Monday, November 12, 2012


Woke up Sunday to snow again.
A little more than a dusting this time... 
...but not enough to plow.  West of us they got quite a bit. 
I saw flakes this morning floating about on the updraft next to the building, but they're gone now. 
Spied a huge crane out there this morning that is moving lumber onto the mystery building site.
 What a dark day.  14 degrees right now.  Windchill of 1 degree.  I hope it warms up a little before next weekend.  Dagan and Leah plan to close this week and move on Saturday!  I am still too sick to make it over for the new house tour, but Dagan and Leah said they'd make a video for me.  We'll all see it together.  :)
Three different packages arrived Friday and Saturday.  The Prism ArtBin with the 18 compartments...
 ...I thought might be perfect for the Silks paint jars...
...doesn't quite latch. 
If you set something down on it or push down on it (like I am with my hand)--close but no cigar.   
It doesn't seem to hurt it, though. So I think they will be stored in here regardless.  I like that I can see through it top and bottom.  There are color name stickers on top and bottom.  Well, supposed to be--three of mine came without the top stickers, as you can see.  I have a slew of little Twinkling H2Os that could use a home like this, too....  ;)
Washi tape is really popular right now.  It's a paper tape that you can buy in all kinds of prints and colors.  I have seen people make their own versions by decorating masking tape on waxed paper or butcher paper.  I thought...what about cloth tape?  Is there such a thing?  And I found white cloth hockey tape!
Big roll for $5.00 and it is so soft!  I wondered if the cloth tape would take watercolor/paints better?  Fairly cheap experiment, I figured.  (And I already do have some masking tape to try, too.) 
The final alphabet dividers for my Tangle Binder!  Tada!  And I got a cheap stylus to use on my cell phone screen when I play Draw Something with Leah.  (I found out I am an even worse drawer with my finger on a tiny screen--LOL!)  You have to press down firmly, but I am getting used to the stylus for drawing--and like having more control!
Miss Karma enjoyed her packaging, of course. 
I've never seen the green puffy ones before.  They remind me of the air mattresses we had to blow up (made you dizzy!) when we were kids to use under our sleeping bags when we went camping!  Makes me chuckle every time Karma lays across it.  (They're strong and don't pop even with a 20 lb cat lounging on them!)  I imagine her camping...or...oh! oh!--it could even be one of those air mattresses they use in the pool!  ROFL!  Doesn't take much to amuse me, does it?
My last two Amazon packages are "out for delivery" today via UPS.  Kitty litter, flake fish food, and two unnecessary, splurge items--one for me and one for Karma.  ;)
Can't believe I am still feeling so lousy.
Nasty bug!  
But I am sleeping better and that is definitely helping me improve day by day.
I am hoping to get to some creating this week.  :)
I may have posted this before, but I just love this quote.
Have a really wonderful week!  :):)
"To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else."
Emily Dickinson


  1. brrrr!

    miss karma is cute on her air mattress. :)

  2. We got snow over here, as well, and it's cold! Brrr.

    Thanks for your wonderful rhino comment. I got rid of WV again! :)

  3. That looks cold! And would you believe I looked right past the mechanical crane in that photo, trying to find the bird crane! I have to get out of nature photo mode. ;) Hope you start feeling much better soon.

  4. Hope you feel better soon, thanks for visiting my blog! Karma looks very comfy, and I wish you could send a little bit of that snow my way! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. I hope you feel better really soon. Your bug has held on long enough. Tell him to leave and bother someone else. :-)

  6. Now that's cold! It looks cold, too. I hope it warms up for you, and that you get well soon, Rita. It doesn't sound like much fun... but you do have lots to keep you busy. :-)

  7. That's a lovely quotation from my friend, Miss Dickinson. I get those puffy air mattresses in my herbalife packages. I hope you recover quickly. It can be nice to stay warm and cozy inside while the snow falls outside.


  8. OMG! How cool that Dagan and Leah are moving this weekend!!

    I agree...the Silks jars fit in well enough. It's not like you're travelling with them so no need for the container to snap shut.

    I thought of air-bed mattresses too. lol. I haven't seen packaging like that either.

    So sorry that you're still feeling lousy. Just rest up as best you can.

    Still no baby news at this end but, hopefully, soon. xo

  9. Hope you are better real soon, Rita. Terah

  10. Cold temps for sure, but how exciting Dagan and Leah are getting ready to move!! They'll be in their new house in time for the holidays! I'm sure you'll enjoy going over there when you feel better and they get everything settled in!


  11. I haven't been blogging or reading blogs in so long....sorry!!

    I love getting good mail! Sounds like you have some fun things and will be getting some more in!! Karma is a hoot! Cats and kids like packaging material, that's for sure!

    Feel better soon and I look forward to seeing some crafty creations soon!!!! Hugs!

  12. That Washi tape sounds like quite a good material for arty people Rita. Are you going to make something with it? - Dave

  13. Wow! It is cold there. We just dipped down into the upper 50's and I feel like my blood has turned to ice. Karma looks very regal on her air mattress- love cats!

    Hope your recovery speeds up~

  14. BBbbbbbbrrrr!

    i love karma's air mattress!!! haha!!

    yay!! on the house...moving, packing, unpacking, ugh! BUT exciting!!!!! =)

    feel good rita!

  15. It looks so cold there. I'm not ready for snow. Thankfully, we haven't seen any here yet, but it's only a matter of time.

    I adore that Dickinson quote!

  16. Wow! I was just wondering about you ~ Be well soon ~ lots of goodies for you arrived and Karma loves the packaging ~ Snow ~I am not ready for snow ~ We have rain and Zoe is beside herself it is 'walk time' and we are NOT walking in the pouring rain ~ finally settled down ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

    ps. so good to hear from you ~ lots of healing hugs coming your way ~ ^_^

  17. It is cold here today but of course no snow since it doesn't snow here but those photos of your snow are great and just the thing for me this morning.......

    Karma looks so relaxed sorry to hear you are feeling unwell, it is good that you are sleeping better but still feeling lousy sucks........

  18. We got some snow to..but not as much as is cold too..humid cold..bitter..freezing your butt off time for a parka cold..gosh I hate winter. Still not over that bug? Far Guy had it over a month and is just now not coughing..hope yours does not last that long:)

  19. Wow that looks cold! I'll be interested to see how your experiment with the cloth tape works out. Karma has quite the life, now with her own air mattress.


  20. Such a lot of lovely things to look at - and cats always love the packaging the best!

    I took a cue from you Rita and went crazy with an art order this evening. Inks (lots), pencils (LOTS), pastels (LOTS!!!!!!) will be flying over to me from your snowy shores soon! Imagine if we got together with a Show & Tell.....

  21. I'm not ready for winter. Your pictures look cold. Brrrr....

    Colder weather set in here after some crazy winds and heavy rains went thru Monday night. We had a little snow when we woke up yesterday morning, and the mountains still have a little on them today.

    I have a roll of hockey tape. I used to play ice hockey on the ponds and creeks with my friends when I was a kid, and I played with my kids when they were younger.

    Sorry you're still feeling under the weather. Hope you feel much better very soon.

  22. Hi Rita,

    I finally figured out how to add you to my list of followings :) Im really jealous atm that your getting snow. Just seeing those pics took me back to America and the amount of fun we had with it, for the first month anyways. Love ya cat!! :D Hope you are feeling better

  23. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Please send some of that lovely snow over here!

  24. Dear Rita, I've never before met that Emily Dickinson quotation and oh, it's so rich in meaning.

    You are truly a trooper! You, as people say, just "keep trucking!" And the wonderful buys you find to help you with your creative work have inspired me to really examine catalogs better for ways I might sort and keep the many items that I now have in drawers.

    Take care of yourself. Peace.

  25. Well, I have to say: I am totally glad I don't live where you live! Snow and 14 degrees doesn't sound any fun to me this early in the year. Wait - that 14 degree thing doesn't sound fun anytime! We rarely get down that low (thank goodness!) But I guess if I had as many fun things to play with as you do I wouldn't mind TOO much! Enjoye!

  26. So many little little things that you notice!

    Volatile Spirits

  27. Snow? Again? Wow! It really is getting to be that season! Karma is always so cute with her part of the package!

  28. Wow! Snow! And windchill of one degree?!? Brrr is right!

    I feel like I've been out of the loop in Blogland for way too long--going to spend some time catching up here at your place :)

  29. You've been getting quite a bit of snow already this season. We had some on Thanksgiving in the very late afternoon/evening. It is still on the ground. Not for's going to be in the 50s again next DECEMBER! Wonder if you'll be getting equally warm weather over there. :)


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