Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Good Morning!
It's 32F (says it feels like 19), dark, damp, very windy, and looks like it rained during the night a little. 
The wind has been pounding against the building and rattling the windows all night.  But I finally slept long and better (10 hours!).  Been sick since last Thursday.  Of course, I wasn't sure I was sick-sick until Saturday--LOL!  I finally realized I seem to have caught some kind of stomach flu bug (possibly combined with spring allergies) because it got so much worse than my normal bad days stuff.  ;)  Started feeling quite a bit better yesterday--for part of the day--and am hopeful for today.  Was bound to pick up something, I suppose.  I have been lucky all winter with all the crud being passed around.
   Meanwhile...I had a big flat box arrive last week (maybe with stomach bug germs on it--LOL!--you never think of packages and mail). 
Here's the new large red cutting mat on the table.  It's orange on the other side, too.  Quite flashy...and good for sewing and bookbinding projects.  
Dagan dropped off that additional red flannel Leah picked up because Leah and Ian had caught colds...and later Dagan caught it.  But I think mine was different, either that or combined with something else, as they were only running from one end--ROFL! 
I also got a large acrylic block so I can stick the smallest gelli plate (3" X 5") on it--like you see here--and use it like a stamp. 
Before I got too sick, I was cutting and cutting fabric.  This is the stack of the backside of the pad flannels paired off with the waterproof (PUL) fabrics. 
This is the stack of tops with the core (zorb) fabrics pinned on and ready to sew.
That's as far as I got before I had to take a sick break.
I did putter for a couple days on this project, though.  Something I could do while blowing my nose or drop easily to run to the commode.  ;)  I wondered if I even had a shot of a cup of coffee for T Stands For Tuesday...well, there it is.  :):)  
Anyways, I am down to the last page in my daily journal today--the turquoise QuoVadis has been my current one.  I have part of a drawer filled with journals that have remained untouched for years and years.  I'd already tested a few of them (and they weren't good for fountain pens) and decided to test the rest of them.  
I gathered up all my currently inked fountain pens plus a few gel pens, too.  I cut out the back page that is usually glued funny anyways and used that as the test page.  Out of that whole stack you saw on the table there were only two of them that did okay (not good) with FP ink.  Most of them failed partially or totally...as you can see here where the ink would bleed right through the page. 
These two were the best of the lot... 
...and that is why all these have been sitting in a drawer for years.  Some of these have been waiting to be used for over 20 years!  Why?  Because I love using my fountain pens for journaling in the mornings and for writing most of my letters...and you don't know until you try to write in them if they are going to be horrible or not. 
Luckily we have the internet now.  I have a really decent shot at finding FPfriendly paper...like QuoVadis, Rhodia, Clairfontaine...ahhh!  But I really, really do need to use up all these rejects.  *sigh*
Anyways, I fold the page and tuck it inside the cover...adding a post-it note reminder in case the sheet falls out or gets misplaced.  They've all been tested now. 
I told myself that I HAD to use these journals up.  That I couldn't buy another quality FPfriendly journal until I had used at least one reject.  I foresee being much chummier with my gel pens in the very near future--LOL!  But I can still use my fountain pens to write letters.  :)
BTW--I am still not getting some of my blog comment email alerts so I cannot respond to some of you.  Beginning to wonder if they are ever going to fix that issue.  If a few of you don't hear back from me, that's why.  :(
 I did watch The Theory of Everything and Birdman while I was sick.  I was fascinated by The Theory of Everything because I didn't know much of anything about Stephen Hawking's personal life and Eddie Redmayne's oscar-winning performance really was amazing.  Excellent movie.
Birdman, on the other hand, I didn't care for at all.  Comedy?  Won best picture?  Well, that only makes sense because it appeared to be a picture made for all the people in the industry...and they were the voters.  Watching it felt kind of like going to a class reunion with a spouse who went to a different school...one long evening of private jokes, everyone else having a good time, and you sitting on the outside, politely smiling, but not really getting any of it, you know?  
Was anything but funny to me.  Depressing, disjointed, and one big, long downer...with a crazy, ambiguous, unsatisfying ending.  I really enjoy dark humor...but this one totally missed the mark for me altogether.  I still can't believe it got best picture.
Sorry.  I usually figure if I don't have anything good to say...well, you know.  But best picture?!  I am still totally baffled by that.  Did anyone else see it and love it?  I am mystified.  Except for knowing who the voters were. 
I did love The Theory of Everything and am looking forward to seeing The Imitation Game which is coming out the end of the month on Netflix.  I haven't even watched the latest season of House of Cards yet and the newest season of Mad Men just showed up on Netflix, too.  Always plenty to watch.  :)
I hope this is a better day and I can get back to the sewing machine.  That's the plan.  (But that was the plan yesterday--LOL!)  I am on the mend now, though.  Today is bound to be better than yesterday.
  Have a great week!!
"I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road."
Stephen Hawking


  1. Terrific quote - LOL! Hawkings is such an amazing and interesting person. I just may have to read one of his books. And I totally agree about Birdman. I find it very disturbing that it won best picture. Although I figured it would since it's about the lives of all the voters - LOL! Have a good week!

  2. Dear Rita you sound like you're feeling much better and I do hope that's the case. Those nasty bugs! That new cutting mat looks great on your table-and I must say -I LOVE your lamps!! I haven't seen either of those movies . Sometimes we rent the winners just to check them out and honestly we are usually disappointed and wonder too why they got the accolades they did. That's why I mostly stick to the old black and whites of the thirties and forties-my faves:) Happy T day!

  3. Dear Rita, how delightful that you chose a quote from Stephen Hawking after so enjoying the movie about him!!!! I love it!!!

    I'm sorry to learn that you've been so under the weather--flu, stomach bugs, colds, they can all exhaust us and leave us limp in mind and spirit. But you are such a strong woman and so committed to the art that you enjoy. You inspire me. Peace.

  4. I remember a few years ago when The Artist won Best Picture and half the people hated it. I was one who loved it, but Birdman? Selma was a much better movie, IMHO. I had to see Birdman twice just to understand it. I liked it better the second time, but I'm with you as it was not the best of the year. Glad you're feeling better! :-)

  5. Glad you're feeling a little better!! I'm going to check out those movies.

  6. We're having sunshine and a predicted high of 72F today, so I'm filled with happy lol! I haven't seen either of the 2 movies you watched. It takes me so long to see movies, they are old classics by the time I get to them. Happy T Tuesday!

  7. i don't think google has any plans to change the setting on their gmail anti-phishing stuff. i think yahoo and aol emails via blogger are gone for good.

    hoping you're thru the worst of illness!

  8. Hi Rita
    It's annoying when ink leaks through to the other side of the paper. But for me, well, I only ever use one side if a page for writing, in case I want to cut and paste it somewhere. If you need to sort your writings it's easier if you can see them all spread out, if you get my rambling drift.
    Glad you are on the mend:)
    Sue x

  9. My goodness i got good and sick this year too...... usually i manage to avoid it. "knock on wood' But this year.. boy.. it down in my chest and coughing ... I swear it took me almost two months to shake it totally... Hope that doesn't come around again..lol... Glad your feeling better.... Rarely do i agree with their 'Best Picture' winners lol I would like to see Theory of Everything though as i admire Stephen Hawkings and find his story interesting... Several years ago i think 'The Kings Speech ' won best picture i think... and i watched it and LOVED it.. still do.. Hey some times their winners and sometimes... we just don't get it.. sometimes its ALL an inside joke... Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  10. I am glad you are feeling better, because that makes ME feel better. I've not seen TOE, but I heard it was fantastic. I also heard good raves about Selma, that someone mentioned. But I have not even HEARD of Birdman, or seen ads for it. so that goes to show how much I watch tv. Liked the analogy, though, because I could relate to that.

    Thanks for joining us for T this Tuesday, and for showing a contented Karma, too.

  11. hope you get better soon like your bit cutting mat and the big fat cat

  12. It's cold and damp here too... that damp chill that just goes to the bones and sets there aching. Love the red mat!!! Mine is ugly green :(
    Hope you are compositely mended soon and so is everyone else in your family

  13. hope you're feeling better...looks like you got quite a bit done even with your illness! I love fountain pens but haven't used one for years. good for you to still be using them. and thanks for the editorial on the movies. good to know. have a wonderful week!

  14. Glad you are on the mend. Those bugs seem to be going around again here,too. You are right, I never think about the germs on mail either. So far I have managed to stay one step ahead of these bugs. That's a neat looking cutting mat!

  15. Yes I bet the mail had germs. Cold here bet you are seeing some flakes, just for a change of pace! I have a great idea ...use some colored pencils to journal with and use up that paper! Hope you continue to improve:)

  16. I'm glad you are feeling better - I hope it warms up and spring arrives soon! It was about 20F here this morning - the poor tulips and daffodils are hurting I bet...

    Given what I've read about things found on paper money - I wouldn't be surprised if mail had germs - and a whole lot more on it.

  17. Sorry you ended up sick, but glad you're feeling better.

    I want to see "The Theory Of everything" and was even going to go out to watch it. But it was showing while we were trying to move, and by the time the move was over, they weren't showing it any more.

  18. That's an awesome quote. Glad you are doing better. I've got 2 kids fighting something...hopefully just allergies but one never knows

  19. I like a dark overcast morning, I don't know why I just do, it is better when it turns into a lovely day which it usually does. I was just thinking I need to go through the pens I have here and see which ones I like best

  20. Hi Rita,

    I'm sorry to hear you've been sick but glad that you are feeling somewhat better now. Glad to also see McLap up and running too. I haven't had a lot of time to visit blogs this past week or so but I have been writing you long-hand.

    The cutting mat look nice!

    It looks like you have a nice routine going there for the pad/liners.

    I'm confused about the Blogger Comment issues?? I usually get notified by email when someone comments on a post but now I'm wondering if I'm missing some....do these 'missing' comments still show in the Comments section of your Blogger Dashboard?

    Thanks for the heads up on Birdman...I want to see The Theory of Everything. I've read quite a bit about his life but I'm sure there will still be things I don't know about. Have you seen Boyhood? I quite enjoyed that movie....I'm a huge fan of Patricia Arquette.

    OH, I like that quote!

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  21. Anonymous6:26 AM

    I'm glad you are feeling better. I also thought Birdman was super strange. What happened at the end? It wasn't dark humor, just dark.

    How can Stephen Hawking still be living? I thought he was kind of a goofball for being a genius. A good thing...

    I liked the Imitation Game better than the other two, but Boyhood was my fave.

  22. I saw the Theory Of Everything and thought it was pretty good. I'm not sure how accurate it was, but a touching movie. Haven't seen Birdman yet...maybe I won't! You have been busy with cutting all those pads. I am very interested in knowing how well they work! Have a happy weekend Rita!

  23. i 'd like to see the Stephen Hawking movie...but Birdman, not so much. hadn't even heard of that one. good choice of Hawking quote too.

    sorry to hear you had some kind of bug...but happy to hear you're feeling better.
    i like the dark & gloomy days...ha!
    today it's in the 40's here in north FL. yikes! weird...because all week it's been in the 80's!
    OH yeah...and i like that cutting mat! it's a big one. i have a couple of smaller ones.
    take care rita!! and give karma a scratch from me!! :)
    have a good weekend!

  24. What a loveky post!!Thanks four your lovely comment.Happy T Day!

  25. I'm sorry you were sick but glad you're feeling better now. *hugs*


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