Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday-9:30am (End of the World Day)

If today is the end of the world, I guess I created my last zendala for the weekly Zendala Dare...
...and had fun perusing my Tangles Binder I made and picking different designs to try.
Aqua, Capell, Clothesline, Daggerly, DL Sunray, and Jalouise.  As usual, I put this first so the fellow Zendala Dare folks won't have to waste any time trying to find this on my blog...especially when this could be our final minutes.  ;)
But for those of you who don't care or aren't worried--I have a ton of pictures today (not going out with a whimper), so grab a cuppa and I'll tell you about my week.  ;)
First of all, I have gotten quite a few beautiful Christmas cards but I do enjoy sharing the handmade ones.  This one is from Felicia...
 ...who is obviously a talented card maker.  The whole inside piece swivels when you open it.  Sweet!
 And this lovely piece of artwork is from Tracey Fletcher King, an artist in Australia.  I thought all of you dealing with the snow and cold might get a kick out of her "hot" Christmas card!  ;)
 And then--I know this is hard to believe--I got another early Christmas surprise!!  A gift certificate from Iggy at Goulet Pens!!  Iggy hasn't been blogging because he had a bad shoulder injury and is looking at surgery in his future, so please say a prayer or send some good energy his way.
I keep thinking this Christmas couldn't get any better and it does!  I am so thankful and happy--some days I feel like I am going to bubble over!!  Even if today is my last--I shall still bubble!!  :):)
The only fly in the ointment... the hood for the ten gallon has finally bit the dust.  I put a couple small lamps, one on each side, to give them some light.  The hood is so old (1991 or 1993) that I have had to pull the on/off switch back out with a pliers for the past several months.  But even this has a happy ending.  (Sorry Mom and Dad.)  They don't want us to open our Christmas card until Christmas, but I need my Christmas money to try to save the five fish, live plants, and zillion snails.  I know you'll understand.
Dagan is picking me up after work this afternoon (half-day).  We are depositing the check and heading for PetSmart--if we should live so long.  My last moments may be in PerSmart--LOL!  Or at home picking snails off the underside of the old hood--trying to save as many as I can.  (I know--I know--hypocritical for someone who lets Karma watch wasps die in her bug jar.)
I was very busy this week.  First off, I have needed to make more bookcards for months.  I assembly-line them when I run out.  The first thing I do is grab this flowered box...
...and pick out covers.  I pre-cut 12 X 12 scrapbook paper for covers (they're in the front)...
...and different papers for the insides.  Remember when I bought all that business paper?  I use a bookend and pieces of chipboard to keep them upright so the paper doesn't bend.
I fold the covers with the bone folder...while sipping coffee from my thermal cup--LOL!
 Then I make up the signatures of five pages each (I used three different kinds of paper this time) and fold those.
 Next I match up inside paper and covers. 
 Got out my cardboard cradle...and picked a template.
 Funny, you can see the "No" and arrow where I accidentally punched in the wrong spot when I was making this template.  No clue how my mind could have wandered so--LOL!
 Then I center the inside pages and punch the holes in all of them. 
 There were many breaks.  Timer going off all day.  But I also managed to add tissue paper to the wall art project...
 ...and then gesso it again so it was ready to paint.
 Back to the assembly line.  
My cardboard cradle has seen better days.  I have re-taped that edge a couple of broke through once again, though.
 This time I tried something different and got out my bulldog clips!  That worked okay to finish off the rest of the holes this time, anyways.
 So, there they lie...waiting to be paired up with...
 ...colored embroidery thread.
 Was time to get out the scissors, tapestry needle (dull point), and my zip lock bag of the embroidery thread bits and pieces.  [Yes.  I save those, too--cut them up into tiny pieces and add them to paper pulp.  Quite colorful!]
 I stack them all up with their threads so I can sew them together while I watch a movie or TV show.
 This is the first time I have started sewing them from the center...
 ...and had the knot end up on the inside.
 So these are the bookcards.
 They have 20 small pages in them...sometimes less if I totally screw up a page writing--LOL!  Occasionally I special make one with more pages, but when I assembly-line them I use five half sheets per bookcard because then they are light enough to be mailed with the regular postal rate.
 I made 26 of them this time.
 I have a whole envelope full of little writing guides.  Not all of us can eyeball a straight line--LOL!
 Karma slept through most of my timers and back and forths and up and downs.
 We had another dusting of snow.  Enough to cover the grass again, at least.  South of us people got dumped on, but it missed us again. :(  I may be the only one who was saddened by that.  I am still hoping for a nice thick white Christmas. 
 And, lastly--I added color!!
 I boldly used my Dick Blick liquid watercolors.  Which are darker when wet...
...than after they dry. 
But I am not done playing yet.  I'm thinking...deeper color...some shimmer...maybe some gold?
Well, I won't keep you any longer on your final day.  If this is it, I am going out with a smile, organized, playing, and trying to save snails.  Live with joy, leave with joy!  I have a few quotes for you today.  Smile!!!
The fear of death follows from the fear of life.  A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.  
~Mark Twain
Dream as if you'll live forever.  Live as if you'll die today.  
~James Dean
When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you've got plenty to watch.  
~Unknown author


TexWisGirl said...

i hope you can find a new hood to fit! good luck! and as always i love your zendala...

Furry Bottoms said...

Your zendala is so amazing! They always are. The dimensions, WOW!

Loved the Karma cat in the middle of it all! :)

And the tie-dye!!! I LOVE TIE-DYE!!!

I hope Iggy is doing OK. I've tried keeping in touch but I'm not sure he wants me to. I still keep him in my positive thoughts!!

SandeeNC said...

LOOVE the book cradle hole punching thing...I'm going to have to make me one, I like the idea of boo cards, very interesting! Karma is enjoying her heated bed I see! Glad you had some money to buy a new fish tank cover, wouldn't want any of those die! lol waving hi from the no snow in sight hills of North Carolina :)

TammyVitale said...

wow! wowowowoowowowowow - those little books are awesome and I love your assembly line method!

Was thinking about you today because it is *finally* cold here - blew in with rain and high wind last night. My trust wood stove has the house so warm I had to open a door this morning to cool everything off.

Thank you for sharing all your lovlies - brings much bright joy to my day. xo

Dana said...

I love seeing the step-by-step of your projects!

Have a very Merry Christmas! I hope you get your snow. :)

stefanie stark said...

Incredible, how much tasks you have done this week!!! Please take my massive applause!!! I love the bookcards! They are beautiful!
Merry Christmas to you and your family and a happy new year! I'm looking forward what you come up with next year!


Shelly said...

Well, Ms. Karma looks a little exhausted. I hope she's not overdoing it in the holiday rush... :)

Loved seeing how you put things together, and glad we're all still here. Merry Christmas!

Janie Junebug said...

Are you alive? I think I am, but I'm not positive. I think that if the world actually ended that Karma would still go on.


Serena Lewis said...

Nice Zendala....your Tangles binder has sure come in handy. :)

Beautiful cards! Again, I did not get the chance to send out Christmas cards this year...I swear it just gets busier and busier for me around this time of year.

How dumb am I?? All this time Iggy has been commenting on your blog and I didn't clue in that he works for Goulet Pens. So sorry he has a bad shoulder injury. I can empathise to some degree as my shoulder injury persists.

Sorry to hear the aquarium hood finally bit the dust. Hope you manage to find one that suits.

I am a recipient of numerous book-cards from you and love them all. I always enjoy seeing your process. I will one day get around to making some too. I still have a pile of watercolour paper signatures waiting to be bound into a journal and it's only been over 2 years now. I think I need a taskmaster!

Your wall art looks lovely...can't wait to see the finished piece. I actually love the vibrancy of the watercolours when wet. :)

There's a message on Facebook that says - "I'm not afraid that the world will end in 2012...I fear that the world will continue without changing anything". With the message, it shows a picture of an unkempt, hungry and underprivileged child covered in dirt and holding a piece of dirty bread. I pray that the human race will wake up, stop their destruction of this planet, and start working towards a kinder, more loving world....not only for humankind, but also for the beautiful animals we share this planet with.

Btw, it's the 22nd here and I'm still kickin'. ;)

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Anne's tangle blog said...

Your zendala is great, Rita! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photo's.

DJan said...

Those look like four eyeballs at the ends of your zendala, Rita. I thought you should have made them look different directions, like lizards do! I love it, BTW. And your pretty booklets, I sure enjoyed seeing how you put them together. And that last quote is a really good one! :-)

Victoria said...

Wowness...those liquid watercolors are mesmerizing!! potent beauty! Colorful bliss!
I loved everything you shared..fabulous creations..totally stunning you have been a busy creative bee!!
Hugs and blessings..wishing you a wonderful season and fabulous 2013!
Thanks for all the magic you share!

Anonymous said...

Those bookcards are amazing!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

((just want to say...i'm trying to catch up this morn...but i gotta run to the store real quick...BUT i shall return...and READ!!)) xo

Unknown said...

Well its Sunday and I'm reading your blog! We all made it!!! yay!
I LOVE how you showed us the process and I am in love with the idea of using a bookend in your paperbox. such a simple idea and I never thought of it. Thanks!!! Your last photo is my fav, all that color!!! have a merry christmas Rita!

Desiree said...

I am super impressed with that tangle!!!!

And you are so organized with the book cards! I love that one with the flower on the cover you showed first lol!

You did indeed add color, but I love it, keep going it needs more, some kind of contrast, white or black, probably white?

Unknown said...

What an absolutely creatively colourful productive week for you! Just love all the detail in your writing. You remind me that I should blog about far more things that/ than I do! Anyway, hope your fish survive over Christmas, you can share details with craftywhippet, she has lots of baby fish and some pregnant ones. LOl Happy Christmas to you.

Far Side of Fifty said...

How nice of Iggy..he is a sweetheart! I like your little book cards..very good idea! :)

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

I love your card projects! i love the card you sent me and am saving it along w/ other special cards. I so appreciate hand-made things!

AliceKay said...

I'm glad the world didn't end. I have more things to accomplish in this life before I go.

Intense Guy said...

Hmm... I cant think of many places that would be better places to be when/if the world ended than in a "puppy store".

Your modpodge art looks awesome!!!

Hope the fishes are working on their tans now!