Monday, May 31, 2010


Was a gorgeous day yesterday!
Cooler... could have the windows open all day...
...much to Karma's delight. :)
I headed over to check on Sammy and Annie around 9:30am. I saw Annie peering at me in the window next to the front door as I walked up, but she vanished before I got the door open. I called for her, Sammy showed up to greet me, chatted with him while I set down my bag, and told him I was going to go down to clean their catbox first. I headed downstairs to the laundry room and started to scoop. Sammy came down briefly and I chatted with him. I was just finishing up when I heard the stairs creak behind me! I froze!!
As I swung around, a groggy Dagan said hello. Scared the living shit out of me!!
Turned out they decided to wait and leave on Sunday...and forgot to tell me! I said--Sure, and you wait till I've already scooped the cat box! We laughed.
I scared them, too. Leah was startled awake wondering how kids had gotten in the house. (Confession--I do baby talk animals in a higher voice.) But Dagan (who grew up with me and animals) woke up and said, Why is my mom here?
So funny! Turned out I stayed for three hours--and Dagan made omelets. Was an unexpected surprise to find them home (almost gave me a heart attack--hehe!) that turned into such a nice morning. And then it was a windows-wide-open day!! :):)


  1. Oh goodness. I'm glad you talked to the animals and no one investigated the "break in" with a baseball bat or golf club in hand!!

    Eh, it's a fair trade, omelets for catbox duty don't you think? :)

    Karma looks so happy to have her place at the open window after this past winter.

  2. Iggy--It's a good thing Dagan was there and recognized my talk to the animals voice--yes! Leah may have shown up with a weapon or called the cops--ROFL! It was a good trade--omelets for getting up close and personal with cat poop. hehe!

    Karma and I both appreciate any days where we can have all the windows open. They are so few in the year. But Karma looks so ultra content in her window spot--yes! :):)

  3. Sounds like it turned out to be a great day.

    That was a close thing though. I'm glad you got breakfast rather than getting beaten with a baseball bat. LOL!

  4. Toriz--Yes! A wonderful day! :) Hehe! I'm glad they don't own a baseball bat--but who knows what they might have found as a weapon? It's a good thing I do talk to the cats or they would have been even more freaked out by someone silently moving around in their house--ha! :)

  5. Love the Karma pics. She looks like such a happy cat.

    That was some surprise! I would have been scared, too. (i own at least 3 baseball/softball bats so be careful at my place) An omlet for poop scooping sounds like a pretty good trade. LOL

    (loved that confession)

  6. AliceKay--Too bad she's so antisocial with other people. Dagan and Leah never get to see her as I do unless they look at the blog--ROFL! Nobody does in real life. She runs and hides when anyone comes over. I've never had a cat do that before.

    Boy! I'd have to be careful at your place with three baseball bats!

    I think Dagan and Leah are a smidge embarrassed by my babytalking animals--hehe! Tough! ROFL!


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