Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Well, it is barely still morning, but a Good Tuesday Morning to you!  Was suddenly 92 degrees again yesterday.  Quite a sweltering break in the gorgeous fall weather.  But this morning it is back to 59, sunny, and cool--ahhh!
I can't remember if I showed you when I had unpacked all the ink pads and reinkers...
 ...but the new ink pad unit is filled up...behind the door.  Problem was some of the reinkers or refills were too big around to fit in the little reinker squares.  For example--see all those empty ones on the bottom half of the right side?  I knew all the ink pads weren't going to fit in there in the first place, regardless, but two of those I had wanted in there were also too fat to fit--LOL!
This is the assortment left over.  I let Leah know that the long plastic drawer organizer (on the right filled with reinkers) is too narrow for the ink pads to fit.  (Thought I could set that on top of the shelves.)  But they need to be able to lie down flat. 
Leave it to Leah!  She asked me to check the longer black shelf I use under my big paint shelves wall unit.  Nothing even on it yet because we are getting two more shorter black ones (when Dagan and Leah go down to Mpls this coming weekend)...
...to go on this empty wall by the window.  We plan to put up a couple of the shorter black shelves (they are actually picture shelves) and the metal rails (also from IKEA) that we were using for punches.  So this empty wall is going to be filled high!
Anyways, the picture shelf was the perfect size for the ink pads to lie flat.  So she's going to pick up a short white one, too, to hang over the ink pad shelves.  IKEA has so many cool things--and Leah thinks of great ways to use them!
BTW, I did finish filling my paint shelves--tada!
This is how far I am at the moment.  I unpacked the two taboret boxes (that's the taboret down there in the upper left hand corner). 
These are all the small porcelain pallets and the Chinese brush painting supplies. 
These are the portable watercolor pallets and watercolor brushes (the plastic kind you fill with water). 
I sorted through boxes and moved them about (which is one of the two reasons I didn't get to anything yesterday--LOL!).  These two boxes are for the stamp cabinet.
These are mostly craft/card making supplies. 
The big box on the bottom on this side is for the low cherry cabinet (next to the taboret).
But the big one on this side is a mystery box because the packers packed it and they only write on the top...and I was too sore to move any more boxes to find out what was in that one. 
This stack next to Karma's chair is art supplies.
I have a small load of empty boxes and a bag of crumbled paper to go to the garage today.  (Yes, we are saving crumpled paper for Dagan and Leah's fire pit they use in the summers--never let anything go to waste if we can help it, right?)  I am so sore I might ask Caroline if she could do that for me when she comes this afternoon.   
This was me getting ready to blog--with my red cup by my side and letters and assorted bills and paperwork I need to go through piled about, too. 
The second reason I didn't get the taboret filled yesterday was that I went to make a pot of coffee and later discovered an entire lake of coffee all over my countertop!  Something broke.  It had not overflowed or anything--had come out of the bottom of the machine.  And my counter was full of stuff!  Luckily no paper, but it took a long time to clean everything up and wipe everything down...which started to set off my sciatica--LOL!  Always something, right?  
The whole machine went into the trash.  I am now making pour over coffee, as you can see.  Using my porcelain pour over/drip cup and boiling water.
It really is delicious!  I might decide to just buy a bigger pour over pot and not get another electric coffee maker.  And maybe I'll replace my coffee grinder that died on me about two years ago so I can buy beans again so I can get back with the coffee program!  So, to the ladies at T-Stands For Tuesday--the red cup may be the same but the coffee tastes better--LOL!
Meanwhile, Karma is catching a few morning rays...
...geese are honking by, and Caroline will be here to clean around boxes in a couple hours.  It's supposed to stay cooler for a while with possible rain.  Going to be nice, quiet fall days.  Out of the 41 boxes Dagan hauled in last Friday I have 24 left to unpack.  Nine of them didn't need any unpacking--just needed to be stuck in closets as is.  So I have only unpacked eight boxes--and four of them were quite small--but that is good for me.  :)  I'll continue on as soon as I am able.  Seems like I always go in spurts.  Cycling good and bad days is pretty normal really.  None of it is going anywhere.  The boxes will wait patiently for me.  ;)  I am back to making detailed baby steps lists.  Hey--whatever works, right?
Enjoy your week...and your change of the seasons.  :):)
"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." 
Thomas Edison 


  1. Have you ever thought of opening a used art supply store?

    1. Laffs. Hey, a lot of those supplies aren't used!!

      :) I am staggered by your inventory!

  2. Hi, dear Rita! You say it was 92 degrees there in Fargo yesterday? Is that a typo? Didn't you mean 29? :) It's amazing how long it takes to unpack cartons full of stuff or even find closet space for cartons that don't need to be unpacked. I'm sure Kitty Kat Karma doesn't mind where you put things as long as they don't encroach on her favorite chairs and sleeping spots. :)

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend Rita!

  3. Oh my goodness, so much crafty room progress! were all these art supplies in storage at your other place? I don't remember seeing a craft room there, but maybe I was just behind the times. when you get all set up you will need to have a crafty party! lol! happy T day! ♥

  4. we're hitting mid-90s here still every day. waiting for the cooler air. sorry about the coffee maker!

  5. Wow! Now _that's_ a lotta supplies! :) Happy T Tuesday

  6. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Your paint shelves look like they belong in an organized art store.

  7. You simply amaze me with all those craft supplies. I can't imagine trying to sort through and organize them, and then still find energy to use them! It's really cool to see how far you've come in such a short time. Karma looks content. :-)

  8. St. Louis is finally getting an IKEA. I got a preview pass for this Saturday and I'm so excited! I'll be thinking of Leah when I look at all the cool stuff :)

  9. My! You are doing well to get so organised! Karma looks contented!! Chrisx

  10. You always did have a way of neatly organizers your art supplies ~ Looking great and I love how Karma just 'goes with the flow'! xox

    Happy Week to you and your family!
    artmusedog and carol

  11. It all looks beautiful. My OCD buttons are blinking with happy lights. Willy Dunne Wooters likes the Keurig I got for him. I use it sometimes during the winter to make hot cocoa. The Keurig is kind of expensive, but it's so convenient.


  12. It was 90 here yesterday and 93 today. Tomorrow is supposed to be in high 80s. More like July than September. You have a LOT of craft supplies. I'm in awe. And wasn't that a new coffee maker from not long before you moved? Coffee clean up is probably better than ERA clean up, because I still feel sticky every time I pick up something, although I finally have everything back on the well organized and less cluttered shelves.

    I save my papers for my chiminea, but I roll mine and soak them in water, then allow them to dry before I use them.

    Thanks for sharing all that wonderful craft stuff and your revised coffee plans with us for T this Tuesday. Sorry I'm late visiting, but I bet you know where I've been!

  13. You sure have a lot of arts and craft supplies. Looks like you're finding homes for them, too. Things are looking great in your new apartment.

    I'm glad the coffee mess didn't ruin anything you had on the counter. Good thing you have something to use to make your coffee instead of having to buy a new coffee maker.

    We had a temp of 42 degrees here yesterday morning. Another chilly night tonight, and then it's supposed to warm up a bit for a couple of days. We haven't had much rain around here, tho, but we sure need it. Very dry here.

    Have a good week!

  14. My old coffee machine had something like that happen to it too, it had rusted through somewhere. My new one makes better coffee, so I'm happy. You are getting your supplies really tidy, looks great, I am not so tidy. Hugs to you and Karma and happy T day, Valerie

  15. My goodness you have a lot of stuff Rita... but all so beautifully organised.
    Great to see you settled so quickly and Karma certainly looks like she approves of the move too. Great photo of her enjoying the sunlight. I'm a bit like her searching to seek out some sun.
    Enjoy your week xoxo

  16. Well done Rita!! Everything is looking so well organized.....a place for everything.
    I hazard to think of how many boxes it will take for my craft stuff, when we finally get to build a new house. When that does happen I might have to hire Leah to come help me..........*grin*
    Belated T-day wishes..........been having problems with the internet.....well AT&T. Thanks for the coming by for a visit and the lovely comment.

  17. YOu have so many supplies and I envy you your ability to organize and keep things that way.. doesn't work that way for me no matter how hard I try :( I've had those coffee disasters too... The pour over things are nice but take too long for me ... patience is not one of my strong points :)

  18. You are making progress! Leah has great ideas!! You will be creating in the Studio before long! :)

  19. Anonymous12:29 PM

    just wanted you to know I care and really appreciate that you have been coming by when I write and supporting me. Glad you are making progress and slowly getting settled in. We'll be moving soon and have to do that same thing. xoxoxo wendy

  20. Rita I wish I could be as organized as you are!Your studio will be ready fast my friend!I always love your post. They always teach me new things/words.Love Miss Karma too!Have an inspiring week!Happy T-Day! :)

  21. I would love to have so many ink pads and stamps if only I had the room for all of them

  22. Your painting shelves look great!

  23. Wow - you are so organized! Have a great weekend and as always, regards to Karma!

  24. There's something so satisfying about all those organized paints.

  25. I'm just thinking how cool it will be for you when Ian is a little older.. and he can sit with you enjoying craft time. I can just picture the two of you enjoying your creativity.

    Too bad about the coffee maker spill but those single cup drips are great. I had one eons ago and could probably do with one again now since I'm on my own again. They make a delicious super fresh HOT cup.

    And I had to smile about the writing on top of the box. When I moved, I devised a system so that I'd know exactly where the writing on the box would be, no matter which way the box was facing. I wrote on one side. Each of the two sides beside it had arrows pointing toward the front where the writing was, and the side opposite had two arrows so that I knew to rotate the box two turns to find the list of contents.. or room destination. The top had the one arrow pointing to the right side also. Of course the move was so chaotic by the time everything was brought up three flights of stairs that they ended up wherever there was room.. nobody paid attention to what was written on them.. but it helped later when I sorted through everything.

    Your place is looking great!

  26. Nothing more annoying than a leaky coffee maker. It's good that there was nothing that coffee could destroy completely nearby. You have your place so well organised that this would have been infuriating. Sounds like you have some good weather where you are. It is a really pleasant sky!

  27. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Lovely views - and oh, Karma! She seems to be enjoying the new flat.


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