Monday, November 26, 2012


Good Morning!  :):)
Dagan and Leah wanted to have our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night.  They are far from unpacked--LOL!  But I got to see the house and it's been quite a while since we've had time together.  They are still moving some final smaller things from the old place and have to clean it so they can turn in their keys at the end of the month.  
Okay!  Here's looking down the entrance hallway toward the red front door.  There's something on the floor holding the basement door open because the cat box is downstairs.  BTW--Sammy and Annie adjusted almost immediately to the new house and seem totally relaxed and at home.  :)  
I moved farther back into the living room to get a shot of the nook where they plan to have a kind of cubed bookcase/ display case. 
Here's the living room.  The TV and such are still pulled away from the wall until they get everything hooked up.  They had the area rug made by the carpet company. 
Dagan at the kitchen island.  The dining room is filled with boxes of kitchen stuff.  They have found enough to be able to make meals--LOL!  We had a roast, carrots, and baked spicy potatoes.  I pass on the roast these days, of course, but the veggies were delicious!  Leah even sent me home some more potatoes that I ate for dinner on Sunday!
Leah kept hiding, so I never got a picture of her.  (She and I both hate having our pictures taken.)  The kitchen is awesome!!  She even has this super deep drawer where she can keep the big pots and pans so she doesn't have to dig and shift through them anymore--whoohoo!    
I didn't get a picture of the little bathroom right inside the archway there because it has no lights inside.  The company thought they wanted an overheard recessed light and they wanted a light over the sink--so right now they have none at all.  The company has to come back and fix a few different things yet.
But here's the pantry behind that archway!
Wow!  I just love this!!  Organizer's kitchen heaven!  
I didn't take any pictures of the unfinished basement or the garage because they are just filled with boxes and stuff.  But this is going up to the second floor.  
The big landing area is going to be a reading spot with bookcases and a couple chairs. 
The master bedroom (Sammy on the bed)... 
...has a walk-thru closet... the master bath.  Without flash... 
...with flash.  The accent wall is actually a kind of golden mustard yellow. 
This is closer to the real color there on the far right in the shot of the tub/shower and linen closet. 
Next to the master there's another (empty) room on this side.   
Then heading to the other side of the upstairs... 
...there's another empty room straight ahead.  I forgot to ask them which one will be the office and which one will be the spare bedroom for company, but I would guess this would be the company bedroom on the other side from their bedroom with the bathroom across the hall. 
The bathroom in the hallway... 
...and behind this closed door... the laundry room.  I love the terra cotta orange in there on these two walls!
The room at the end of the hallway is now the gaming room--and where their old dining room table and her mom's old chairs are.  They plan to buy a new dining room set.  There's another area rug that matches the one downstairs in this room, too.
And no--I haven't seen the empty house tour video yet.  As you and I can see they they are very busy and I think it is going to be quite a bit after the fact before it ever gets posted (if I can even figure out how to move it to my blog in the first place).  If that ever happens, you'll know--LOL!  But at least you have an idea of what the new place looks like.  They love it!!  Even without curtains and with boxes is sooo nice!  They will be very happy here.  They already are.  :) :)
What else did I do this weekend?  Well, I had these clipart snowflakes (that I found someplace online a long time ago and have no idea where) that I copied and then re-drew with a white gel pen on dark blue paper.  Yes, more cheating, I know.  Not my own designs.  
But they are so pretty as Christmas card possibilities. 
 We could pick one...
...frame the blue paper with a black paper edge...
...and mount it on white cardstock.  I thought these simple cards might print up well. 
Another option is the zendala that reminded me of the Christmas bulbs.
Next I am going to make an attempt to paint something.  Painting.  Never confident painting.  But I want to try an idea or two this week.  This week is it...time's up!!  Have to have something picked out by next Monday.
 She still has not tired of her green air mattress--LOL!   
I am surprised there is still air in it.  :)  
She's so happy to have her blue bed where she wants it.  And notice the new cat grass behind her ear there in the background?  Life is good for Miss Karma.
 Noise in the hallway!
Droopy to perky in half a second--LOL!
And so the week begins.  I can now picture where Dagan and Leah are and what they're talking about when it comes to the new house.  After they turn in their keys to the old place they can relax.  And after this week is over and we have some card fronts to pick from I can relax, too--LOL!  ;) 
I just love the holiday season!!
Have a sparkly week!
"The grateful heart sits at a continuous feast."
Proverbs 15:15


  1. Dear Rita, thanks for sharing with us your tour of Leah and Dagan's new home. It looks as if they are really settling in with curtains already in the bedroom!

    The quote from Proverbs is so appropriate right now--and really at any time.

    Just wanted you to know that the two cat beds I ordered came today. Just as Karma ignored for a few days the one you ordered, so the cats here are ignoring them. Maggie has no interest whatsoever. Matthew some. And Ellie seems truly wary of the new ones! They just need to "grow accustomed" to newness! Peace.

  2. Their new house is beautiful! May they enjoy it in good health for MANY YEARS!!

  3. OH RITA!! congratulations to 'the kids'!!! wow!! that house seems gigantic!! the rooms are huge! a WALK-IN pantry!! the closets! i love the colors...and the wood! it's gorgeous!! i wish them the best of luck...together forever!

    your cards look nice! it's hard to believe we're at the END of the year already! yikes!

    karma...i wonder if she's dreaming of floating on a serene lake somewhere...or in a pool...on her little air mattress!! =)

  4. i forgot to the house...the WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  5. Hi Rita.....Love the Proverbs.....I had to laugh again about Karma's air mattress.....she is so adorable, and being a cat lover and owner here can almost read her mind LOL~

    The new home is GORGEOUS love it...makes me want to paint :) That mustard color is so pretty!!

    Moving is such hard work but once they are settled in they too will love it!

    Hope you have a great creative week!


  6. Their house looks beautiful, I'm very happy they got to move in before Christmas! I love the snowflakes, I don't consider that cheating but being smart and creative! I guess you should learn a lesson for Miss Karma and not buy her any more new beds, just keep her supplied with packing cushions! HA! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  7. I want that pantry! ;) The house looks great. Congrats to them! :)

  8. Loved seeing the new house pictures. What an exciting time in their lives! Karma has such a hard life, eh. LOL! Hope you have a wonderful day. Kinda dreary and cool here, but could be worse.

  9. so happy for the kids getting settled in their new home. i know it is exhausting, but so worth it!

    karma is such a cutie! and i love your snowflakes!

  10. It doesn't seem that long ago we were looking at the foundation, and now...! Totally wonderful to see it inhabited. And I love your snowflakes, Rita. They are just awesome, along with the Christmas bulbs. :-)

  11. Well, thank God the cats adjusted well to the new house. They're the most important members of the family. The house is absolutely beautiful. I'm so pleased for them and glad you got to go for dinner.


  12. The house looks really neat, Rita. I can see why Dagan and Leah like it, especially when they get all unpacked and organized. That pantry! Wow, impressive! I'm sure they won't run out of space in there to put things! I like the color of the paint on the walls too; very nicely done!!

    Too cute with that Karma and her green pillow.

    I do like the snowflakes and your idea about using them for Christmas cards is a great one!


  13. Anonymous10:30 PM

    What a fabulous looking house!

  14. Thanks for the tour! They have a lovely home..I am sure everyday will see them unpacked more and more! Sparkly day..well the sun was shining for a while then it turned cloudy and grey was a sparkly -9 F degrees this morning. The first night we have been below zero..and so it begins:(

  15. I enjoyed the house tour, Rita!! How lovely!! So glad to hear Sammy and Annie are settled there.

    Lovely snowflake designs! Cool Christmas bulb zendala too! I'm keen to see what you paint over the coming days.

    Have a lovely week ~ xo

  16. What a beautiful place to live, I am sure they will both be very happy there. The sunrise is amazing and how come Karma has kept her claws from puncturing the mattress?

  17. Miss Karma and her green air mattress looks very very cute and made me laughing so much. And I love your snowflakes on the blue background. I think they look great as christmas cards! You led me into temptation to copy them as well ;)
    All the best for your children and their pretty new home!!!

  18. Fun to see the house now that they are beginning to settle in. Like both the snowflakes and the mandala as Christmas card ideas. I only make a few cards but I need to get with it.


  19. Splendid new home for Dagan and Leah. Give them my love and best wishes, would you?

    Very handsome Christmas cards to be, you are a clever lady.

  20. I'm amazed at how quickly the house was built and they could move in. What a beautiful house, too. I would love to have some of what they have in this house. Am so envious. lol Congratulations to them! I hope they have many many happy years together in their new home.

    Karma and her green mattress. I'm surprised it still has air in it, too. LOL

    Love the Christmas lights zendala. I think it would make a very colorful Christmas card.

    We got some snow here today. Only about an inch, but it's enough to make a mess. Stuck to the trees, too, but hardly any wind with it so no problems with power outages anywhere. Supposed to get down in the low 20s and possibly upper teens tonight. Not looking forward to winter.

    Have a great week and thanks for sharing your pictures of Dagan and Leah's new home. I enjoyed seeing them and reading your descriptions.

  21. What a great house! Glad that you were able to have a nice dinner with family. Enjoy this week!

  22. I'll bet they are happy to finally be in their new house Rita. The biggest problem is putting everything where you want them - Dave

  23. OHHHH Their house is wonderful!!! How exciting for them!!! Thanks for sharing the photos! Great fun to ride along for their journey! The snowflake is beautiful!!!
    Hope your week is going great!

  24. Being in the midst of house hounding myself, I quite enjoyed the tour. Put that on a lake and it would be perfect!

  25. wowomeow! so many interesting things to read and pics to look at. New homes are always fun and I love your ideas for snowflakes on dark card-stock. Thanks for coming by my blog for a visit. Isn't this blogworld an amazing thing? We can share tidbits of our lives and have visitors stop by from all over the world.

  26. Wow! Wonderful creations, Karma is a delight always ~ Love the pic of her looking into the camera ~ and the new house is totally awesome ~ You are blessed with lovely adult children ~ Great to hear from you ~ hugs to you and Karma and family ~ Stay warm and healthy ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  27. Beautiful sunset..magical! and such gorgeous beautifully done..lovely..and wonderful home..fabulous photos..beautiful!!
    Wishing you and kitty-karma a fantastic wkd!!

  28. Sorry I'm so late visiting. I finally got my head out of my basement so I could stop by! That house is going to be amazing when they are finished. And YES, I love that pantry. An organizer's heaven.

    Glad to see those lovely cards. So much more beautiful than anything I could make.


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