Monday, June 10, 2024

June 10, 2024 Monday--5am

Good morning!

Still been raining off and on.  Been quite the rainy spring.  But when it's not raining it is so nice to have the place opened up! dog stops to pee right across the way and then almost every dog being walked on the sidewalk wants to sniff and mark the spot themselves.  IF the owner allows them that pleasure.  Some do.  Some don't and pull them away.  This lady is a sniffer-allower.  ;)  What's the harm?  I don't know why people are always in such a hurry.
Haven't seen Limpy and friend now for several days...or ants in the bathroom, for that matter.
Monday I watched the boys for a few hours.  The workmen had disappeared so before they took me home we went down to check out the apartment.  Ian told me he had followed a vent from upstairs that came out down in my living room--lol!  
I remember when I was a kid visiting my grandparents in Cokato, Mn.  We found a floor vent where we could spy and hear Grandma and Grandpa playing cards with my folks at the dining room table.  They swore sometimes!  Didn't know we could hear them--lol!

Liam looking out the studio window.
Dagan checking out the floor...which still had some wet blobs so that we all had some white plaster on our shoes--lol!
They weren't able to finish this past week because of the humidity.  The "mud" was still too damp to sand for a while, but I think they started to put primer on the walls by Friday.  Won't be too much longer.

I interrupted Allie playing in her water bowl--lol!   She looks a bit annoyed.
I haven't had the heart to move her food and water back into the pantry yet, even if I haven't seen an ant in there for a month or so.  Probably should move it back...soon. ;)

I just love watching the clouds in the blue skies.   
Allie waiting for me to get back to the table for morning journaling.
I surprised myself and have been getting the ICADs done!  Not that I work on them every single day, but on a good day I catch up if I can.  So far, I am not too far behind.  This Lindsay I follow has a prompt list one of her followers made for June from paint samples (hence the crazy color names).  
Daisy Yellow, the lady who started this about 14 years ago, only puts up one week of prompts at a time.  I am kind of trying to follow both of the prompt lists, but it doesn't matter if you do or you follow a different prompt list or you just want to do your own thing.  And you can do any kind of art you want to using any kind of supplies.  No rules really. :)

Allie adjusted much more quickly to me spending time at the art table in the studio.  She parks herself on the floor behind the chair and off to the side a bit.  She learned I am up and down to get fresh water or clean brushes...or just stretch my legs. 
I am loving having good watercolor paper.  I tape them down to this cutting board I got for cheap on Amazon years ago--for this very purpose.  And that's a cheap dish from IKEA I use for a palette (have a couple sizes of white IKEA dishes for palettes) for when I use my various little handmade WC paint palettes.  
Anyways...this is what I got done this past week.  
6/1: color was Kabuki and prompt was doorway.
6/2: color-Atomic Red/prompt-zinnia.   Used a Cheap Joe's paint palette for the first two.
6/3: color-Red Red Rose/ prompt-gradient.  Used a sample dot card I received as a gift with an Esty purchase years ago.  Finally tried it out. 
The top two rows of dots I thought looked close enough to come in from either side--kind of ombre or gradient.  Was quite surprised at how granulated they were.  And I discovered dot cards are really tricky to use--lol!  So small!  I decided to just leave it as is.
6/4: color-bordeaux/ prompt-tree.  Drew around the inside of a stencil with a pen and used colored pencils.
6/5: color-dynamite/ prompt-patisserie.  I had no clue what a patisserie was--lol!  French pastry shop.  I was at a loss.  Decided to use some clear stamps and colored pencils.
6/6: color-sunset/ prompt-owl.  Didn't feel up to trying to actually draw an owl, so I found a silhouette online, printed it off, fussy-cut it out, and glued it on.  We'll call it collage--ROFL!  Used Daniel Smith watercolor palette for this one and next one.
6/7: color-opal fire/ prompt lavender.  Opal fire was kind of like the color I made the ground.  Whatever.
And yes--I am behind again.  But I might catch up on another good day...but if I don't, it won't matter.  I am really having fun.  I have to say...good supplies make all the difference for me.  And I am enjoying digging around to use supplies I haven't touched for so long!  

Allie...keeping an eye on me as I go back and forth to the sink to clean paint stuff.  
Since I have no birds or rabbits to take pictures of, you will probably see more sky pics of clouds--lol!
Okay--confession.  Blink has always been able to get up on the tables.  Allie has always wanted to.  Well...I have started to let her.  No point in fighting with two cats at my place and they can wander on the furniture upstairs--lol!
Allie still wonders if she's going to get shooed off the table.  Loves that she hasn't been.
Now that there is no big Tupperware container of bird seed on the end table by the patio door...that has become one of Allie's favorite spots to sit and wait...and wait...and wait for the critters to come.  Very few fleeting visitors anymore.  But they still do hop about the yard sometimes and fly from tree to tree...and Allie can see them better from a higher perch.

Friday was my oncologist appointment.  My results hadn't even come in online yet, so I called to make sure I should come in.  His nurse told me that Dr. Failing can go and look at the CTscans and compare them and give me a really good idea...but if I wanted to wait until the official report it would be weeks because he was booked up.  So, I went in for his really good idea--lol!  He saw nothing different, but he'll let me know if there's any change when the official report comes in.  Next time we decided we will schedule the CTscans for two weeks before his visit.  Still on six-month checkups.  

I haven't seen the Poke N' Peek doctor yet.  That's on Friday the 28th.  Dread having that done. Have had issues the last two times. (UTI and then bleeding last time) *sigh*

Plus, I will be finally getting back to the dentist on Tuesday the 18th.  I was told to wait to go to the dentist until after my cancer treatments...and felt so awful for so long afterwards and have still got mouth issues (side effects of the Keytruda) that I never got around to it (and don't want to go now--lol!).  Found out my dentist has retired.  His daughter is the dentist there now.  So--new dentist.  Dread going in for the x-rays and teeth cleaning as my whole mouth has hurt for over two years (ever since I over-reacted to chemo)...and I dread the dentist in the first place due to many bad experiences.  I hope she is as good a dentist as her dad was. 

I also was overdue seeing my eye doctor.  Found out he just retired the end of May!  Sent all my records to a new place.  I will call and make that appointment after I get done with all of these other appointments this month.  So, will be a new eye doctor, too.  You know you are getting old when your doctors are retiring--lol!  My oncologist, Dr. Failing, is a young guy, though.  My regular physician, Dr. Kessler, she's not old, either.  So, I should be good for a while--lol!

Speaking of time getting away from (June 10th) I have been blogging for 18 whole years!  Good grief!  I wrote it down in my bullet this time or I would have forgotten, I can promise you--lol!  A few of you have been part of my blog family for most or all of this journey!  Have some wonderful new people, too. :)   Just thinking about you all makes me smile.  You fill me with such happiness.  Some of you have known me for many years before such a thing as the internet even existed.  What a world, eh?  

This week...Keanna comes to clean tomorrow.  I am going over to watch Ian and Liam again on Thursday morning so Dagan can go to a luncheon at work.  

Oh, and when I visited last week they had moved the boxes around in their living room so I could get to my chair in the corner and see the TV--LOL! ;)  Ian was very upset because he couldn't find the "world" where we were building my house on Minecraft.  Luckily his Gramma blogs!  When I got home, I searched my blog for Minecraft--ROFL!  Now I know when it was so we can find that particular world.  Thank goodness they are dated, eh?  The boys have created over 250 "worlds" and he forgot to label the one where we were building my house.  We won't forget this time!  (I still don't understand Minecraft and the boys keep reminded me of that fact--lol!)

Well, that's about it for this weekly update.  Till next time, my friends.  Stay safe.  Stay well.  Stay positive! :) :)


David M. Gascoigne, said...

I am greatly in admiration of those who walk their dog and permit them to enjoy the smells along the way, probably the most pleasurable sensory experience for the dog. Looks like things are coming along swimmingly with your new abode. Lots to look forward to.

DJan said...

Glad to hear you are probably stable and won't be needing any more chemo at this time anyway. Good luck with your dentist and eye doctors. I will get my second jab in the eye today, hoping for the best.

Divers and Sundry said...

Sounds like good medical news. Congratulations!

Your new place looks like it has more light than I had thought it would be. Nice! I know you'll be happy to get moved in.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like you are headed for lots of Health Care visits! Sounds like you are the status quo with Dr Failing which isn't bad!
The apartment is coming along nicely!! Soon you will be moved!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

People are nearly always in a hurry now days, dogs and cats are not, seeing Allie play with her water makes me smile, I also enjoy just sitting and looking at clouds.

On Sunday I helped Sam colour in a card she made for a friend and it felt good as a year ago I wouldn't have had a hope in hell of doing it.

Allie looks like she is wondering what the hell you are doing walking to and back from the sink.

Only took me 5 months to make an appointment and had my eyes checked

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So nice to see the new "digs" from your standpoint. It won't be long now. I LOVE your ICADs. I am not doing prompts, but I like what you are doing. Love the door and the tree. Very creative and clever.

Have a good dental and eye doctor appointment. Have a great new week, too, dear Rita.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good luck on the upcoming medical appointments with the new folks, Rita. Dental visits are not my favorite either. Glad to read that the ants have not returned and hope it continues that way. Nice to see the updates and walls are a very food thing😀

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Rita! Congrats on 18 years of blogging! I started in 2007 so I guess it has been almost that long for me too. Wow, I love all the progress that is being made on your apartment. That is so exciting. It's always good to get all the doctor and dentist visits and check-ups out of the way, even though they aren't much fun. I love your watercolor projects! Have a great week and I will see you again soon!

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

18 years? That is awesome! So many new doctors, I hope those appointments go well. Great progress on the drywall, it won't be long now!

Jeanie said...

There's so much here I can't remember everything I wanted to say! I'm glad the apartment is getting closer to completion -- it looks great. And doesn't good watercolor paper make a world of difference? Allie looks fabulous! And happy. And the best news of all -- the good preliminary report. I'm so happy about that. Loved the art, too. Happy Blogaversary.