Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I know.  I usually blog earlier in the day, but better late than never, right?
One day it rained all day long...was it Monday?  But today we have blue skies and fluffy clouds again...90 degrees with thunderstorms expected to roll in later tonight.  Supposed to be almost 100 tomorrow!   
Okay--the old yeast that expired in 2009--LOL! 
Well, it bubbled a little...after a very long time.  This isn't the best shot.  I wasn't thinking.  Should have taken it from the side so you could see that instead of 1/2 inch of foamy bubbles this was just covering the surface of the water--maybe 1/8 inch--and a lot of the little yeast granules were just floating on the bottom like sunken little yeast corpses.
Now if I was making the bread from scratch myself I could just give the dough extra hours to rise, you know?  But a machine isn't sensitive to yeast decrepitude.  So Leah is dropping off her younger, spryer yeast tonight after work.
I have been reading and puttering.  Finished the next two Cat Who books on the stack--tada!  My "fun" puttering has been to put some Daniel Smith watercolors in the porcelain palette now that I can cover it with the food tray.
You can see the red food tray over the palette on my rolling taboret under my folding art table. 
Ah!  My art table. 
Everything sits waiting patiently for me to return to play with backgrounds.  Notice I am using the egg cup plate as a paperweight to hold down my dry baby wipes and paper towel pieces against the wind of the fan circulating the salvation of cool air from my wall AC. 
I also have been cleaning out fountain pens that I haven't used for a few months.  And my leg didn't go numb!!  Whoohoo! 
And where is Karma right this very moment as we sit here chatting?  Well, she was trying to burrow under the folded throw until I finally got the hint and covered her up.  She's been under there for a couple of hours now.  Maybe she's not as much a fan of the AC as I am--LOL!  But it's too sticky hot outside even for Miss Karma today.
Oh, the reptile pooper scooper!  I had a lot of questions about this.  Here's the link where I bought it on Amazon--reptile pooper scooper.  You couldn't really use this as your only cat litter scoop unless you had a really strong back and an abundance of patience.  I use my newish regular cat litter scoop (love it!!) all the time--including before I use the reptile one because it is plastic, I want it to last a long time, and Karma can make some weighty waste.  I will only use this reptile scoop as the small-pieces-that-got-away backup cleaner about once a week.  It works fantastically though!  You have to scoop and then shimmy everything side to side until all the pieces gradually make their way through the little holes.  I feel like I'm panning for gold and I should have my donkey nearby resting in the shade.  I hope that clears up what I am using it for and how I am using it.
Boy!  You really never know what I might talk about, do you?  ROFL!
That's it!  Happy hump day!  
I should have bread to show you soon!!  :):)
"I am, therefore I thank."
Cindy Lubar Bishop


  1. yay for new yeast reinforcements arriving! :) and karma is silly!

  2. Yours is the very first I've ever read about a reptile pooper scooper! LOL!

    And bless Miss Karma's heart- a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  3. Yeast corpses. That made me smile. It's too hot to make bread or anything else here, except love.


  4. Well, 2009 WAS a long time ago now. Even now, some of the yeast survived, which is amazing. And I love the Karma picture...

  5. LOL about yeast corpses! :)

    I love how neatly you've organized your art table. I wish I could organize all my piles of stuff like that.

    Hope you had a great day. ☺

  6. You are a very organized artist. I also like to have a place for everything, but it is somewhat challenging for me to keep everything in its place. Have a great Thursday tomorrow!

  7. I love your ceramic palette, I bet the paint stays wet for ages in that. Nice to see your art desk, it looks really well set up, unlike my mess. Air con is certainly a saviour on hot days, I couldn't live without mine.
    Have a great week.

  8. Somehow Blogger wouldn't load on Firefox for me for about six hours. Really frustrating.

    I am still amazed that Karma would like being covered like that. Most cats fight to get out from under the covers.

    I've never seen fountain pens like that. Guess I should come out from under my shell (grin).

    I have never used a bread machine, so the only way I know to make bread is from scratch. And of course it's too much work on my hands.

    Have a super rest of the week.

  9. I want to come back in my next life as Karma - what a cat!

    I love seeing your art supplies laid out, those pencils in the tin look scrummy! And I'm loving the round colour palette. And pens! I love the pens! I wish I could come and play at your house...

  10. Your art space is so tidy and well organized. Makes me want to clean up mine.

    Good luck with the new yeast.


  11. It's hot here, too. Stay cool!

  12. No, we never know what you will talk about in your blog But that's the fun of it, right? :)

    It's been very hot here for the past four days. We officially hit a heat wave yesterday. Heat index was over 100 here today. It's just before 9 PM and it's still 80 degrees outside. I was just outside taking a walk in the field and taking some pics, and it's very muggy out there.

    I get a kick out of Karma. lol


    Were is that "arctic breeze"????

    Hope ya got some new yeast (I feel sort of self conscious saying that)

  14. Your little artist's studio looks amazing!!! Everything is so organized that it made my little OCD heart beat with joy, lol! Have fun with it all!

    Karma wrapped up in a blanket in the middle of summer...doesn't she just beat all???

    Stay cool!

  15. Anonymous10:28 PM

    A reptile pooper scooper! Ha ha.

    Nice skies too.

  16. Ha Ha! I love the panning for gold comment! If only, huh?

    I'm back on my medications and trying to get back to normal. it's been kinda a tough couple of months, but I'm going to really try and get back in the blogging habit...

  17. You are so organised, but I have said that before. Home made bread has that extra delicious quality, lucky you!
    Stay cool; hot here for a while longer, but I think /hope the worst is then over.
    Cats love to hide, even if we still know here they are. :)
    Sue xxx


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