Monday, April 15, 2024

April 15, 2024 Monday--5am

Good morning!

It didn't take long to discover what Allie was doing with her water dish--ROFL!!

I secretly grabbed a short video so you can see for yourselves.  She cracks me up!
Silly cat!  But she does remind me to love what you love and appreciate the little things in life. ;)

This is what I saw of the eclipse--lol!  It was like this all day and I didn't even notice it getting any darker.
Dagan and Leah and the boys were in Ada, Ohio and got to watch a 100% eclipse! 
They sent me pictures as it happened. :)

The two partridges may have thought it was dusk and time to eat? lol!
Not really.  They often come during the day when it is very overcast.

Funny story.  I looked all over on Amazon to find some size A7 dividers that weren't just black, white, or clear.  Finally found this set of aqua ones--AND they came in a set of 12 so I could use them for the months in my budget binder.  They kept getting delayed for delivery.  On Monday I got an email that Amazon had reimbursed me for the dividers and they wouldn't be coming.  Well, I needed more than just the 12 regardless--so I gathered up some cardstock pads with scrapbooking size sheets that I knew I wouldn't use for cards (because they have borders all the way around)...and proceeded to trim pieces down to size.  (On the right side of the picture.)

I was down to trimming the last two when who should arrive but the nice UPS man...with the aqua dividers!  LOL!  (Left side above.)  

Anyways, I decided I was going to finish making the cardstock dividers...but discovered I didn't have an A7 paper punch.  So I ordered one from Amazon.  In the meantime, I put together the budget binder.  One down!  One to go!
Made up one of my project trays for finishing off the other one when the punch came.  (Punch is up in the right hand corner.)
With the punch delivered a couple days later, I could finish constructing the dividers.  Added tags on the sides.
Dividers done!
Even used one of the cardstock ones in the front of the budget binder, too.
That meant that next I needed to go through all those booklets that were inside of the traveler's style covers to reorganize and recopy everything I needed to transfer.  This was taking a few days, of course.  Allie decided she wanted to sit by me for a couple of those days--lol!
Even if it was boring--lol!
A girl can change her mind. ;)

Finally finished!  Whoohoo!  All five of the binders I had wanted to downsize or transfer into a binder...done!
We've had some crazy warm days.  78 on Saturday.  70 on Sunday. 
The grackles get upset when the partridges come because they are intimidated by their size but annoyed that they are there at all.  They much prefer being the bosses of all the small birds--lol!

I celebrated being done with the binders (after resting my aching body for a couple days) by playing around in the art journal some more.  Nothing exciting.  Just doodling around the blob flowers--but doing more scribbling this time with pens (drawing and Posca).
I think next time I am going to do some abstract painting, mark making, and doodling.  I feel so out of my comfort zone doing any art at all.  Been sooo long.  But it is fun to be trying out some new bigger brushes and just playing about.

Meanwhile, not much has changed here.  Every time I think the ants are gone I refresh the peanut butter and more come to eat.  They aren't wandering about the apartment or anything...just coming out from under the baseboards in the bathroom and pantry--they go directly into the ink bottle boxes and back under the baseboards.  I may be getting rid of ants from all over the building--lol!  Who knows?

Allie spends time every day happily playing in her water dish (and secretly entertaining me greatly).
Santa is still sitting outside the apartment next door in mid-April.
Yesterday McFamily came by briefly.  Dagan took out my trash so he could use the cart to haul in my summer clothes bins from the garage and to take out a big donation bag to the garage.  
Once again I will be purging a bit more as I switch the winter and summer clothes.  Will have another bag of donations, I hope.  I can stand and focus longer--can even try some things on this time--tada!  Feeling more human most of the time.  

Anyways, that is what I will be up to this week.  Plus hope to spend some time playing in my art journal...and possibly planning out some cards to make.  Been catching up on letters.  Need to catch up on emails, too.  The days just fly by so quickly...whether good days or bad days with my body--they are all good days.  Have a really good week!  
Till next time...  :) :)  


David M. Gascoigne, said...

Glad that you are, overall, feeling better. One day this move will be a fait accompli.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Squiggles also plays in the water bowl. He even drags things he finds onthe floor to the bowl. Allie is much neater and less messy.

I also wasn't all that impressed with the eclipse, except I noticed the drop in temperature. Glad McFamily got to see it. It's definitely worth seeing.

Nice job on the dividers. What a chore that must have been.

I LOVED those flowers. I really think you did a great job creating them. Loved the extra white doodles, too.

Have a super week, Rita and thanks for dropping by so often. It is really appreciated.

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

Your eclipse day was much like mine; overcast and uneventful. I am just a few hours west of you for a few weeks, so I suppose many of my days are going to be like yours!

DJan said...

You finally accomplished that task and should be quite proud of yourself. Funny they finally brought those aqua things just as you decided to go another direction. You do sound better, and thanks for that funny video of Allie!

Anvilcloud said...

Cats are silly an unpredictable. I think Lacey's cat bed is the same as Allie's.

Sandra said...

Allie is hilarious! I enjoyed the video. I also have chronic pain and am also doing much better lately. I like your attitude about all days being good days, I will work on that!

Jon said...

I was in a bad mood this morning and didn't feel well at all. The video with Allie and the water dish really made me laugh and cheered me up. I've never seen a cat so intrigued with a water dish before - - it's hilarious.
When my (deceased) cat Kitzee was a kitten, she used to put things in her water dish, including a wristwatch. Our feline friends are so entertaining.
BTW - the eclipse photos are fantastic.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Allie cracks me up too but she is so cute, so you ended up with free dividers their stuff up your gain. What a lazy neighbour leaving Santa out for so long.

Diane F. said...

Allie is beautiful and entertaining!!! My cats have a cat water fountain...they play in that also....but they aren't as funny as Allie!
Wonder if she'd like her own aquarium....hahahaha

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Rita. So glad McFamily got to see the full eclipse. It was really something to see! We only got a partial in a very cloudy sky here in Utah, so it was somewhat of a non-event. We did see an almost full eclipse last fall in Southern Utah. I love the "doodles" in your art journal. Cats are fun and fascinating to watch. Charly is already talking about getting another one when I retire and we move to Southern Utah. Looks like you had a good and productive week. See you again soon!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Rita, Allie does keep you entertained with her bird and now water bowl antics. Too bad the ant situation has not been resolved. It seems that are enjoying the peanut butter and either not dying off or new "friends" are finding it. I know that you won't use any poisins because of having a pet and that's understandable, but how annoying those tiny ants can be!

Glad to read and see that McFamily had a safe and enjoyable viewing experience and road trip as well. I was at the library here and went outdoors with many other folks and we stood and watched it for awhile, not all of it and o totality here in Nashua, NH.

Your dividers look nice, the homemade and finally arrived ones. I will be doing the same thing of getting out warmer weather clothing over the next couple of weeks and changing the bedding from winter to spring/summer. Glad to read you are feeling good my friend. I am also letter writing this week and need to do a few more Letters Against Isolation letters as well. Just a heads up that US 1st class postage goes to 73 cents - YIKES in mid-July!

Jeanie said...

They got wonderful photos of the Eclipse. Allie just cracks me up. And I'll be doing the same with fall/winter to spring/summer. Happy week!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Fun to see the eclipse photos! Hope you are having a good week! Enjoy the rain!

DVArtist said...

Hi Rita. Seriously what would we do without Amazon? I live in a place that you can't buy much so Amazon is my savior. LOL Allie is just to funny. Nice to get the photos of the eclipse. I am so happy to see you got your binders made. They are very nice. I really like your flowers. I always smile when people change from winter clothes to summer. Here we wear the same clothes year round. Adding a coat in winter, and maybe sandles for summer. It is always cold here. We were supposed to have a sunny day today but it is storming and a marine layer has settled in. So its, cold, wet, windy and foggy. Hope your days are sunny.

Farida said...

Hi, Ms. Rita.

I enjoyed reading a variety of stories in your entry. Indeed, we may find our pets silly but will make us realize a lot of things, too. Enjoy your art journal! :)