Monday, December 10, 2012


They predicted around four inches of snow for Saturday night.  The wind was pounding against the building and gusting so that whatever amount of this dry, fine snow we did get...
...mostly blew around into tiny drifts. 
The wind was coming our direction this time, though, so we got some snow on the porch.  It was seven degrees Sunday morning.  The snow crunched and squeaked under Karma's feet.  Too cold to stay out long, so she scooted in before I could get her picture out there. 
I worked on the Christmas cards in small batches over the weekend and got them all finished up by late last night.  Saturday I was still working on the half with the Stickles.
Karma kept me company...but she would have rather I was paying more attention to her, of course. 
Yesterday I worked on the glazing.
Got them all drying by late morning... that in the afternoon I could get out my trusty bone folder and then stamp the insides with a sentiment... 
...and leave them to dry well. 
I was up late to finish them...and then had a strange bad dream and couldn't get back to sleep this morning so I'm here early.  :)  The sky is beginning to orange up.  I can't chat long because I can feel it already in my back.  I probably shouldn't have done that last session on the cards last night--LOL!  Oh, but...Christmas music and a little bit of snow...I lost my head.  ;)
It's eight below zero right now.  I am glad I don't have to go any place.  I haven't read but a handful of blogs for days, so I guess I'll do some reading and whatever sessions my body can manage today for addressing envelopes--whoohoo!  Love Christmas!!  Maybe I'll stick in my favorite movie--It's A Wonderful Life.  It really is, you know.  ;)
"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."
Henry David Thoreau


  1. Hi Rita
    I am also behind with reading blogs etc.
    The snow looks great,we had a dusting but there may be more later this week.
    Stay warm:)

  2. brr with those temps Rita!! Snow looked kind of neat though! Did look like you were busy with your cards! Sorry about the dream; that is always not good to have one like that and then have trouble going back to sleep. Hope your back isn't too bad today!


  3. That's my daughters favorite movie, I think she watches it more than once each season. Stay warm, it sounds really cold to me.


  4. Beautiful cards!!!! I don't miss the north country. Brrrrrrrrr. xoxoxo Terah

  5. bone folder. hmmm. i recently did a few cards and realized my folding skills were pretty sad. maybe i need a handy whatchamacallit...

  6. I can't get over your temperatures. We are in the 50's here today and I am freezing! I probably wouldn't survive long up there.

    Your cards are things of beauty-

  7. Dear Rita, those cards look so ready to bring cheer to your friends! And you've labored over them so you'll be sending along to others your creativity and artistry.

    The thing is that at Christmas the Universe wants to give a gift to each of us. And I'm hoping that you will welcome the gift of contentment that comes when youi take care of your body and listen to it as you are today. Peace.

  8. You're right: It is a wonderful life. :)

    Your cards look great! I love reading about the process of making them.

    Have a happy week!

  9. No snow and below temps for me. Please keep them there.

  10. Hi Rita !!

    We just this morning hit low temps,,,finally hit 31 at 2 snow though, though they're threatening it might come.

    Love the cards--how talented you are! Hope you're feeling better.

    All my critters are inside but 2. They are the 2 who seem to just love cold weather, the colder the better! I keep an eye on them though...

    Having a hard time getting motivated to get much done today, still have Christmas decoration mess everywhere. lol

  11. Hi Rita
    I just drank a whole cup of tea catching up... the gift card... OMG ... how awesome is that... you totally deserve to be spoiled though... and nice to know you are being thought of with such love... and I laughed at the trip to the art supply... it is lovely to read how well you get on with Dagan and Leah... the love does shine through... and the cards are awesome... I have had no luck with office printer places, though Moo did a really good job, but at the end of the day the scanned and printed at home are the best by a long shot... so I hope you get your scanner working soon... I would be lost without my scanner... and stay warm... I am sending you lots of sunshine and summery warmth... lovely to catch up ... I have missed you !!!
    T xx

  12. Cards are beautiful ~ Karma has a festive collar? ~ adorable ~ do be gentle with yourself ~ you are a treasure ~ happy week to and stay warm ~

    (A Creative Harbor) aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^

    ps. Rainy and in 50s in MA ~ crazy weather

  13. The cards are looking great, good job at getting them all done!

    I cannot believe it is snow time for you already! It has been stormy since Friday here in my area and just got REALLY cold for us today, only 38 but still :D

  14. The cards are looking great, good job at getting them all done!

    I cannot believe it is snow time for you already! It has been stormy since Friday here in my area and just got REALLY cold for us today, only 38 but still :D

  15. You are as busy as Santa's Elves in your workshop! Great looking cards..what fun for you to go on a shopping trip with Leah.
    A lady..I was picturing a man for some reason. LOL Must be a Santa thing.
    We did n't get much snow here..there was more at DL than here. Brrr..really cold this morning -17 F..I hated it..good thing we didn't have top go anyplace early:)

  16. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Oh, that looks cold in the wind!

    Love your cards. Keep well!

  17. "It's A Wonderful Life" is my favorite movie, too. If I were Karma I would turn tail and head back inside, too. It's rainy and a little warm and humid here. I think I might have to turn on the ceiling fan in my room tonight. Your cards are beautiful. I'm sorry I can't send out something so pretty, but I promise my cards are sent with love.


  18. It's hard not to overdo when you're enjoying what you do. And it sounds like you're doing just that.

  19. Oh wow!! Your cards are simply gorgeous!!!! Fabby job, hun!

    Rest up and don't overdo it anymore, k?!

    Pouty Karma, too funny!!!

  20. Karma left her footprints behind, I see where she was! And it does seem cold and uninviting outside, no wonder she scooted right back in. I hope you get some rest today so you won't be hurting too much. Wonderful job on those pretty cards, Rita! :-)

  21. Burrrr Glad its over there =0) I am so happy it didnt snow here this week so far. I have to take Bennie and Sophie to be fixed tonight and driving in the snow is an almost worse than death thing for me lol The cards are looking beautiful!! I am slowly getting done with mine too. Hope you are having a wonderful week! *hugs* =0)

  22. Wow, sounds cold. It was in the 60s here in Arizona today and I felt cold all day! It's all in what we get used to. Your cards look wonderful! Can't wait to get card is in the mail to you! Enjoy your week.

  23. What a wonderful way to celebrate this season. I know I'm late getting here, but I made it eventually. Seems the more time I allow myself, the more I procrastinate. You, on the other hand, have been busy working your way to the completion of those cards. I also make cards assembly style, but mine are never as nice as yours.

  24. Brrr! I remember that bitter cold--so cold that the snow doesn't pack and is as dry as can be--

    I wouldn't mind it if I didn't have to set foot outside, but when I lived in Michigan I had to always go OUT in it! I remember walking to class winter term at MSU--

    You have done an amazing amount of work on your Christmas cards! Now you need to take it easy--and I need to get to work on your card :)

  25. How amazingly organised those cards are, I would never be able to do it that way :) Lovely, Rita. I hope your aches subside soon.

  26. Anonymous11:38 AM

    eight below? ouch~ I'm whining because it's in the 10 here! Stay warm and dry my friend. I can't see what I'm typing so forgive the typo's please. :)

  27. Your Christmas cards are beautiful! Such an eye-catching, detailed design.

  28. That's an amazing Card Assembly Line you've got going on there!

    And is sure is chilly at your place! Brrrrrrrrr....

    LOVE the kitty footprints in the snow.

  29. The cards look great! 8 below? I won't complain about 20 above again!

  30. oooooh!! S N O W!!!! yay!!

    7 degrees!! yikes!! i'd love to TRY that!! =)

    what the heck's a BONE folder? hmmmm sounds interesting! you have lots of interesting things!! =)

    love all the cards!! (i even have one to HOLD in my hands! xoxo)

    be merry rita & karma!!

    (i was shocked when i realized i MISSED this one too! life is just too damn hectic lately!)

  31. Eight below zero?? I could never live in Fargo, North Dakota. LOL It's bad enough where I live, but that would be too cold for my bones.

    (i caught up on a couple of blogs but it's bed time now)

  32. Your card was beautiful! I like the understated elegance you achieved with these!

    Yoikes! Fargo is really too cold!! These sort of chilly days make you wonder about Global Warming don't they?


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