Friday, March 07, 2014


Leah sent me a sunrise picture from their house.  This is what they see mornings from their dining room/living room windows.  Beautiful!
Today it is dark, cloudy, but warmer at 19 degrees.  Supposed to get up into the 30s by Sunday--whoohoo!  
Dark days are good sleeping days. 
Of course, with Karma, every day is a good sleeping day--LOL!
Her grass has fallen over, but it's still green.  Lasting pretty long this time.  Maybe because it's pretty close to a cold door--almost like being in the frig--LOL! 
My birthday present to self arrived!!  I would never normally buy whole huge sets like this--whoohoo!! 
Each bottle was wrapped in plastic. 
She sent this leaking silver distress paint bottle for free. 
A new bottle and the one color that she didn't have will come next week. 
I slowly unwrapped them all.  Here's the distress paints in their bin on the wall shelves... 
...and here's the dylusions sprays. 
The three metallic colors of distress paints I stuck in with some other metallics and the odd goldens, etc.  Meanwhile... 
...the leather cover wasn't apparently dry yet--buckled.  :(
So, I misted it on both sides, placed it inside of some waxed paper, and inserted it into the stack (under the Synonym Finder book). 
I think this stack is going to be here a long time.  I don't care if it takes a month for them to dry in there now that I know what they can look like in the end.  I'll just keep flipping them and checking them.  Don't want them to get moldy or anything because of the lack of air circulation.  ;)
I drug out my mister box and my old watercolor moleskine to play with some of the dylusions sprays!  The test--I soaked this page spread well and let it totally dry.  Then laid a stencil on top, misted it well with water, let it sit a bit, and then dried it with paper towels. 
I love this kind of shadow effect you can get with this technique. 
If it wasn't bone dry the water would have taken up more of the color, I believe.  At least that is what I've seen on videos--along with lots of other fun things to try, too.  What vibrant colors!!  I haven't even gotten the distress paints out yet!  :)
I lost internet Weds afternoon, but when I unplugged and replugged it was okay.  Then at 2am Thursday morning it went out again.  I messed with it three times (unplugging, etc) in half an hour and gave up.  When I checked around 4am it was on again--and it's been on since then.  ??  I'm hoping it was a fluke or a maintenance thing (companies assume most people are asleep in the middle of the night).  Seems to be fine and stable (know how to check online now).  I have my fingers crossed.
Well, for the first time my sleep was really off.  I wasn't able to get to bed until 5am for a couple nights...but still woke up in a few hours so didn't get much sleep at all.  Was really dragging for a couple days, but then finally crashed last night.  Still tired and yawning today.  Hard to make up sleep--takes a while.  Now this happening once in a while I wouldn't mind.  Just so I don't start having regular troubles sleeping or start sleeping around the clock with the any & all irregular hours like I used to.  
Time will tell, eh?
I'm not going to worry about it.  Whatever happens--happens.  I can always go back on the melatonin...which is good to know.  :)
Anyways, enough on that subject...she says yawning--LOL!  I finished Nurse Jackie season five--talk about a cliffhanger.  Realistic, but so sad.  Now I can hardly wait till season six becomes available on Netflix.  Today The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is supposed to arrive in the mail.  Time for lunch...or breakfast--LOL!  The day awaits!  Be well, safe, and happy!!  :) :)
"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."
Kahlil Gibran  


  1. beautiful sky. :) sure hope you can get some rest.

  2. If only we could all sleep the way that cats do, eh?

    That's a lovely sunrise shot.

  3. Wow! All the way up to 19 degrees. Your paints are such beautiful colors. I'm glad you can get yourself a birthday present. Do you think maybe you should take the melatonin once or twice a week? I was starting to find that I was groggy much of the day, so I'm cutting back. For now, I'm going to take it less often, and the next time I buy it, I'll get a lower dose. At first, it was such a blessing to be able to sleep, but now I don't want to get up.


  4. Oh for the life of Karma. It would be wonderful to sleep like that. I hope your sleep pattern straightens out soon.

  5. I guess I missed the reason you stopped taking the melatonin. I use it almost every night, and it's interesting that when I miss it, I don't sleep nearly as well. Love the green color in that one picture, Rita. :-)

  6. It's always a pain when sleep is disrupted. Thank goodness for melatonin, I wonder who discovered it.
    Enjoy your wonderful colours. You always do such beautiful things.

  7. With that leather, you sound like a fine cheese maker, watching, flipping, misting and what not - but with cheese it's supposed to mold!

    Leah's photo is beautiful - it has a haunting look to it.

  8. Hey doll--hope you're getting rested. I know all about that sleeping thing, and maybe I will start taking the melatonin.

    Spring might be here--I'll let you know in a few days. :)

  9. Bleubeard's grass never gets that tall. He's chowed his down long before that happens. Guess Karma has gotten used to hers.

    Wow, you got lots of goodies to play with. I'd never ever be able to afford all those inks. You are REALLY lucky.

    Glad you found the right way to flatten that book cover. I'm sure it's going to work, even if it takes as long as you think it might.

    Have a super rest of the weekend, dear.

  10. I haven't watched Nurse Jackie, but it looks interesting. And all those paints! I wish I knew what to do with all that wonderful craft stuff! Come on Spring...I know you can do it!!


  11. First love the sunrise photo, next I hate it when the internet is not working but we are so use to the internet now days and when we have to go without it, it is a bloody pain

  12. Beautiful sunrise view. Great that you got all those new colors and even better that you have them all organized already. The green pages are really nice.


  13. What beautiful skies you all have! And Miss Karma looks so comfy it makes me want to curl up right now. Hope you get some rest~

  14. Dagan and Leah have a beautiful view. :)

    Karma looks comfy.

    Lots and lots of paints.

    I bought "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Friday at Kmart, but we haven't watched it yet.

  15. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Great sunrise shot. And what a lot of lovely art supplies you have.

  16. I don't know how you did those green leaves, but whatever you used is beautiful! The depth and range of color within that piece is amazing!!

    You have quite the collection of paints and art supplies. Olivia would be THRILLED if she had all those painting and creative supplies available. (She loves painting and art.)


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