Friday, April 21, 2017


Good news!!
Well, there's a bad part, too, but I was too excited about the good part to focus on that side of it--LOL!  
Dr. Dye's office called on Monday.  He wanted me to come in so he could talk to me about what he found out about my eyes.  They were pretty booked this week--scheduled an appointment for 11:30 Thursday.  I figured it was likely not going to be good news.  Even asked Leah to come in with me (since my memory isn't what it used to be with the fibro) thinking it might be another complicated explanation and Leah could record the conversation like she did for me with Dr. Grosz, the cataract surgeon.  (Which she did.)
Well, Dr. Dye consulted with another doctor (probably the retinal specialist?).  The bad news is--I don't actually have fluid or swelling back of my right eye--it's that saran wrap type film that has kind of puffed up and away from the back of my eye.  That is what's causing the visual distortions.  They don't do anything about it until it gets really bad.  (I remember being told that a retinal specialist can go in and remove that film if it becomes necessary.)  They expect it to get worse over time.
The good news is--there's a slim chance that it might go back down on its own and I don't have to go back for a checkup till January.  So, it is obviously not something that usually changes quickly and he did say there was a slight possibility that it might just smooth back down on its own.  I am a big believer in miracles, as you know.  So I'll take any healing energy, positive thoughts, and prayers in my direction that you can spare.  :):)  I plan to do some regular energy work and visualization on my eyes for the rest of the year, too.  Think positive, right?
Sooo...that meant I could order new glasses!!  I found a pair of frames (that weren't ugly) in the medicaid drawer and my new trifocals will be here in about two weeks.  Since I hadn't gotten new glasses for like possibly 10-12 years (can't even remember) I was covered!  Awesome!
But I couldn't get glasses with clip on sunglasses like my old ones (which weren't medicaid frames)--and the light really bothers me since the surgery.  (Could even be refracting off that poofed up saran wrap, I suppose.)  Leah suggested we make a trip to off we went.  And guess what?!  I ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses--whoohoo!  Never had that luxury before in my whole life.  My new red sunglasses should be here in about a week!  Yes--I went wild and crazy with the sunglasses--LOL!  Thank you, Dagan and Leah!!!
I am so happy!!  I should be able to see close up again and no eye surgery in the foreseeable future (maybe ever)--whoohoo!  Clear wavy distortion is much better than blurry wavy distortion.  And my left eye has gotten much better with seeing a straight, unwavy line so I can always close my right eye when I need to.
Happy dancing in Fargo!!
And THEN--Leah asked me if I wanted to go look at the cheap storage bins she had found at Costco.  So we also picked up bins!!
There's quite a lot of old banker boxes I have in the hall closet...
...and also already in the garage and even in the studio closet that should go in plastic bins if they are going to be in the garage.  Keeps the mice out...and just in case the roof ever leaks.  Been meaning to do this for years but they were too expensive.  Those big bins are three for $14.99 at Costco!  The smaller ones were six for the same, I believe.  So exciting!!  Well, to organizers it sure is, let me tell you--LOL!
So what a happy, happy day yesterday!  I even went down late to the Thursday afternoon group for a few minutes to let them know that I should be able to get back to actually being able to craft with them soon.  Told them I could possibly show up with wild red sunglasses first--LOL!  As I left they were teasing me that they might have to start calling me "Big Red"--hehe!
Being able to see clearly close up--OMG!  I will finally be able to do all the various things I enjoy again--making cards, sewing, crafting, reading, name it.  And I will be able to see more clearly when I write letters and journal!  These visual limitations have been driving me nuts since February 8th!  I will still have to deal with the distortions, but being able to SEE close up...I will adapt.  Oh, and I have no depth perception.  With the 2.5 reading glasses I can't see clearly anything closer than more like 10-12 inches--not the 6-8 inches I thought it was!  Dr. Dye measured--LOL!
Anyways, things are looking up, eh?  :)
(Knock on wood!)
The mourning doves are back now, too.  
And I have seen the ground squirrel again. 
Because of the 13-striped ground squirrel I decided that once I am out of seed (which won't be too long) I am not feeding the critters for the rest of the summer.  I can't remember if I told you that already or not.   
I will put out water for them, but they will be perfectly fine all summer for food.  My main reason is that I do not want to attract the ground squirrels.  Much as I LOVE to watch them, I don't want them noticed, you know!  Don't want them hunted down and killed.  The ground squirrels hibernate all winter, so feeding the birds and jackrabbits in the wintertime (when they really need the help) will be just fine.  I'll start feeding them again in the late fall.
And honestly...the plus side to that is also that the patio won't be such a mess all summer.  Maybe Ian won't be able to recognize Gramma's patio because of the bird poop--LOL!  I was thinking of maybe getting some planter boxes--if not this year--maybe next summer.  Maybe do some outside reading with my red sunglasses?  LOL!
 I have some pictures from Dagan and Leah.
Profile of new baby McGregor safely tucked inside Mama.
And Ian went bowling!  Here he just pushed the ball one handed down the ramp. 
I didn't know they have those plastic ramp thingies for little kids!  Those are so cool!  They can aim them where they hope the ball will go, place the ball on the top, and then push it down the plastic ramp.  Seems better than the bumpers they put in the gutters.
I don't think you're really supposed to fly in the air like Superman on top of it while you watch your ball go down the alley, though--ROFL!! 
Looks like Ian got a 61!!  Not bad for almost three year old. 
Ian being silly on the floor at the bowling alley. 
 What a fun carpet, though! 
They had pancakes that day, too. 
Busy day!
Gramma is excited because McFamily is planning to come for a visit tomorrow afternoon!  So glad to be able to share some happy news.  (The bad parts...just shut one eye--LOL!)
  Have a great weekend!  :) :)
"We are never more than one grateful thought away from peace of heart."
Br. David Steindl-Rast


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What wonderful good news all around. I know we have to take the bad with the good, but this is all so positive. Loved seeing baby McFamily and how good Leah looks. Bowling alleys seem to have the most colorful carpeting around. Ian looked great, too.

Hope the eye improves. I also believe in miracles, and your wonderful new glasses, too.

Happy Earth Day tomorrow. I know you'll be doing something good for the animals around you.

DJan said...

Such wonderful news, Rita. I look forward to seeing Big Red in action! :-)

Deb said...

Congrats on the new grand baby!!! Super good news! Such cute pictures of Ian! Glad you were able to get new glasses and that your vision is better. Will hope and pray that it continues to improve. Have a good weekend!

Jon said...

The news about your eyes is extremely encouraging - and my positive thoughts are definitely going your way. Miracles do happen, so keep the faith.

Divers and Sundry said...

Congrats on your good news! Woohooo! Those plastic storage containers will be so much better than cardboard, as we've discovered in our attic. I look forward to seeing what you decide to do on your patio for summer. I love container gardening to attract butterflies :)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's such good news about your eyes, Rita! How good that will feel to be able to again be crafting and doing the things you've enjoyed but have had to take a break from while your eyes have healed.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear about your vision improvement!!

My name is Erika. said...

Good news is always great to hear Rita. I will say a little prayer and keep my fingers crossed it goes away on it own. And nice to see the new little one. That's also exciting news! Hugs-Erika

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yeah for new glasses!! I am so glad you finally got to see the eye doctor! I do hope your saran wrap settles down all by itself! New baby is growing nicely!! :)

Krisha said...

WONDERFUL NEWS!! I'll keep you right there on my prayer list my friend.
Ian is getting so grown up......I would not have recognized him...they grow so darn fast!
Congrats on grandbaby #2!!

Unknown said...

Good news on the eyes. The worst part must have been the uncertainty.
Fun photo of Ian on the bowling ramp. Made me think of that scene in "The Big Lebowski" where the Dude is flying down the alley.

Victoria said...

Wonderful family lovely!
Hope your eyes feels better soon, wishing you positive vibes always! Such a sweet mourning dove!
Happy Spring.wishing you a magical season!

GrandmaG said...

Good news indeed! Positive thoughts always. Hope the new glasses make a big positive difference!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Well that is some good news, as you may know I choose to focus on the good stuff and let the not so good slide. Yeah they have those bowling aids for little ones here too they are great

Zue said...

Hi Rita
I'm really glad about your good, happy news concerning your vision and happy for your family as the tiny one grows in it's little cocoon.
Sue x

Serena Lewis said...

Great news that you won't need any eye surgeries.

It sounds like you have a macular pucker...that's what Mum had and, while she did improve, she still occasionally sees the wavy lines. They also explained about the film at the back of her eye developing a 'pucker/bump' and causing the distortion...I think her macular pucker was in one eye only.

For my next glasses prescription, I'm planning on getting the transitional lenses...the ones that change into sunglasses automatically if I'm out in the sun. I'm also sensitive to the sunlight but haven't been able to wear sunglasses for years because I need to wear my progressional prescription glasses all the time. Beau has the transitional lenses and they work great.

I totally understand your reasoning for not feeding the critters throughout summer. I'd be worried too.

Nice to see an ultrasound pic of baby. Ian is so cute. I'm sure he will adore his new sibling.

They use those plastic ramps for the blind too. Brad used to use them years ago when we would occasinally go bowling.

I'm off to respond to your latest post. I'm also in the midst of writing this morning's entry on my letter to you. hehe

Love and hugs xo

Carol said...

So happy to hear the good news about your eyes. I'll be sending all of the positive healing I can your way ♥ I get my new glassed this week. The right eye cataract has suddenly gotten worse but the left eye one had dissolved some. Doc. said that was a rare thing but to count my blessing. Ian looks so happy at the bowling alley :)

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting around. It's been a rough week, as you know. I'm glad you have good news. Sending you good juju that things will get better on their own.
a new grand baby, how exciting!
I too have red sunglasses. Spiffy.

AliceKay said...

I'm way behind in reading your blog but will try to catch up a bit.

Ian looked like he was having a lot of fun bowling. The bowling alley in our area has bumpers that come up along the sides so the ball won't roll into the gutters. The kids have fun.