Friday, July 12, 2013


I thought I'd be able to read on the porch yesterday (hence the pillow I use to prop up my book because I can't actually hold one with my bum arm) but it was too hot and windy for me.  Karma soaked up the heat all afternoon.
When she finally came in for the last time she was exhausted and didn't want me bothering her with my camera.  You can see that she could barely open her eyes to register complaint--LOL! 
 I had a package come from the mailman and one from UPS yesterday.  Remember I told the mailman about my missing Priority mail package that arrived in Fargo on the 8th?  Well, he must have gone searching for it like he said he would yesterday because it is listed as "out for delivery" today--tada!  
I have more odds and ends to show you.  A four inch wide roll of burlap and some 12 X 12 sticky-back canvas sheets.
A small package of muslin and some cheap, thin chipboard. 
I had seen online that people said you could use the Zutter Bind-It-All Owires for the Cinch and they were cheaper and come in 6-packs--so I got the 1", 3/4", and 1/2" Zutter Owires.   
My kitchen/entryway rugs are getting old and have been washed so many times that they are becoming a serious danger to me and the Cashwise delivery guys so I am going to try some rug tape.  And the industrial strength velcro is to reattach the porch screen along the bottom because it came loose over the winter.
I have these old plastic double-walled tumblers that are one by one starting to crack and fill with water. I have become very spoiled by my first double-walled tumblers/glasses (thanks Bonnie!) because they don't sweat in the summer and keep your hand from freezing.  So, I got one big Tervis tumbler to try out this brand before I order a set of four smaller ones.  I figured this would be my giant smoothie glass!
We can't forget Miss Karma, of course.  She got a couple packages of the UTI treats that she goes nuts over--but can only have two a day.  Maybe the scarcity has something to do with her crazed reaction to them?  Either that or they put catnip in them--LOL!  Regardless, I don't want her that sick ever again!  :)   
I went to dig out my jar of dry yeast in the frig door and it expired in 2009!  The sad and undeniable proof of how long it has been since I have made even pizza dough from scratch.  There hasn't been a tremendous amount of incentive to do a lot of cooking and baking when I live alone--until now with the weird ingredients thing to contend with.  Anyways, I think I am going to wait to make bread--LOL!
I did make a giant smoothie for dinner, though.  (You can do that when you live alone--have a smoothie supper.)  And when I went to take pictures I was shocked at how far off the color is on my camera!  I knew it was a bit off, but this smoothie and that giant straw were actually purple!  
Dagan and Leah found the jumbo straws for me someplace (Costco?) and brought them to me a couple weeks ago.  They're perfect for these!  I bet you could get a whole blueberry up these straws--LOL!  Not that I'd need to with my new Osterizer!  But the smoothie looks pink and the straw looks blue!  They were purple, honest.
Anyways, it was delicious and filling.  Mixed berries, greek yogurt, soy milk, and bananas!  More like a shake!  Yummy!  I will probably be having some sort of smoothie for a meal every day until I run out of ingredients--LOL!  ;)
Pam, the head of our library outreach, emailed me and said a volunteer named Holly is bringing my books this afternoon.  So, I shall meet somebody new today...and have a stack of new books to read.  I think one of them is A Tree Grows In Brooklyn!
Karma is half-asleep between my legs under the laptop table here in my recliner with one leg reaching out as she can from under the table restraint.  She paws at me once in a while--just to remind me she is there and wants me to stop typing and pet her every so often.  Apparently it was too sticky even for her this morning.  It's already 85 degrees and expected to get to 95 with thunderstorms.  Maybe the steamy porch was just too exhausting for her yesterday--ROFL!  What a rough life, eh?
Have a great weekend, my friends!  
Stay cool or warm as the case may be.  
Life is good!  :):)
"A friend is a present you give yourself."
Robert Lewis Stevenson


  1. I hope you get A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. That's such a great book. We had a huge thunderstorm yesterday, and we're getting another one now. Poor, worn out Karma.


  2. When I was growing up, I think I must have read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" half a dozen times!!

  3. glad you were able to do a smoothie.

    your kitchen at least HAD yeast in it. mine wouldn't have.

  4. I think that smoothie, whatever color it is, looks right up my alley! Beautiful and nutritious, too, and perfect for the summer heat you're experiencing. Karma looks like she's the Queen and you are her servant (pet me now!). Typical cat behavior. Glad to hear you've got your own library volunteer, Rita. That's great! :-)

  5. No matter the color, that smoothie looks GOOD!

    And poor Miss Karma- she doesn't like having to deal with the paparazzi.

  6. I've been here awhile. I had a LOT of catching up to do. First, I don't remember those stencils, but I would love to turn that mid-century image into collage art (Grin).

    Karma is looking good. SO fat for this heat. Bleubeard is skin and bones.

    My camera's colors are funky, too. Not sure why, but I sure like the looks of that blender and the smoothie.

    Sorry about your experience at the dentist. I know this was an agonizing experience for you, but the way you told it, had me laughing and laughing. Sorry, but it was cute.

    Have a great weekend, dear. Sorry I've been so absent lately. I have lots of excuses, but none of them make it any better.

  7. On my screen, the smoothie and straw look purple...the smoothie is a lighter tone of purple. Go figure. lol It sure looks delicious!

    I love the double-walled coffee and latte mugs I have, however, I wish they were bigger in size. I like large mugs of tea/coffee. :)

    I don't think I even have yeast in my pantry. Shock, horror!

    I'm enjoying the winter temps here. :)

    Have a lovely weekend ~ xo

  8. I am totally addicted to smoothies!!!! I have one every day♥ They are so good and so good for you! Our weather here this weekend is amazing and I have the weekend off too enjoy it. Enjoy is what I will do too because I have overworked all week and paying for it with pain levels... so it will be a relax and enjoy the sun weekend for me♥♥♥♥♥

  9. I'm pretty sure I've read "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn", too, but I can't remember when or why.

    That smoothie looks and sounds delicious. And hey, you can have those for dinner even when you don't live alone. ;)

    I hope Karma doesn't get sick like that again, too. Poor kitty.

    It's very hazy, hot, and humid here today, and we're in for a serious heat wave this week. Not looking forward to all. :(

  10. Oh, and the smoothie looks purple to me on my screen. Light a black raspberry milkshake. (i love black raspberry ice cream) :)

  11. I hope you (and Karma) are keeping cool drinking smoothies today!!

    Does Karma get "mouse flavored" ones?


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