Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Good Morning!  It's Tuesday already.  We've had such beautiful spring-like days...and this weekend they were summer-like (65 and 74!!).  We're back to the spring-like 40s and 50s this week.  The sun has been out a lot...windows and porch door cracked to wide open...
...Karma's been spending a lot of time on the porch... 
...watching the chatty geese flapping by in those first small groups. 
I say "spring-like" and "summer-like" because this is really too early for this weather.  It's kind of hard to believe we won't have more ice and snow before May. 
Time will tell.
Looks like they are putting up another apartment building over by the last one.  Yesterday it drizzled for a good chunk of the day.  Our one dark day.  
But this was the pastel sunset last night, though. 
Right now it's 32, but is supposed to get up near 50 later.  Will this last?  Will we still have snow or an ice storm?  Or will spring really arrive a good month early? 
Well, as you know from my last post (I missed T-Day by a day), I am happy to be back online!  I lost all my pictures taken since some time in December.  I didn't think I had posted her, so I re-took the door angel so you could see how pretty she is in my bathroom.  
Thanks again, Jeannie!
I actually bought some art stuff this month.  Not that I'll have time to use them any time soon, but it is my birthday month so I just bought them for myself.  ;)  Got the Pebeo paints--three fluorescent and the rest have this cool shimmer to them.  You saw me playing very briefly with the fluorescent ones.  
I've seen people use these on gelli plates quite often.  From Dick Blick I also ordered the other small gelli plate so now I have them both (5 X 7 and 3 X 5).  I have a large acrylic block coming from Amazon that will fit the smallest one to really be able to use it as a stamp!  Cool! 
Basically been sewing since we last spoke.  Finished another trial set of pads (Leah adds the snaps).
We both decided that the wider wings were not going to cut it because they didn't fold as well as we would like...or folded too much fabric, I should say.  So we tweaked the patterns one last time and are just going for it.  Need to get the sewing projects done before April as McFamily is leaving on the 3rd!  Whoohoo!  They were thinking of doing two weeks in Japan and one week in Australia, but it would cost way too much for them to add Australia.  So--it will be three weeks in Japan!  I can hardly wait for video chats!  
Leah came over for most of Saturday by herself so we could work on the stroller cubby project.  We figured out a pattern and then Leah did all the cutting and sewing.  TaDa!  It turned out absolutely perfectly!!  It slides over the handles snuggly and can just stay there when the stroller is folded up.
It's made out of neoprene which is strong but very pliable.  Has two big hanging pouches.  Each of those is divided in half and holds a lot!  
Here we put in both our water bottles and my coffee mug with room to spare.  [That's my what-I-am-drinking contribution for T-Day over at Elizabeth's this week--LOL!  Hi, girls!]   
 There's room for sippy cups, toys, cell phones or even a small tablet...whatever.  Not that they'd use it for electronics on vacation, but they go walking around the neighborhood pretty often in nice weather months.
It's always such a thrill when you invent your own pattern and it turns out so well, you know?  We weren't sure how to connect the straps and had discussed velcro, elastic, bungee chords...but when it came to actually putting it together...we didn't need any of those things at all!  Made longer straps and just sewed them together so the whole thing slips over the handles when the stroller is not clicked open.  Click it open and the cubby fits snug as a bug in a rug!  Awesome!
  Oh, and BTW--Miss Brother did not like the neoprene, either.  *sigh*  She'd miss stitches unless you sewed at a snail's pace, but the Diva did cooperate fairly well when Leah did that.  I had learned how to work around her ornery temperament while making the toy tote so I had a few tricks up my sleeve.  LOL!  Anyways, the stroller cubby fit and worked out perfectly.  Still just makes me smile thinking about it.  :)
Meanwhile...I have been getting ready for some assembly-line sewing. 
I'm still using my Baby Steps List (the checking you see was for that last set of three pads) as a guide for this big batch. 
Just multiplying each step by 16 this time.  (Leah didn't ask for that many, but I thought I might as well use up the rest of the PUL-waterproof fabric--as long as I was cutting.)
We decided to make them all with flannel because that is lighter weight for summer and easier to sew on for the mass producing, too.  We need a lot more flannel.  Leah is dropping off some more today, I believe.  I hope so because I am as far as I can go on the assembly line until I have the flannel to cut and I'm hoping to get them all done before next Monday.  Little doubt as to what I'll be doing all week, eh?  LOL!  ;)
 Miss Karma has no idea how much I am going to be gone in April visiting Sammy and Annie (McFamily's cats)--LOL!  I think she mostly sleeps while I am gone, anyways.  Just like she mostly sleeps while I am home--LOL!
And last, but certainly not least, I had two pictures of Ian on a blog post before McLap's brain went blank.  They were saved in cyberspace in a draft!!

I've never used drafts.  Happened to see it said I had a "draft" post...huh?  And look what I found!  :):) 

I sit down to write and you get what you get.  I don't know how to edit pictures or videos so you get what you get with those, too.  I'm an immediate kind of girl, I guess--LOL!  I have had pictures that were a couple weeks old before, but rarely.  These are great ones from mom!  Ian is now a crawler.  Soon he'll be a genuine toddler at this rate!  I'm glad I found these!!
Oh, and one last thing--beware of the phone scammers!  I got an automated call telling me that the IRS was going to file a lawsuit against me and to call this particular number.  I laughed because the government certainly knows everything about my finances for over a decade.  They own me--LOL!  So I'd have to go to prison...and hope they take cats.  Can't get blood from a stone, as they say. 
Seriously, though.  Imagine how many people believe that computer-voice and call the number!  I googled it and these scammers get people to give them financial access because they convince them that they owe the government in back taxes.  And they can go so far as to send fake government letters and make (human) harassment calls, etc.  But you would have gotten a certified letter from the government if there were any issues at all.  You'd be audited.  They would never use an automated electronic call in the first place.  Beware!  These scammers really start hitting the public hard from now till tax time, I guess.
Well, that's it from Fargo for today.  I may not have any time to post until next Tuesday with all this sewing, but we'll see.  I never know how I'll be feeling.  This bit of spring fever and sunshine has helped with motivation--LOL!  ;)  
Have a wonderful week.   
"The grass is not, in fact, always greener on the other side of the fence. No, not at all. Fences have nothing to do with it. The grass is greenest where it is watered. When crossing over fences, carry water with you and tend the grass where ever you may be."
Robert Fulghum


  1. so weird that you got such hot temps so early! no wonder everyone gets sick these days. ian is looking great. karma, too. :)

  2. Glad that things are looking up!!

  3. Yes, even here although it has not been quite so warm Spring is finally beginning to peek out:) You are such a talented seamstress(is that the correct word?)!! I could never imagine sewing like that and especially making my own patterns. Good to see you-missed you last week. Your pics of Ian bring a smile to my face-adorable! Love your quote at the end of your post. And yes, we must be so wary anymore of phone scams. Happy T day!

  4. I'm ready for the hot weather. We've had way too much cold to suit me :) Your sunshine looks nice. Happy T Day!

  5. love the spring like weather..we have it here but its still quite cold. love all the photos of clouds and glad you didnt talk to those stupid scammers..they are always ringing up or emailing and I just put the phone down and tell them to take my name off their list

  6. You have been uber busy! The stroller pouch thingy is fabulous!! Bravo, it will be most useful I am sure.
    I am curious, what are the red pad things you're creating? Enquiring minds need to know ;) Lol
    Our weather has been fairly bright but still with a chill wind, so Spring isn't quite here yet, but definitely moving in the right direction I think.
    Young Ian is such a bonny boy, I enjoy seeing the photos of him
    Happy T Day Rita :o))

  7. I'm so glad you found that wonderful picture of Ian crawling. Boy, does time go fast! It seems like he was just born last week. :-) And that weather is amazing. Hope that if spring comes early, it won't mean a super hot summer. That's what we're worried about here. We'll see. :-)

  8. A change in the weather with a hint of spring is indeed most welcome...glad you're enjoying some of it. Nothing like some fresh as in the house too, better than anything they sell in a can.
    You really are an accomplished seamstress among other things.
    Koochie Koo to your precious Ian and strokes to kindly Karma too!
    Happy T Day dear Rita

  9. I've gotten several of these scam calls lately. I, too, always google the number. So sad because it must work on enough people or they wouldn't keep doing it. I can't imagine going as far as Japan with a baby. I hope they have a wonderful time!

  10. Anonymous6:24 PM

    That stroller looks like an SUV!
    In the first Ian pic, his feet look as big as his head. Optical illusion.


  11. These photos are wonderful, even the ones you found in your Draft folder. So glad to read that you had good weather, if only for awhile. Speaking of draft folder, I wish you could put your comments in one, because I lost my comment when my computer froze and I had to reboot.

    The stroller cubby is wonderful. Looks like it will hold lots of drinks and sippy cups, too. So glad you and Leah got it finished. That trip to Japan sounds incredible. Too bad it costs so much more to travel to Australia.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this Tuesday. I enjoyed reading about all you got accomplished, while Karma sat and watched or snoozed!

  12. The weather have been lovely and makes me worry about the plants that have started growing early. Ian is getting so big!!!

  13. I wonder if Ian has reached the stage yet where he loves you to build up the stacking cups so he can knock them down again. I noticed some in the photo!
    What beautiful skies you have been having lately! Enjoy the rest of your week, Rita.

  14. I seldom answer my phone, but when I do it's usually a recording about my need to consolidate my debt. It's nice that you and Leah can work on a project that involves something so personal. Too many people pretend women don't have periods, just as they pretend there's no such thing as a vagina.


  15. Brilliant job on the stroller cubby. I'm waiting for spring, but I'm happy that this winter's back seems to be broken. Even though there is snow on the ground, the monster icicle is losing it's appetite for my house. The pads look useful and comfortable.

  16. Awh! That Ian is such a charmer.
    Great cubby for the stroller, it will be used a lot!
    Happy to hear your getting some warmer weather, but I know it is way to early for the temps to get that high.
    Thanks for always visiting my blog and leaving me a comment...;))

  17. Ian is starting to look mobile - Karma look out!!!!

    The stroller project looks fantastic - but hey, the two designers are really sharp cookies! :) I hope the trip to Japan is exciting in all the good ways!

    If we have a use for capital punishment - it should be for scammers...

  18. I always enjoy your posts. I feel like we are sitting down together while you share your news. The warm weather was glorious!! Reality has to hit some time though. I wish we'd get some moisture...even if it is in the frozen form.

  19. You've been very busy! envying the McFamily their trip to Japan--awesome!! great sewing projects too...love the stroller caddy! always enjoy your beautiful sky photos too...I think I might have to steal that Fulgham quote at the end of your post. I love his work, and adore his book "Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten."
    happy T day a bit late! ♣

  20. Anonymous12:04 PM

    That picture of Ian on the couch is just way too cute!
    I love the pouches you made for the stroller, I need something like that for my walker!
    I love my walker but can't find a water holder for it.
    You are so ingenious.
    and love the pads. I have some of those, I bought on Etsy.
    Yours look great! Now that I'm post menopausal I use mine in case I tinkle when I sneeze, or cough, or laugh...lol. I just wish they were longer for this. :-)
    Wish I could sew like you do!!
    Thanks for coming by my blog and cheering me on. I really appreciate it! xoxoxo

  21. Sometimes drafts can happen if you start a post and then have blogger/laptop issues that cause the browser to end up closed or navigated on to a new page for any reason, because Blogger does periodically save your posts while you work on them (if you have the window open long enough). So that's probably how you ended up with those pictures in a draft post.

    Ian's going to be running around before you know it... Look out Sammy, Annie, and Karma!

    Glad you've had some nice weather where Karma can be out on the porch and you can open the place up and let some air in.

    Great that your sewing projects are going so well; the stroller cubby is a great idea, and I'm glad it worked out well.

    Hope McFamily has a great time in Japan.

    Scammers are beyond annoying, and I can't understand how they justify doing it; it's just wrong! Also, don't people have better things to do than take advantage of others?

    Love the quote!

  22. Thanks for the update... you HAVE been busy...smile! and thanks for sharing my very first T-day

  23. The door angel looks so bloody great I would love such an angel over my door, you know why you post photos of Ian we get distracted

  24. You are so busy and all this looks like pure HAPPINESS!

  25. You look very busy and very content! I love North Dakota, I have never traveled there but at my credit union, my favorite teller, Nicole, is a native! I call her North Dakota! I think I followed you a long while ago and lost so many friends due to those changes with google and blogger. I still prefer blogger but I suppose it is all jumbled together anyway. So I am new following you (again) and enjoyed stopping by. Have a blessed week.

  26. An article about a woman in CO that received one of the scam calls from the IRS: http://www.9news.com/story/news/local/2015/03/17/irs-scammer-has-change-of-heart/24941631/

  27. I am loving spring here too! I feel for all of the east coast residents suffering through all of this snow. I love snow but not that much! Ian will be off and running in no time. You are going to be a busy bee with all that sewing going on and how nice Karma can enjoy the warm temps! Have a great weekend Rita!

  28. I heard about that scam too. Buggers. You did an amazing design job on those cubbies...that will come in real handy. I didn't know they were headed for Japan, good for them! Safe Travels!! Karma will just have to get over your visits to the other cats!
    30 degrees barely here today. I just got done making a huge batch of Baked Beans some for Easter and some in individual bags just for us. I am cooking for 36 so whatever I can do ahead of time I will. Hope you are having a good weekend:)

  29. Any day with Rita, Ian and Karma is a good one... even if it is a few past Tuesday. Scammers be damned!

    Happy sewing. :)

  30. I'm way behind in reading blogs so bear with me. I'll catch up sooner or later. Will have to read your older posts to find out what happened to your pics and McLap. :( I haven't backed up my pictures for over a year now. Not good. Especially when I have two grandsons now and they are very photogenic. *winks*

    The stroller cubby is ingenius. Looks like it will come in quite handy. Great work.

    Someone in the Scranton area actually sent money to those IRS scammers. It's a shame there are so many bad people out there taking advantage of unsuspecting people.

    I loved your first picture. It's a beautiful sunrise shot.

    Karma is a typical cat. Sleep, eat, purr, sleep, eat, purr. You get the idea. lol

    I hope you've had a good week.


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