Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Spring is definitely here.
Construction...from left...

...to right. 
So many clouds...but no rain.  Nothing but a little drizzle a couple times...well, and snowflakes in the air one day. 
Now, since this weekend, we are supposed to be back to 60s and 70s all week.  Nice to be able to open the windows...even if it is dusty from all the trucks and equipment.  ;)
My cat-sitting days are over.  McFamily made it home last night.  
Annie, the shy skittish one, would run over and wait by her favorite toy while I scooped and got them food and water. 
What was odd was that Sammy, who's usually the people friendly cat, became more distant with me.  He'd mostly just watch Annie play while I was there. 
I made a point of going over and petting him and talking to him, but I could tell Annie didn't like it. 
If Sammy hid in Ian's crawl-tube and I flicked the long string toy over it so Sammy could attack it through the nylon... 
...Annie would go grab the string in her teeth and carry it away from Sammy. 
She'd been a rescue cat in her young life.  Had lived on the streets.  So she was more confident being left alone for weeks, I think.  Annie took over being the more dominant cat when they were alone so long. 
Sammy sat and looked out the window a lot.  He missed his buddy Dagan. 
The view out their windows is not all that much different than my view.  There's a field and the same sky... 
...but you can see the back yards of all the new homes that have popped up in the past two years. 
Dagan and Leah's patio was put in last fall.  This spring they are supposed to install the sprinkler system and the lawn will finally arrive.  :)  There's so much building going on everywhere around them.  
So there's the sound of construction at their place, too--LOL!  The main road is blocked off all summer now so I had to learn a back route. 
Sammy was so happy to see his Dagan.  
(He really is Dagan's cat.) 
Annie was very lonesome, too.  After the first week she spent most of her time by me and let me pet her even. 
McFamily arrived in Fargo about 4:30pm yesterday.  Had a quick video chat early last night with the tired family while Ian was happily eating in his high chair.  (Sammy was right next to Dagan.) 
They have all been sick with colds and coughs for the past week.  Ian was good and slept a lot on the plane ride back home again.  Was all night long for them on their Japan time schedule, but Dagan and Leah didn't sleep.  I hope they all slept well and long last night.  Just so good to have them home safe and sound.  :) :)  I hope to be over to visit later on in the week. 
I received a beautiful handmade gift from Annemarie!  
Annemarie's an avid tangler, as you can see by the post card that came with it.  She lives in The Netherlands.
Look at the striking pendant she made!  Totally unique and one-of-a-kind!  Thanks so much, Annemarie!!  That was so very sweet of you.  :)
For what I am drinking for the T Stands For Tuesday group over at Elizabeth's...I thought I would at least show you this box.  Leah got this Mighty Mug--the mug that won't fall over--for me after I spilled my coffee twice in a row, if you recall.  
I had all intentions of making a short video to show you the mug and how it works...but I have been a little bit, shall we say, useless all month.  ;)  Once I get back to my normal self (funny, I am recovering from their vacation, too-LOL!) I will have to show you.  Leave it to Leah, eh?  She found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  And it's red, too!  LOL!
Miss Karma will be glad that life goes back to normal, too.  She doesn't sleep well when I am gone...actually waits right by the door, believe it or not.  (I think she was a dog in her last life.)  So she's catching up on her sleep, too--LOL!  
Ian's 10 month pictures...all taken in Japan, of course.  This was in their Tokyo hotel room they had all month.  He loved standing against the headboard and looking out the window. 
Ian was doing some "walking" at the park between mom and dad holding their hands.  Dagan said he was trying to run--LOL! 
He was a good traveler.  
(How I've missed that smile!) 
He spent most of his days in the stroller or strapped onto mom, so he's really happy to be home where he's free to roam about the house...and he has his activity table again!! 
Mama said she had just rubbed a little coconut oil on his face.  That's why he has shiny cheeks--LOL! 
He got his second top tooth on my birthday before they left.
So, McFamily is home!!  We are all recovering from the trip--LOL!  I hope they all get well soon and back on Fargo hours.  Dagan will have to quickly because he goes back to work tomorrow.
Happy Tuesday, everybody!!  :):)
"And you will know exactly who you are, forever, by knowing what it is that you love."
Mark Helprin


  1. so glad they are home safe and sound (and sleeping in their own beds, again.) hooray for happy cats!

  2. Wonderful post, dear Rita! It was very sweet of your friend Annemarie in the Netherlands to send you that pendant. Don't let the cats see it dangling somewhere or they'll claim it as a toy! I love Kitty Kat Karma and was happy to see him getting his beauty sleep. His bed is the perfect size for him. I'm glad your family has returned home safely. Adorable Ian's winning smile will serve him well all his life. Thank you, dear friend Rita, and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

  3. Happy that everyone is home safe and sound. Ian looks very happy-what a darling smile! I'm sure Sammy and Annie appreciated the care you gave them while the family was away. Sounds like you ALL need a rest now:) Gorgeous zentangle work and pendant! You have me curious about your new mug. Happy T day!

  4. Yay! They (and their hundreds of soon to be shared photos) are home! The cats have some catching up to do with their own humans! I wonder if they are saying anything about that nice lady that took such good care of them? :)

    Looks like a lot dust being raised outside your way!

  5. Glad they made it home safely to Grandma!!

  6. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Sammy has amazing eyes!

  7. Lovely post-great cat play pictures! Glad the family are back too! Chrisx

  8. Know you're happy to have all the kids back at home.
    I would imagine after a trip like that it could take a little adjusting and catching up and feeling well again too. Sure sounded like a great adventure.
    Beautiful Zentangle gifts...that pendant is WOW!
    Wishing you a Happy T Day Rita
    p.s. that is one beautiful blue eyed cat...whispering so the other kitty kat didn't hear me say that ;-)

  9. It's road construction season around here... Cones cones cones.
    Sammy has the most beautiful eyes. I'm sure everyone is happy to be back home where they belong.
    Happy T day!!

  10. I'm glad your family is back home, safe and sound. I bet they were pretty tired. Hoping they were able to get some much needed sleep. Loved the pics of Ian. He seems to be quite the little charmer. :-)

    That is a beautiful pendant. (green is my favorite color) Very nice gift from your friend.

    Looks like construction is happening all over up your way. Once empty fields are being filled with beautiful homes and happy families.

    Cats can be temperamental, that's for sure.

    I was reading and catching up on your blog posts the other day, but I only commented on your most recent one. (i think....can't remember. lol)

  11. So glad they're home safe and sound. It took us a good two weeks to get back on Missouri time after traveling to South Korea. It'll be especially rough for Dagan, having to go back to work so quickly. But what a trip of a lifetime. Too bad Ian won't remember any of it - LOL!

  12. So glad the family has returned home safe. It was quite a journey and I'm sure you will be enjoying stories about it in the coming days. Isn't it nice to have everything back to normal?


  13. What a beautiful postcard and pendant from your friend. Young Ian is getting more gorgeous as the weeks pass. Wishing you all speedy post-vacation recovery, lol. Happy T Day :D

  14. I'm so glad to hear everybody got home safe and sound, and now they just have to recover from it all. Little Ian is so cute, and he's suddenly not so little any more! :-)

  15. I stopped by earlier in the day and was just getting ready to leave a reply when I lost power. Just now got it back. Looks like you had a lot of fun with Sammy and Annie. I want to know your secret, because you get cats to sit, stay, and play for you, and my two just run and hide. Even Karma is looking good.

    Thanks for sharing the construction, the cats, and the ADORABLE Ian with us for T this Tuesday. So very glad McFamily is home safe and sound. I admit, Ian looks older, especially in the first photo. Again, I apologize for being so late, but you can thank my energy provider for the snafu.

  16. Hi Rita, I'm a little late in getting around, but so glad I took a little time before going to bed. That Ian is just a scrumptious little boy.......I could almost kiss his little cheeks on the PC screen......LOL

    So glad everybody is home safe and sound and that you are ALL recovering from the trip.

    Thanks for the earlier visit and the comment.

    T-day wishes

  17. I love his sincere little smile, what a delightful little fellow he is. I am not surprised you are relieved they are back after their adventures - sounds from what you have said in previous posts as if they had a good time. A lovely gift - what a good surprise in the mail. HOpe your Spring weather arrives soon!

  18. Glad things are getting back to normal for y'all. That pendant is lovely!

  19. So happy to hear that they are back home safe and sound. Ian has grown so much and looks so adorable-:)
    Have a restful week Rita

  20. wow, Ian changed a lot while they were gone...such a handsome happy little fellow! the kitties certainly seemed to be missing 'their people' as much as you did. glad everyone is home safe. Gorgeous tangle art too...you are a lucky gal!

  21. Sammy is a handsome cat, and Ian is growing into a handsome little fella

  22. I'm lad Sammy has his Dagan back.

    I'm also glad McFamily got home safely, and seem to have enjoyed themselves. That's great that Ian was such a good baby during the travelling; made things a lot easier on Dagan and Leah, I'm sure!

    By the way, I'm still not getting replies to comments when they're not directly e-mailed to me. *grumbles about the stupid noreply thingy they put where my e-mail address should be*

  23. Your skies looked a lot like mine yesterday but we did get some wonderful rain! How nice that they are back and everybody can get back to normal...especially all the fur friends! I feel for Dagan though. Poor guy will have a hard week.

  24. Glad to hear everyone came home safely! It sure sounded like the trip of a lifetime!

  25. Anonymous9:04 AM

    What pretty cats!

  26. So glad the family is safe at home now :) Ian is such a cutie. I think I need to get one of those mugs... I've had more spills lately than ever and I've always been a klutz . We have lots of construction going on here too. One neighbor is build ing a new barn and another is adding on to their house. Lot s of noise here .

  27. Good to hear that they are home safe and sound! NOW you can relax! You did good all month doing kitty duty! I think you can almost see Ian grow! What a smile:)

  28. yay! mcfamily is back home! *cheers* to everything getting back to 'normal'! normal...what is that anyway?!! well, you know what i mean!! :)
    wow!! look at Ian!! new little teeth and all! what a cutie!!

  29. You must be so glad to have the family back home....safe and sound:)
    Now you can browse all those photos.
    Sue x


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