they will go is my art table under the window and my current kitchen table will be in the middle of the room.  Have a lot of options now!  Whoohoo!!

And then...Trent was back Sunday to work some more on the framing!
Fastening the walls to the floor, too.

The wall between the living room and the studio is bolted down.
They got the wall between the studio and the bathroom together and up but it's not bolted into the floor yet.  Dagan walking through the bathroom.
Now you can see where the rooms will be!

This is soooo exciting!!
Liam could doze upstairs on the couch, though--LOL!
Since I was still awake I thought I'd post early.  It's not that I'm not sleeping this time.  It's that I am sleeping too well--LOL!  No lie!  This last week...well, since the Saturday before...I've had two nights where I slept 5 1/2 hours but otherwise I have slept 13/10/11/8/9.5/and almost 11 hours!!  I am working my way around the clock only because I am sleeping so very long.  I slept from 3:30am till 2:15pm yesterday, for example.  No complaints, I tell you!  For me to be able to get back to sleep once or twice (after I use the biffy)...and to wake up with no sharp pain anywhere...actually comfortable (if I don't move)...well, no wonder I am sleeping so long.  Making up for all the times I hurt too much or couldn't breathe through my nose to sleep well or get back to sleep.  Awesome!  I figure my body must need it.  Sure feels like it does.  Not that I feel like I have anything near a burst of energy when I wake up after 11 hours versus 5 1/2...but maybe I do end up with an extra couple of spoons by the end of the day.  ;)  

Anyways, the biggest news is that the framing has begun!!  Whoohoo!!!!

This week...Keanna comes to clean tomorrow.  Since my table is full of pen stuff I will have to finish the pen trays before I start on the satchels...but the satchels are next on my priority list.  I did finish another stack of forms for the office--(annual review for the building owners)--and did the monthly banking stuff Sunday.  So I have to get the forms and the rent check down to the office.  (Only tricky because there is so seldom anyone actually in the office and the forms are so fat they won't fit under the door.)  There's always a variety of things to use up your limited spoons--LOL!  I never have any problem using up my spoons I do have on my better days.  :)  No guarantee I'll get to the satchels but I am thinking positive.  ;)

I can hardly wait to share more pics of the apartment build!  Till next time, my friends--keep smiling and laugh every day!!  :)   


David M. Gascoigne, said...

Yep, once the framing is in place it looks like it is really going to happen. Just wait till the drywall is installed!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Wow, a lot of progress is being made at Leah and Dagan's on the apartment! So exciting. You have had another busy week. So glad you are making progress. Sorry to hear that Dagan and Leah got Covid. We had all the vaccines and boosters too and Covid took us down for a week or more. Not fun to have. I didn't expect to feel as rough as I did with all the vaccines and boosters and taking Paxlovid. I hope you have a good week. See you again soon!

DJan said...

Wow, I can see why you're so excited. It looks great and you can now see where the rooms will be. Sorry to hear everyone got covid, but I'm glad you didn't. And congratulations for getting all that sleep! :-)

Anvilcloud said...

You are a very crafty person, and your new home is coming along.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What exciting news about the framing. As exciting as you are about your pens, too. This is exciting indeed. I look forward t future updates, too.

Victoria Zigler said...

Sorry McFamily got Covid, but glad none of them got really bad with it, and that you didn't end up with it. Hope all that sleeping is a sign your body's doing what it needs to for you to finish recovering from the cancer treatment.

I don't think the pen stuff is boring. I mean, it's not something I get as excited about as you do, of course, but I'm super happy to hear about you doing it, because it's so wonderful to hear you feeling up to doing things like that. I'm glad you finally have some spoons to work with again.

That's awesome news about the progress in the new apartment. And YAY for extra space because they're not doing the closet. With all your craft supplies I'm sure you're glad to have that extra bit of space in your new art studio. Now the rooms are taking shape properly, you can start thinking about where you're putting everything you're taking with you.

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm sooo sorry the family has Covid :( I hope they recover quickly and completely.

The framing news is exciting!

Hena Tayeb said...

So sorry to hear everyone got Covid.. and great to hear it skipped you.
The space is coming together nicely.. looking forward to see how it all turns out.

Janie Junebug said...

Wow! Look at all that work getting done on your apartment. How exciting. I'm sorry McFamily had COVID. I don't know if everyone will have it sooner or later. Maureen, Carol, and I have never had it. I intend to continue to get every vaccination I can and to avoid is as much as possible. I was afraid I might get it at the Eagles concert (and went anyway), but I didn't. It's great that you're sleeping so well. That must feel good. Letter on the way. Allie's sweet little surprised face is so cute.


Juli said...

Glad you missed the covid cooties. It's not awesome even with the vaccine. WALLS ARE SO EXCITING!!!!

My next project is the half bath downstairs... first up is leveling the concrete, then walls, then tile. I can't wait until you get your new place. New builds are so exciting!

Far Side of Fifty said...

The walls are coming up!!! Yeah!! That is really good news! I hope Mc Family recovers completely from Covid.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

How great it was, Rita, to see the framing work on your future new home and your excitement came through very clearly in this update. Sorry to read the family was sick, but good it wasn’t too serious and hooe you stay well. That is a lot of pens.

Jon said...

What a shame that your family has covid! I really thought the danger was finally over. I hope they have a quick recovery.

It's a good sign that you're finally getting rain instead of snow. Spring has arrived for certain!

Your new home is looking wonderful. They are doing a lot of fantastic work - it's exciting to see all the progress.

Jeanie said...

Wow! It's really happening! It must feel truly real now with all that work going on. I'm so sorry the family got Covid and grateful that it has avoided you. Fingers crossed. Your pen collection blows me away!

I always enjoy your check-ins! Have a good rest of the week!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

It is all happening and taking shape, sorry to read that your family had covid which sucks, I hope they are all doing well now.

DVArtist said...

Sorry about everyone getting covid. It has been running rampid here in my town. Wow! The construction looks fabulous. Glad you got rain and not snow. It is still cold here with lots of rain. Such strange weather here. Yes, it take awhile to get over cancer so take it easy on yourself. Have a lovely weekend.