Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Well, hello!!  Been two weeks since I last posted anything.
Just been recovering from the move.  More exhausted than I thought I'd be.
I am used to dealing more with the pain side of fibro and not the chronic fatigue side.  Feels like when I was trying to make it through college, managed to survive until summer vacation, and then collapsed for 4-6 weeks...barely functional.  But it was all soooo worth it and I am loving being on R&R/Collapse Mode my wonderful new home.  This too shall pass.  Just had to pop on to the blog to let everybody know Karma and I are okay--just recovering.  :)
I never did show you a picture of Karma's former chair out on the patio.  She found this quite confusing for the first couple of days--LOL!
One dark and drizzly day I saw the grouse family wandering past searching earnestly for angle worms and bugs!  Went by too fast for me to get a picture, but it was so good to see them.
I googled grouse or prairie chickens and they will stick around all winter as I suspected.  But it said they try to find places with more cover for the winter.  The yard out here sure doesn't give them any cover so I may not see them too much longer.  We do have hawks and such about.
Two weeks ago Wednesday Leah stopped by to play with the new gadget.  It's a MISTI stamping tool!  I got all the paraphernalia to go with it, too--and three extra (wicked strong) magnets.
Just looking at it doesn't explain much.
Leah played around with it while I kept an eye on Mr. Ian. 
Aside: I know!  I know!  I have been absolutely terrible about getting pictures of Ian for these past months since I started on this whole move.  Seemed like every time McFamily was here I was watching Ian while they were busy doing whatever to help me out...until we were finally finished a couple weeks ago.  Now my only excuse is just being tired and spacey.  Got to get back into the habit again.  I don't think Dagan and Leah have been remembering to take pictures much, either.  At least I haven't seen any pictures.  Got to get on the ball here.  He's changing so fast!
 Leah and Ian stopped by for a quick visit last Thursday, too.  It is absolutely wonderful to just be able to hang out and visit again!!  :):)
Anyways, anyone interested in card making can watch these videos that explain how the MISTI works.  Or if you are just plain curious you can take a peek.  ;)  You know Leah and I mass produce about 80 Christmas cards and I make up about 50 birthday cards...and that we are a bit on the OCD side, right?  Well, these videos will make it perfectly clear why we've been drooling over this contraption ever since we laid eyes on it!
We can stamp each card exactly the same and quickly.
And when something doesn't stamp well, you can re-stamp exactly right over the first print!  There are new techniques you can use with it, too.  Awesome!  Seems just made for us, right?  LOL!
Oh, and the cheapie humidifier...
Yes--I did rig up something so I could use this new sputter-spatterer.
It's a blue plastic tray with an old pink towel folded on top.  Catches any splattering water quite nicely.  Hasn't been too bad so far.
These last two weeks Karma and I have just been hanging out.  Karma has taken over my old baby recliner, for the most part...although I still use it because both chairs are comfortable for me--plus this one is closer to the patio door and I have terrible phone reception--LOL!  So Miss Karma gets booted out on occasion.
Just as we suspected, Karma absolutely LOVES to lie about here and there on the carpet on sunny mornings.
My McLap's battery is dying.  I don't even get a warning anymore before it goes black.  Then when I reboot McLap always thinks it is summer of 2000 and nothing whatsoever works until I manually change the date and time back to 2015.  Do you think McLap has Altzheimers?
  Luckily my charger cord reaches all the way over to the kitchen table--whoohoo!  Because that's where I like to sit all morning while I do journaling, any blogging (like right now), catching up online, paperwork, and sometimes a little letter writing because I can spread out my stuff all over the table and even watch a few YouTube videos--LOL!
McLap's home the rest of the day is on the laptop table by my sweet new big brown chair. 
Oh!  Oh!  And YES!  Leah did find something for my tall bedroom and studio windows so that I can leave them cracked open all night if I wanted to.  Was tricky because they open from either side.  Can you see the three plastic pieces on the left hand pane?   
There are two about halfway up the window and one down lower.  The one right next to the side of the pane up in the middle of the window there is just a back-up second lock during the warmer weather that Leah put in because I am way too short to reach the top lock without a stool and so (Leah knows me too well) I've only been using the bottom lock till winter.  These windows are so tall that she didn't feel they were as secure with only one lock hooked because they do even tilt a little bit when you pull to open them with only the bottom locked.  When that back-up one half way up the window is locked--no movement.  :)
These Burglabars are clear and can lay flat like this--or you flip the top half down to stop the window from sliding any farther.
Here the studio window is cracked open--safely.  If they pushed from the left-hand side the right hand side will just close and you can't open it any farther on the other side, either.  They're only cracked open about 3 inches when the braces are up.  Of course you can flatten them down and open the window all the way if you want to, too.
They aren't any guarantee somebody couldn't break in, but they would have to make a heck-of-a-racket to break those sturdy little braces if they did.  I would hear them coming, that's for sure.  LOL!  Leah's already purchased a patio door bar, too.  That will be installed one of these days, too.  I guess I'll be safer here on first floor, eh?  ;)
Anyways, it's T Stands For Tuesday today over at Elizabeth's.  I hope to be able to make it around this week to visit the ladies and see what they're sipping on and what they're up to.  I am loving my new electric teapot and the pour over coffeemaker!  I may never go back to a regular electric coffeemaker.  :)
Well, it's almost Halloween.  Leah came by yesterday and I ran her out some black paint and brushes to the car so she can write on her spray-painted teal pumpkin.  Have you heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project?  I didn't know Leah and Dagan handed out alternative treats to candy and food last year, too.  What a great idea!!
I could go over to McFamily's on Halloween and hand out candy or the Teal Pumpkin alternatives while they take Ian around this year...if I feel up to it.  Honestly.  Doubtful.  I am still having to work up to just cooking and laundry right now--LOL!  But I hope they take some pictures I can share with you.  :)  I doubt I will have many or any kids here, but you never know.  I will have candy just in case. 
Well, that's it for today from a contented Zombie Woman.  Which reminds me, I did finish the latest season of The Walking Dead on Netflix this past week.  Truth.  Apparently Zombies move a lot more than I have been the last two weeks--LOL!  Getting better, though.  Hope to see you sooner than two weeks next time.  Have a safe, fun Halloween week!  :):)
"We would give anything for what we have."
Tony Hoagland


Linda Kunsman said...

Hi Rita! Sorry to hear about your flare up but the rest was just what you needed. Your home looks so cheery and I love that Karma has become so cozy there too:) I have not heard of your new gadget and will watch the vids. I make cards year long and also make a lot of Christmas cards, and some sets as gifts and to sell. I may need this tool! Be well and happy T day!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Rita! Hi, Kitty Kat Karma! I am very relieved to see a post from you. I was getting a little worried. I know what you mean about remaining super vigilant for an extended period and then needing to crash and hibernate for a while to recover. I am thrilled to know that you are loving your new place. Karma seems to be earning a black belt in snoozing! :) I enjoy pictures of her curled up on chairs in her comfy kitty bed. If you like zombies, boy do I have them on my blog this week. Come on over and voice your choice, dear friend!

Anonymous said...

That Misti looks fantastic for you!!

Janie Junebug said...

Hello, Rita Pita Pan! I think McLap has McHeimer's. Mrs Roomba is a little more than two years old. I bought new brushes for her, but she's slowing down. I suspect I'll turn her on one day, and she'll be dead and gone. I'm busy editing and helping Penelope feel secure. She has a crush on my son. He comes over to see her--not to see me. I turn off the lights and stay in the back of the house on Halloween. I gave out candy once. I had it in a big bowl and tried to give a piece to each child. The kids nearly knocked me over grabbing the candy in the bowl! I like your window bars. I often have the bedroom windows open at night when the weather is pleasant, as it is now. I don't have to worry about someone breaking in. The intruder would have to remove or cut the screen, open the window wider, and climb in on Penelope's crate or on the file cabinet that's next to the head of my bed. It would be quite a feat with me right there in the bed and Franklin and Penelope in the room. However, Penelope has yet to bark. Hasn't made a sound.


DJan said...

It's good to hear from you, Rita. I think you left a comment on my blog not long ago, and it was nice to see you there, too. I love your new place, and I figured that you would crash once it was all done. I was right. I'm glad you're on the way up now, and whenever you post is just the right time! :-)

Valerie-Jael said...

No wonder you needed a long rest after all that work. Glad you are getting back to crafting, your new tool looks great. Karma seems to be enjoying life, she can really put herself beautifully in pose! Look after yourself, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

TexWisGirl said...

glad you've been able to rest a bit, even if exhaustion still overwhelms you.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, that MISTI would take up TWO YEARS of my crafting budget. Yes, I can only afford $60.00 a year for crafts. Now you know why I'm always finding alternatives to the high price tools and craft supplies. If I want something that's going to cost say $30.00, I just save up until I have enough to get it six months later. Not sure I totally understand it, but I bet it will come in handy when you and Leah make your Christmas cards.

Karma looks content. It's too bad you haven't had time time to get photos of Ian, but I bet when you do, we will all see how much he's grown.

Hope you have a great Haloween, although I've never heard of the Teal Pumpkin project, so must find out more about it.

Thanks for sharing your previous two weeks, your burglar bars, and your great coffeemaker setup with us for T this Tuesday. I'm thrilled to know you are OK, because I've genuinely missed you.

Intense Guy said...

Nice to see a post from you (yeah, I'm one to talk!) The burglar gadgets look really cool! I fervently hope that they are never tested!

Karma is looking good too!! Smiles at her huge display of vigor! Bet she would wake up if she had photos of Ian to look at... *wink*

GrandmaG said...

So happy to see your post. I was worried you were ill. I'm glad to hear it's just exhaustion because you know it will pass. I was also happy to hear how much you and Karma are enjoying your new home. From where I'm sitting (LOL), the move seemed to happen so quickly. I'm just so glad you and Karma are in a safer complex :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to see a post from you! Rest and recoup you have art stuff to do in the studio!! Holy crap it turned cold and cloudy and I heard we might get some snow...yuck. I finished with leaves today just in time I guess...I am not quite ready for winter yet, I would love a Indian Summer for about six weeks yet:)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow, that MISTI looks really awesome! I don't make many cards, but I can see how awesome it would be to repeat designs.

Sorry this move took so much out of you. Now at least you can relax knowing all the heavy work is done.

Miss Karma seems content and all settled in.

Happy T Day!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I'm happy to read your post. I was wondering about you, and hoping you were doing okay. It sounds like you are recovering nicely, though, after such a huge move. Lots of changes, packing, unpacking, and getting organized again.

That's smart re: the burglar tools for your windows and doors. My parents would always put a piece of wood on part of the wooden sliding door's track so if someone would try to open it, it wouldn't move. We never had any problems in the 41 years they lived there.

Darla said...

Happy to see you blogging. It sounds like you are pretty much settled in and enjoying your new home. Your new art tool looks interesting. I'm going to check the videos.

Carol said...

So glad to hear that you are takings care of yourself and getting the rest you need to restore your body. If you don't have "fibro" or something like it, you just can't understand the depth of the fatigue that goes with it. A tired a goes deep into the bones and just sets there like it's never going to leave. I think it's the thing I hate the worst about having "fibro" Your new crafting toy looks like lots of fun and I can think of a few friends that would really enjoy it :) I just don't stamp enough to make it worth the cost to me.
Take care my friend and hope to see you again real soon ♥

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm glad you're able to get the rest you need to recover, and it's great to have a choice of seats with views :) Watching the grouse sounds like fun :) The door and window protection sounds reassuring. Happy T Day!

Sherry Ellis said...

Looks like a great stamping tool! I bet you'll have fun using it. (I don't blame you for being tired after the move. That's quite an ordeal to go through!)

carol l mckenna said...

Glad you are in 'recovery' mode ~ Moving is exhausting mentally, emotionally as well as physically ~ Sending lots of distant reiki healing energy and watch Karma ~ she knows when to rest ~ animals tell us so much ~ Sweet photos and so glad you are happy with your new home ~ xox

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol

johanna said...

take care of yourself and i hope you have a happy rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

Karma goes so well with that couch!

Anonymous said...

I mean chair!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nice to hear you are now doing better and I am sorry I can't think of anything to say I am just so brain fried not frozen as it's not cold and it's not that hot either in fact not even that warm but for some reason my brain seems to have slipped into neutral and nothing is working

JillGA said...

So glad the move seems to be working out for you. :-) Happy T-day!

~*~Patty S said...

It is good to know when to slow down and listen to our bodies and sometimes we have no choice.
Your move was such a huge undertaking.
Hope you're feeling better Rita!
Karma has the right idea curled up in that lovely spot of sunshine.
Take care and thanks for popping by my Magpie's Nest
Happy T Day on Thursday

Serena Lewis said...

Glad to hear you are doing better after some much deserved R&R, even if it was kinda forced upon you with chronic fatigue. A good, long rest is just what we need at times. Laptop batteries do eventually get to the point where you have to plug them into the power all the time.

The Misti sounds interesting...I will have to check out the videos when I have more time.

I'll look forward to seeing more pictures of Ian.

Cody and Jack love the recliner closest to our front window so they can see who dares to pass our house. Jack thinks he rules the street and even birds get a telling off if they dare to come into his line of vision. hehe

Good idea for the window...like Harvest Moon, before security screens, we would put a thick piece of dowelling in the window track so the window could not be budged open or lifted out from the outside.

I haven't heard of Teal Pumpkin but will check it out. This year, I have made the point of getting vegan treats in for the Trick-or-Treaters. That way, if nobody comes or we have left-overs, we can at least eat them ourselves.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

Love and hugs xo

Feral Turtle said...

Glad you are taking it easy!! Happy Halloween Rita.

Friko said...

Glad you are taking care of yourself. No point in not doing so, things would only get worse.

Good job too you are all making sure you’re safe too.
I like your new home. Show us a few more pictures when you’re all done.

Karla B said...

Hi Rita!I missed you and Miss Karma!I am glad you are back.Love your post and Misti is fabulous!Take care, my friend!Happy T Day! :)

Hilary said...

Well now a few days have passed since Halloween and I hope you're continuing to get your much needed rest. I can see why you're excited about the Misti. I watched the first video and can see that it's right up your alley!