Friday, February 01, 2013


It's 22 below this morning.
Caught this beautiful sunrise. 
Since Karma and I have been doing so poorly I thought I'd show you who actually is thriving around here--LOL!  Happy happy fish who are loving the jungle of dense plants.  There are still snails, but the population has dropped considerably.  The ones who are still alive--happy happy snails.
We finally got more than just a dusting of snow.   
 It was early in the week but I can't remember when.  
The butt-cleaning, pill-shoving, hobbling days have kind of blended together--LOL!   
Karma made it up to sit and watch the CatTV Snow Removal Show.
Which included the sudden occasional topping of hard freezing rain that Karma heard hitting the air conditioner.
This is what the people are still dealing with this morning.  Kind of a lumpy mess...and, as you can see, there are people who haven't moved their cars all week.
The only thing I did all week on a better day was to play briefly at the art table.  I had the tail end of these Radiant Rain bottles (so old that it was back in the days when Luminarte sold Radiant Rain in bottles with empty misters so you could mix your own desired strength) that had been sitting upside-down on the table to get to the last bits--so I grabbed my little green art journal and just dumped all over a page spread.  What a mess!  It's the smaller one with yellower-looking pages sitting open on top of the left side of the bigger journal.  See--feeling too crummy to even get decent pictures. 
Anyways, it ran all over and around the edges of pages I had worked on and ones I hadn't.  All over my hands and the top I was wearing, too.  Bleh!  Luckily my "art journals" are all just places for me to experiment and practice and play, so no big deal.  But I should probably wait until I am in better form before I do these things--LOL!
I also wanted to go through the caulking supply because when I cleaned and organized I thought some of the tubes had hardened.  I spent an afternoon messing with caulking tubes.  Apparently, even unopened they can dry up over time.  Those two small mason jars you see on the right front side of the art table--supposed to be a brilliant white and a clear.
It took me a long time to squeeze out the thickened up "clear" caulking into that front jar.  I had to cut the entire nozzle off the tube, too.  It sure looked white to me.  Hummm?
So I smeared some brown and yellow acrylic paint on a page in a Visual Journal... 
...and then slapped a bit of the "clear" caulking on with stencils and a palette knife.  Still looks just like this days later.  White.
So, either the tube was mismarked at the factory or something happens to clear caulking when it gets a few years old.  Strange, huh? 
Wednesday was a rough day.  Caroline was coming to clean (she just lost her dad).  I decided it was about time I washed clothes...and then all the towels I have on all the chairs (to protect them from Karma's dirty be-hind)...and the rugs...and, while I was at it, I did morning battle with Karma in the bathtub for a good butt-bath.
The butt-bath did not go over well.  
At all.  
Karma spent all day licking and rearranging her legs, belly, and tail after the indignity of being expected to stand in water in the first place, let alone endure having her bottom soaped up.  She went from shock to spitting screaming fury.  It was exhausting for both of us.
Caroline came to the extra mess.  
Vacuumed really well.  
Shook rugs for me so I could wash them.  
I felt badly that after all she's been through recently that she had to come to extra mess over here.  She's a sweetheart.
  Not too long after Caroline left Karma started gagging and upchucking!  She has so seldom ever thrown up--and then only once or twice and she was done--that I wasn't expecting her to walk-stop-gag & puke almost a dozen times all over the apartment.  *sigh*   She's never had a hairball, but I think that's what it may have been--from all her crazy licking all morning long.  (You can see one of the many spots on the carpeting right above her ear.)  Karma had a terrible day.
Dagan and Leah were already making a quick stop to drop off the SpotBot that evening.  So that little machine is here...
...but between the nearly immovable caulking, all the washing, and fighting with Karma in the bathtub I have been in too much pain yet to start the spot cleaning.  Maybe today...or tomorrow...but soon.  :)
Still--basically offline.
(Miss reading blogs and feel a little cut off from the world.)  
Still--trouble sleeping due to pain.
BUT--Karma is gradually acting more like herself and getting better.  TaDa!  Which means it's becoming an olympic sport to get a pill down her throat--LOL!  That's a very good thing, though.  :) 
I never knew exactly how much I would miss my death-defying, leg-tangling mornings with this purring, pushing, rubbing, chatty Karma-cat until she just laid watching me from the hallway or didn't even leave her cat bed.  The last two mornings she is trying to kill me in my own kitchen again.  Ahhhh!  ;)
I miss you guys!  Means so much to me that you still stop by and comment even when I can't get around to visit you all.  And I so appreciate the personal emails!  I even had a couple people help Karma and I out this month (they wish to remain anonymous, bless them).  One specifically so that I would have money to buy a few goodies at Amazon to play with this month!  And the other donated toward Karma's vet bill!  Don't worry--you shall both remain anonymous.  But when people do things that make your heart swell up and leak right out your eyes--well, you have to testify, you know?  I don't feel deserving of such kindness and generosity...but it brings me such core-level joy and fills me with wonder and gratitude...
How can anyone doubt there is pure goodness in this world! 
Bless you all!  :)
"All beauty of this world is wet with the dew of tears."
Theodor Haecker


  1. I burst out laughing at the butt bath episode. When I had to clean my cats butts, I would take a wash cloth and chase them down and rub them clean. Sometimes I would have to go at them twice... once to soap and then second to rinse. I could never put them in the bath tub. It simply did not work for me! I am glad Karma is feeling more herself lately. Excellent!

  2. Sorry to hear it's been a bad week for you, but am glad to hear that Karma is doing better. Your 22 below zero makes my 30 degrees seem balmy! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  3. 22 below??? 22 below??? My mind can't even comprehend...we were at 92 a couple of days ago.

    I'm glad you both are doing better, and will pray you both continue on that path. Sweet Miss Karma looks very regal, and it doesn't seem like the cold outside bothers her any.

    Take care of yourself!

  4. Dear Rita, what wonderful news to learn that Karma is better. The hair-ball thing is just pretty normal for many cats, but like Karma, the three with whom I live don't seem to cough up hairballs.

    I so hope your body will begin to feel better and that you'll be able to return to your art in a way that pleases you.

    Just wanted you to know, also, that all three cats have begun to sleep--during the day and also at night--in those two beds I bought after reading about Karma's in one of your posting. They so seem to like the tall sides.

    Take care. Peace.

  5. I'm so glad that Karma's doing better. I hope that you feel better soon, too.

    That's a gorgeous sunrise! I would think that it almost makes up for such horrendously cold temperatures—almost! I've said it before, but the weather is so strange. We had 70 degrees on Wednesday and then 30-something yesterday and today. Weird...

    I hope you have a good weekend, friend. :)

  6. I am glad Karma is doing better. I hope you both feel lots better really soon!

  7. so glad karma's becoming herself again! you've been thru enough trauma and worry over her these weeks...

  8. If karma is getting better, then it must be your turn next. It all sounds amusing the way you write about it, but I know it's far from amusing.
    The sky there is amazing and look at all that snow. Hurry up spring!
    There are some wonderful people in the world, that's so true!

  9. -38 nhere this morning..
    So glad Karma survived the butt bath..and that she is feeling better!
    Hope you get over this flare soon. It snowed on Monday started in the evening for you..and went through part of the night. It sure was a pretty snow when it came down..gently.
    Take good care of glad Caroline is back..I bet that made you feel better:)

  10. OH sorry that you're having some bad pain time. I feel for you especially with Karma not being up to par herself this past week or so. I am glad to hear Miss Karma is on the mend tho, poor thing. How lovely that people have helped you out too...truly lovely. Do rest up and worry about any messes later. Your well-being is important too.

    Sending healing and positive vibes from DownUnder.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  11. You know, I am not surprised that other people care so much about you and Karma, because I sure do! I'm glad she is on the mend and hopefully you won't have to deal with all the pills and leaky butt problems much longer. :-)

  12. Beautiful sunrise shots!

    We had all sorts of crazy weather here in northeastern Pennsylvania this past week. Friday was downright treacherous some of the time.

    I'm glad both you and Karma survived the bath tub ordeal. I would never have attempted that with any of my cats. They probably would have scratched me to death. I hope Karma continues to improve and gets back to feeling 100%. And I hope you start feeling better soon, too.


  13. Sorry that both you and Karma are unwell. Winter does that to us as we get older huh? I hope your health improves soon Rita. Thanks to the friends who are a help to you - Dave

  14. Stopping by to check on your and Karma. She looks quite happy watching the snow. Sure hope you are both feeling a little better by this (Monday) morning.


  15. Glad Karma is improving!! I know how diffecult it is to clean up after an ill pet and how much it drains us who suffer with Fybro . Take care and get to things when you can. Sending you warm thought and healing prayers.


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