Thursday, August 30, 2012


What am I doing up at this hour?  I really don't know.  *sigh*  I slept from midnight till 3am, woke up, and wasn't able to get back to sleep.  Sure, I'm extra sore (excursion--you'll see below), but I can usually get back to sleep.  If I am still lying there an hour later, though, I might as well get up.  
I took a pain pill and here I am.  Not sure if I am getting sick or what.  Extra warm (that was why I couldn't get back to sleep) and don't feel very well.  But when you ache all over all the time it's hard to tell when you're actually sick.  Plus, both Dagan and I can run below normal or reverse temps when we're sick (I know, odd but true) and I am running 97 right now and I've been up for half an hour so it should be back to normal (mine drops way down when I am sleeping).  Well, I am...awake.  So I thought I'd post since I have a ton of pictures again today.  ;)
First of all, I called on the AC on Monday and the maintenance man came and pulled the unit out to clean it.
My filter was nice and clean, BTW, for those of you who wondered.  He even remarked on it because so many people forget to clean them.  But the AC had never been pulled out since they built the building nine years ago--and it was GROSS back there!!  There were such layers of dirt--well, to the point he thought at first that there was old paper or leaves back there, but it was just layers of crud falling down.
It only got up to 85 on Monday so that was the best day this week to lose your AC, I guess.  I opened the place up, was so hot I tossed my socks off (which Karma claimed, of course), and... 
 ...was envious of the rattling, whirring AC next door.
You can see the dumb design of putting the ACs on the side walls so that they face a wall and blow across the ends of the living rooms instead of facing into the room.  Duh!   
Karma slept on the porch all afternoon. 
He took the AC apart and completely cleaned it because it was still trying to push cool air.  When he brought it back he told me to wait two hours before I turned it on...something about the oil settling back into place.  Cautious Swede that I am, I waited three hours to be on the safe side.  
The AC has been working much better.  I am not hot tonight because it is warm in here.  It's not.  It's me.
I've spent days puttering.  Avoiding moving books for a while.  Been spending time at my desk sorting through various odds and ends from the bookcases that are in binders and folders.
Got to empty out before I can fill. 
Still shuffling things about.  The stacks grow higher in some spots and lower in others.  No big news on the organizing front. 
The big news is that I made it over to see the house with Dagan last night.  :)  He came over for dinner, helped me get more storage room on my phone, and prodded me to take a tour.  (It was 95 degrees!)  He wouldn't tell me a thing about whether it had a roof or anything just to torture his old mom.  By the time we left it was beginning to cool down (92-lol!).  I was glad I went.  ;)
Dagan said in the past two days they put in all the windows and shingled the roof!  I hadn't actually been over there for like three months or so and have only seen the same pictures you have. What totally shocked me was... 
...there were houses everywhere!!
None of these houses were here! 
Or these!  Look at them all! 
When I was here last there was ONE house--over on this side street---and that was it!  The neighborhood is literally popping up!  Wow! 
And Dagan and Leah's is really starting to look like a house now--whoohoo!
We went in through the garage.  This is the side by the smaller garage door where Leah wants to have her workshop. 
They have stairs into the house in the garage entry now. 
When I came into the house this is the shot looking out toward the front door.  There will be a side window, I guess. 
Now I am at the far end of the entryway hallway still looking toward the front door trying to show you the garage door and the stairways...
...down to the basement... 
...and up to the second floor. 
But first...the main floor.  Here I am standing in what will be the kitchen looking toward the living room area.  Those windows have been raised from where they had cut the hole too low.  The entryway hallway is off to the right.
Now I'm standing in the living room showing you the dining room area by the sliding glass doors.
Now it gets harder to tell, but I am aiming in the direction of the kitchen.  On the left there will be an archway into a small bathroom and then off to the right behind the kitchen... 
...there's going to be a big pantry!  Like 6-7 feet square!  Cool! 
Next we went upstairs.  This is a shot looking back down to the landing.  They were supposed to make the landing one big level area the same as it is on the basement stairs landing--but it's not.  The company has been informed.  Wonder if they can fix it or not?  You should get what was planned.
  Dagan, that sneaky guy, was taking a video for Leah and didn't tell me--LOL!  Here he's standing in one of the bedrooms.
Okay--I get a little confused and I took the pictures!  Anyways, there's four bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry room upstairs.  Here's the master, I believe...
...and this is the walk through closet for the master bedroom.  Oh, and the master has it's own bathroom, too. 
This is the bedroom next to the master. 
When you come up the stairs there's two bedrooms in the back of the house--master to the left and smaller bedroom to the right--and then two in the front of the house. 
Here's the first one in the front... 
...and here's the second one.  Oddly this isn't the master bedroom, even though this is the side that has the high ceilings and those extra windows you see on the front of the house from the street.  But since this faces west, maybe that's a good thing.  Would make a super office space or a wonderful guest room.  They haven't decided yet. 
This is going to be the laundry room, I think.  There's also a bathroom off the hallway, but I think the bathroom is what I forgot to get a shot of.
Sorry this is a little blurry.  I shot it through a dirty upstairs window just to show you how much activity is going on now on their street!  Like a building bee hive! 
Next we went down to the basement.  This is the storage area that runs under that entryway hallway from the front door. 
There's more storage space under the stairs. 
They got the bigger, nicer window wells made out of wood... 
...and it really makes a difference in the look and with extra light down here. 
Here's Dagan in the utility room...
...and here's a shot of the big basement main room which won't be finished off. 
Lastly we went outside and walked around the house.  Dagan mentioned the full moon.  What moon?  I was so focused on the house...
...that I didn't even see this beautiful early moon. 
The master bedroom will be there above the sliding glass doors. Eventually they will have a deck off the back. 
Were shocked that a man opened up the sliding glass door when we were back here.  He asked if we were the home owners...turned out he is going to be a neighbor to them.  When the houses are still unlocked people can wander through, I guess.  Dagan told me he and Leah went and walked through some of the other houses in the evenings while they were still open.  It's kind of understood that they can do that, apparently.  Kind of a form of free advertising.  But it sure startled me.  LOL!
We said goodbye to the house... 
...and Dagan dropped me off at home.
Okay...I have a chiming alarm set to go off at 8pm to remind me to take my melatonin.  I discovered that it does not shut itself off.  Karma was highly stressed and started crying loudly at the door the second she heard my key at 8:45pm.  I could barely get the door open because she was rubbing against the door and then she was under my feet proclaiming her tale of woe...and all I could hear was that loud chiming!  Poor baby!
She was quite clinging last night.  And was still sleeping with me when I woke up at 3am.  Apparently her emotional crisis has passed, though, because she is not up here with me in the middle of the night.  After she got her treat and saw I was going to be on the laptop...she went back to sleep in the bedroom after the exhausting travails of her solitary tortuous evening.  ;)
Me.  I may try to join her before the sun comes up and catch a few more winks.  I'm still feeling really off and queasy, but that may be from lack of sleep.  Not a big deal.  I've felt a lot worse.  ;) 
Well, I hope you have a restful weekend with good weather, delightful surprises, and good company.  :):)
"In the continuous flow of blessing our heart finds meaning and rest."
David Steindl-Rast


DJan said...

The house is amazing! And coming along very nicely. Poor Karma! She was obviously traumatized by the sound. Glad she's back to normal now. Poor thing!

I do hope if you can't sleep for one night that the next one you will. I've been waking a lot during the night myself...

Felicia said...

OH No I hope your not getting sick! Boo on being sick. Its been my year for being sick. Hardly ever sick and this year the ickys have got me 3 times! So I hope your just tired and not getting sick =0(

The photos are awesome!! Looks like the house is really coming along! Isn't it amazing how fast they can put them up!! I watched a whole neighborhood pop up down the street I swear in like 6 months. Was CRAZY fast!

The moon has been just stunning here too. With the fires ( 3 more popped up with in a 2 hour radius of us) it was HUGE and orange last night. So pretty.

You have a super rest of your week ok!


Anonymous said...

The house is going to be beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how quickly houses can be put up.

Hope you're feeling better and cooler.

TexWisGirl said...

starting to really shape up into a home! awesome!

Unknown said...

So glad your AC is fixed! The new house pictures are fascinating ... I used to work for a building contractor so I'm familiar with how these neighborhoods pop up. It's a good thing Dagan is keeping an eye on the progress. Little things go wrong and the subcontractors just make do without consulting anyone - like the basement stairs landing. It's better if the homeowner is a stickler for details -because goodness knows, the workers aren't!

Beth said...

Your son's house is going to be awesome! I enjoyed all of the photos.

Deanna said...

What a post. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well and can't sleep. Been there, done that. Hopefully you are feeling a bit better today and were able to get a few more zzzzz after writing the post.

Getting that AC fixed has to be a relief. You may not need it much longer this year, but at least it is working when you do need it!

And Dagan and Leah's house. Wow! It is going to be amazing. And all of those houses sprouting up! I was like.. huh? How is that possible? Thanks for the tour.

Here's to feeling better!


Janie Junebug said...

The house looks great. Interesting about your temp. Mine tends to be low, so when it gets up to so-called normal, no one believes me when I say I have a fever.


Dee said...

Dear Rita, ". . . the continuous flow of blessing." I need to look for those as regularly and as courageously as you do each day. And "rest" in them.

Thank you for sharing the pictures of Leah and Dagan's new home. It's big and I bet they are so going to enjoy it. They've probably learned a lot from you about space and how to use it well. Peace.

SandeeNC said...

First off, I hope you aren't coming down with something and feel better soon! Secondly, my poor Karma, all stressed over mom leaving that nasty alarm on, I would have been stressed too, I cannot stand alarms! poor, poor baby!! ((hugs to Karma )) lastly, I love their house, it's coming along nicely! Glad you got your air conditioner back on to help cool you off! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's good to read that your AC is fixed. Good for you and the filter. I clean the one in my office at least twice a month.

I love the photos of the house. I especially like that the laundry room is upstairs. Makes SO much more sense than in the basement or on the ground floor where some people put theirs. After all, what is on the first floor, except tea towels, guest bath towels (which probably only need to be changed every few weeks), and a tablecloth and cloth napkins on special occasions. I've always tried to explain to people with multistory houses need to have their laundry room where their bedrooms and main bath are located. Good for them. They get an A in my book!

Now go get some sleep!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

it's really crazy how fast the houses go up nowadays!!
their house sure looks nice...BIG...with lots of space!! i bet they're just so excited and can barely wait to get in there! doesn't look like they have much to go. they'll be moving in before you know it!!

take care of yourself rita...hopefully whatever is bothering you, will work it's way OUT before it settles in.

my temp runs below normal...and even when i get sick (which is really rare) i never run a fever. well, i'm sure i have at some point in my life...but i can't remember!

so glad your A/C is working! it's tough to sleep comfortably when you're HOT!!

take care, TRY not to do much...relax...can you DO that??!! =)

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better my friend. Glad they fixed that A/C.
That house is going to be HUGE! Congrats to them.. I hope they love it.
Don't forget the book fair is this weekend through Wayman publishing.
We are raising money for the diabetes association. There will be 10 free books to download and other books marked down. You can get there by goggling Wayman publishing or on my blog or course or Elisa's. Hope you have a great rest of your week. :)

Serena Lewis said...

House construction sure moves fast nowadays, Rita. It was incredible to see how fast the house went up in the new housing block behind us. They have made some fast progress on the one started only 3 weeks ago behind our back fence. They're already bricking up the sides and working on the interior.

Dagan and Leah's home is looking fantastic!!! LOVE the basement idea and all the storage space! We don't really do the basement thing here with houses.

I sure hope you're not coming down with something. Rest up, my friend.

Poor Karma....Cody would have been a wreck too.

I hope the air-con overhaul does the trick and you'll be enjoying all that lovely cool air once you're feeling better. Air-cons must be like fridges...if a fridge is laid on it's side for relocating, they recommend it not be turned back on for at least 2 hours to allow time for the gases to settle.

Get some rest..

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Friko said...

This is going to be a very big house for two people. Perhaps there could be a room for you, where you could visit? With Karma, obviously.

Hope you're feeling better again. Don't overdo things.

A Plain Observer said...

there is a lake where I like to run,obviously not in the lake ;) when I started running about 12 years ago it was mostly a second home, a summer resort sort of. Then people sold their houses because of economy and it became an all season neighborhood plus new houses seem to be built all the time! I remember being able to see water all the time. Now I see water from the parking spaces between houses. I miss what it was

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm hope you're not sick and just having an "off" night!!! I also hope this doesn't mess with your internal day/night clock - hugs!

Loved all the photos of the new house. SO exciting!!!!

Poor Karma! LOL!

Tracey FK said...

The house is sooooo exciting... how lovely to move into a neighbourhood that is growing up with them, I bet there will be a wonderful sense of camaraderie with everyone building at the same time...
I hope that you aren't coming down with something... the bugs here this year have been awful and we are all hoping that spring gets here so they will all be gone... mind you we usually only have a week or two of Spring and then it is summer so maybe we shouldn't be hurrying it along...
Will be thinking of you
T xx

Cindy Lane said...

Blink and that house will be finished - the whole street in fact!

Karma The Sook - I would never have thought....

Enjoy your AC!!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Well at least the house is starting to look like a house more so from the outside then the

I clean the filter in our a/c's at the start of each summer but yes some people don't do it all.....I have spoken to people who have said they didn't know it had to be cleanned really some people are a bit thick at

Poor Karma such tramua, she must have been wondering if you would ever going to shut the noise off...

Carolyn Dube said...

Amazing how fast they put up those houses!! Don't know if I'd like people walking through my house though it seems A okay with Leah and Dagan.

Karen Smithey said...

Oh Rita, I hope you are feeling better. Not being able to sleep is always hard. And having dealt with fibromyalgia myself, I know that that constant aching just wears you down. I hope you're sound asleep right now as I'm typing this!

The house is coming along so quickly! It sounds like it's spacious and laid out well, and I'm sooooo jealous of having a basement--very few houses out here have them, and I so wish we did...

Hope you're better and Karma is over her trauma, poor kitty!

Crystal said...

Hope your not coming down with something! Feel better and get some sleep! Karma is getting his z's. He is just so cute! :-)

Dana said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. The house looks amazing! How strange, though, that people can just walk through it whenever they want. I would have been shocked to see that guy, too!

Happy Sunday, friend!

carol l mckenna said...

Wow! Great post ~ Bravo to you for keeping the AC filter clean ~ and all your organizing and Your son's house looks wonderful ~ Lots of space ~ And dear Karma knows how go live ~ hugs to both of you ~ (A Creative Harbor)

so good to have you come by and comment! ^_^

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I hope you're feeling better, Rita. That's miserable being hot and not being able to cool down at all.

That's good that the air conditioner was cleaned on a day when it was super hot with high humidity.

Can't believe how quickly the house has been built. It seems like just yesterday that you showed picture of the land itself - with no house.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow the house is really coming along fast! It is looking great. I am glad you got over there to visit! Good to see that they are still building homes someplace..not much building happening in this area.:)

AliceKay said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. I'm a bit behind in reading blogs.

Poor Karma. That alarm would bother me, too.

Dagan and Leah's house is coming along great. Looks like it will be a nice neighborhood when all of the houses are finished and families move in. :)

Intense Guy said...

Wow. That farmer growing houses really grew a few!!

Poor Karma.. I but that alarm was going to drive her (more?) completely batty!!

I hope you are feeling much better today!