Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Good Morning!
Quite an orange sun this morning and five below...but with wind chill warnings again.  Yesterday we woke up to fifteen below.  Extra cold winter this year, that's for sure.
All the wind and snow is why I can't find a clean spot on my window to take pictures right now--LOL!  I'll have to wait for spring rains to clean them off, I suppose.  Anyways, it's T Stands For Tuesday once again.  I totally forgot to make tea last night and was in no mood this morning because I didn't sleep long--really needed my coffee.  ;)  So, I thought I'd take some pictures for the heck of it.
My pantry wall with the added hanging shelves (thanks, Leah!). 
You'd think somebody who's a dyed in the wool coffee drinker... 
...wouldn't have this much tea--LOL!
Yah!  Four shelves of each!
Plus I have this container of all the teas I accumulated from when I was in the Tea Club! 
I bought the small bags to store them, labeled them all... 
...and kept all the cards that came with them. 
They tell about each tea on the one side... 
...and how to serve and brew it on the other. 
But this morning...it was black coffee for me, baby!  ;)
The last of the February orders arrived yesterday.
I got some extra large food containers that can hold things like muffins, bars, or whatever.   
Then I don't have to use several zip lock bags and continually add to the plastic of the world...but then these are also plastic.  Does it ever end?  I really am trying to leave a smaller footprint...honest.
Went retro and got an old fashioned glass sugar holder (like we had at the restaurants when I was a waitress in my teens) and a salt shaker.  I've been using the No Salt since I found out I needed blood pressure medication so put away my salt grinder.  I'd rather have something glass instead of cardboard for keeping the No Salt near the stove.  Problem solved.  (The sugar container was just because--lol!)
See this cord temporarily wrapped around the lamp on the craft table?  It's an additional charger cord for my laptop.  
The cord that came with the McLap is kind of intricately wound onto the laptop table by my chair in a way that lets me swing the table back and forth easily.  When I want to move the McLap elsewhere now...well, the battery is getting older and instead of lasting 7-8 hours it is down to 2-3...lately a lot closer to 2.  So now the McLap and I can stay over at the craft table as long as we want and I can easily grab the cord to move to the porch or take with me if I am going over to Dagan and Leah's for the day, too.  (I'll be able to stay longer now that they have comfortable kitchen chairs and are getting a recliner--news below.)  Nice!
And, lastly...this little desk toy that drips and zig-zags for a few minutes.  Totally silly, I know.   
I set it on the floor and Karma came running... 
...but she head butts it over! 
I wanted her to watch it, set it up on the bookcase there, wouldn't let her knock it over... 
...so, totally fed up with killjoy me, she left... 
...to curl up on her chair with her back to me. 
I do keep it on the end table by my chair and purposely flip it when she's in my lap.  She knows she can't touch things on my little table...(another form of cat torture)...so she feigns disinterest...but she watches...can't help it.  I'm sure she will get used to it and not have to feign her boredom.  I, on the other hand, will be flipping it for some time to come--LOL!  Easily entertained.  ;)
I didn't make it to try out the chair on Saturday, but their plans were cancelled on Sunday so we went Sunday afternoon over to HOM Furniture.  The chair they picked out is similar to the one I have now in that it is a smaller swivel-rocker-recliner.  But this one is leather and has a button on the side instead of a lever.  It's a little bit bigger and squishier than mine, too.  They're going back on President's Day to, hopefully, maybe get it on sale.
After we were done checking out the recliner we stopped by their place for a while so I could see their new dining room table and chairs they got at Costco a while back.  (Dagan was working from home.)
And since we were taking monthly belly shots--here's the (now) 5 month belly shot I took on Sunday.
In like a week?!  
What the heck, you say?  
Well, after the ultrasound they decided by the size of the baby that Leah was farther along (ignoring her last period) and have moved her due date from mid-July to June 25th.  Since her mom had big babies early...well, whatever.  All labels and guesswork aside, the baby will arrive when it's good and ready.  ;) 
Because of Dagan's severe heart defects and not knowing if it is genetic and my grandma having a blue baby that didn't live a day back on the farm...Dagan's cardiologists in Minneapolis wanted to set up an ultrasound specifically with a tech up here who can check the baby's heart to see that all is well.  That's so nice!  Will be on the 19th.  They can do so much more these days, can't they?
 Leah and I discussed a plant trade this spring.  Phil and Fern have just gotten too large for my small space, so Dagan and Leah will take them.  We will do a thorough unwinding, haircut, and repotting on Phil and I can take home a Phil Jr.  They also have a plant that Sammy won't leave alone that has had to be moved to unhappy places.  (Their cats can jump--LOL!)  So that's the plan for this spring when the weather warms up.
My posts seem to always end up longer than I think they will--hehe!  So, I shall skidaddle!!  But not without wishing you an excellent day!  :) :)
"Each minute of life should be a divine quest."
Paramahansa Yogananda


  1. I love the old fashioned glass things! I have a tall one for straws. And I bought a few of those timers for people at work for christmas one year. They seemed to like it. I never thought about a cat liking it. As always, I love seeing Karma :)

  2. i hope the baby will be healthy as can be. :)

  3. I remembered you told us about the tea club and how many of those tea samples you had, but I had NO idea how much tea you have. What a lot.

    Like you, I'm a coffee drinker, but do usually like a cup of tea on Tuesday OR cold tea in summer. You have a ton of tea so you can join us lots now (grin).

    Leah is looking big, but what do I know about babies. All I remember is how small Bleubeard was when I first got him!

    Thanks for sharing about Dagan and Leah's new table. It is beautiful. And thanks for joining T today, too.

  4. i'm fascinated by the tea club. it sounds like that would definitely be a day brightener when the new tea arrived :)

  5. :)- had to laugh about your coffee AND tea collection! I have about as much as you-although I never belonged to a tea or coffee club. Poor kitty-you are a teaser. Also have to mention-I was just put on a med for recently dxd high BP so I will look into "No Salt" as I never heard of it. Thank goodness for the technology that can help keep on top of things like a genetic heart problem. All the best to her with the pregnancy.

  6. I think all the snow and cold are starting to get to everybody this year. We finally got a little rain (California)but not nearly enough. Mother Nature is not always fair.

    I have a sugar shaker and a salt shaker just like yours! I don't use much real sugar, so mine is empty, but those salt shaker are the best.

    Poor Karma, such a neat toy.

    Good to hear that they can test the baby for heart conditions before it is born. Technology has come so far, it is just amazing what they can do today.

    Sending you some WARM thought from California, please share with Karma too.....LOL
    Happy T-day

  7. That is some tea collection you have there, how fun. I've never heard of a tea club before but sounds like fun.
    We just got a cat toy for Romeo, not sure what the name of it is but he liked it.
    Wishing a healthy pregnancy and delivery. It's amazing what technology can do now and continues to grow and change.
    Happy T Day!

  8. You aren't kidding about the extra cold winter. Geesh! I'm so tired of negative temps.
    Too funny that you enjoy pestering Karma. I tend to do that to Gracie some as well...esp since she likes to pester me at the most inopportune times!

  9. So sweet that Dagan and Leah are setting up things at their home so you can be with baby longer and more often. Such an exciting time for all of you!

  10. That's a lotta tea, baby. Maybe it's time to give away some? I don't like tea very much, and of course my only coffee is frozen mocha with whipped cream. It has 25 kajillion calories and they're all fat. Poor Karma. How you do torture her.


  11. you seem to be quite the organizer with all the storage containers, and I'm impressed with the tea collection! I do wish all the best for the baby on the way...hope the parents will 'stock up on' sleep while they can! stay warm...

  12. I am the same when it comes to food containers vs zip lock bags. I also wish all the best for the upcoming birth.

  13. I think this post is a party in the making. All that tea. Baby to be. The baby shower should be a tea party. ;)

  14. Glad to hear that Phil is moving out. Better for Karma, and Phil Jr. will take a long time before he's a problem. And here's some sincere wishes for a healthy baby! :-)

  15. Leah is looking good! Soon it will be summer and the baby will be here..and you will be a Gram!
    Yes still cold..an unbelievable winter:(

  16. Wow! That is quite a lot of tea for a mostly coffee drinker! I've never joined a tea club, but I can see how one would receive it faster than they could drink it all! Must be interesting to know the history of each tea, though!

  17. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Those office toys are so therapeutic. It sure looks like that baby will be healthy as can be!

  18. I love your cat. Here's a tip. whenever the printer is printing, she has to sit on top and watch the paper come out. It's so cute!

  19. We've had below zero temps here lately, and tonight will be another one. We had -3 here this morning, but a few people told me today they had -13 and -16. Depends on what part of the county you're from.

    Leah looks great. Hoping all goes well with the testing and a healthy baby will be born when it's good and ready to be born. :)

    Karma looks a bit ticked. LOL

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  20. Happy T Day, a day late! Your pantry looks so nice and organized, and it must be so fun for you to have all those different types of coffee and tea from which to choose. A beverage for every occasion, every mood. :)

    Best wishes for a good ultrasound!

  21. Happy Tuesday on this hot Thursday, hope all is well with you and Karma that toy does look like something she would have fun with. I would love to have a nice size pantry but alas I don't

  22. We have what I think is that very same glass container for sugar. I like glass and use it whenever I can. You are going to have to become a tea drinker or invite a bunch of friends over in order to go through that stash of tea.


  23. Congrats to Dagan and Leah!

    Hopefully Phil Jr. won't have as much attitude as Sr. LOL

  24. Hope the appointment with the cardiologist went well. It is truly amazing what they are able to do now compared to 10, 20, 50 years ago!

  25. I'm finally catching up -

    Leah always looks beautiful!

    You are a killjoy... but I am amused with the Karma teasing!



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