Friday, December 07, 2012


My hours seem to have shifted an hour or two since I was sick, but I'm still on day hours so I am happy.  But I was up earlier on Tuesday because I was so sore from Monday--LOL!  Got a sunrise shot.  :)
Monday night Leah and I went over to Office Max and I had copies made of the Christmas cards and the birthday cards. 
FYI: I just wanted to say that we have had troubles with both Office Max stores up here when it comes to printing anything with red in it.  I had red leaves come out pink at both stores years ago.  Took a whole evening with one employee who knew how to adjust the color via the computer--was a real pain in the butt.  So this time I figured I would just walk away and whatever happened happened, you know?
And this is what I got.  As you can see from the original on top, the brown-eyed susans ended up very yellow...
...and they lost most of their definition because of losing so much of the orange. 
Okay--original on top, yellow ones from Office Max on bottom right, and a copy from my own printer at home bottom left.    
My copy on my HP printer at home does a way better job than theirs did.  So, if I can ever figure out how to scan (the scanner won't talk to my McLap and I have to wait until Dagan has a lot of time to take a shot at figuring out what Windows program it says I need to have) I will maybe learn how to do them at home from now on.  It can't cost me much more than their 71 cents a sheet--plus paying for them to fit the picture on to the page in the right spot and cutting the sheets in half.  I guess my printer isn't as bad as I thought it was--LOL!  My copy is a lot closer to the original, even if mine has more yellow, too.  ;)
It has to do with the magenta ink they use, I guess.  At least that is what we've been told.  I suppose we could try an actual printing shop, but that would probably cost me more than making them at home, too.  Might be an option, though, if I can't ever figure out the scanner so that I can get the pictures into my computer in the first place.  Anywho--just thought I'd give fair warning to anyone else thinking about making copies at Office Max.  If they are blue--they will be okay.  The Christmas cards turned out just fine.
Oh, and I picked up a set of legal pads that looked so happy.  I thought they'd be fun to use for writing letters to strangers for More Love Letters!  :)
After Leah and I had wandered about while the girl was printing up the cards I was pretty sore (lower back), so I stayed in the car (brought a book) while Leah ran into JoAnn's to look for diamond Stickles (the one thing I forgot to look for at Amazon before I made my order this month).  JoAnn's didn't carry Stickles.  Leah needed to run into Target and then we went over to Hobby Lobby but they were already closed.  (Hobby Lobby closes really early and isn't open on Sunday--religious owners.)  So then we drove over to Michael's.  By that time I needed to get out and walk (I also get stiff if I sit in one place too long--geez what a pain I am).  Well, you can probably guess what happened--LOL
You get Leah and I inside a craft store for the first time in must be a year or so...we went in for the diamond Stickles, right?  No diamond Stickles, but we did find a three pack that at least had something white...
...but then Leah started looking at the stamps for something new for the inside of the Christmas cards.  All the stamps were 40-50% off!  We've used most of the Christmas stamps we already have...well, you know what happened.  ;)  We found sayings and Christmas stamps... 
 ...and found a couple non-Christmas stamps, too, of course.
We both loved the idea of decorating this tree. 
And we couldn't resist this is a pack of inchie holiday stamps--one side... 
...other side... 
...and silver and gold ink pads and glitter tubes on the top. 
Quite a haul! 
Of course, that fun trip put me out of commission for a couple days, but it was SOOO worth it!!  Leah and I haven't been out and about doing our crafty shopping thing for so very long.  :):)  Was a joy!
We've had such dark mornings.  But sometimes it has cleared up by the afternoon to blue skies!   
Yesterday my back felt good enough to start on the cards.  I had them drying all over the place. 
Found out quickly that it is easier to do the embellishments first before I fold them--duh! 
Don't want to glaze to drip! 
On the one snowflake I am adding the Stickles. 
On the other snowflake I am adding some clear glaze (Glossy Accents). 
And then when the fronts are all dry I fold them and stamp the insides of the cards with a sentiment and let that dry. 
So that's what I will be doing in batches (while I sing along to Christmas carols, of course) until I am finished with all of them.  I hope before the new week starts so I can begin addressing envelopes and such.  Kind of behind schedule this year.  But if I can have them all in the mail before the middle of the month it will be okay, I think.
I was so excited about being able to make an Amazon order this month!!  After I made my big postage stamp order I dove into my Amazon wish list with great gusto!  Ordered things I needed (like the pooper scooper--lol!), things I wanted, and even something extra for Karma I hope she likes.  Christmas will be coming early to Fargo!  Packages should start trickling in next week--whoohoo!  :)
And I was able to order groceries and not owe anything extra!  What a treat!  I was asking the young man who brought the delivery if they needed to take the gift card or how did that work?  (They didn't need it and I even have a little left over for January!)  He told me--"I answered the phone when the lady called back to check to see if you got it."  So, I know it was a woman, but he didn't know her name.  Thank you!!  Whoever you are, sweet lady!!  :)
It wasn't until the next day that I wondered if whoever did this wonderful thing maybe gave me the groceries so I'd have money to buy Christmas presents!?  And what had I done?  Selfish me?  I bought things for myself and Karma!  I even bought some art supplies I didn't need.  Suppose I had really let this kind, generous lady down?
I called my BFF, Ruby, yesterday and she roared with laughter.  "You are such a Scandinavian!  Can't even just enjoy a gift without feeling guilty."  And I am making Christmas cards for her (they're all ready for the PO and will be picked up today by D/L) and for Dagan and Leah this year--so they are getting (tiny) presents.  Ruby said she'd be mad at me if I spent the money on her.  She makes me laugh, always has my soul's best interests in mind, and I felt much better after talking it over with her.  But I feel even better now after a full, public confession.
  Yes, such a Swede.  Have you ever seen the Swedish movie Oxen?  That's my heritage from the old country.  It's in my genes.  You can watch The Ox here for free.  I can totally understand the good and the evil in this movie...the guilt...the judgments...and the forgiveness.  (And I am grateful my life is much brighter and happier!)
But I hope my childish, selfish joy at the goodies I was able to get this month is not a disappointment to you, my kind and generous Secret Santa.  You will see pictures of what you helped provide me and Miss Karma this holiday season...and I cannot suppress the selfish joy.  Sorry.  Kind of bubbles over, you know?  I even ordered me a couple cans of my special French Vanilla Cafe International Coffee!!  Whoohoo!  I love to sip on that in the evening while watching TV and rubbing Karma's belly--oh the small pleasures in life.  ;)    
 Speaking of--one day (was too dark to even get a picture without the flash) I caught Karma trying to bend down the tall side of her new cat bed--LOL!    
This couldn't have been that comfortable.  She looks kinda creepy with those glowing flash-eyes. 
Oh, I have also been writing letters every day for the 12 day event for More Love Letters.  Which is good for my soul, too.  ;)  The first one didn't have to be in the mail till Monday so I am ahead of the game and have been keeping up!  Just plain feels good to reach out to somebody who needs a paper hug.  
Well, I need to get back to my card sessions.  To my delight, I have had some people email me about exchanging cards!!  If you are interested email me at and put "Christmas card list" in the subject and we'll exchange addresses!  I will mail internationally, too.  :)  
Very, very best to you this season of love and joy!!
"Life is no brief candle to me.  It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations."
George Bernard Shaw


TexWisGirl said...

i like your snowflake cards! shame about the printing on the black-eyed susans, though.

so, you're still getting clues to the i.d. of your secret santa. glad you know it is a kind woman who obviously loves you. :)

Dana said...

Your snowflake cards are lovely!

I have some Scandinavian in me and can definitely relate to those feelings of guilt. :)

Beth said...

Secret Santa's are wonderful..I am so glad you have one!

Love the quote!

stefanie stark said...

Your cards look so pretty!!! And I'd have loved to visit this shop with you and Leah - oh wow - what a great shopping you did!

Janie Junebug said...

I am not your Secret Santa, but let's pretend, just for a minute, that I am. I would say, Rita! I sent you that gift so you and Karma could be happy and comfortable. I didn't send it so you would spend it on someone else.

I just know that that's what your Santa would say.


SandeeNC said...

Your cards look great, you have a real production line going! I need to work on mine this week end too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Serena Lewis said...

I'm with Ruby...don't feel guilty! I'm sure your Secret Santa is getting great delight from watching/reading your curiosity and joy at buying some goodies to spoil yourself and Karma. I'm sure she wouldn't want you to feel guilty.

I would have been very disappointed with those black-eyed susan cards too. A printing shop would be your best option as they know what they're doing.

Love the Christmas cards....embellishment fun!

The legal pads are cute!

Have a lovely weekend ~ xx

betty said...

The snowflakes came out great Rita! The cards look fantastic!! It is neat that you and Leah enjoy doing crafts; something so bond and share a relationship with!! Don't be guilty about how you spent the gift that was given to you; it was given to you to use as you saw fit!! Sounds like you are enjoying it too which I am sure what the person who gifted you wanted to accomplish!!


Francene Stanley said...

Love the cards no matter how they turned out. What a lot of effort you put into your gifts--much better than buying something with no involvement.

DJan said...

You are so funny! Your Sanda, whoever she is, simply wanted to put some smiles on your face, and that she did! Spend away and enjoy it. I sure am enjoying your joy, Rita!!! And your cards are just lovely. :-)

Shelly said...

Your cards are beautiful, no matter what. I, too, love to go into Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I can spend too long and too much in them both.

Karma is such a clever kitty- you could even do a calendar of her in her different poses.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Love those snowflake cards!

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I so like that quotation from Shaw. It's what we all hope to do, I think, pass on this Earth to future generations in a way that leads only to deeper goodness in the world.

And I so enjoy this posting as you went back and forth between bubbling with joy and feeling some guilt over your purchases. I bet you anything you might care to bet that the woman who gave you this wonderful gift is simply overjoyed that you are enjoying so much.

Your Christmas cards are lovely and I look forward to receiving one in the mail. May your days and Karma's be filled with all the joy and hope and expectation of the Advent season. Peace.

TammyVitale said...

Love your cards! Do you have a picture modification program? Mostly I just take pictures of my work and then put them into the computer via the camera's photo card. I have Photoshop for adjustments (I mostly use the automatic adjustments - they're awesome).

Sounds like a lovely day out - good for you! It's always fun to have someone to poke around with! Merry Making!

Karen Smithey said...

My littlest just told me last night: "you are such a pessimist, do you know that? You worry about EVERYTHING!"

And I said, "well, I'm related to papa--" (who was 100% Norwegian!)

So I guess I have my share of the Scandinavian thing, too.

I see you're supposed to get some bad weather up there--hoping it doesn't affect you too much!

Zue said...

Your flower cards are really lovely. They are a kind of sunflower. Hope you are feeling ok.
Get well and stay well:)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

i'm the same way when it comes to craft stores! i could get lost in there...forever!

i LOVE your cards rita! even though the flower color didn't come out like your original...they look very nice...bright, cheery! i'd like to know how you can lay them all out and not have karma disturb them!? that's pretty good!!

i LOVE your sunrise shots!!

as usual...i'm behind stop would be your monday before this post i think!!

OH yeah...a secret santa!!??? you deserve it!! =)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Looks like a fun shopping trip at Joanns. It's aisle after aisle of possibilities in that store.

It would be fun to do a project (or two) from each aisle and challenge myself to do art/crafts that I don't typically do.

AliceKay said...

I love the Christmas card. Thank you! *hugs*