Tuesday, March 11, 2014


T Stands for Tuesday again already over at Elizabeth's!  
The last two days were melty days in the 40s!  I had to laugh.  As you know, I rarely watch the news--but I happened to see the weatherman on Saturday night predicting the mid-40s for Sunday, right?  He proclaimed it would be "grilling weather" (and so it probably was for a lot of people up here) and his prediction was "partly to mostly awesome!"--which he repeated a couple times.  You can really tell people are sick of the deep freeze up here--ROFL!
Spring is such a dirty, sloppy, messy time of year--but it was wonderful to be able to have windows cracked open all afternoon to breathe that damp, fresh air!  I don't think I've had my windows or the porch door open since the early freezing weather in October.  :) 
Even with all the melting, the snowpile between the garages is still almost to the garage roof peaks.  Will take a while for that to melt away. 
They're predicting highs in the 20s to 40s for the next week or so.  Such a sudden change.  Makes me wonder if this is our late brief February thaw or if spring is really thinking about moving in?  Time will tell.
I've been mostly writing letters lately so not much to show you.  I did start on the next Journal 52 challenge (I think I have three left to catch up).  Just sprayed a book page yellow and orange for the "Found Poetry" challenge.  I'll show you more later, but you pick out words and paint around them to block out the rest, if that makes any sense to you--LOL!  
I know it's silly of me to be doing these at all because I am not on any of the social media places where people post their challenges--like facebook, pinterest, flickr, twitter...I'm not on any of those.  I just liked having the challenges to play with in my junk journal.  :)
Well, when we do have sun, Karma has been catching a few rays. 
Those ties from the paper drying rack all knotted together is still her favorite toy. 
And she's been out on the porch a lot watching the screen for swooping swallows.  The little sparrows have been singing up a storm and hopping about everywhere in delight--chattering away about the melty days.  Karma doesn't seem to know the difference between their songs and thinks the swallows are back.  Not yet--but a few geese have been passing through on their way north...such a welcome sound.  So, soon...soon.
Well, I decided that I need to go back on the melatonin and started taking it on Saturday night.  I was starting to be up till 5am no matter how tired I was and not sleeping well at all or sleeping way too long--awk!  I am experimenting with seeing how late I can take it (does not work fast on me at all) and still get to bed before 1am.  I am already sleeping better--not getting up as often.  Whoohoo!  I guess I found out that I really do function better when I take it.  If I am a bit groggier in the evenings--so be it!  Once I get back on schedule I can see if I can take a lower dose next time I order from Swansons in April.  Anyways, I am heading back to being a day person.  ;)
So things should get back to a daytime routine here pretty soon.  I found that I didn't feel as well in general.  Even ate more when I wasn't getting much sleep, for some reason.  Then, being overtired, I got less done, too.  Well, Miss Karma will be glad for me to be back on the day shift--LOL!  Earlier canned food treat for her.  ;)
Anyways, that's about it from here.
Smells and sounds like spring up here!!  :) :)
Have a great day!
"You're not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop."


  1. I thought you would enjoy hearing that Elliott is currently learning how to write a proper letter and address an envelope. I was so happy to hear this!

    We had a nice conversation yesterday about how people used to write letters before the dawn of email, text messaging, and Twitter. I told him how Papa and I still had the letters we sent each other when we were dating and Papa was away at college. Such a different time.

    Enjoy the heat wave!

  2. glad you went back on the melatonin and are sleeping better already!

    happy you enjoyed a few warmer days to get a break from winter. the snows/winter blast is already coming thru the states again today and tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I smelled charcoal yesterday. Apparently, we are living parallel weather lives, except that we are due for a big snow storm tonight.

    I just opened the slider upon your recommendation. :-)

  4. Don't worry, Rita. I'll stop by ANY time you post a J52 entry. I complain about that same problem every time I post one of the challenges, because so many people don't have a chance to see it. I wish Chelle would consider including those of us who aren't on all those other sites and provide links for us, too.

    I go back and forth between being a day gal and a night gal. Can't seem to make up my mind. Luckily, I sleep when I'm tired, and Bleubeard, unlike Karma isn't dependent upon me for his breakfast.

    Thanks for sharing T(ea) today. It's always fun to see what the weather's like where you are, too!

  5. Oh, I understand the sleep thing :) it only happens every once in a while with me, thank goodness! I love journals and mixed media but not too good at it--I should just practice more :)
    Our snow is melting too and I expect to hear the geese one day soon! Have a lovely day.

  6. we actually have grilled a few times since a slight rise in the temps lately-and we weren't the only ones in our neighborhood either:) Haven't opened a window yet though. Karma looks very content. Hope your remedy helps you get your proper rest-that means so much for your well being. Please continue to share your art, etc. here. It doesn't matter that you aren't in all those other social media places-it's way too much to keep up with. Happy T day!

  7. I'll be interested to see your found poetry journal page when it's all finished. I love poetry of all sorts. Happy T Day to you and Karma!

  8. Glad you're sleeping better, that makes such a difference. Melting snow is always yeeuch but how nice that summer is on its way!

  9. Isn't it lovely to see that yellow thing again. I don't envy you with the snow piles.
    I am with you on the lack of sleep, I don't have it very often but when I do I am super grumpy!
    Good luck with your journal pieces.

  10. Hasn't the change in weather been just a little slice of heaven?!? I'm so enjoying it. We've had windows open for a couple hours on 3 occasions now. Refreshing!
    Miss Karma is just so darn cute....or is it Mr. Karma?...now I'm second guessing myself. Either way..I just want to snuggle that critter...don't tell Gracie I said that though.

  11. Glad to hear the melatonin is making a difference. I do think 10mg is a lot, but it's different for different people. I take 3-6 in an evening and it's plenty. And congratulations on having made it through another harsh winter! :-)

  12. i never see challenges anywhere but blog posts, and i don't see as many as i used to. maybe they've moved to the other social network sites, but that's not what i do in those other places.

  13. I don't think you need to be on Twitter or anything else to participate in art projects. You seem to do everything you do because you find joy in it. Do you think you'll have flooding from the snow melt? I grilled burgers Saturday night, but I grilled on and off throughout the winter when it wasn't raining.


  14. Hello and Happy T Day! I too am tired of the weather and rainy springs aren't as much fun either. Enjoying the sunny days makes it all worth it in the end I guess.
    It's great that you do these challenges even without posting them elsewhere. These are for you to have fun and that's all that matters. So keep sharing them here for us to see.
    Thanks for sharing and hang in there till Spring comes, hopefully soon.

  15. Looks like the snow piles around here too - that awkward period between beautiful white snow and the grass. It got up to 50 degrees yesterday which was unbelievable! Sounds like you're getting beautiful weather up there too. Laughed when I read what your weatherman kept saying. I agree...people are done with winter and ready to move onto spring!!

  16. love the spectacular clouds in the first sky photo! glad you are sleeping better. Hope your warmer weather holds out. Ohio is predicted for more snow on Wed. night. sheesh. I'm done already! have a great week!

  17. Well, it sounds as if the spring THAW has begun in your area.

    I, too, will come to see your Journal 52 page. I've been keeping up on this challenge and have really been enjoying it. I usually post it Thursday or Friday, even though I finish it early in the week. Just takes me that long to get it posted.

    Give Karma a pet for me.
    Krisha #33

  18. I hope the weather continues into spring for you and your challenges are going well.

  19. I love how Miss Karma finds the exact center of the sun ray. So glad you all are getting some relief from the cold!

  20. The thaw is particularly dirty here this year - under the snow is trash, downed tree branches, and gravel from the huge potholes we have. The lawns are muddy puddles.

    But the "GREEN" stuff is coming!!!

  21. L♥ve that Rumi quote!
    It is nice that there are natural sleep aids like Melatonin to help out...hope you get it all going smoothly for you Rita.
    Found poetry is a favorite thing of mine...amazing how random words that pop off the page can flow like poetry which is always a lovely surprise...
    Happy rest of the week...we are having crazy erratic weather here in Northern Virginia too...but we know that we are at least closer to spring than far away :)

  22. It snowed here the last 2 days. It was cold and windy today. But tomorrow is supposed to be almost 60!!!! WOOT!!!!! I've been awake since 3:00 so I feel your pain. Must head to bed...

    T is also for Thursday...and tired.

    night night!

  23. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Glad you're sleeping better.

    Enjoy the thaw - hope spring comes soon.

  24. There's nothing cozier than a cat in a sunbeam. Glad your sleep is improving.

  25. Hello kindred..I so love seeing what Karma is up to..and always enjoy you sharing adventures..so gorgeous a kitty! Love your creative spirit..and all that you create!Cannot wait to Spring to get here and the Sun to shine!
    Hugs and wishing you wonderful rests!!

  26. Good luck to you and your endeavours. It hasn't snowed yet here in England.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  27. Still can't believe that pile of snow. I thought it would melt in a day or two. We don't have snow so I'm not used to how long it lasts. I hope the warmth stays around for you, we're in autumn now and it's still 30deg C. Glad the melatonin is working, nothing worse than feeling tired. Miss Karma is sure enjoying the sunshine. Have a great week and thanks so much for you kind words re mum.
    Luv Von.

  28. I'm glad the melatonin is helping you sleep better. It's difficult getting things done when you're tired.

    Karma looks like she's enjoying the sunshine. :)

    We still have ice and snow around here. It was pretty warm Tuesday, but the weather turned nasty Wednesday and gave us rain, sleet, snow, and more sleet. It's a nice icy mess out there in spots.


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