Friday, April 10, 2015


Good Morning!  
Friday already. 
More signs of spring--LOL! 
I always seem to get a tickle out of dirty clouds... 
...with white tops glowing in the sunlight.  Not sure why. 
I've been making trips over to see Annie... 
...and Sammy (who didn't want to be disturbed from his nap at first). 
 I finally finished season three of House of Cards.  Cliffhanger.  (I was cheering--LOL!)
Family notes:
My dad is back in the hospital again.  Same problems it sounds like.  Trouble breathing.  My mom is going to call me back when she has some time to explain everything, she said, but he was eating lunch when I called.  
Love you, Dad!
I had another video chat with McFamily.  Sounded like the jet lag caught up with them a bit, but they were having a great time.  Out and about a lot.  Went on a tour of Tokyo.  Next they're going on a two-day tour by Mt. Fuji.  Ian loves going places with Mom and Dad--and people come up to Ian to take his hand and talk to him.  Strangers were attracted to his dad when he was little, too, so that especially tickles Gramma.  I think it's the joy factor aura, but who knows--LOL!  Anyways, they are having a wonderful time and there will be pictures to come.  :)
In my JetPens some Tomoe River Paper from Japan, I believe.  It's large--about 11 3/4" X 8 1/4".  I have heard it was good with fountain pens, but some people liked it and some don't.  Naturally I was very curious.  I, fairly confidently, bought some white and some cream.        
Cut them in half--because that's more the size I use for writing letters and for the insides of my bookcards. 
But I had no clue as to whether this paper could be written on both sides or not.  Seemed highly unlikely because this ultra thin paper is so delicate!  I got out the fountain pens I have inked up at the moment and wrote on both the cream and the white.   
I learned it takes a little longer for the ink to dry--as you can see by my smearing--LOL!  Could hardly wait to turn the sheets over for the reveal. 
OMG!  Amazing! 
The white had a little bit more shadowing than the cream... 
...but neither of them had one speck of bleed-through! 
The part that cracks me up is that you actually get some indentation from the pen, though, just because this paper is so very thin.  But I think you could write on both sides and have no problems reading it.  Well, good excuse to make a trial bookcard, right?  ;)
I should have some of the Amazon packages arriving soon.  I already got most of the fabric in a big package yesterday (more PUL and Zorb).  One package that is coming (with a bottle of ink and a couple other things) has really traveled about!!  Makes me giggle in wonder because this package has been from San Bernadino, CA to Ontario, CA, to Salt Lake City, UT, to Idaho Falls, ID...and then in ONE DAY it went to Butte MT, Bozeman MT, Billings MT, Glendive MT, and then to Bismark, ND--LOL!  Finally made it to Fargo, ND yesterday.  Looks like it took a walkabout in Montana for some reason, eh?  LOL!  I hope the bottle has survived intact.  ;)
Anyways, just a little update.  Not up to much at all.  We finally got some sunny spring weather yesterday--50s--just gorgeous out!  More of the same today.  Supposed to get even warmer this weekend and for most of next week--in the 60s and even 70s!  Goodness!  Mother Nature keeps teasing us--LOL!  
Have a really nice weekend.  
I'm off to visit cats.  :):)
“Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” 
Dr. Seuss


  1. glad the mckitties are doing well. :)

  2. I hope your dad improves a lot and soon!!

    I had to smile at the joy in your voice recounting Ian's "road trip"!

  3. You sound good and content. I hope that's true. And hope your dad's not in too much pain and mom is taking care of herself, too. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Hi, dear Rita! The skies over Fargo look lovely. I'm happy to know you're having fine weather up there. I'm sorry to find out that your dad needed to return to the hospital. I hope he bounces back to 100% very soon. I can understand why strangers are drawn to Ian and approach to talk to him. Never have I seen such a cute and happy looking toddler. You have beautiful handwriting and I'm glad that stationery worked out for you. In the 5th grade I won a penmanship contest, best handwriting in my class, and I accomplished it as a lefthander. The first and second runners up, both girls, were also lefties!

    Please smooch Kitty Kat Karma for me, dear friend Rita, and have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I recently finished watching "House of Cards", too--love that show. Hope your dad is released (again) soon. Ian is a love!!

  6. Sounds like you are "holding down the fort" while McFamily "does Japan." I love that paper and all the different color ink you used to write. Hope your dad recovers quickly. Regards to Karma.

  7. Enjoyed seeing the McFamily's cats. Its always fun or bleubeard when he sees his own kind (grin). Glad you're having good weather. We are having a cold spell with nearly freezing temps at night. Hope the weather stays nice for you and Karma. Sounds like Ian is having a great time, even if he won't remember it!

  8. love the clouds!! House of Cards is on our list of marathon to-do's! ha. looks like you did good by taking the chance to order that great! i guess the real test for you, will be when you write a letter on it!! looks promising though.
    cute Mc-kitties! i don't think i've ever seen a post of yours without karma...give her a treat from me...and a scratch!

    have a happy weekend rita! :)

  9. You must be having fun hearing about Japan from the family and visiting with their cats .That paper looks interesting, amazing that the ink didn't bleed through such thin paper.

    The quote tickled me. My own mountain is waiting, I'm going up there tomorrow.


  10. I was glad to see that Frank Underwood might have a bit of a hard time in Season Four, don't you think? Glad to know you are able to connect with the family and see how they're doing. Isn't technology great? :-)

  11. Lovely sky shots and glad your family is enjoying Japan ~ Hugs to Karma and have fun with your new 'art toys' ~

    Happy Weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  12. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Hope your dad is ok.
    I would have a breakdown if I took a baby overseas...I'm impressed.
    Nice first picture!

  13. As the days get colder then warm again I think about what the hell to wear talk about being all over the place, shorts,long pants 3/4 pants and back to long again damn it is difficult to know what to wear. My dad isn't the best either at the moment and he often will not do anything to help himself such as take medication that will help

  14. Sorry about your Dad... Hope he's OK?

    Glad McFamily are enjoying their trip, and you're enjoying your clouds, cats, and crafts!

  15. Sending good thoughts for your Dad, lots of breathing problems and pneumonias going around it seems.
    I think I will start calling you the paper guru:)

  16. Hope you dad is doing well, it must be such a worrying time for you.
    Stay busy!
    Sue x

  17. I said another prayer for your dad Rita. Hope he is home soon. Too bad little Ian won't remember his trip. What an experience! I have to say that paper is pretty amazing! Is it slightly waxy like rice paper? Dr. Suess said it perfectly! I am off to the lumber store (my mountain)! A new project is in the planning stages!! Cheers

  18. I'm sorry your Dad is back in the hospital...I pray he's better soon!!


  19. Anonymous11:29 AM

    So sorry to hear about your dad.

    Lovely shots of the sky.


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