Monday, September 03, 2012


I didn't plan on being awake for an early morning sunrise again...
...but here I am in the middle of the night again. 
I woke up at 3:30am (bad dream) and couldn't get back to sleep.  Hurtin' from doing too much the past couple days...and then I can have what I call pain dreams where I incorporate the pain into the dream.  They can be emotionally disturbing sometimes.  So I took a pain pill and here I am letting it do its thing so that maybe I can make it back to bed this time.  ;)
I finished up with what I was going to tackle with the books and then I started in on the satchels.  Have a lot of them to go through and some of them will end up in the bedroom, but first I had to empty them from the bookcases.
I ended up taking out all the movable shelves eventually, too, as I decided where things would go...hopefully.  I am still not quite done in here and have a huge mess now in the bedroom to work on.  Some of which might not fit and may have to come back out here--LOL! 
Anyways, I made a lot of headway!!  Tada!!
This is what I have so far in the art bookcase. 
And this is what I have so far in the other two across the room.  Obviously more to go on this one... 
...but this one is getting pretty full and feeling more settled. 
All I have to do to make Karma's life interesting is move her cat bed--LOL! 
She's usually interested in what I am doing around here when I am moving things about... 
...but it has been going on for too long.  Plus Karma worries about being stepped on and I am all over the place...too dangerous.  She's been snoozing under the bed a lot--LOL!  Well, a girl does need her beauty sleep.  ;)
The AC is working well.  I didn't feel better until Saturday...and then I overdid it all weekend, of course.  Duh!  When you finally feel better you are so happy to be able to get something done...well, common occurrence over here.  My mind is still enthusiastic even if my body isn't--LOL!
My check came early because the third landed on a holiday.  (Happy Labor Day to those of you who celebrate it.)  So I already made my orders for the month.  Got some more clear plastic tubs from Amazon, postage stamps (lost without those), and all the refills for the ink pads!!  Ordered less food again (don't worry--I won't starve with a pantry full of supplies--just have to actually cook more and good thing I do love oatmeal--lol!) and got something else that was totally a splurge!  Ordered some Silks (acrylic glazes) from LuminArte.  I plan to take my first paid for online class on how to use them when it's available again sometime before the year is out.  I'll explain more later when I am able to sit here longer.
Feels like I have forgotten something, but I'll write myself a note for Thursday if I remember.  I am thrilled I am getting closer to finished out here, anyways.  Probably 90% done in the living room and the hallway bookcases are good to go!  The bedroom is a total disaster and I still have to tackle the hallway closet.  I'll deal with those next, but I need a good long break here, I guess.  Recovery time.
All is going well.  Life is good!
Have a wonderful, wonderful week!!  :):)
"If God sends you down a stony path, may God give you strong shoes."
Irish Blessing


Deanna said...

Hope that pain pill and going back to bed did the trick. The progress you've made is absolutely amazing! Looking forward to seeing the "I'm done!" pictures.

Have a wonderful week.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

just like a cat...
sleeping during all the work.
she'll probably wake up as soon as all the stuff is organized on the shelves! =)

i REALLY LIKE the tall shelf with the flat drawers...

take it easy rita...don't wear yourself out...well, any more than you already have! haha. i know it's not easy to rest when you see all the stuff you still want to organize!!

happy monday!

Crystal said...

Sometimes when you overwork during the day it makes it hard to stay asleep. You need to take a tip from Karma...who is easily napping. :-)

Beth said...

Your reorganizing is beginning to take shape. Be careful not to overdo!!

Farida said...

Karma looks very cozy in his own bed... and he's a huge cat and very cuddly too :)

Are those containers for threads? Hope you finish putting things in place. From the photo, they look very tidy.

By the way, I would love to get to know you more in the future by reading your posts. Would you like us to follow each other?

TexWisGirl said...

the pain dreams do not sound like anything remotely helpful. i hope you can get some more rest later. karma's got a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your progress (& your a/c)--but don't overdo!

Darla said...

I usually wake up too early too but I get lots of time on the computer in the dark as a bonus.

You look like you are quite organized. I'll bet you feel good to have accomplished so much.


Friko said...

I couldn't sleep last night; got up at 3 am and switched on the computer. How very annoying it is when sleep just won't come.

I had an hour's nap during the day today.

carol l mckenna said...

Photos are awesome and your organizing is wearing me out ~ Karma is the smart one in the bunch ~ Hugs to you both ~ (A Creative Harbor)

DJan said...

I have internet again and am getting caught up on the blogs I've missed. I am also completely tired out from the move and having trouble sleeping. I NEVER do during normal times, so I can relate to your pain dreams. I just finished cleaning the old apartment and am sitting in ordered chaos in the new one, but I can take my time now. Hugs to you and Karma! Great pictures of your hard work! :-)

Dee said...

Dear Rita, the bottom line is always taking care of yourself. And it sounds as if you are truly paying attention to what your body is saying to you. What I wonder is this: do you stop and take a break frequently while doing all this sorting and arranging? If someone else were doing all this for you, you'd encourage them to take a break. Please do that for yourself. Peace.

Serena Lewis said...

Yes, my dear friend, be sure to rest up and recover. Well done on all that you achieved tho. Are you going to take the next Dion Dior class? I've been thinking about it myself. She uses Silks.

I hope the pain settles soon.

Love, hugs and healing ~ xo

Meihsia Liu said...

You are so organized and remember to take more rest... :)

Janie Junebug said...

How I wish I were there to help you organize. I could do the lifting because of my bad back and you could tell me where to put things. We could end the day by comparing our aches and pains.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Goodness, you have been very, very busy. I see so many changes since the first photo. I kept scrolling back to see things I had missed. You are really working it. Aren't you glad this was a holiday? After all, holidays are all about resting! So I hope you get some sleep tonight. I'm sure it's long overdue.

Dana said...

Karma looks very comfortable. ;)

It sounds and looks like things are really coming along!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I hate it when I wake up and can't get back to sleep or wake up in pain which makes it hard to get back to sleep thankfully it doesn't happen to me very

You sure have made some progress which is great but really try not to over do it, and yes I know sometimes it is easy to say and harder to do because we get started and then just think I will finish this bit then rest but the bit takes longer then we think and then before we know it we have over done

SandeeNC said...

whew, I was glad to see Karma resting, I was looking for her in the first set of pictures and was worrien you had organized her away into one of the boxes on the shelf. I think all your hard work is exhausting the poor dear! Glad to hear you are feeling better and that your AC is back to working! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Organizing craft stuff, when you have as much as we do, is exhausting!!! But it looks so nice and feels so good when you have everything 'just so'!! My room was finished, but then I went shopping for things to make craft fair items. Bags everywhere and now I need to fix it all up again. Never-ending cycle, lol!!

Rest up and I know it will all look amazing when you're finished!! Hugs!

Furry Bottoms said...

You've got the organizing bug BAD!!! I used to be like that. I don't know what happened to it though. When you live with other people you give up a lot of of habits. I used to be a neat freak, but when I realized I was cleaning other people's messes all the time, I gave it up.

I also know that moment when you feel blissfully good... no pain or anything it can be quite liberating. Too liberating. You get this sense you can do anything and you try to do everything only to be reminded that you cannot do that. Disappointment!

I don't think Karma minds the bed on the patio! :)

Furry Bottoms said...

Sandee is so funny, worried about you having organized Karma away into a box or something, teeheehee!!!

I had an odd dream last night. I dreamt that I discovered that a lifelong friend of mine had been lying to me about something horrible our entire lives. I'm trying to figure out if I feel guilty about something myself or something. I can't figure it out! I did get a feeling of "ah ha" as if I knew it but the friend never admitted it, and now its out in the open. Hmm. Interesting...

Jenny Woolf said...

This is one organised place! I am so impressed *looks around in dismay at own surroundings*

Cowgirl Red said...

Hey I'm not sleeping so well lately too. It's a little upsetting. It's good to see that you are productive in your insomnia. Terah

AliceKay said...

Karma looks nice and comfy in her bed. Maybe I need a bed like that. ;)

I'm glad you're feeling better now. It's not fun feeling sick, especially when you see work around you that needs to get done.

Your shelves and cases are looking great. You sure do have a lot of supplies. lol

Dave said...

Hope you are feeling better Rita. My, you sure like to push yourself trying to organise everything. Take it easy occasionally huh? - Dave

Rachel Mims said...

I just did a re-organization too! Doesn't it feel great to be finished? Happy CED.

Cindy Lane said...

I can tell Karma is wrecked after all that organising!

You take it easy - pain dreams must be telling you to slow down a bit. Otherwise, your re-organised vision is looking fabulous!

Zue said...

You seem to be getting straight by degrees; it can be a nightmare, can't it; when you start?

Bad dreams I know all about....last night it was Siamese cats....not the breed, but two cats joined at the was quite distressing. Thank god I woke up.

I feel that nature is my god and I always wear strong shoes when I go FOR A NATURE WALK:)
Take good care Rita!

Karen Smithey said...

You are amazing! I love seeing all that you've accomplished, though I sure wish it didn't take so much out of you :(

My theory on cooking is that if I cook, it should last for two nights for the family plus a lunch for me!

My favorite is a big pot of soup--

Intense Guy said...

I usually stagger around feeling like I've forgotten something just about all the time!


I hope everything is back into the shelves now (or really soon!)