Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Karma's was fascinated with the new snow. Begged to go out several times yesterday--even if she didn't last more than a minute or two.
It kept snowing.
I never heard how many inches we got...
...but, as you can see on the parked cars, it was several.
The plow finally showed up in the afternoon to basically make a big swipe thru the parking lot. They aren't very good about shoveling or plowing here compared to other places I've lived. Might be another case of you get what you pay for? Like the roofers? LOL!
I was so excited to see a package in the mail from Iggy!!
My very favorite kind of leaves--maples!!
Aren't they gorgeous?
And look at these fancy things!
I've never seen them before. They are so delicate and almost fluffy.
Iggy said they are from a Red Japanese Split Maple. I absolutely love these!
Thanks soooo much, Iggy!! You're an angel! I can hardly wait to show Leah tonight. She might have to fight me for these, tho--ROFL!
They finally came thru and did the sidewalk. People were having to fight their way into the building all day...and the snow is deep, as you can see.
I am so blessed that I don't have to go anywhere. Being housebound has its silver lining, I guess, eh? ;)
I am wondering if they are going to have the parking lot plowed enough for Dagan and Leah to get in and out tonight?
Okay--new idea for the etsy shop. Was thinking that it would be really cool if people could pick out a sentiment for the inside of a blank card if they wanted one. We could take a picture of several simple sentiments (made from rubber stamps) that they could pick from. For example: Thank You, Thinking Of You, Happy Birthday, etc. It would take a little extra time, but they could could have their card customized, you know?
And then I was also thinking that I could show a sample of my handwriting and they could have a very personalized card if they wanted--with a hand written sentiment. For example: Happy 40th Birthday Phil--Happy 25th Anniversary John and Mary--You're The Best--whatever they want.
Just curious as to what you guys think of these ideas?
Anyways, it is eight below zero and sunny. Dagan and Leah plan to come over tonight. Leah and I have a date with the Christmas cards--hehe! I think it is a spaghetti night. :)
"The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them."
Ralph Nichols


  1. I'm glad you like the leaves!

    I think you got a good 4-5 inches or more of snow there - ugh!! Please keep it in the "great white north"... please... I'm beggin' ya...

    I like the idea of your handwriting a note into a card. It could be whatever the person asks for - as long as it wasn't pages and pages long!

  2. I'm jealous of all your snow! Mind you, since I'm still not feeling 100% I wouldn't be able to be out enjoying snow if we had it right now anyway. Besides, I'm hoping our snow comes just right for Christmas... After all, who doesn't love a white Christmas?

    I think your idea for the cards is a great one. Most people will like the idea of being able to personalize the cards as much as possible.

  3. Man, am I ever glad I don't live in Fargo. LOL (snow...nasty 4 letter word)

    Sending those leaves to you was a nice idea. Now I know why Iggy was looking for the name of that tree. :)

    The customized, hand-written cards sound like they would be very nice to receive. Sounds like a winner to me.

    I hope Dagan and Leah make it safely to your place and back home again. I'm not ready for winter snow.

  4. Iggy--I LOVE the leaves!!! It was especially nice to get leaves on a snowstorm day--so I could smell the earthy leaves as I said goodbye to the ground, possibly for the winter--hehe! We'll try to keep the snow up here for a while. ;)

    You're right--it would have to be a short sentiment and not something really long--hehe! :)

    Tori--I hope you get to feeling better soon. And I do hope you get a white Christmas and Kero can dance about in the snow!

    Glad you like the idea of the personalized cards, too. :):)

  5. That's what our weather looked like on Sunday, then Monday and today have been freezing rain. Thankfully, most people are being sensible and staying home. All of the schools and most businesses are closed. Glad you're safe and sound.

  6. Wow, did you get a lot of snow!
    I'm jealous of the leaves. Remember the maple tree in my front yard that I posted? It never did change color, the leaves just turned brown and fell off. I think it was the weather, too many hot days. Not that I am complaining.
    I think personalized messages in the cards is a great idea. I have thought of doing it if I could take the time to do a pretty lettering.....and not mess it up!

  7. Oh my...it's in the upper 70s here and then we'll get a cold front and be in the 20s tonight! No snow though.

    Personal messages inside cards is a great idea. Short, sweet, and simple is best.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Oh...I like the quote you have at the bottom of this post. May have to steal it ;-)

  8. AliceKay--It's snowing again here (Weds). Yes, Dagan and Leah were here and home okay. Awful cold! That Iggy is such a thoughtful soul! :)

    Sue--Sounds horrible. The ice is the worst to deal with. I hope it's better by now. :)

    Barb--I do remember the gorgeous huge maple tree you posted! Sorry it never had a chance to turn color. There's nothing prettier to me. :):)

    Parsley--70s to 20s! Are you sure you don't live in Minnesota? ROFL! Feel free to steal any quotes, as I steal them to begin with--ROFL!! ;)

    Thanks everybody for the votes of confidence in personalizing the cards. :):)

  9. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Oh wow those leaves are absolutely beautiful, I saw a japanese maple tree for sale a while back for 7 dollars and some change now I wish I had bought it LOL that snow is beautiful too :o)

  10. Lynn--Yes, they're beautiful! Maybe you can see another deal on a Japanese Maple and grab it up next time. They are so pretty. :)


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