Saturday, December 06, 2014


I was up to greet the dawn this morning.
Orange and blue.
Good Morning!
Doesn't Karma look relaxed?
I went to leave to go over to McFamily's on Tuesday and the garage door wouldn't go back down.  As you know, I have had problems with the garage door since Dagan and Leah got the car running again this last spring.  They even finally had a garage door repairman come out this summer, but it still has been reluctant to open and/or shut.  Could take up to 4-5 tries sometimes to get it to work.  Just randomly stops cooperating at any point during the procedure.
So, I went to the office and a new younger guy I haven't seen before was sent out to look at the garage door.  Within about a minute he had adjusted the speed and told me it would work now.  Since I have heard that before...and I had Caroline coming to grocery shop for me the following day...I told him I needed to put the big white cart in my back seat just in case I couldn't get back in the garage when I came home that night.  He even put the cart in the backseat for me. Nice young man (who may have actually fixed the garage door because it has been working like a charm since then--knock on wood).
I head off to McFamily's.  Now I hear this ticking sound coming out of the vent!  What next, eh?  Tick-tick-tick.  Engine?  Heat vent?  Would stop when I was at a light...not heat vent.  Engine?  Oh no.  Last time I drove it the tires made clunky noises for a while because they had frozen flat on the one side sitting in the garage.  I was hoping this ticking sound would go away, too, after I drove for a while.  Nope.  All the way there.
So, I asked Leah if one of them could take the car to Costco to put gas in it for me after Dagan got home from work (not far away and they had suggested me getting gas there before because it is cheaper) and listen to this ticking noise.  So, meanwhile, it was Christmas card stamping and had some playtime with Mr. Ian.  Here he is in his jumpy seat thingie.  He has discovered squealing with delight since I saw him last.  They change from week to week.  :):)   
Dagan came home.  Leah and I left Ian with Daddy and took off for Costco.  Leah drove because she knew where we were going.  I was in the passenger seat.  The ticking started shortly after we took off.  OMG!!!  It was the white cart in the back seat jiggling in the little car!!  ROFLMAO!!!  Absolutely cracked me up!!
Backstory: I can't hear well at all out of my right ear.  My left one wouldn't win any contests, either, but my right one is really pretty bad.  Why?  Well, one night at a house party when I was a teenager I was dancing away with some girls in the living room when this guy tapped my shoulder for a dance as the music ended.  Fine.  The music started and so did he!  Clingy, grabby...this total stranger was professing his undying drunken love for me.  I laughed, extricated myself, told him he was just drunk, didn't even know me, thanks but no thanks, and went back to dance with the girls.
    Next thing I knew I was thrown violently across the room.  I was body-smashed into the door--my ear cracked into the doorknob--and I crumbled to the floor--dazed.  While my crazy drunken new suitor tried to escape running down the block pursued by guys from the party, I remember gazing up at the glass doorknob in that old house and thinking how I had never noticed how truly beautiful it was.  
  So, I could have used the excuse all my life that I had been quite literally knocked silly at a young age, but I was already silly before that.  ;)  Sadly, I heard the guys caught Romeo and beat him up pretty badly.  He was just a drunken guy with anger issues.  Beating him up wasn't going to make him less angry...
I think he broke my eardrum.  For weeks I had gurgling and popping in that ear and couldn't hear out of it.  Never been the same and never have been able to hear well out of that ear since.  So that is why I got a distorted ear-view of where the sound was coming from in that tiny car.  It sounded like it was coming from in front of me out of the heat vent.  But in the passenger seat--I heard the sound coming from the back seat right away!  Burst out laughing!!  But what a relief that there wasn't anything wrong with the 22 year old car!!  :)  And I now have gas in the car.  First time it has been filled since they got the car running again this last spring.  Shows you how little I get out and about--LOL!
The garage door has been working, too.  I went out to get the cart before Caroline came to make sure--but it worked when I got home and that next day.  Don't even have to hold the button or the key the whole time, either, anymore.  Knock on wood!!  Maybe he fixed it?  Whoohoo!  And Caroline got my groceries for me on Wednesday--saved me money again because she can call me and ask me questions. Nice!!   
I ordered Ian's highchair.  Early Christmas present.  It arrived at their place yesterday and Leah sent a Thank You Gramma picture!  He's fascinated by being able to sit and look out the window.  New perspective on life--LOL!  He hasn't had any solid foods yet, but that's probably coming soon. 
And I got Happy Mail!!  Actually decided to try making a box-opening video.  Thanks so much, Felicia (Mouse Potato Designs)!  I was shocked!  Obviously.  All I could say was--Oh My Gosh!  Oh My Gosh!

Who knows...I may get to making a few videos again.
Well, that's about it from Fargo for today.  Just a happy, happy day with Christmas carols on Pandora.  Life is good!  
Have a great weekend!!
"Gratitude makes us feel bursting with delight, just to remember the gifts we have received. Thus we are doubly blessed when we receive something: for the gift itself and later, in recall, for the miracle of having been given it."
M.J. Ryan


  1. What a gorgeous sunrise!!!
    The shopping cart story had my giggling, been there, done that!! My hearing isn't as good after spending two years wearing headphones while working in a catalogue call center :(

    LOVE the pictures of Ian....of course! I see you use the same technical names for the baby toys as I do......"thingie" works for everything...LOL

    What a wonderful box of goodies you received. Felicia makes a good Santa!

    Glad to hear you can get your car in and out of the garage now. Hope that young man stays.

    Well, need to finish up here, the GDs are coming, this morning for a sleep-over tonight. I have arranged lots of crafts and things for us to do.

    Pet Karma for me and have a great weekend!

  2. Hi, dear Rita! I was shocked to read the back story of how you sustained your hearing loss. What that drunken boy did to you was wrong. The beating he took from the other boys who chased him down was also wrong because, as you explained, it did nothing to address the root causes of his anger issues.

    Those are great pictures of little Ian. Somehow, Karma always looks "relaxed."

    Dear friend, I will be leaving the state tomorrow for a few days and will be away from all blogging. Please forgive me if I miss some of your posts before I return next Wednesday. Until then, take good care of yourself and have a nice weekend!

  3. I watched your video--it looked like you had won the lottery!!

  4. beautiful sunrise. adorable growing boy. glad the car and garage door are both fine!

  5. If only all car sounds could be so easily fix! LOL That's terrible about what happened to your ear. But I, once again, am in awe of your attitude. You're a marvel!

  6. Beautiful dawn pictures!

    I'm glad the garage door seems to be opening and closing okay now. Let's hope it continues that way.

    LOL about the 'ticking' noise!

    How terrible though about how you came to have hearing problems out of that one ear. Like the saying goes though...violence begets violence. It was wrong what he did and yes, the ones who beat him up were also in the wrong but I guess for every action, there is a reaction. I don't believe drunks should be looked on any different than if they were sober...they choose to drink and should be just as accountable for their actions. Angry drunks can be very dangerous. Sorry if I sound callous but I don't have much tolerance for drunks after being married to an abusive, alcoholic for a time, not to mention the many lives lost, or ruined, due to drink drivers each year. You are a saint for having such a compassionate attitude about it.

    Those little play centres are so much fun for them at that age. Ian is adorable!

    WOW...what awesome goodies Felicia sent you! Lucky you!

    I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog....

    Love and hugs ~ xo

  7. Yes, you are definitely one of a kind, Rita. I love the Ian pictures, and the whole box opening video. :-)

  8. Lovely sunrise, Rita. Far prettier than this foggy, grey mess we have here.

    So fun to see Ian enjoying his new high chair. He's such a cutie.

    Whether your hearing is good or not, it's hard to pinpoint a noise, depending on where you are sitting in an automobile. Glad it was NOTHING to worry about.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Give Karma a kiss from Bleubeard and me, please.

  9. Beautiful sunrise! I haven't managed to see one for awhile now...seems my sleeping patterns have become weird lately. Your gift box of goodies was amazing and I'm sure you'll find great things to do with all of it :)

  10. Oh my the story of your being thrown by a drunk when you were young is terrible

    Iran is growing up so fast isn't he.

    I hate it when I hear a noise in the car and think it is something wrong and turns out to be something silly like the cart knocking in your car

  11. What a lovely sunrise. Ian is getting so big and he is just adorable. Enjoy this Happy Time of year!

  12. Wow on those sunrise shots. They are awesome!

    Ian is learning new things and soon he'll be talking. Just wait until he says "gramma" for the first time. ;)

    Good thing your car didn't need the ticking fixed. lol Terri had to put a brake cylinder on my car today while he was putting on the winter tires. We have a big snow storm heading our way Tuesday and Wednesday. Some forecasters are saying as much as 2 feet in the higher elevations. (we have mountains all around us) Supposed to be a heavy, wet snow, too. Heavier than the Thanksgiving Day snow. I sure hope they're wrong.

    Hope you have a good week.

  13. Although I couldn't see some of the items very well, I enjoyed watching and listening to you enjoy everything in the box. I think purging has become contagious, LOL.

  14. That's quite a nasty event at the party. You had me cringing. But you also had me laughing at the ticking being the cart. Funny stuff. Hopefully the garage door is repaired once and for all. And just look at that gorgeous boy! Sigh!

  15. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Gorgeous sky shots! And hi there, Karma...

  16. So glad to hear about your garage door (fingers crossed) Sometimes men can be quite smart (The garage door fixer) until they use their fists (the party a$$) Your car ticking brings up memories of hubby telling me that the noise I heard was a rock in the About 500 bucks later, that expensive rock was gone. Car needed a brake job and the rotors were warped. Ian looks quite content in his highchair! So cute.

  17. I understand your "frustration" with the noise in the car! I, too, cannot locate the source of what I am (or think I am) hearing.

    I love those colorful sunrise photos!

    And as always, Ian is so precious!! I just have to grin and smile and feel "much lighter" when I see his photos!


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