Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Even though it's been another week again since I posted, should be a shorter post today.  
After many dark days... 
...the last few mornings have been sun-filled and Miss Karma has been soaking up the rays.
She also likes to use the satchels in my bookcase for a headrest... 

...and a bit of head scratching. 
When Caroline was here last week we went out to the garage to find the free promotional coffeepot I got from Gevalia must be 11-12 years ago.  Despite that pot being stored in garages all these years it worked perfectly.  Yes, I did get rid of the old crusty coffee pot.  Cleaned it, put it in the box, and wrote "still works" on top and left it by the dumpster.  Don't know if anyone took it but it is now gone and I am enjoying wonderful fresh coffee again from the pot, too. 
The other project I've started has been purging books.  Started going through my "writing" bookcase.  You can see how dusty is was in there--good grief! 
This bookcase basically held all my books from my college writing classes, writing books I had purchased on my own, things I had written, literary journals I was published in, reference books, and research for a fiction work-in-progress that I will never finish because I discovered I really dislike writing fiction (ends up being 90% true, anyways, and I feel like a liar).
 I got as far as filling up three bags of books to donate and needed to take a break.
Pam from the library is coming over her lunch break today to pick up the two library books (on the right) that I never read...again.  No lie!  I have just not been reading at all lately.  So I am going on a library hiatus until probably after the holidays.  I told Pam about the bags of books and we'll see if she will take them.  I can wheel them to her car on my little green cart.  :)  Otherwise they'll either go on freecycle or I'll give them to a used book store or something.  (Can't throw away books!!)  I have other bookcases to go through, too.
The only other extra thing I've been up to lately is slowly working on that stack of used paper towels I ran across a while back.  Been gluing them together...doing a couple at a time while I watch TV and leave them to dry overnight.
Decided not to add more color to them ahead of time and have just been gluing them together as is.  As you can see most of them were used for drying painted round coffee filters.  ;)   
I figure I can add more color to these "papers" later...or tear them up for collage papers...whatever.  They just fascinate me for some reason.  Plus it is nice to recycle, of course.  I can see using them for more bookcard covers, for sure.
It feels sooooo good to be purging.  I used to move so often people wrote me in their address books in pencil.  From the time I left home after high school when I was 17 until I moved up here to the Fargo-Moorhead area when I was 48...well, I lost track after around 30 moves...never lived anywhere over three years (twice).  I'm thinking it was 32 or 33 moves?  I was used to purging every time I moved, too.  But when I moved up here in 1999 I had mono (bad, I guess, because they wanted to put me in the hospital but I had no insurance) so no move-purging was done at that time.  Then I was in college, my health continued to fail, and by the time I had to quit school and move across the river over here to Fargo I was in absolutely dreadful shape...therefore no move-purging was done at that time either.  So, I haven't done a good purging of everything I own since 1997!!
I've done little semi-purges of smaller areas over the years here in Fargo, but never tackled it all.  Might take me a good year...or more...you know how slow I am these days--LOL!  My body may be the boss of me, but I can do a lot a little at a time and I certainly have more time than money.  ;)  Talk about being overdue for a total purge and reorganization and cleaning.  I have discovered that a person can accumulate a lot over the years when they don't move--ROFL!
I know I will eventually be moving into senior housing because I'm on the lists.  But all we have is right now.  When I realized how much living here in this (destructive) complex has worn on me over the years...well, I had to start changing my now.  And the shifts and downsizing...well, it has lifted my spirits so much!  There's more to come, too.  I'll talk about that next time I post, but there's some new furniture coming in boxes shortly!  (Thanks to Dagan and Leah helping me catch an unbelievable sale again!!)  Whoohoo!! 
Anyways, been so busy I even forgot to take a pic of my new wobbly red thermos...but at least I did show my new coffeepot for T Stands For Tuesday.  Hi, ladies!!
Have a wonderful, wonderful week!!   :) :)
"Surrender to what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be"
Sonia Ricotti


  1. i like the positive spin you put on your 'now' project of purging and down-sizing. :) and i like that new/old coffee pot, too.

  2. wow Rita-I don't know that I would have survived moving as many times as you have!! However, we will be in big trouble if we don't get more active with the purging because we have not moved in 30 yrs! Nice new coffee pot to keep your energy up. Love the sweet pics of Karma enjoying the sunshine.I'm sure you'll come up with some fun art using your paper towels too. Happy T day!

  3. Hi Rita, glad your being positive about the living arrangements you have at the moment. It will all be over before you know it.....keep smiling.
    Pat Karma for me and happy T-day

  4. Love the quote! As you know, I did a big purge this year, resulting in three truck loads of stuff for our annual MS fundraiser garage sale. It felt sooooo good! But I'm already itching to do more purging – LOL. I plan to attack my bedroom closet and dresser drawers, again, in the very near future. Love it!

  5. And I thought that I moved alot! Give Karma a hug from me!

  6. Bless Karma. She doesn't look comfy at all. Our Dobby lies in awkward positions too!! Daft animals.
    Nowt like a good purge, but unfortunately I can only do it when I am in the mood and I am married to a magpie!!
    PS that was my first snapple in years, we can find it in Czech but not in UK!

  7. We've had some beautiful autumn days lately, but the past couple of days have been dark and gloomy with drops of rain from time to time. We're in for a couple more days like this before the sun comes out to stay for awhile.

    Karma looks comfortable lying there in the sun. :)

    You're doing a great job purging. I wouldn't know where to start around here. I've done a little here and there, but overall, it would be overwhelming. I've lived here all of my married life (38 years) and my husband and I have "accumulated" a lot of stuff. The kids have been out of here for 14 years, but some of their stuff is still here, being stored for them to get one day. (waiting for that day. lol)

    I hope you and Karma have a wonderful week, too. Enjoy!

  8. I did a major purge when we left Colorado and then when we moved to another apartment two years ago. It feels good to get rid of stuff you don't use or need any more. I'm glad you're feeling well enough again to do all that you've accomplished so far! :-)

  9. Wow there's a lot happening over at your place Rita,
    I'm having the same trouble with fitting reading into my day (or night) and I'm missing it so much but can't seem to get the time. I can't throw any books out either. I just can't resist books!
    Karma love's sunlight just like my Muffy and she uses hard sharp services for a pillow too ^..^
    I'm happy to hear that your mood and spirit's are lifting with your purges ;D
    Good luck with the sorting xoxo

  10. I've been doing a little purging as well. Mostly closet stuff currently. I keep looking at some of those clothes and think...I'll never wear that again...ever.

  11. Busy busy busy! That Karma is too cute!!! Purging can be good. I try my best not to bring anything in the house i do not absolutely love. Thats my rule...if i don't LOVE it then its not getting past the door. :) Hugs!deb

  12. Very fun pictures and post.

    Hugs diane

  13. I'm late getting here, but my body needed a rest, too today. I was up at 3 am, cleaned my kitchen, mopped the kitchen floor, visited a few T friends, went to the bank, then went shopping. Came home about 2 pm, put things away, and promptly fell asleep. So I can relate to your body telling you what it can and can't do.

    Purging is good, but for some reason, I can't seem to get in the mood yet. I guess it's because I have so many other things to do, like get my house ready for winter.

    I'm glad you got your coffee pot to work. That was a stroke of genius to keep it that long.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this week. And I would be remiss if I didn't add that Bleubeard says MEOW to Karma.

  14. Gosh, 30-32 moves!?! I thought I was doing 'well' with my 9! Paltry compared to you! LMAO, but I do beat you in the purge stakes, seeing as how I have been in this house now for over 20years, I am WELL overdue a purge, haha. And seeing as hubs health is deteriorating, we have started clearing out the loft area to begin with. He will be unable to get up there and I WON'T! Haha. Happy T Day Rita!! Love the coffee pot :o))
    ps - thanks for the blog comment - Wee Man & I had a wonderful time on or adventure :o))

  15. I'm glad the coffeepot works. Sunny joy for Karma. Sometimes I'm not in a reading mood. I don't think I'll ever get rid of my textbooks and college papers. I still consult the essays sometimes, or I'll read one that earned an A+ because it makes me feel good. I've purged many times, and did so when I moved here. Of course, I also lost things that X promised to protect for me and then he wouldn't give me my things because they weren't in the divorce settlement. I still don't know why I believed him. The flatware my mother gave me in 1978--gone. Now it's considered vintage and it costs a fortune on ebay. Oh, well. That's enough feeling sorry for myself.


  16. Anonymous7:57 PM

    This house is dark. Sometimes it gets to me, but not when it's time to dust! You can't see it. :-)

  17. good for you- going through books is so hard. I might need them someday!

  18. funny post! wish the best for you and Karma!

  19. Purging is wonderful - I still can't do enough! Thanks for your great comment on my blog the other day. I cant comment yet but I will when I can- people have left stone comments I really want too reply to.

  20. Perfect quote once again Rita.
    Purging sure does feel good and what's old for us is new for someone else...nice to think of others using items. I find it tough to throw anything away so giving to charity shops always feels right.
    Day after T day (((hugs))) to you and Karma.

  21. Your post really resonated with me! We had one of those Gevalia coffee pots (a Krups, a much earlier model than the one you show), and it lasted forever! Made really good coffee, too. :)

    I'm also purging books, trying to downsize from bookshelves lining every wall to a more reasonable number. It's hard, isn't it! I've decided to get rid of any book if I don't think I'll ever read it again. I give family and friends a few months to take what they want from my stacks on the steps, and then I donate the rest to Goodwill. Purging can be liberating! :)

    I hope you had a Happy T Tuesday.

  22. I've been purging all year.... a little bit at a time... it's easier on the back and also on the emotions ...it's hard for a a "hoarder" to let go you know but little bits are easier to deal with :)

  23. It's amazing how much a good clean out can help.

    Plus, think of all the people who'll get to have the things you don't need any more...

  24. I am not a coffee drinker but pleased to hear you found a new coffee pot and are enjoying your coffee again. My daughter wants me to get rid of a lot of stuff but I am not ready to do so most of the stuff has meaning well to me it does and why should I be forced to clear out stuff when I don't want to

  25. I love a good purge almost as much as Karma loves lying in the sun! Cheers to you Rita!

  26. As you know, we will be doing a MAJOR purge very soon too. We donate our books and DVDs to the base library. They have such a small selection here and are grateful for everything they get. I donate Bella's clothes and toys to either the freecycle or thrift shop. Enjoy your new furniture!!!

  27. Hello and Happy T Day, sorry I'm a little late getting here. YAY for a working coffee pot. I can't imagine all those moves, all the work you have to do each time keeps me from wanting to move. Good luck with your purging, it always feels good. Karma does enjoy the sun, good for him. I love paper towels too.
    Thanks for sharing enjoy your week.

  28. it's been dark and dreary here in Ohio too...it's foggy today, following days of drizzle. your dramatic sky pics always are enjoyable though! by the way, since you are good at purging, would you like to make a visit to Ohio?! ;)

  29. Once in awhile a good clean out makes me feel like I can breathe. Of course the stuff collects and piles up again, I can't seem to help myself. Like what you are doing with those paper towels.


  30. Hi Karma!

    I bet that coffee smells really good on some of these chilly days!


    Keep on, Keeping on! You'll be moving sooner or later and need to "trim the load" once again!

    Goodness... 30 plus moves??????

  31. I love purging and I don't do it often enough. And I know what you mean about the books...Phil got me a Kindle and I never thought I'd like reading books on it, but I do! You'd think I'd stop buying physical books now but I just can't. I never buy new ones, but I love digging through the books at Goodwill. But they've gotten horribly pricey in the recent past and I'm cheap when it comes to buying books. :) Anyway, I'm off to read a book!! :P

    Give Karma a scratch for me.


  32. It's good to see you are making such great progress in downsizing. I had to gasp when you said how many times you have moved since I have only moved 4 times in my entire life! Where you are going is going to be so much superior to where you are!

  33. Getting rid of stuff is so liberating.....I love that feeling too.
    Thanks for your comment, I did cuddle the grandbabies almost non stop.
    Hope you get to the next place really soon.
    Zue xxx

  34. I think fiction can be truer than true. No one is expecting "real" so you can slip all kinds of ideas in and readers just roll with them not realizing they are being subtly taught. I think that's why I love scie fi and fantasy. Nothing really truer than those genre!

  35. I could have sworn I left a comment on this post the other day...could be that I started to comment but was then distracted by something here and never got to finish it.

    Anywhoo, it's great that the 'new' coffee post is up and running!

    Well done on purging some books. I really need to do that too. I have books on shelves in the garage that I know I'll never read again.

    Purging unwanted and no longer needed items always makes me feel great too. Like a weight has been lifted.

  36. Downsizing and getting rid of things that no longer bring you joy will free your space for even more creativity!

    After aggressively decluttering for the past year (and even after my dad died in 2012), it feels so good to have less to take care of, organize, and clean. Having more space simply to move around can't be beat!

    You did a great job creating lots of space on your bookshelf and passing along books to people who will enjoy them!


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