Friday, May 21, 2010


I didn't get to sleep until morning, but I slept much better and mouth isn't as bad--knock on wood!

I forgot to show you...bought Karma something else at the natural pet store--a catnip ball.
She licked it...
...tried to bite it...
...hunkered over it...
...recaptured it when it tried to roll away...
...and hasn't paid a bit of attention to it since that first night--ROFL!
Today I'm just appreciating less mouth pain, the cooler weather (71 right now), and getting the clothes washed. :):)


  1. Karma will probably start playing with the catnip ball when you least expect it.

    Sounds like you're having a better day today. I hope that toothache will be gone soon. *knocks on wood for you*

    We had highs in the 80s today and my trailer got very hot. Cooling off a bit now.

  2. AliceKay--That's true! I should take it and put it away for a while--ROFL!

    I am feeling a little better. (knock! knock!)

    Was so nice here today--only got maybe 72 degrees, sunny, nice breeze...ahhh! I hope you don't have too many of the hot days before you get the AC set up for the summer. :)

  3. some cats just don't like catnip. The ones I have now could care less about it. She probably likes the new bed because she can stretch out on it and it's soft.

    My old cat used to lay on top of the heater vent all the time, I think because she had arthritis, but one of my newer cats does it also, so they probably just like heat.

  4. Maybe if you put the ball away for awhile she will forget about it and it will be just like new again. :) Just do that every once in awhile.

    It got quite hot here. I could not take it anymore and had to turn on the bedroom AC today so I could take a nap.

  5. Sue--Karma likes catnip--gobbles it up! She was frustrated that she could only lick this ball and not eat it, tho--hehe! I think you're right about the bed--that she can sprawl out a bit in it. ;)

    Barb--I tucked it away in a drawer for a while. Maybe she'll think it's brand new when I take it out again? If not--I can see if Sammy and Annie like it. ;) I can't sleep when it is hot--or too humid, either. ACs are the best invention!! :):)

  6. I'm sure she'll play with it again soon.

    lad your mouch isn't hurting as much.

  7. Gosh, posting about "paw breakers" when your mouth is in pain...


    I'm going to go waaaaay out on a limb here and say this... I bet Karma wants you to pre-chew that pawbreaker for her.

    ...but please... for the love of all things holy, don't!

  8. Toriz--I think I'll have to hide it for a while. :) Thanks--mouth is a lot better.

    Iggy--Ha! No pre-chewing for me--for more than one reason--ROFL! She probably would like me to chop it into tiny little pieces, tho, so she could eat it. She's too lazy to bat it about. Or should we say to focused and too smart? hehe! ;)


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