Monday, May 13, 2024

May 13, 2024 Monday--5am

Good morning!

Been another quiet week.  Able to keep up with the usual daily stuff, just not much energy left over.  I seem to be in a fibro flare, but I am hoping it is beginning to let up.  The extra project I worked on this past week was switching over the winter and summer clothes.  Took up the week's extra energy but I only have one bin left and I am done!  Little by little I can get things done even when I feel generally cruddy--lol!  Hey--I have been much, much worse over these past two years.  At least this feels more familiar and I am still functional.  It's all relative, eh?  :)

When we had drizzly rainy days the visitors to the Critter Cafe increase.

This is the pair of partridges that includes Limpy.
But I didn't expect this.  On Sunday I chased away these two beautiful but unwelcome visitors.  They were eyeing the bird seed on my patio.
I think Allie dozed off as she does by the patio door and suddenly opened her eyes and saw those geese right there looking over the planters.  Not her usual channel on Cat TV!  Allie leapt up and ran for the bedroom--lol!  That's what alerted me...Allie airborne and then racing across the room.  Those geese can be elegantly silent as they meander about.  Snuck up on us both--lol!

Those of you who have been around for a while may remember one summer when we had a Canadian goose with a broken wing hanging around until they found a place for it on a farm outside of town.  In summer I usually put a water dish out on the patio for the birds to drink and bathe--but the goose took over that water dish and was here almost all day.  I didn't even have any seed out, but it would even sit down to drink out of that dish and shoot poo out the other end at the same time.  They have that massive slimy poo.  After other people were putting water and food out for it on the patio off the commons room down the way later, I took in the water dish and had to buy a deck brush just to clean the cement off out there--lol!  [Not that the deck brush hasn't come in handy since then.  Little birds poop, too.  But not nearly the deluge that a goose is capable of--lol!]

Anyways, geese aren't very scared of people.  I had to go out on the patio for quite a long time as they very slowly made their way off to the left while keeping an eye on me, but as soon as started to make my way inside...they turned right around to head back to my patio.  I had to stay outside and even walk to the edge of the patio.  They stopped across from me for a while, but finally decided I wasn't going to let them come over so they continued on their way.  Taking their sweet time, of course.

It's a weird thing to look outside and see Canadian geese, that seem almost as tall as you, staring right at you from behind your planters just a few feet away--lol!  They are truly large birds if you've never seen one close up.

Then...not 20 minutes later...
...a mallard couple came by!  I had to shoo them away five times--lol!  Ducks are easier to scare away, quicker moving, but quite stubborn--or have short term memories--lol!  That was right before McFamily arrived.
Leah had made some peanut butter cup type treat that we all loved! 
And they brought me a Mother's Day surprise!!
Since I can't plant flowers in my planters this year, they brought over a huge self-watering pot so I could have some flowers on my patio.  Aren't they pretty?  Happy Mother's Day indeed!  Filling the planter with water from the sink took several trips--so Leah and the boys were on the patio and that finally got rid of the mallards--lol!  Dagan took out the four winter clothes bins to the garage and brought me in some more bird seed on his way back.  We had a nice visit.  Ian was the only one who's been well lately, so I gave him a hug goodbye--lol!

Has been warmer than usual.  Was 83 degrees on Saturday!  Good thing I have my summer clothes again--lol!  There was a heavy smoke haze and it smelled like a campfire all day Sunday.  Not good.  I pray you all are safe and well wherever you are.  I am grateful for another good week.  Till next time... :)


DJan said...

I see Canadian geese all the time here, near the border. Wish they would stay on the other side, but of course they don't. Glad to hear everyone is gradually recovering. Thanks for the upbeat post, Rita. Makes my day when you're doing so well.

Sandra said...

Geese are huge. I saw more of them when I lived in the city. They were also around the lakes. I do see a lot of swans, which I never saw in the city. I know what you mean about doing even a little is doing something. Your attitude about it is much better than mine! I bet you really enjoyed having the family visit. Those kids are cuties. We are in a smoke alert and I saw the haze of it yesterday. I was hoping this wouldn't happen this year.

Divers and Sundry said...

Geese are sooo messy, and they can also be quite aggressive. We have them year-round here, but they don't come onto our little enclosed patio. What pretty flowers! I've been hearing about the Canadian wildfires causing air quality issues. Bummer :(

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

It sucks when doing stuff leaves us feeling exhausted, happens all the time to me but I get things done slowly bit by bit over time. I have never seen geese. Sounds like you had a good Mother's Day.

DVArtist said...

You are always so busy. We have so many geese in my area it's ridiculous. I also make a peanut butter cup treat. Ohhh it is so good. I don't make it often because I can eat the whole thing. LOL Your flowers are gorgeous. That is so nice of them to bring them to you. It was 83° on Friday after 14 days of rain and wind. Then Saturday, Sunday and today is cold with 20mph winds. I would just like 4 seasons or 2 seasons with a real summer. I'm sorry that you share your body with fibro. I know several people who have it. Take care my friend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Mother's Day, your planter is beautiful!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Rita! Wow, you have an array of feathered friends keeping you company this week. Those purple flowers you got for Mother's Day are beautiful! What a thoughtful gift from McFamily. Glad that you are doing well and keeping up with everyday life. Have a good week. See you again soon!

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

Quite the variety of critters this week, fun to see! What a lovely planter and a wonderful Mother's Day you had!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated Mother's Day wishes to you, Rita, and nice gift for the patio and self watering is really nice too. yes, Canada Geese are messy and we have to carefully maneuver their droppings on the river walk. last week, we saw two families of goslings, which were very cute to see, but then they will grow into adulthood (sigh). Hope that the ones you shooed away got the message and the ducks as well.

Jeanie said...

I hope your fibro has improved since the week is well into it. Your mothers day sounds very nice and I love the flowers. I love my geese here at the ditch but that's because I don't have to live with the poo. At the lake on the beach I shoo them away! I'll have another gosling post soon!

Barwitzki said...

It's so great that you had a nice Mother's Day Rita. Visiting family is always wonderful and the beautiful flowers on your terrace will bring you joy for a long time.
My son visited me for Mother's Day and now I have a bouquet of flowers on the table and I'm happy about it.
At the weekend we celebrate Pentecost and visitors are coming again, so I'll be cooking and baking.
All the best wishes to you and a hug from Viola