Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Good Tuesday Morning!  
At least I started this when it was still morning--LOL!  I had begun this post much earlier--showing my coffee mug for T Stands For Tuesday and that I had been working on getting Christmas cards ready to mail since we last spoke--but FedEx arrived and I got sidetracked--LOL!  (There are some pictures toward the end.)
Anyways, our Christmas cards this year are super simple.  
 I did all the cutting and folding and then Leah did all the stamping.   
You may remember I bought four different scenery stamps for simple cards like this.  We just love them and will be doing sets of the other three scenery stamps this winter to keep as handy back ups if we get too busy to make any other Christmas cards. 
  I got them all finished this weekend so that the last ones went out in the mail Monday.  Earlier than some years--LOL!
It's been cold.  Karma is usually either on "her" ottoman...
...or "her" chair...staying warm. 
Okay--as I said, FedEx arrived this morning--with some more RED for my apartment facelift!  These have been my bathroom rugs since 1990.  Since I plan to throw them away...well, I decided to stick them out on the porch just to see what Karma would do.     
 Karma just slays me!  She has walked on them and even taken naps on them all these years, right?  But put them out on the porch and she was afraid to step on them--scared of them--LOL!  She was trying to walk on that narrow strip to the left of the long rug--ROFL! 
But she loves the new squishy-soft deep-red rugs.  So do I!!  
This is the entryway rug.  The last one of three that still has rubber backing on it and doesn't slip out from under me.  There was a slippery one in the kitchen--which will now head for the dumpster, also. 
Here are two little red berber rugs that (hopefully) won't slip around...and Karma loves these, too.  She doesn't know where to sprawl--LOL!   
The red towels and dishcloths and shower curtain are already in the washer.  Too excited to remember to take pictures first.  What fun!  Like a party over here!  ;)
I'll close today with some pictures Leah took of our happy Ian.  These are all taken on Mom and Dad's soft comforter on their bed.   

Practicing sitting up. 
I swear that most of the time when Ian is on his back he has those legs in the air--even when he's not laughing or squealing. 
I won't see Ian till this weekend, probably.  Leah's Grandpa died (not unexpectedly) and they are off to the funeral tomorrow.  Leah's brother Aaron is on leave this month from the service and staying with McFamily so he is even home to pay his respects and be a pall bearer.  Next I see them they will probably be coming over here to switch furniture around for me.
Oh, just a funny thing.  After google stole all those emails from blog posts and slapped them in spam...now I am getting an email for Pakistani Clothes and Fashion every single day.  I make it "Spam" and yet every single day I get another email.  I find that very amusing.  When I want spam to work... LOL!
We are supposed to warm up to above freezing later this week...for several days maybe!  Which means what tiny bit of snow we have will be gone.  I sure don't want a brown Christmas.  Isn't that the way it goes?  Other people have had so much snow they don't know what to do with it.  Crazy weather.  Anyways, have a great week!!  :):)
"Laughter is carbonated holiness."
Anne Lamott
Note: if you see the prove you're not a robot box when you go to comment you can try hitting publish without filling in the box and it will usually work regardless.  I double-checked and I have definitely got no word verification checked--grrr!  So please--try just ignoring it.  That has worked for me on other blogs.  Google has been adding this without permission to a LOT of blogs.  If anyone knows how to get rid of it, please let me know.


  1. Hi, Ian! Maybe you put your legs in the air because you're going to be a gymnast. Franklin reacts to changes the way Karma does. He can't deal with items that are not in their proper places.


    P.S. You probably already know this because a lot of people are having the same problem, but you have "Please prove you're not a robot" below the comment box.

  2. Love your red stuff!!

  3. Cats are insane. Wouldn't love them quite as much if they weren't. And that Ian.. he just gets cuter every day.

  4. Your card looks beautiful and professional too!
    Another year will pass that I may only mail a handful of cards...
    Little Ian always makes me smile and so does Karma too (who has the right idea curled up for a snooze.
    Stay warm and Happy T day Rita

  5. i'm glad the family can attend the funeral together. like the new rugs! and ian is growing so quickly!

  6. The Christmas cards are really classy! I keep saying I am going to make ours one year but always wait too long to start. Maybe I will start Dec. 26 this year!

    I like all the touches of red. We have some red in the kitchen which keeps it bright and cheery!

  7. lovely CAS cards and OOOh those smiles!

  8. Your card is very beautiful, especially because I LOVE trees. I have just now started my cards, so it's crunch time for me. I really like how yours turned out.

    It looks like Christmas at your place with all those new red pieces. They are fun and brightened up your home. Karma is funny that she doesn't know where to sit. Had to laugh at that. Sounds like Bleubeard.

    Ian is SO funny. Glad you shared some photos of him.

    I found if I use the "embed" option on word verification, as told to me by Bridget, it works. I can't believe Google knows better than we know our audience (NOT).

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this Tuesday. BTW, hope you find time for J52 next year. It's easy, especially since I'm so slow with everything I make.

  9. All those red rugs are gorgeous! And I love your beautiful cards. Karma is pretty funny. And I've found that if you just ignore the WV, it works anyway. If someone sets it up, then it will ask you for it again. Just FYI. :-)

  10. Funny how just changing small things like throw rugs and towels make such a difference. Ian is such a cutie! Love the pictures. We're supposed to get warmer weather this weekend, too. I'm glad because we're doing a Holiday Parlor Tour on Sunday. But I don't want it to be too warm for Christmas. I don't mind brown, but with temps in the 60s it's hard to get in the spirit. Guess that's what it's like to live in Florida. LOL

  11. Redecorating is always fun! Your grandson is absolutely handsome :) They grow up so fast! I hope you keep warm in these cold winter months! We have been above freezing for nearly a week now (thank the Lord) and it has been wonderful! We had two baby goats born last Thursday (so not quiet a week old yet) and this warmer weather has been a God send!

  12. I'm glad you're working so hard to provide your kitty with many options for sprawling ;) The red looks festive. :)

  13. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I read Bird by Bird by Ann Lamott. :-)

  14. hahaha poor Karma. Love the red carpets and Ian is getting cuter every time I see him. My condolences to Leah.

  15. Google has been spaming all of my comments as well. Darn Google. At first I thought no one cared anymore. ;)
    Gracie gets scared of the dumbest things as well in the floor. If a towel falls down and is crumpled on the floor she does this crazy inspection of it...I like to yell Boo! when she's doing it. Mean mommy. HA!
    Happy T day on Wednesday!

  16. Love your Card!!! I once had a dog that was afraid of everything! A big Golden Retriever...... if i took him for a walk and something was different along the route he was scared to death of it! Go figure... Even something as simple as a piece of paper...lol Hugs! deb

  17. Another post that left me a little awed and Ian is so damn huggable

  18. Love your red rugs!!!!! The cards are adorable!! There is a lot to said about simplicity ♥ Ian is just so cute and such a happy baby :)

  19. Love the red rugs in the bathroom, it really makes the room "pop!" I don't think any of your readers get enough of Ian, he's just so darn cute!

  20. I love how you're putting the touches of red everywhere; I'm actually jealous of all your red furniture and furnishings!

    LOL at Karma being afraid of the rugs just because they got moved.

  21. Hello and Happy T Day on Thursday! I love all the red, looks great. I'm still working on my cards, should have started earlier. Hoping to get them all done by next week. Karma is too funny! Look at that happy boy, they grow up so fast. Enjoy this fun new phase and time with him.
    Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  22. Hi, Rita! Hi, Karma! Hi, Ian! I just finished addressing this year's Christmas cards. It feels good to have that little task out of the way. I still say Ian looks like he could be the next official spokesbaby for Gerber baby foods! Karma is such a beautiful cat. I wish I could be there to smooch her. She'd probably give me a swat for waking her up, though! :)

    I just returned to Florida from the Carolinas where the temperatures were in the 30s and 40s. It's warmer here but I will need to get used to colder because it looks like we're moving to NC a few months from now.

    Have a wonderful day and a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Rita!

  23. Ian is getting SO big! They are so cute at this age. Well, let's face it, they are cute at any age. Mine are way bigger at this point and they're still cute. And wonderful and all those adjectives. Nanahood is awesome!. LOVE all that red. You have me thinking maybe I should be looking at red for my house...not that I don't have color but your reds are glorious! They are ACTION!!!! And I LOVE my card so thank you very much. I thought they were stamped but they are done so nicely - my stamps NEVER turn out as nice!

  24. I love touches of red too it is such a cheerful color!
    Thanks for the Christmas Greeting!! Your card is beautiful! That Ian gets cuter by the day what fun to watch him grow:)

  25. Oh the embedded comment form doesn't seem to get the robot thingy...I see you have found that out! :)

  26. hm yes, I keep finding the verification box everywhere now. I wonder if I have it too.

    Anyway, those lovely red rugs look gorgeous, no wonder you are all made up about them. A bit of colour brightens a place up no end.

    And Ian is his own happy self. Does that child never cry? Or does he not have his picture taken when he does. Isn’t he getting to be a big boy.

    Have a lovely week and if you want snow, I’ll try to magic you some.

  27. I always love seeing pics of Ian. He is a cutie pie.

    Nice looking rugs. I need to get one for in front of my kitchen sink. That end of the trailer is always the coldest and it can be pretty cold on my feet at times.

    Cats sure are comical, aren't they? lol

    I hope you had a nice week.

  28. Your Christmas cards are lovely!

    Too funny about Karma and the rugs you put out on the porch. LOL

    Sorry to hear about Leah's Grandpa.

    Baby Ian is a delight....just look at that happy face! Adorable!

    I don't see Word Verification at the moment but it may pop up if I hit Publish. I wonder if it is being forced on all blogs now regardless of settings?? I have mine set at NO to Word Verification...don't like it and don't want it on my blog.

    I have a letter almost finished to you....trying to find spare time at the moment is near impossible.

    Enjoy your week ~ xo

  29. Nope, no Word Verification appeared when I hit Publish. Almost forgot...I like the splashes of red throughout your apartment. :)

  30. I ditto Alice Kay! I always love seeing pics of Ian. He is a cutie pie!

    Karma ... those are the same rugs... they just "got up and moved" and proved that they were ALIVE!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!


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