Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Good Afternoon!
Yes, I am moving very slowly today.
Karma and Ian pics today.
Karma loves to pet herself. 
She rubs her own head... 
...back and forth...  
...on the carpet... 
...or wherever she feels like it, really. 
Ian and Mama were by for short visit last week.
Leah remembered we were going to try to get more pictures as they were ready to go out the door.
Ian has a new coat and was pretty tired.
Was waving bye-bye and plenty ready to go home...
...but we tortured him with pictures.
He even played peek-a-boo...
...a little bit.
Leah set my cell phone for me so I could try using it for the first time making a video.

Of course, Ian wasn't feeling as cooperative by this time--silly grownups.  But, he has to learn all about a proper Minnesota Goodbye, right?  Grandma stands outside her apartment door and waves as they walk all the way down the hall.  
Have you ever seen How To Talk Minnesotan?  
If you click on the link and watch it.  I am Minnesotan born and raised.  It is all true.
Leah took Halloween pictures.
Ian asleep in the car seat with his big green light stick.  He went five different places.
McFamily had a huge smoking pumpkin out front...
...along with their skeleton and a few more pumpkins.  The teal one next to the skeleton is the one announcing alternative treats.
Ian was a dragon this year.
(So Game of Thrones, eh?)
He helped hand out candy for a little while, too.
Was extra generous, I hear.  :)
But got bored with the waiting pretty quickly...
...so he went and sat in his new IKEA chair to watch baseball with Daddy and eat Cherrios.
I didn't have any kids here at the new place at all.  No surprise.  Hope everyone had a nice Halloween.  
I'm still on R&R.  Caroline is bringing groceries in a little while.  We have our first annual inspection of the new apartments tomorrow.  My goal is to make a couple of videos this week.  I want to link in with a "Journal Showdown" video that will show you all of my various journals and I also want to make a tour of the new home video, too.  When I get them done I will post them on the blog.  :)
And I did forget to take a picture of my red coffee mug for T-Stands For Tuesday over at Elizabeth's--but you know it is sitting right here next to the McLap.  ;)  I hope I can get around to visit everybody for T-Day this week.  It's a gorgeous crisp sunny fall day.  Have a fantastic rest of your week!!
"Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." 
Dr. Seuss


  1. I love the dragon costume! Ian is so cute! And he seems do well behaved too!

    So Karma dressed up as ... let's see... Oh! Garfield!!! :)

  2. Your video of Ian waving goodbye reminded me: Acquaintances leave & never say goodbye; people you love say goodbye & never leave!!

  3. I just LOVED seeing little Ian in his dragon costume! How adorable!!! Thats one fantastic costume! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  4. The video worked well, and Ian is so cute as a little dragon! I enjoyed seeing Karma petting herself, too. Rest up, Rita. You accomplish so much as it is. :-)

  5. Aww! Little Ian is so cute. Silly grown up. He was obviously tired.
    I like him in his dragon suit. Cutest dragon I ever saw.
    Tomorrow I'm going to watch the video of how to talk to a Minnesotan. I have visited Minnesota twice, just in case i go again, I need to know how to talk to them....
    Have a good week,

  6. adorable cheeky dragon. :)

  7. Ian looks really cute and all dressed in his dragon costume, too. He's really adorable and has grown SO much. Leah and Dagan's front yard looked all festive for Halloween, too.

    Karma looks good. She seems to love herself a LOT (grin). Glad you could join us with your virtual mug for T this Tuesday.

  8. Oh, your little Ian is so adorable!! love those days when the toddlers play peek-a-boo and wave bye bye. so cute. Love the little dragon outfit! happy T day!

  9. Love your post today, and all the lovely photos, especially Karma and Ian, what a cutie! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie Keep taking things slowly!

  10. the cat enjoying the sun... waving Little ian... such a beautiful post.
    and yes, always remember: today is your day...
    happy t-day and rest of the week!

  11. That picture of him in his chair with his outfit on is so precious! if it was mine I'd frame it and have it on the wall! :D

  12. omg that dragon suit is spectacular and I love the idea of a turquoise pumpkin for alternative treats. How perfect is that?!!! Isn't it funny how animals find sunlight wherever it is? Gracie follows the sun up the steps in the foyer. Her favorite place is in the covers on our bed but we rarely leave the door open to the bedroom. Too much to get into - tho she is well behaved. It was Sueno, who we lost, who was the ring leader. I can't believe the difference in Gracie's persona now. She so much more relaxed....almost too some days.

  13. Fun to see what Karma and Ian are both up to. I enjoyed all the pictures but especially like the one of Ian playing peek a boo. Toddlers are so adorable when they go through that stage.

  14. Hello and Happy T Day! This was so cute, made me laugh and remember how fun it is to have little ones. LOVE his costume!! I need to make more videos too, thanks for sharing this and look forward to your new ones. Have a good week!

  15. That dragon costume is perfect! Love the peek-a-boo shot :)

  16. Ian is the cutest little dragon ever!!!
    What a doll and you could tell he was kind of ready to go in the video...
    coat on
    binkie attached :-)
    Cute Karma pics too Rita.
    Happy day between T days LOL
    p.s. thank you for popping by my Magpie's Nest!

  17. OH MY! Ian has grown so much !!! THat Dragon costume is fantastic and he is so adorable in it!!! Thanks for sharing all of the great photos of Ian and family ♥

  18. Ian and Karma are both so cute! Happy T-Day !

  19. Ian is adorable! I used to love playing peek-a-boo with my kids when they were little! (I posted a Cleopatra picture on my blog - just for you!)

  20. Awe what a sweetheart he is. One Halloween visitor for us and she was only 7 weeks old. She was a Santa!

  21. Love Ian's dragon costume.He's such a cutie.Miss Karma is always charming!Happy T Day :)

  22. Aw, so many cute photos in this post! The Halloween ones are my favorites. Cute dragon. :)

  23. Ian looks super cute in his dragon costume and Karma as always is adorable

  24. Ian is a doll in that Dragon Suit! Good to hear you are up and moving even if it is slowly! :)

  25. So cute!!! Love the dragon suit! I watched some of the How to Talk Minnesotan video...LOL!!! I'll have to watch the rest later. I use some of those phrases every day! "not too bad" is my standard response when someone asks me how I am. LOL Wouldn't want to declare a real emotion. HA!
    Happy T day...a little late!

  26. Aaaw, such lovely photos of your wee mannie and I love his Halloween costume, how brilliant did he look? Your cat looks like he knows how to make himself very happy - which is very catlike! Happy T on Tuesday a bit late!

  27. Gorgeous photos... oh how cute is Ian and especially as a dragon!
    Muffy rubs herself on the carpet like Karma too. I've noticed she usually does it after being fed. I think it's to spread the aroma of chicken as far as she can ^..^
    This was a beautiful post Rita... thanks for sharing your precious darlings.

  28. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Awww - isn't Ian adorable! And Karma looks so content.

  29. I really loved seeing all these delightful pictures and knowing you are continuing to be good and resting!

  30. Lovely little chap, your Ian. Does Karma ever get jealous?


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