Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Another dark, chilly morning (39F/4C) where I'll need the lights on all day.
It's Tuesday already.  For all the ladies over at T-Stands For Tuesday...look who's back!  I brought my old, silver thermos mug back home from McFamily's.  Leah has a few Thermos products that she wants to send to the company (supposed to have a lifetime guarantee?) and I decided that if she was mailing to Thermos that I should ask for a non-wobbly red cup.  It really is terribly unsteady. 
Well...Miss Karma.  
She's been licking, scratching, pulling at her fur (but not pulling it out so far) for months and months.  She's always had dry skin problems and has had cat dandruff since she was a kitten. 
I have tried buying all kinds of oils to add to her food (made for cats)...which she then refuses to eat.  I got some anti-itching spray this summer because she scratches her ears till they're raw.  Good thing she doesn't have claws!
Can you see the redness over and around her eyes? 

Just from scratching herself. 
The anti-itch spray works, but for only a couple of hours.  She doesn't have fleas or anything.  She just has dry itchy skin all over...and particularly beats up her face and ears.  Been worse as she gets older.  (I can relate--my skin is drying out, too.)
Anyways, Leah discovered online about using amber beads around Ian's ankles (under socks) to help him with teething pain...and saw how somebody used hazelwood beads to stop a dog from itching himself raw.  (The amber is supposed to help with pain and the hazelwood is supposed to remove toxins.)  So I had Leah order Karma a collar of hazelwood.  I put it on her when I got back from their place last Thursday night.  She seems to be scratching less than she was?  Just like Ian seems to be less cranky?  Time will tell, eh?  I sure hope these work...for Ian and Karma.  I might have to get an amber one for pain, eh?  
Well...I have a confession to make.  When I went to leave for Dagan and Leah's last Thursday night...I came out of the elevator to the usual stripped lobby... 
...but saw these stuffed chairs over by the window! 
I hadn't heard the bad news from the lady about the waiting lists (not till Friday)...but I froze right there outside the elevator.  I knew I was being told by the Universe that I wasn't leaving..."see, we'll try to make it better--it won't be so bad"...and I did not want to hear it.  I never said one word to anybody about the chairs.  We have not had furniture down there for must be 5-6 years now.  Because residents broke, smashed, destroyed it little by little...until the owners gave up and striped it bare.  You can see these two chairs are not new and were salvaged from the destruction.  They're original chairs from when I first moved here and the lobby was inviting with wooden coffee table with a glass top, tables, artificial plants & trees, pictures on the walls...
I know that might not make logical sense to anyone else...but I came out of the elevator and it was definitely a sign to me...loud and clear.  You are not leaving for a long time.  I didn't want to hear it...refused to look at them as I left the building (these pictures were taken a couple days later).  But...I wasn't as shocked by the bad news the following day.  I had been prepared...forewarned. 
I wonder how long the chairs will last?  The only thing we have had in the lobby for years is the wire rack for the free paper--and they mangle that regularly so that it is removed and then put back--over and over and over.  Maybe people will leave these poor old chairs alone.  Please!  Please!  Leave them be!  
One of the issues for me is that I cannot stand for very long without additional pain--especially since adding sciatica to the mix--and there's been no place to sit downstairs to wait for a ride.  The senior bus wants you to be waiting ten minutes ahead of time and do not like to have to wait for you to come down from third floor and can leave if you aren't there within a couple minutes.  
[Note: The Paseo is so light that it slips and slides on the ice in the winter.  Even Dagan and Leah don't want me to drive it very far--probably only the 2 miles to McFamily's if the roads are pretty clear--and Dagan said he'd let me know.  I still plan to take the senior bus to appointments this winter.]
Anyways, one can hope the chairs will not be smashed, poured on, ripped, peed on, sliced up, or set on fire.  Maybe none of the current residents are chair haters--LOL!  ;)  
One can hope.
I will leave you on a much happier note--with a video Leah took of our boy, Ian.  (Gramma can never get enough!)  
Oh, and Ian is ready for Halloween, too!
Have a great week!
Happy Tuesday!  :):)
"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm" 
Winston Churchill


  1. It is a grey day today. It was spitting a little when I got done with my walk. I just love those little baby noises!!! Too fun.
    Happy T day!

  2. Poor itchy Karma. I do hope she gets some relief! I still can't believe how some people are...destroying property just because they feel they're entitled to. Or they're bored. Or whatever. Losers. Ian is just beautiful. And he has a wonderful Gramma!!


  3. What a sweet laugh little Ian has! And I do hope that the beads help Karma. It can't be fun to itch all the time. My eyes itch when I have allergies and it drives me crazy!

  4. Hope both Ian and Karma get some relief with their new beads. You'll have to let us know how they work out.


  5. Love the video and love the costume! There are such cute costumes available for all ages these days. I tried to explain the plastic things we had as kids to the grandsons, but it just didn't translate. LOL Have a good week!

  6. I hope Karma's beads work!! Poor thing! It has been quite cloudy and dark here for a while (normal for this time of year), but the sun decided to make an appearance this afternoon and stayed that way until sunset!! A miracle! :D I hope you are feeling better about "things" and that you have the energy to do the things you love!

  7. ian's looking a little 'scrawny' there - you can see his bones. ;)

    well, i'm glad you had gotten a foreshadowing so it wasn't a terrible blow.

    and i hope karma can get relief.

  8. What a beautiful baby he is!!! Sorry to hear about Karma`s skin. I would suggest rubbing her down with coconut oil but it leaves a greasy mess all over. Fingers crossed the destructive tenants have moved on and you can keep the chairs in the lobby!

  9. Awe, I do hope the beads work-at least they are worth a try-more so than synthetic pills and such. It surely would be nice if the chairs are left for everyone to be able to enjoy. Glad you have alternate transportation available in bad weather. I hate driving in snow and ice! Happy t day Rita!

  10. Ian needs fed, I can see his bones....LOL Baby noises always make me smile....they grow out of it so fast.

    Sorry about the bad news, darn it anyway! I'll keep praying something will break loose and you'll get in the new place even faster!!

    My DIL swears by the beads for teething. My GD wore them the whole time she teethed. I hope they work for Karma, poor baby. I hate to see and animal suffer.

    Hope this next week is better for you......just ignore the chairs..LOL

  11. Bleubeard is just the opposite. His fur as he ages has started to mat and he looks a bit bedraggled, unlike Karma, who looks like a princess in her new collar.

    Sorry to read you are NOT on the waiting list to the new place, but I bet there will be other opportunities, especially if something happens to these latest chairs and your local newspaper learns about it.

    Thanks for sharing your week (and Ian) with us for T this Tuesday.

  12. Happy T-Day! So sorry I'm late.
    I do hope the collar works for Karma. Poor pussycat getting sore ears because they itch so :(
    Also, for Ian, if he gets a cold, baby menthol gel rubbed on the soles of his feet, inside his sleepsuit, will help with symptoms. I use it on my boy and have found it helps.
    Hoping the chairs last a while ((hugs))

  13. Hoping that the beads continue to work their magic! Your cat certainly seems relaxed! As for the chairs - maybe go and sit in one of them occasionally -you might start a new trend! Happy T day! Chris

  14. I hope the necklace eases your kitty's itching, and I hope the chairs last a good long while :)

  15. Ian's "costume" is adorable. Poor Karma, with the itchies. I know how she feels. I put some plants in pots yesterday and got about a million mosquito bites on top of my eczema. It's interesting that the chairs are in the lobby.


  16. I hope karma is feeling better soon. and I hope your lobby stays intact. I don't know why people do these things. It's awful

  17. Dagan and Leah certainly lucked out, having such a happy baby the first time around. And Ian has such beautiful blue eyes, I hope he keeps them!

  18. Gorgeous baby skelleton - Happy T-Day!

  19. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Maybe you should bring a blanket on the days you need to sit on the chair. Or a trash bag...something disposable.


  20. I hope the collar works for Karma! And it would be great if they helped you too!

    I hope the chairs are left alone - I can't understand wanton destruction and vandalism by so-called intelligent human beings - but of course, these humans are too bright.

  21. Oh your Ian is one precious guy and such a cute skeleton too!
    I know for a fact that the amber beads work for teething from a few different babies that I know.
    Hope that Karma gets more and more relief from his special beads too (such a great thing!).
    Not sure what happened to Tuesday, but I'm glad I stopped by today to wish you a Happy day after T day
    Sending all good wishes your way Rita

  22. I hope the amber and hazel work for Ian and Karma!

    I also hope the chairs get to stay, and remain in usable condition.

    Ian sure has a lot to say!

  23. Oh the video clip of Ian was awesome made me smile and he is such a lovely baby

  24. I am so sorry, Rita, that you won’t be moving anytime soon. It was not to be. Perhaps the chairs will remain in decent shape. One can hope, as you say. If your own four walls are not too depressing you can still be happy within your apartment.

    Sorry about poor old Karma, that doesn’t look good. Have you asked a vet what could be done about her dry skin?

    I am thinking of both of you and wish you the best of luck. At least you’ve got a bonny bouncy Ian to enjoy!

  25. So adorable ~ Karma and your grand child ~ Wonderful post and photos ~ do hope everyone stops 'itching' and that the chairs stay beautiful!

    Happy Weekend to you,

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  26. Does Karma like sardines? I heard sardines are good for itchy skin. I've bought some for Jack and Cody. Poor Jack is making a terrible mess of himself with itching and hot spots ever since he was groomed. I've tried everything including coconut oil externally on the affected areas, aloe vera, chamomile tea....all give temporary relief but not enough to stop Jack scratching and biting every chance he gets. I am definitely going to order a Hazelwood necklace for him.

    I sure hope the residents leave those stuffed chairs be. I'm just in awe that residents would steal and destroy a lobby like they have done in the past. Such outright disrespect for other people's property. I don't blame the owners for stripping it bare.

    Ian is adorable! Don't you just love the softness and purity of baby skin. Loved the video, he made me smile. :) Mikayla and Maddy had the Sophie giraffe toy too.

    OH, and look, he transformed into baby McSkeleton. LOL So cute!

    Love and hugs ~ xo

  27. I hope the collar works for Karma's itching. My legs are itchy tonight, they get that way when my skin is so dry, so I can relate to poor Karma itching until her skin becomes red and raw.

    I hope the chairs in the lobby remain there and are kept in good shape. It's a shame some people can't be respectful of other people's property.

    Love Ian's "talking" and giggling in the video. Such a good little boy. I hope the beads help with the teething pain. Cute little Halloween costume. :)

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  28. I loved the video of your little charmer!
    Sue xxx

  29. Dear Rita, the equanimity with regard to not moving truly impresses me. You are a strong woman and you daily make lemonade out of lemons!

    I'm hoping that necklace will help Karma. Your wearing an amber one sounds like a good idea. Peace.

  30. Rita - do you or have you ever used a walker with a chair on it? My mom has one and it has been a lifesaver for her when she gets tired, her legs or knees hurt (osteoarthritis), or she's waiting for something longer than she can comfortably stand.

    I do hope the chairs stay in the lobby and aren't destroyed.

    Is Karma feeling better? I hope so.

  31. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Poor Karma!


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