Tuesday, January 27, 2015


And Tuesday morning it is!
I captured the pre-dawn horizon glow...
(was it Monday? Sunday?)...
...before all the automatic lights... 
...retired for the day. 
We had sun for a couple hours before the clouds rolled in... 
...and took over the day. 
This morning we have thick fog.
You can see its been above freezing.  Again--not even a dusting of snow.  Brown grass.  
Yet I hear you are getting super dumped on again out east in the US.  We haven't had one good snowstorm up here yet this winter.  Strange.
Well, since I finally finished the tote, I wanted to finish with my planners, too.  So I worked on the Franklin Covey...got all the addresses transferred and the Christmas card list, etc.  Just need a set of alphabet tags to move all my passwords.  My "Information Station" is coming along quite nicely.  Then I do have a red filofax that I organized for art and craft stuff and as a kind of catch all for anything that doesn't go in the Franklin.  Got that done.  Whoohoo!
Since I have decided, after using it for almost a month now, how I think I want to set up my Bullet I thought I may as well set up February.  Not until I was almost done did I realize that the days were all wrong!  I had only used 1-31 for January on the big task list page and hadn't marked days of the week next to the numbers--but I decided I wanted to add the days from now on, right?  And what the heck!?  They were all wrong.  ??
I brought over my laptop and checked the calendar online...and the monthly stickers I bought on Amazon and were using as my reference...were not right!?  (And--yes--they came wrinkled like this, too.) 
I finally see on the back...2012!!! 
Who would buy 2012 stickers in 2015?  Why were they even selling 2012 calendar stickers?  It never occurred to me they wouldn't be current!!
Buyer beware.
What a mess!!
Silver lining...I had used my FriXion pens and highlighters so that I could erase.  But...in addition...my thin .38 blue I've been using a lot...ran out of ink.  So I had to repair with my 0.5 blue which is much fatter, as you can see.  (This drives my OCD side up the wall--won't be rid of this sloppy view till March--sigh.)
Now I know that the slim .38s that have the thin line I so love...well, they have refills less than half the size of the 0.5s...so they will run out of ink a lot faster.  But they do sell refills for all sizes at JetPens.  So you know I will have to make an order in February.  Oh, and they sell washi tape...  ;)
Meanwhile...I searched online to find a free one-page calendar I could print--tada!
Cut apart the months and I can add them with skinny tapes. 
Yes!  Guess what?  I forgot I had this set of tiny tapes (on the left hand side of the box) that I bought years ago!   
They were all these plain colors in a variety of thicknesses for super cheap--who could resist?  But they got shoved away and I actually forgot about them until I ordered washi tapes this month.  
And then--yes!--see the two rows of plain-colored, even smaller tapes?  They just arrived from Japan!    
Super cheap...around two dollars each for ten rolls, I believe...with no shipped costs...from two different places in Japan (Amazon).  They took almost a month to get here...but now I had to find a box home for my budding collection of washi tapes and tiny tapes--tada!  I think I need more of the pretty, decorated ones, dontcha think?  LOL!  Yes, I have had washi tape on the brain for about a month.  ;)
Now I know the big difference with washi, too.  You can see how thin the Japanese tape is I used to attach January.  You can see through it even.   
But the old (but still good) non-washi skinny tape I used to attach February is thicker and opaque.  Kind of like teeny tiny matt duct tape--LOL!  It's a lot heavier and I'm not sure it will come off like the washi tape does (quite easily repositionable).  I love the washi!  Amiee's pretty washi tape is also very thin, but not as totally transparent. 
Anyways, as long as I had the Bullet journal and my camera out and people have been asking me how I use my Bullet...so thought I'd show you what has been working for me.  I have two pages at the beginning of each month.  (They weren't even on the same page spread in January and in the opposite order--which doesn't matter to me, just so I have them both.)
One page has the mini calendar, goal/project list for the month, and the writing list for the month--letters, birthday cards, etc, will be listed there.  (Yes, I do quite a bit of letter writing most months).  Then the other page is the monthly task check-chart for things that repeat every day or weekly.  (The highlighting is to help me remember T Stands For Tuesday.)
Then I set up about a week on a page for the month.  I want to fit only that month in that month's section so some "weeks" are longer and some shorter.  Like the first page in February will go Sunday to Sunday.  I can have up to 9-10 days on a page or 3 days...however I feel like dividing up the month. 
I drew some checklist boxes about 2/3rds the way down the sides of the pages, but have left the rest of the page blank.  On the bottom I can list specific days I am supposed to go somewhere or someone is supposed to come over.  Could jot notes down there if I need to--whatever.   
As you can see, this works for me because I seldom have appointments and don't leave the house much--LOL!  I can add more checkboxes for that week if I need them, too.  I color code instead of using the actual bullet symbol system because I have been color coding on my desk calendars for years so that works best for me.  (I do love the little additions of color with the tapes!!) 
This works well for me because any and all plans in my life are tentative.  If I have a bad day...or two...or three...I don't have to rewrite everything over and over.  I have a longer period of time to get the things done on my list.  Less stress.  Less time spent.  Less paper used.  
I am loving it!!
Oh, before I forget...here's my red coffee cup for T-Day.  My trusted companion while I struggled to repair the Bullet as best I could.  Oh, and--Note--when you are erasing with FriXion pens the heat will also start to make whatever is on the backside disappear, too.  Especially if you are aggravated and really pressing hard and fast and furious--LOL!  (Just ended up making more work for myself.)  
BTW--I did write a very negative review warning people not to buy the stickers because they were for 2012.  And other calendar stickers from that company did say 2015 but the one I bought didn't say a year (tricky).  I only paid $2.13, I believe, for them--but they were now up to $7.98!  Last I looked, anyways.  They're still selling two kinds from 2012, though.  Now I can tell when I know how January is supposed to start...not on a Sunday.
When I plopped down in my chair in disgust over the stickers...I looked over and saw Miss Karma looking totally relaxed.  She didn't want her picture taken, though.  Wouldn't give me the time of day. 
Speaking of pictures.  :):) 
I love my rotating picture frame! 
Ian with food all over his face. 
They jump all over in time...from smiling on the couch...  
...to his first hours in the hospital... 
...to sitting up by himself.  :):)
For those of you who asked what T Stands For Tuesday is...you can click here or on one of the other links in this post.  We just get together (with links) on Tuesdays to share whatever it is we have been drinking and doing.  I'm the boring black coffee drinker with the same old cups--LOL!  I am drinking Starbucks House Blend today.  It's easy to join us or you could just come over and check out what everyone else has been up to without joining anything.  Nice group of ladies.  Well, all ladies so far.  :)
Anyways, I am usually one of the last people to link up on Tuesdays.  Guess I should go see what they have been up to, eh?  Have a great week...from foggy in Fargo.  ;)
Don't take any wooden nickels...or old calendars!  LOL!  :):)
"The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are."
Marcus Aurelius


  1. As always, I enjoyed and was inspired by your post. You get so much done Rita. I just don't get things done. I wonder if the bullet journal would help me. I have to get out of the stuck, unorganized place where I now am. Thanks!

  2. I LOVE being disorganized!!

  3. Beautiful sky views. I can't remember the last time I saw predawn-and there's no desire to get up before I have to in this snowy, freezing cold weather! You are going to be super organized with your marvelous planner-good for you. Love my washi tapes too. I keep mine in a plastic case that has moveable dividers. I think it was meant for jewelry bits but it works perfectly for the tapes and you can get a lot of them in the case. I even have a bit of room for a few more:) Ian's smile is so infectious-how could he not make you smile back. And Karma looks pretty much like the way my Annie looks once she's warm and cozy. Happy T day!

  4. really lousy of them on the calendar stickers! loved your skies, though.

  5. Whew! That was a full post today, Miss Rita!!! Sounds like you are busy and happy, and that makes me happy! Not going to get onboard your washi tape train, but you can have the three rolls I bought and will never use. It just doesn't "speak" to me, lol! I just recently bought a couple of small things from JetPens, and I'm curious to see how they work....whenever they arrive! Mail is being super slow and painful lately. Have a great day!

  6. Disorganized is the way I flow... I do use list though because otherwise the things that really need to get done never would :) If I had a bullet journal it would just be list of things to do

  7. One can only wonder why they are still selling three year old calendars! I can't think of any use for them. Oh well, at least you have your awesome journal and even more awesome Ian to look at!

  8. I loved your first few pictures showing the pre-dawn horizon and glowing lights. So beautiful!

    We have snow here but only a few inches. It's pretty cold today, too. Around 20F. I'm glad I don't live along the New England coast.

    Sorry to hear about your 2012 stickers. There always seems to be someone out there who will take advantage of unsuspecting people. :\

    Cute pictures of Ian. I can see why you would love the digital picture frame. :)

  9. I'm glad you wrote a negative review about the stickers, because it needed to be said. Buyer beware, indeed. Now you know why I don't buy anything I can't hold, touch, pick up, and inspect before I buy it. I just never got into buying online.

    Your journal is wonderful. I think you're going to like it, too.

    I recently read a review of someone who was at CHA (Craft and Hobby get together in CA) who said washi tape was on the way out the door. Not much this year, after seeing it at many, many booths last year. Now I know why it's on clearance at some places: places I don't shop, though.

    Karma is acting more and more like both my guys. They just don't want me pulling out the camera.

    Thanks for sharing Ian, your journal, and your black coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Hope you find a way either return those stickers, get a credit, or find a use for them.

  10. There are advantages to the brown grass over against heavy snow, but snow is more photogenic lol

    I love my little red filofax. Best organizer I've ever had

  11. So many discoveries in this post! Fun! I bought a calendar on Amazon that I thought was current and was last years, and when I told them they gave me my money back and I didn't have to mail back the calendar.

  12. Ah, the joy and the pain of OCD.


  13. Anonymous6:53 PM

    I just drank a Starbucks Frappuccino at about 8:00 at night. Dumb.

  14. I love that second photo.. and of course, everything Ian. That's so frustrating about the calendar. You should go to the ratings page and leave a comment.

  15. I love how Ian can "be" over at your place electronically!

    I think Karma needs some tape... maybe she's miffed because some of her fur needed to be reattached and you didn't offer her some fancy colored tape?

  16. You reminded me of all those years I used a physical date book. Now my iPhone takes over all that. I use the calendar quite often and rely on it for notes as well! Love how you fixed the problem with the old calendar. Good for writing a negative review. They deserve it!

  17. Hi Rita,
    Thanks so much for the T-day visit and the nice comment about the dragon fly ATCs. I'm a little partial to then myself.

    Sounds like your getting your calendars and journal all organized....good for you I would leave a review on that company also. That just isn't right.

    I have two of those rotating frames, gifts from the kid-os, and I LOVE them. The GKs like to sit in front of them and name who is in each picture....LOL They just make me realize how fast time has gone by.

    I like Washi tape, and I too think it is on the way out. I have a lot of it, but tend use it more like masking tape, because it is removable.

    Late in making the last rounds of T-day, started now feeling well yesterday morning and by bed time had a full blown head cold and cough. UGH!! But I'm feeling a little better this morning with some good cold medicine.......grin!!

    Have a great week, stay safe and warm, pat Karma and kiss Ian for me.

  18. Funny how it's the people who don't want the snow getting loads of it...

    Glad you're having fun with your tape. The way things are going you'll be having a good collection like you do with pens and inks.

    That's stupid about the calendar stickers. If they still stock the old years, they should make absolutely certain to say on the listing what year they're for.

  19. A post full of things I like the look of, just saying

  20. Hello and Happy T Day! WOW, gorgeous sunrise pictures, love that you do this too. I just got some pretty ones today, the sun was shining on the snow and trees so pretty. Sunsets are my favorite too and even some clouds don't get me down.

    WOW, so sorry about the mix up, glad you wrote about it, how awful. I love her tape, it's so cute and fun! So glad your making the journal work for you, I"ve seen so many use them this year and have done tons with them. ENJOY IT!!

    Karma is so funny, looks like my pets were today. Soaking up the sun and being lazy.
    Thanks for sharing Ian with us each week too, love seeing that happy face.
    Stay warm and happy week to you.

  21. LOL that is too funny. Remembering old times I guess
    Bridget #7

  22. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Fabulous pre-dawn photos!

  23. "We haven't had one good snowstorm up here yet this winter. " --only a MN or ND native would say something like that. ;) I feel the same. Where is the snow!!!

    Love the color coding idea for your planner and how detailed you are. I should take note of that... I do use highlighter on our wall calendar for each of us so we know who is doing what and when.

    Happy T day! Thursday is a T day right??

  24. Good to hear you got that tote done! Those tapes are cute...I can see where you would use them being the creative person you are:)

  25. Gosh I feel down the rabbit hole and when I looked up again here it is FRIDAY already!
    Just wanted to say Hello and happy beginning of the weekend.
    Fun catching up with you here.

  26. I hate wooden nickels....lol I am so glad you gave them a crappy review. What a horrible company trying to get rid of their old junk on Amazon....and shame on Amazon for letting them. On the bright side, you scored well on the washi tape and of course who wouldn't be smiling looking at that handsome baby! Happy weekend Rita!

  27. Wonderful sky photos and of course, Karma and your grandson's photos are adorable! You are so creative!

    Happy Weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  28. hope this isn't a duplicate...google kicked me out so trying again!:
    (I'm smart, I know to copy my comments before trying to post them in blogger now)
    thought I'd pop over and see if you are buried in snow - see you aren't. Here in So. Md. we've missed two big ones they were hyping on tv. Today we were supposed to be buried but all we have is overcast.

    You are so organized! When you're done with your things, come do mine! I keep trying but I just never catch up. One part gets clean and straightened and another is a mess - and the studio is too cold to even think about right now. When we heat with a wood stove, the front rooms are nice but my usual office and the bead room and the studio - well, you have to look like an eskimo. So I"m doing a lot of work on the laptop on the kitchen counter these days. I keep thinking: saving on electric and propane, saving on electric and propane. At night I have a feather comforter and the two pugs to keep me warm!

    So stay warm yourself!

  29. Rita, I meant to ask you before: is that the Fargo from the TV thriller series with a very nasty psychopath murderer and the English actor for a stupid murderer fall guy?

    It looked like Fargo was a very cold and snowy place.

  30. Gorgeous pre-dawn photos! Love the yellow glow.

    How terrible that they sent 2012 calendar stickers....maddening, indeed!
    I'm enjoying your journal set up. Mine is a bit plain and boring at the moment but I'm finding it SO functional. Love it!

    Maybe I'll join the T stands for Tuesday group when life settles down a bit. :)

    Here I go again....Ian is adorable!!! I doubt you will ever tire of hearing it. xo

  31. Your goal-setting and calendar system is inspiring, Rita! I was just writing this morning in my journal about challenges I'm having with time management. A lot of my creative projects that I want to do aren't being done like I used to do them. Having a system like yours would help keep me on track. You set your system up beautifully. Its so well organized too!


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