Friday, January 23, 2015


Good Afternoon!  
Almost evening.  
On this National Handwriting Day it is 45 degrees here in Fargo and there is no snow left out my window.
Puddles everywhere...that will likely turn to ice tonight..but what a warm day for January! 
Karma would say hi but she's out like a light.
Totally unexpected happy mail from Jeannie in Germany!!  Was all gift wrapped just beautifully from Amazon...but I was so excited and curious I tore into it and never got pictures.  A "Corner Angel" is what the box said.  Isn't she beautiful?!
The gift note said: "Here's a new angel to replace the one that 'attacked' you and broke!  She's under orders to play nicely!!!  :D"   
This newer corner angel attaches with one of those triangular hooks for a nail, too!!  Not like my door angels that attached with double sided tape.  I'll have Dagan (our resident tall person) get her up on the bathroom door next time he's over.  OMG!  I was so surprised and delighted!  That was just so thoughtful, Jeannie!!  Thanks so much!  :):)  Hooked on a nail...well, she will probably be guarding my door the rest of my life!
Meanwhile...I have been working on the (now) toy tote.  Total comedy of errors, I tell you.  I didn't know if I would ever get this baby together...between Miss Brother and then myself--OMG!  But here it is.
I was working away with needle and thimble while I watched another Battlestar Galactica DVD a few days ago.  I leave the doors open to prevent overheating the various boxes--you may note there is one shelf with nothing on it yet.
Well, except Miss Karma who doesn't miss an opportunity to claim an empty spot (pardon her bathing in front of you). 
Anyways, I am sewing away on the thick layers...twice as thick now as anything Miss Brother attempted...diligently poking my fingers and thumbs everywhere and drawing pin-points of blood with alarming regularity...slowly making my way around the bag, right?  When I am finally coming up to the last side with great relief...when I realize I have been sewing it ON TO THE TOP!!!  ROFL!
I have to rip out every single stitch and start over.  
Out they came...little by little.
Since I was sewing in my chair I had the thread, scissors, and thimble next to me.  After a long break I came back to start sewing all over again.  I stuck the needle..the one and only very long, very thin needle I my mouth and was standing there pulling out a length of thread...and the needle dropped out of my mouth into the nearly full wastebasket by my chair.  Okay--you just have to laugh.  It took me a good fifteen minutes to dig slowly and carefully through all the thread pieces and Puffs (been having a bit of a runny nose, too) and scraps papers and such till I found the needle again.  So silly!  But this is how things have been going since I started this project--LOL!
So, I tacked down the centers of all the sides and started over again...on the bottom!!  LOL!  Finally finished last night--tada!!  I am bringing it over to McFamily's tomorrow afternoon.  My fingers and I needed a day of rest.  
And that was more true than I thought.  I hadn't been sleeping well all week and I truly collapsed last night.  Slept almost 11 hours--OMG!  Slept half the day away...which is why I am posting so late.  Sure felt good!!  :)
 But since I am moving so slowly, I also get to show you what came in the mail today.  First a confession to all you artsy-crafty people out there...I have never bought washi tape.  I know, it's a shock.  The one colorful washi tape I thought to myself "if I ever buy washi tape I will start with hers" was from Artsyville on Etsy.  You know how I have been loving bright colors lately--and these are hand made, too.
Well, she's discontinuing them!  (Found out because I also follow her blog/website.)  AND, shock--I had just enough money left this month to get in on the 2 for 1 deal on her big six packs!!  OMG!  I rarely ever have more than ten dollars left after the beginning of the month, folks!  So exciting! 
Aimee also sent with this cute card on what you can do with washi tape... 
...and this "Creative mess in progress" card... 
...and some other little cards she makes. 
I just love her artwork because...well, it is just plain happy!  If anyone is still interested she is getting rid of the last of her washi tapes while supplies last.  Just click on the links and you'll get there.  
So, I have my very first washi tapes.  May have started something?  LOL!  I see people use them in their planners all the time...  ;)
Another very exciting first was just this afternoon!!  Leah surprised me with a google video chat!!  
Yup!  Got to see Ian and chat with Dagan and Leah. 
What a world, eh?  How can you not love the internet!!
Well, I have bread and 13 bean soup both almost done and the whole place smells so good!!  Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!!  :):)
Since it's National Handwriting Day...if nothing else...
"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. how nice that you get to 'chat' even when you're not over there. :) glad you had a nice warm day - we only topped out at 51 so you were almost the same. your friend sending the corner angel - that is just so sweet!

  2. You'd never bought washi tape???? I'd never heard of it. ;)

  3. Hi, dear Rita! I wonder what's happening with your weather up there. You haven't had much snow to speak of and now you're in the middle of a tropical heat wave. I think the earth has left its orbit and is catapulting toward the sun! :)

    I see that you took a rare photo of Karma sleeping! :)

    I agree that the internet is an amazing tool, allowing you to visit loved ones without setting foot out of the house. I'm glad you had a session with Ian, Dagan and Leah.

    Enjoy your weekend, dear friend Rita!

  4. I'm shocked about the washi tape. How could you live without it? Perhaps now I'll learn what it is. It's a pleasant surprise to see you late in the day. Favorite Young Man and I dined together. Your problems with the bag brings to mind my very first sewing project in seventh-grade home ec. I made a simple skirt. When I finished, I couldn't try it on because I'd sewn the bottom together. I removed all the stitches, and the teacher never knew. She wasn't impressed by my sewing though. I think my grade was a C. Of course, your bag is much more complicated than my straight skirt with an elastic waist band. I must have looked like a 13 year old trying on her grandma's clothes.


  5. I think it was an angel that sent you the corner angel!!

  6. You finished the bag!!! What a trial it was, so that much more of an accomplishment!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!! Karma cracks me up - can't believe she got up into that cabinet. I Skype with Alex and a couple of other friends occasionally - it's wonderful to be able to see our loved ones so far away. Your dinner sounded amazing. I do soooo love homemade soup and bread. I love using my bread machine to make up the dough for French baguettes that are shaped and baked in the regular oven. Better than France's!! Your angel is prettier than the photo online and I'm so glad I was able to surprise you. Also glad she's held up by a nail too!!!! I have a couple of rolls of washi tape....and never used it. You may inherit it when I do my house clear-out for the upcoming move!

  7. what a thoughtful & wonderful surprise...getting the corner angel! of course i've been gone for a while so i never heard about the other one jumping out & attacking you! ha!!
    i never heard of washi tape. but now i's that fancy decorator tape you see all over the place now. cool. i like artsyville's style too.

    cats!! don't they always find those little hidey-holes!! HI KARMA!!

    CUTE grandbaby pictures!! nice that you can all 'chat' online!!

    oh...and NO SNOW in january??!! we've had weird weather down here lately too. VERY cold some nights. below freezing. which isn't all that odd in the winter...but it's lasting longer than usual. right now, it's so windy outside...all the chimes & ringing like crazy & i can hear the wind whipping around the house!

    have a nice weekend rita & karma!!

  8. Will you smile when you see that tote in the future? Or just remember what a bear it was to get it made? I love that wonderful new corner angel. You have friends everywhere, Rita! And you deserve them, too. Glad to count myself one of them. :-)

  9. Anonymous8:01 AM

    My goal is to have handwriting as nice as yours. I've been practicing everyday.

    I loved Battlestar Galactica.

  10. Rita -- you are such a dear!! Thank you so much for the Artsyville mention and for your kind words -- I hope you have a blast with the tapes!! xoxo Aimee

  11. p.s. all the snow seems to be in New Jersey right now!! we got a load of it last night :)

  12. You are being very creative and busy and Karma is just enjoying every minute with you and your grandson is so adorable! Internet is great for staying connected with loved ones ~ Love the angel ~ what a wonderful gift! Tote bag is marvelous and kudos to you for finishing ~ Washi tape is so colorful and post is filled with creativity ~ Snowing today in MA ~ mixture of rain later then snow ~ tis winter ~ Stay cozy, creative and warm ~ xoxoxo

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift Rita! I have some washi tape but I haven't really used it a lot....but theres still Maybe I will see what you do with yours!! This has been a remarkable January here too! So beautiful. I am so jealous of your Battlestar adventure. I have watched the series about a dozen times (BIG SYFY GEEK HERE)....and always wish I was watching it for the first time! Such an amazing show full of amazing acting and writing! That tote bag looks amazing Rita. I am hoping for closeup shots....with Karma of course. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. NICE gift ♥ The tape looks wonderful and I'm sure you'll have a blast with it. That soup ans bread sound wonderful ♥♥♥♥

  15. Yes when one realises one has sewn something upside down one has to laugh because if one doesn't laugh one will scream in frustration and annoyance with ones that angel looks awesome what a wonderful gift.

  16. That was really nice of Jeannie! But then, Jeannie is a nice person. I hope this angel behaves herself.

    YAY for finishing the bag at last, despite all the bumps in the road to completion!

  17. Wow, Rita. That's some lovely washi tape, but the price is far more than my entire budget for a YEAR. And to think that's the sale price. I can only imagine what they went for normally.

    You have an angel for a friend to send you the new door angel. she is wonderful.

    Glad to see you finally got that bag finished. And you did so before Ian graduated from High School, too (grin). Great job.

  18. Glad you had a warm day in January to enjoy. I have been wishing we would get a little snow as it is so pretty to look at and I don't have to drive in it! lol Take care, Karma rocks the empty shelves!

  19. Jeannie is a wonderful friend and that is a beautiful angel. She will look over you for a long, long time. :)

    Loved the picture of Karma. She's like most cats I've had. They'll find a spot anywhere that's open and available and make themselves right at home. lol

    Nice looking toy tote. I'm glad you were able to finish the project.

    It's pretty cool when you can video chat with someone. I haven't done that with my grandkids yet, but we'll have to try it someday. :)

  20. Anonymous10:02 AM

    What a beautiful angel!

  21. Jeannie is an angel... :) The corner angel looks so pretty!

    Karma looks good in red (shelf).... :)

  22. What a beautiful door angel that Jeannie sent you! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift. I have a painted wooden one with I secure in place with Blu-tack.

    LOL at Karma grabbing the opportunity to lie, preening herself, inside the cabinet. I have a coffee table in the lounge room and Cody sometimes squeezes himself onto the shelf which sits below the table top. Must try to get a photo of him next time he does it. Most times, he will lie on top of said coffee table as it sits by the window and he likes to lie there and look outside.

    OH NO on sewing the bottom to the top of the toy tote! Mind you, I have done things like that myself but maybe not on THAT big a project by hand. I'll bet you are SO glad to see it finally finished! It looks fantastic so you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. :)

    I have a few reels of washi tape that I bought from Officeworks. I bought them specifically for my journals. :)

    A Google Video Chat! How cool!!! xo


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