Friday, February 07, 2014


A good Friday Morning to you!
Caroline said her back was all better and she was coming on Tuesday.  Miss Karma has been extra cranky and thrown up a couple times in the past couple weeks.  Guess what I discovered Tuesday morning?
After all these years... 
...Karma has suddenly decided to eat the philodendron that sits behind the chairs. 
Who?  Me? 
The only other place I had to even put such a giant plant was on top of the desk hutch.   
Karma was also eating the tips of the fern fronds, too.  Both of these plants are supposed to be toxic for cats, but she never bothered them...until now.  When Caroline came I explained the situation and she said she'd help me.  I double-asked her if she really thought she should be helping me with this big project because Dagan and Leah could next week, but she said she was doing great now.  I hope she still thought so after we were done--LOL!
What a mess!  There were dead leaves hidden in the underside and back of the philodendron--which was quite awkward to move and had secretly sent a very long shoot behind the bookcases.  We set it on my sturdy glass folding table and pruned away.  Caroline had to use the broom and dustpan to clear up the main mess on the carpet after we were done before she could even vacuum--LOL!  But she got it up there on the hutch--tendrils hanging.  I arranged the best I could after she left--explaining to the poor plant that we had to do this for its own safety...assuring that Karma is too fat to jump up on the desk if I move the chair away at night...apologizing and sending loving energy.  (I know Phil is still not happy up there...   
...and neither is the fern that got moved higher with its back to the sun.)  Fern had to be moved for her own safety, also.  We had to move and rearrange things on the tops of bookcases and I just shoved everything someplace for the time being. 
Was a bigger project than we anticipated.  And Phil is even larger than we thought.  Looms over me now when I am at my desk--LOL!  But hopefully this will solve the cranky, barfing Karma problem.  ;)
Some of my February orders have been coming in.  From Goulet Pens--got the bands for both sizes of the Midori Traveler's Notebooks.  
No, I don't own either of them.  I would like to attempt a "fauxdori" as people are calling it when they try to make their own version.  Brian has a great video showing all about how they work and you can see it here.  Kind of the latest craze in the paper and pen world.  :)
And I actually ordered some ink samples from Goulet Pens--all Pilot Iroshizuku inks!  One of the most expensive inks around--like $28 a bottle.  I can write like a rich woman, eh?  ROFL!!
From Amazon...I found some leather!!  It's scrap lace leather (what they use to cut leather shoe laces). 
It should work for a rustic fauxdori cover, I hope, even if it is a bit thicker than the leather on a real midori.  I plan to make my own insert notebooks. 
Then from Hollanders--a couple of things I have been looking at for several years.  Finally got a set of brass folding strips and teflon bone folders.  The teflon bone folders are not supposed to leave that shine along the crease on the paper or cardstock like a regular bone folder can and are easier to clean off residual glue from bookbinding. 
The folding strips make measuring for cardmaking or bookbinding a breeze (from what I've seen on videos).  I am stoked to finally have these.     
I played some more with that page spread in my junk journal.  Things did not go well--ROFL!  I was still trying to use up the clogged misters, right?  So I just poured some into that little orange cup (recycled Meow Mix cat food cup) and painted them on the pages with a big brush--one at a time and let them dry inbetween.  I tried the pewter (could hardly tell I had done anything at all), then golden bamboo (something has definitely happened to this one over time--turned very dark and stinks)... 
...then persimmon and finally bronze metallic.  Not much difference for all that time and effort. 
By this time, honestly, I was bored and didn't know what the heck to do with these I decided to just go silly. 
I have been thinking about that free weekly art challenge website--Journal52--and decided to do some quick catching up. 
Week one was "up, up and away" (balloon rubber stamp). 
Week two was "somewhere-a simple place" (back to grade school drawing--LOL!).  Oh well, it was fun to get out my old markers--and to just be back at my art table again.  :)  I guess this would still qualify for Jennifer's Artist's Playroom this week.  Definitely felt like I was in a playroom.  ;)
And Miss Karma... 
...she enjoyed the packing paper. 
I'm watching Justified, Season 4.  This southern series has got dark sick humor, a little bit of love, mysteries, an abundance of liars, regular killings, warped families, twists & turns, and a whole lot of crazy.  Well, and Timothy Olyphant!  My, my!  ;)  Anyone else a fan?
Have a marvelous, cheeky weekend!  If things aren't going the way you want, color like you're five!  ;)
"Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film."
Ansel Adams  


  1. I'm sure Fern and Phil will be happy once they realize the Krazy Kat is no longer chewing their limbs off.

    :) Got my power restored early this morning - whew!

  2. i've watched justified from the start. love the character of Boyd - what a sharp-witted, twisted-but-human, eloquent, evil-doer we love. :)

    bad karma!

  3. It's a good idea to get those plants away from Miss Karma... she might be feeling better once she can't get to them any more. I sure hope so, anyway. :-)

  4. Oh...Puking Karma. Not good. I see all the fun things you order and play with and I find myself thinking, "I would have absolutely no idea how to use any of that."

    I'm so clueless. :)


  5. Would love a link to a youtube on how to use the brass folding strips. I'm intrigued! :)

    I'm surprised to hear Karma never bothered the plants before. We never could have live plants when Rupert lived on our main level!

  6. Oh, gosh. Poor Phil and Fern. Miss Cranky Pants has been up to no good. I watched an excellent movie this afternoon: Fruitvale Station.


  7. I love your desk and bookcase and those plants are lovely, but I hope that Karma stays out of them. Have a good weekend.

  8. Miss Karma may be a little mischievous, but she's pretty and looks very sweet. All your new goodies look like they's be a blast to play with. Blessings!

  9. Anonymous11:04 PM

    You have very nice nails! I did read the rest, but it's past my bedtime.

  10. I hope Phil doesn't start talking down to you when you're at your desk. That would be very distracting.

  11. My guess is that Karma has begun nibbling on your plants for a reason. Either digestive issues or she just needs a few greens. I'm glad you were able to find and remove the dangerous leaves from her reach. You might want to consider getting some safe edibles for her to satisfy whatever her needs are for the greenery. You can grow or buy "cat grass" at the pet store. She'd love you for it. She might still throw up some because cats just love to aim for where they know you'll step barefoot (or more realistically because they clean out their system that way), but you'll know she's not getting into anything harmful.

  12. Poor Karma. I am glad you got the plants moved to higher ground.

  13. Oh Karma, what a silly kitty you are eating leaves that will make you sick, you should had realised the plant was making you sick and not do it again but you must me a slow learner. I hope you are feeling better and there will be no more plant eating

  14. I'm sure that the plants will adjust to the move and Karma should return to her pleasant self. Thanks for the heads up on "Justified" will check out season one tonight... Have been looking for something interesting to watch.

  15. I'm glad you found what was making Karma sick. Hopefully, she'll feel much better, and so will your plants.

    I think I need to color like I'm five.

    Good quote.

  16. Good to get those plants away from Karma. Wonder why she suddenly decided to nibble them.

    Looks like you have some great new bookmaking supplies.


  17. Dear Rita, what an inspiring and thought-provoking quote you gave us from Ansel Adams. Thank you.
    And thanks for sharing with us all your new treasures. Maggie eats the philodendron leaves occasionally but has never seemed to show any bad symptoms from doing so. You were quick to catch what was happening. Peace.

  18. About Karma: perhaps she’s looking for grass to eat? It is possible that she might just want to do some purging. My cats used to eat grass for that. Your vet might have an answer if Karma cannot access grass.

    Wat a clever lady you are with all these art and craft projects. A wonderful way to pass the time during a dull winter. Particularly if you come up with some useful and pretty objects at the end of all your toil.

  19. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Love the splashes of green from your plants - and that balloon stamp is charming!

  20. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Wonderful idea to get out of other things...

  21. Karma needs some grass..plants can make kittens really sick..I hope she is all better now:)

  22. It seems I'm constantly trying to keep up with blogs of late.

    OH dear...poor Phil. I hope he adjusts to the new position. Toxic plants are no good for dogs or cats. I wonder why Karma suddenly decided Phil was a nice snack? I remember my Mum once piling books on top of her reinforced, extra thick glass, dining table. She turned to go get more books but heard a loud bang! The table top had broken in half under the weight of the books. Glad nothing like that happened with Phil and your table...maybe Phil only looks heavy.

    I have seen the Midori journal on Suziblu's blog. They sound like a great idea. I remember many years ago in school we had exercise book folders that were similar but, instead of flexible bands, they were a plastic which took a little effort to fit the paper through but worked well once it was done.

    Good to see you art journaling. :)

    Karma always makes me laugh when she does things like that. So cute!

    Nope, haven't seen Justified.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Love and hugs ~ xo


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